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Short Term Y9 1-1

Short Term Y9 1-1

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Published by: Dafydd Humphreys on Nov 01, 2007
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Harris Academy South Norwood Short Term Planning Template: Weekly Overview (3 lessons) Subject Area: History Half

Term: 2 Week Beginning: 1 Title: “Why did the trench war begin?” 3 lessons Differentiation Weekly Learning Objectives
Students will have an understanding of the main causes of World War One.

Class: Year 9

Weekly Learning Outcomes
Attempt the questions on p23 of TWI.

Resources “Technology, War and Identities” (Wilkes) Worksheets

(NC Range)

They will understand some of the Attempt the questions on p27 of TWI. reasons why millions of men volunteered to fight in the war. Attempt the questions on p31 of TWI. They will understand some reasons why trench warfare developed in late 1914.


(NC Range)


Above and be able to explain the alliance system in 1914 and name correctly Above and complete a coloured map of the 1914 “Technology, War name the members of the two rival alliance system. and Identities” (Wilkes) alliances. Above and explain in their own words what the Worksheets Above and will be able to argue whether terms patriotism and nationalism mean. people are as patriotic today as they were in 1914. Write a few paragraphs explaining their opinion as to stalemate developed on the Western Above and be able to include reasons Front. explaining technological factors behind the stalemate of 1914. Above and they will understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the rival powers in 1914. Above and give a developed analysis of Source E on p22, question 3 on p23. “Technology, War

(NC Range)


Above and design a poster from 1916 urging Above and will be able to understand the young men to fight on emotive grounds. reasons why the government moved towards conscription in 1916. Write an extended analysis of Source A on p23, the map of the various fronts in the war. Above and be able to describe other fronts in the war and the developing nature of the war as a ‘world war’.

and Identities” (Wilkes) Worksheets

Starter Video footage of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand – ‘the spark’ WWI Recruitment Posters presentation PowerPoint – “Lost Generation”

Suggested Learning and Teaching Ideas Development Read, begin and complete exercises in “Technology, War and Identities”


Assessment Extended writing – essay “Why did trench war begin?”

Resources “Technology, War, Identities” (Wilkes) • “Why did the Great War start?” pp20-25 • “Joining Up” pp26-27 • “Trench Warfare” pp28-31 www.learnhistory.org.uk www.schoolhistory.co.uk Cross Curricular Checklist (in relation to 6 week overview)
Lit √ Num √ ICT √ Ent/WRL





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