Defect Found

Defect recorded on Ontime More info required Actions : Tester : 1. Identify project Area 2. Fills in a brief summary 3. Includes steps to recreate 4. Assigns Priority 5. Assigns Severity 6. Specifies problematic module OnTime : generates automatic defect id.

Defect recorded on Ontime Status = Open Workflow = Defect Found Actions: Test Manager : 1. Checks if defect is ready for triage 2. Assigns defect to individual developer or the development lead Invalid Defect Postponed Duplicate?

Invalid Defect

Fix Not required


Status = Waiting Assigned To= Tester

Verify Defect

Workflow : Verified Status = On Hold Assigned to= Development Lead

Actions : Development Lead: Workflow = Rejected Assigned To: Test Manager Test Manager: Status = Closed

Defect Triage Actions : 1. Development lead (and Test manager) verifies issue 2. Development lead and Test Manager approve Priority and Severity 3. Development lead confirms assigned developer .

Fix Required Defect Triage Action :Development lead Status = Assigned Workflow = Verified Status : In Progress Duplicate

Analyse Defect Action : Developer Workflow : Being Fixed

Resolve Defect Action : Developer 1. Provide unit test 2.. Set Workflow : Fixed - Local Assigned To: Development Lead Provide Fix on Test Environment Action : Development Lead 1. Apply patch on Test Environment 2. Update defect with ‘Build Number of Fix ’ 3. Set Assigned To= Tester Workflow : Ready For Testing

Verify Fix Action : Tester 1. Verify Fix. 2. Update/Create test case 3. Set Workflow : Verified Assigned To: Test Manager

Assigned To= Developer Status : Re-Assigned Workflow : Defect Found Set Re-Fix required to Yes


Is ‘Re-fix Required’ set?


Defect Resolved?

Yes Yes

Close Defect

Escalate to Test Manager

Action : Test Manager 1. Update defect with original defect id.

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