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Affordable & Delicious!
-Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon -Chili & Coffee Seared Hanger Steak -Red Wine Roasted Beef -Herb & Garlic Roasted Chicken Quarters -Herb & Garlic Boneless Chicken Breast -BBQ Pulled Pork

**Minimum of 20 guests for packages**

Option 1*:
$12.95/person 1 Protein & 2 Sides

Option 2*:
$15.95/person 1 Protein & 3 Sides

Option 3*:
$19.95/person 2 Proteins & 3 Sides

-Seasonal Roasted Veggies -Green Beans with Crispy Shallots -Greek Orzo Salad -Wild Rice Pilaf -Whipped Potatoes Choice of: Plain, Roasted Garlic or Basil Pesto -Baked Mac-n-Cheese Choice of: 3Cheese, Apple & Cheddar or Roasted Tomato-Parmesan

Add a Salad for only $1.75/person
House Greens: Baby greens, shaved carrot, cherry tomato & croutons Gourmet: Baby greens, shaved pear, candied walnuts & goat cheese Ceasar: Romaine, parmesan, garlic croutons & cherry tomato Ventura Salad: Romaine, basil, shaved red onion, avocado & bacon bits

*Packages include choice of Herbed Focaccia or Dinner Rolls. * -We Kindly Ask That There Be No Substitutions-

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