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Xe LODGE December 16, 2010 Newt Gingrich ‘American Solutions 1425 K Street, NW Suite 750 Washington, DC. 20005 Dear Mr. Gingrich, ‘Thank you so much for your leter about your important work at American Solutions. I was delighted to see the facsimile of my 2011 membership card, as well as, ‘your request for a $1,000 or $2,000 donation. As you may know, I am still disappointed that you returned my $5,000 donation last year and revoked my invitation to a private dinner with you in Washingtonyou're ‘your Entrepreneur of the Year Award. [hope your lates letter is a sign that we can work together on the values that we share: helping small businesses and encouraging personal responsibility. | would like the opportunity to speak with you about what happened last year before I make another donation to American Solutions. However, I am very happy to respond to your membership card with one of my own. Enclosed is your personal Lifetime VIP card to The Lodge. The attached letter ‘explains the many perks and privileges that come with our VIP membership ~ well worth the $2,000 fee that we are waiving just for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at The Lodge, 972-506- 19229, We look forward to seeing you soon — perhaps when the Falcons play in the Super Bowl! My very best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and a ‘wonderful New Year. Sher, Dawa Rizoe 10530 Spangler Road * Dallas, TX 75220 Phone (972) 506.9229 + Fax (972) 506.9779