Mahir Shah NOW Essay Sexism happens all the time in today s society and often it happens in the

workplace. Although times are changing, there is still much progress to be made in eliminating sexism. One way in which I think men can eliminate sexism is their sentence structure and word usage. Although afar it may seem acute, in can in turn create a snowball effect and eliminate other problems. For example instead of using he in the sentence When a worker takes off, he must let the boss know one should replace it with he or she . Another example in which sexism exists is in job positions; the words fireman, salesman, and even the phrase the common man . All of these should be replaced with words like firefighter, salesperson, and the average person . Another problem that women face is the perception of women in society. Many today still believe that women should be the ones to do tasks such as nursing a child, cleaning, and cooking, while the man should be going out, getting a job, and bringing back the salary. This perception needs to change if progress is to be made. A woman s role needs to change even more than it already has, women should be able to be treated just like men. They should not be expected to do what people think they should be doing, instead they should be able to have the freedom to make their own choices. They should be able to stay at home or get a job or even do a combination of both. In conclusion, although the woman s role in society and the perception people have upon it has changed dramatically over time, there is still a long way to go before equality is reached. In order for this to be reached, it is the men that must take these steps, because although women can do a lot to prevent sexism, it is ultimately the man s decision to treat a woman equally.

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