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Project Proposal

Project Proposal

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Published by: David Collins on Dec 17, 2010
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Project Proposal

To: Miss Jennie Enger

From: David R. Collins DRC RE: Unit 3 Project Proposal: Date: 22 October 2010 Pamplet Regarding Usage of Organic Cotton in Apparel

For our unit three assignment in Business and Professional writing, English 320, I have decided that I will be making a pamphlet which will pertain to the benefits of using organic cotton in production of apparel items. Major clothing producers have used organic cotton in certain items, such as denim, in order to reduce pollution from various stages of production such as dying. While organic cotton is typically more expensive to produce, it is a necessity for these apparel producers to begin switching over production to involve more usage of this material in the going green society that we live in today. In this pamphlet I intend to outline all of the possible benefits of using organic cotton in production as well as benefits that the consumer may experience from buying apparel made from organic resources. Following you will find a further description of the usage of organic cotton as well as my objectives for the pamphlet. After the objectives I will outline the methodology and timeline of this project in detail.

For this assignment, as I have stated above, I will be creating a pamphlet in order to inform both consumers and companies on the benefits of purchasing and producing products made from organic materials. I will be focusing primarily on the benefits of organic cotton but will also briefly touch on usage of other materials such as organic dyes. As also stated above, with our society pushing more and more towards cleaning up the environment, I believe it is necessary for companies to begin using more organic materials as well as consumers to begin consciously purchasing products that are being produced cleaner. One of the biggest detrements to our environment, that goes largely unheard of as opposed to other products such as vehicles, is in fact the production of clothing. I also believe that informing consumers with this pamphlet will drive them further to purchase cleaner products, which in turn will motivate companies to produce more of these products. With this pamphlet I will take the opportunity to outline the current methods of production with non-organic cotton, and how that currently effects out environment. After stating these facts I will then turn to the benefits of production with organic cotton.

Project Proposal
Project Summary:
The purpose of this assignment is to create a medium to inform a target audience on a topic of our choosing. After choosing a topic we are required to do personal research on said topic in order to accurately inform the reader about what we are trying to convey through the presentation of the information. The pamphlet will include: y y y y y A front page in order to capture the attention of the reader A section devoted to the current drawbacks of using methods of production that are employed by companies today A section containing the benefits of using organic materials, specifically organic cotton. How companies can shift production methods to become more environmentally conscious. How consumers can look for and purchase apparel items that are made from organic materials.

Including the works cited page, the pamphlet will include six sections of information to inform the reader of all the intended information. I will also be including graphs and other images in order to draw the reader s attention to the information and easily convey statistics to the reader in the form of visual aids.

The following objectives include both objectives for the reader and personal objectives: y To inform the reader of: o Benefits of producing apparel with organic cotton o How current methods effect the environment o How companies can shift production o How consumers can purchase these items o Steps the government has taken with apparel production Personal objectives: o To further my knowledge with apparel production o To develop my skill of researching and presenting information


Project Proposal
I intend on using my current knowledge about the apparel industry and its inner workings in order to begin my research on the topic of organic cotton. I have taken many courses throughout my time at North Dakota State University that pertain to the production of lines of clothing and intend on furthering that knowledge by informing myself on the possible future path that these methods can take. I believe that my current knowledge coupled with future research will accurately inform readers of the issue that I am presenting to them with the pamphlet. The steps that follow this paragraph are ones that I intend to take in order to acquire accurate information and create an easily readable pamphlet: y First I will research the topic that has been stated and learn more about organic cotton itself prior to focusing on the production. I intend to inform the reader specifically the differences between organic cotton and non-organic cotton. Next I will research methods of production and the differences between producing organic and non-organic cotton, as well as incentives and limitations that the government has implemented on these companies. When all of the information has been gathered I will then begin to create a pamphlet as well as researching methods to create the pamphlet in an easily accessable fashion. Once the research has been completed I will then complete a first draft of my pamphlet in order to gather opinions as far as the content and the layout of the pamphlet. After collecting data on the pamphlet I will then create a final draft for submission and review.


y y y

The following is a timeline that I have created in order to easily outline the steps that will be taken in order to complete this project within the allotted timeframe.

1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Project proposal due Research topics Create rough draft Ask for peer reviews Progress report Final revisions Submit final draft * *

2 * * * 3 4 5

Used to mark own progress.

* * * *

Project Proposal
While Miss Enger will be evaluate and grading both my progress as well as the final pamphlet for this assignment, I will also be using the following rubric to evaluate myself throughout the term of this project.

Rubric: Criteria
Pamphlet is well organized and easy to read Visual aids are clear and add depth to information Information pertains to topic and is concise Changes between drafts are documented and fully understood by reader Format of pamphlet is accurate and information flows well from page to page Spelling and Grammar is accurate.

Maximum Possible 30 30 35 20 20 15 150



Total Score

Project Proposal

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