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Doing Business With Paypal

Doing Business With Paypal

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Published by: fitri_cellular on Dec 17, 2010
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Of course, PayPal will claim that they can handle any form of financial
transaction that you could ever wish to generate from your website, and
that is no doubt true but the more appropriate question should be, do
you want them to?
As suggested earlier, you should not allow large amounts of cash to
build up in your PayPal account.
So, five or ten sales of a $27 infoproduct should represent no big deal,
but if you have one hundred customers who are all members of your


subscription based private members site, then things could get
considerably more complex.
In this scenario, you are likely to have different amounts of money
coming in almost every day, so it is quite possible that substantial sums
of cash could build up quite quickly.
This is really not an ideal situation because, as already established, at
this point, that money is not entirely controlled by you.
So, for membership subscriptions of this type, I would personally prefer
to work with a payment processor such as 2CO, rather than PayPal.
Or, you may be selling high price ticket items from your site, at say
$999 or $2999 a time.
That’s just way too much cash to leave lying around in an account
whose access privileges could be frozen at any time.
Plus, so much money going through your account (especially if this is
something that has not happened before) is quite likely to trigger an
even worse situation, as you will discover in the next section.


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