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Welcome to the flagship issue of WeSpeak, the official newsletter of WeSupport, Inc. And like any new thing, this first issue is fraught with high expectations, not to mention fears of mistakes or typos, and things like that. In any case, we hope you will enjoy it, and that you let us know what you think about it.

It's not difficult to get in touch with any of the WeSpeak staff, by the way. In this age of the internet, social networking and mobile communications, most everyone has an email address, and the magazine has one, too. Send your comments, violent or otherwise, to, and the staff will be sure to read them and we'll do our best to respond. Also - the staff have their own email you may want to send stuff to them through those channels (our layout editor, Naunelle has made sure to indude our web details in our articles when he can).

Also - we are actively soliciting contributions. All WeSupport employees are welcome to send stories, poems, little jokes or Whatever, and for those that get their stuff featured in any of the upcoming issues, expect a little treat from Starbuck's, courtesy of WeSupport. Cool, huh?

Anyway - enjoy the magazine, and keep in touch. Burt

November, 2010

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Editor's Note

Living Each Day As If It Is Your First 4

Beginnings Are Such Important Things I 4


Q&A with Ricardo Miranda I 5 Just When You Hit The Wall I 15 Ask WSI I 15

How to Stop Smoking in One Zippy Step I 16 WeSupport Through The Years I 10

WSI - Then and Now I 12

JB Dreams Big I 8

Geek Nation

Tips for Laptop Hunters I 14 Tech Review: The Apple iPad I 7

Being Well

Make Every Mouthful Something That Gives You Energy I 11 Coin' Nuts I 17

Livin' Life

A Guide to Everyday Fashion


Happenings Rushed and Crushed I 18

What can you say?

I Want to be A Millionaire I 23


Blistering Barnacles - A sneak peek at Tintin. the movie I 20


The Prophecy I 22

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Editor's Note

Living Each Day As If It Is Your First

By Olan Velano A Imost all of us has been asked, at one point, what will we do or how will we feel if, suppose, today is our last day on Earth. I am pretty sure each one of us would have different reactions. Most probably, the majority would say that they'd want to do something that they have always wanted to do but didn't.

But have we ever thought, instead, if today is our first?

Do you still remember the time you first fell in love? How special that person made you feel, how he/she added a whole new pallet of colors to your rainbow, and that first kiss which turned your world upside-down? How about the first time you received your paycheck, and how proud you were? Do you still remember the first time you had a taste of chocolate ice cream, and how you have savored every luscious drop? What about when you first heard what would become your most favorite R&B song, and how you danced to the beat?

Do you also remember how you jumped for joy when you first heard your baby say 'Papa" or 'Mama"?

I guess what makes us remember these 'firsts' is the emotion which they evoke, and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Happy times and positive experiences would give us a feeling of elation and an optimism for what still lay in store for us. I wouldn't want to live each day as if it is my last. Where's the fun in worrying about limited time you have? That may be unpleasantly tiring, to say the least. Wouldn't it be better to wake up each morning as if it is always your first? Wouldn't you like having that feeling of excitement and eagerness in facing a new day, always looking forward to discovering whafs next, savoring every new experience that may come along, and learning as much from them? And though these moments are priceless, they are all for freel

With this in mind, it is with much enthusiasm that we welcome you to WeSpeak. I hope that this debut issue would be memorable for you. We have gathered all our passion for writing, to provide not only information about our company but, above all, bring you the beauty and new things. And maybe, help make us feel that were are truly part of the WSI family.

This is WeSpeak. This is our voice. Have fun as you read through the pages of Issue Number One, because we ourselves had a great time working on them.

God bless!

Beginnings Are Such Important Things

By Burt Gabot

There are many things that can be said about friends - how you get to know them, both for when you are at your lowest - looking to them for support and encouragement, or at your best - looking to share your triumphs

and successes with them and make them better and more memorable.

There are also the times when you part

"'~..,_, ... ways with a friend - perhaps because you had a fight, or maybe he or she had to leave for a place that's very far away, or maybe, the saddest time, when your friend dies. In my experience, that is the worst.

It only makes the time when you met all ---------------- .. that more meaningful, because, like anyone, you fear that your friendship might not be all that good, or if it does become the kind of friendship that counts, you fear that it would not last.

Whatever the case, beginnings are always important - it is when you make your first impressions of them (and first impressions are usually difficult to change) and they of you, and it is when you start oonnecting and start the journey onto a wonderful place in your life.

This is the first issue of our newsletter, and it is here when you start getting to know us, the people behind WeSpeak, and when we start getting to know you. We all hope that this will be the beginning of wonderful things for us, and of a wonderful friendship.

We are WeSpeak. We are pleased to meet you. Hello. @


Q&A with Ricardo Miranda

By Jane Miralles & Efraim Pintuan

As the company marks four flourishing years in the IT business, we interviewed an accomplished man behind the success of WeSupport, Inc. (WSI). Ricardo "Bong" Miranda reveals the company's early beginnings and his dedication and accomplishments both as a manager and as a husband, and why he looks to more years of working in the company that he helped establish.

What is the mission of WSI?

Our goal is to uplift the quality of outsourcing technology in the Philippines.

How difficult was it running WSI in its early years?

We had to undergo so many trials and with those tests, we learned how to handle each problem positively. The Board of Directors in particular sacrifices so much time and effort in handling each difficulty that comes our way. Communication plays a very important role in any business and ours is no exception. We struggled together to get where we are now.

What other positions did you handle before becoming WSI's managing director?

I landed my first job at SGV & Co. as an external auditor and then became an internal auditor at PLOT. I also worked as budget analyst and business analyst for IS. I was fortunate to have had the chance to work as a business analyst at Saudi Telecom in Saudi before becoming a consultant for PLOT.

Do you consider yourself successful? What is the secret of your success? Humility aside, yes I can say that I have already achieved suocess. I feel accomplished both in my career and with my family although I still am looking forward to more years of working with WSI. I am very passionate about my work

and my family, precisely the reason why I work hard even if it means being separated from them physically.

Persistence plays a big role in all of my achievements.

I believe in the saying that being patient is a virtue.

What do you think is the role of WSI under

the present government?

In our own little way,

WSI aims to help

boost our economy

by providing ample technical training to fresh graduates so they gain

experience Which aspects of your current job do you before they

like I dislike the most and why? get hired.

What I like about this job is that it is full of challenges and from these challenges I learn in the process. I feel fulfilled each time projects are accomplished well. Pressures are all part of one's job and it makes one grow old faster but I think I handle them quite well because I want to age gracefully.

How do you manage people to achieve a common goal? How do you resolve conflicts?

I would like to believe that I understand each of them quite well because I always see to it that I put myself into their shoes so as to get a feel of their individual dilemmas. As to resolving conflicts among various people, I always subscribe to our company policies and regulations and resolve disputes. I talk to both parties to ease tension and explain to them the pros and cons and the potential outcome that may arise. I handle pressure with grace, a smile, two bottles of beer and

a dinner with the board at Goodah!

InWSI, we

find clients

and match

them with

our trainees. OneofWSI's recent projects

is scholarship grants to less fortunate but deserving students.

After finishing the course,

we give them

the jobs that they're worthy of.


How do you keep up with modernization? How do you foresee the company five to ten years from now?

Every single day at WSI is a great challenge for me. We have to be constantly updated with various technologies. We even do advanced research so as not to be left behind even if it takes triple pressure on our part.

WSI will have become a company with thousands of IT Consultants under its wings. The Board of Directors set up this business aspiring to make it big because this is not just about us. It's also about growing with all of you. Eventually, our consultants will become partners with our tie-up companies. We are very optimistic that hand in hand, we can survive by helping each other. Our success will also mean great achievement for all.

Describe to us your relationship with your family. What are the most important values that you can impart to your son?

Since my family resides in Davao, I always


see to it that I visit them once or twice a month. I spend quality time by bonding with them like going to church together, dining out, strolling, mailing or just hanging out with them at home by watching my son's favorite cartoon show. Though I am not very expressive with my feelings, I am a faithful husband and I love my wife dearly. As a father,l can say that I am doing everything to make my wife and son happy.

What advice can you give to young professionals who look up to you?

To the young professionals, have a clear goal in life. Learn to be patient at all times and in order to achieve your goals, learn to pray above all things. What leads me and guide me in my principles in life is that I put my full trust in the Lord and that I am confident that He is there to direct me in everything that I do .•

I am a good provider and a God-fearing person. I believe that being honest and down-to-earth are some of the best values I can pass on to my son. With my principles, I am sure my son and future children will also benefit from it.

Geek Nation

A Star Trek Computer for the 21st Century ByBurtGabot

Technology Review: The Apple iPad

Tb« aut/Jar and I)lS brand new Apple ,Pad stJ/I In If s shnnk-wrepped case

As any of my friends will tell you, I am a Star Trek fan, and, as a Star Trek fan, I think the arrival of the Apple iPad was long overdue. For those of you who love gadgets, and are fans of the TV show Star Trek, The Next Generation like I am, you will doubtless have looked at the nifty devices that the crew of the USS enterprise use during their weekly adventures and wished they were real: impossibly thin portable gadgets no larger than a small steno pad with a wonderful color screen and no keyboard, and able to do nifty things. I mean, well, cool, right?

Many is the time that a Trek fan would make the supercilious remark that star Trek was a predictor of things to come (technologically speaking, that is), and use the example of the cellular telephone, which was nothing but a version of Captain Kirk's communicator. (try and watch the documentary, 'How William Shatner Changed the world").

But now, there is the iPad - the 21st century version of Geordi LaForge's Datapadd, making it the best true-to-life Trek toy todate. But, instead of being able to detect alien life or translate Klingon to English, you have to content yourself with surfing the net, playing MP3s, watching movies, do your word-processing or open your Facebook account.

What is an iPad, anyway?

The Apple iPad is a tablet - a portable computer in the shape of a tablet or slate that uses a combination flat panel display and touch screen interface. There have been many other tablet computers that came out before the iPad, but it is generally accepted that the iPad was the one that "legitimized" the tablet type computer and form factor. Just like what the iPhone did for the smartphone.

Not surprisingly, the iPad has the basic look of the Apple iPhone - a flat touch-screen that users interface with, and a home button at the bottom of the screen. The big difference is that it's six times as large!

The device boasts a 9.5x7.5 (approximately) touch screen, with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Though a bit heavy at one and a half pounds (substantially heavier than, say Amazon's ebook reader, the Kindle), it has the iPhone's classic good looks: It has the same touch-screen interface that allows the user to expand and zoom the screen, or 'pinch" it to make the picture smaller, as well as the accelerometer that allows it to detect movement and orientation that makes many iPad and iPhone apps fun.

But, although the iPad looks

like a ginormous iPhone, there are basic functions that it did not inherit from the iPhone: it is not a cellphone and it doesn't have a camera. It does have wifi capability though, so the user can surf the net from the iPad by connecting to a wifi hotspot, or, if his iPad is a 3G model, surf by utilizing a 3G

sim from one of the local cellular phone service providers (such as SMART, for example). There are deticiencies, though - as most know, Apple, Adobe and Microsoft have been at odds since time immemorial, and because of this, the iPad cannot play Flash video files (that means almost no youtube videos for everyone), and there's no Microsoft Word,

Excel or Powerpoint on it.

And Apple has not made it a convenient ebook platform (like

the Kindle or the Sony eBook Reader) because Kindle ebooks aren't playable on it and, like I mentioned before, it's a trifle heavy so the iPad isn't the most convenient ebook player. Plus, because the main user interface is the screen, it quickly gets smudges despite the supposedly oleophobic (Oil-resistant) coating. And, since it is an Apple device, the main case is aluminum - Which is notorious for getting dings and dents.

There are work-a rounds,

though. For example, the iPad's equivalent to the eBook player program (called the iBook) can read PDF files; and though there is no MS Office, Apple has its own equivalent, called iWorks, and it is about 70-80% compatible to MS Office files (you may want to consider getting the Documents-To-Go app - not that good, but it is at least more compatible with MS Office).

As for watching youtube, you may want to consider using the services of Foxfire. Reputedly, Foxfire can allow Utube files to run on iPads and iPhones, but the jury is still out on how well it's able to (Foxfire is a website, not an app). As for smudged screens, there are several generic screen protectors available out there (I use a cheap P150.00 iPad screen protector that I bought in National Bookstore).

And to protect the iPad from dents, the user can purchase the elegant-looking Apple iPad case, which wraps your iPad in a nice, expensive-looking leather-like cover. (There are also a lot of knock-off leather slipcases out there, typically from your friendly neighborhood tiangge, and they can be as cheap as Php.200.00) For those who want to show off their iPads, they can opt to use plastic hardcases instead. I myself use a transparent crystal hardcase from MacLove, Inc.

In the end though, it will be the user who will decide whether

the iPad is a hit or a miss. But

it seems that most tech-users love the iPad. Back in May, Apple was selling 200,000

iPads a week, and, although iPad sales have been slowing down, as of Septmeber Apple has sold almost as many iPads as Macs, and iPad sales accounted for a big chunk of

Still, there are a lot of touch-screen equivalents out there, if you want to consider other devices. Though six of the eight devices in Yahoo's survey of the top eight tablets last October 18 were all iPads, the Asus eeePC T91 and the Dell Latitude XT2 made it to the list. Consumer Report's October report, however, said to avoid the Archos 7 and the Augen GenTouch78 - despite being 60% cheaper, these tablets are not good buys .•

If you want to read more about Burt

and his iPad. log on to these F acebook links:

Id"394007222002 and _id"394261742002


JB dreams big for himself, country

By Jane Miralles & Efraim Pintuan

Five to ten years from now JB foresees the company to have expanded internationalfy, gaining a foothold in the IT supporl services in the Asian region.

A modern-clay man for others

"tn order to get ahead in life you wilf need to prove yourself to be a dependable person. Hard work and consistency is the key. Once you have built a good reputation, there wilf be no need to look for a job. The job wilf look for you." Thus remarked Joseph Bartolome Ligot, one of the 14 directors of WeSupport, Inc. (WSI) when asked what advice he can give to today's army of young professionals battling for supremacy in the challenging IT world.

JB, as he is fondly called by his peers, adheres to the tenet of being a man for others.

He acquired this credo from the Ateneo de Manila, one of the better academic universities


manager. At ACISystems, a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for self-development opened up to him while managing projects for ICMS (Integrated Customer Management System). This occurred at a time when majority of telecommunication companies in the Philippines were extensively using ICMS for billing, customer account management, provisioning, among others.

His role was to manage the project office for IBM called the Regional Support Center for ICMS. With at least four projects simultaneously ongoing, he was tasked to make sure that deadlines on software modifications were met and client expectations surpassed. As part of the quality assurance

team in Saudi Business Machines (IBM in Saudi Arabia), he served as business analyst from 2003-2008, dealing with billing statements written in Arabic. Working in a foreign territory was mostly difficult due to cultural differences.

Contract workers such as Filipinos find adjusting to a closed society such as Saudi's truly daunting. But JB professed that the remuneration more than compensated bouts with homesickness.

Apart from Saudi, JB also spent nearly three months working in Russia. He claims Moscow is the best place he has visited so far and its culture is very distinct from ours.

in the country. Ateneans are immersed in real-world activities that instill the merits of social involvement. This philosophy has guided him through the years and even after finishing computer science in 1991 in the Jesuit school, he has remained steadfast in his belief that we are all created to ease each other's burdens. Cliche as it may sound JB regards that everyone has the capacity to improve the lives of others. This aspiration to help others provided one of the key stimuli for the founding of WSI in 2006.

Career highlights

Prior to becoming a managing director at WSI, JB worked for IBM Philippines and ACISystems (now IBM Solutions Delivery) as project

Early days of WSI

Unknown to most people, WSI in its early years supplied to various companies promodizers instead of BA's or QAs. The idea of forming WSI was conceptualized when JB and his would-be business partners were still working in Saudi Arabia. Working abroad made him witness that a big segment of Pinoys temporarily living abroad as contract workers don't live comfortable lives themselves. Slowly, JB and his friends began to envision establishing a Filipino owned company to give fellow Filipinos work opportunities without leaving their families. Eventually they decided to pool their resources together to build the foundation of WSI.

WSI's expanding vision

On October 20 four years ago, WSI was officially inaugurated. The company's mission is to support and promote the Philippine business community in achieving world class IT services and support through multi-skilled, well-trained and disciplined IT professionals. By actively participating in the business community, WSI helps not just its employees but the economy as well. JB added that WSI has high hopes not just for the company but also the greater population under the Aquino government. The improving performance of the Philippine stock market in recent months is a sign that the international community supports this administration.

Five to ten years from now he foresees the company to have expanded internationally, gaining a foothold in the IT support services in the Asian region. By that time, WSI will have become one of the country's premier IT outsourcing company.

J B's management style

JB also lets the readers have a peak into his management style. With different people and personalities to manage every day, he makes it a point to always interact with them up close to discuss important matters. With these impressions, he gets to see what their motivations are, which he in turn uses to formulate

strategies to achieve specific goals, before he assigns specific roles to people.

With his interaction with subordinates and coworkers, he is able to share to them the value of discipline. He cites the discipline one needs to wake up early every day. He also practices this same discipline to concentrate at work and not be influenced by irrelevant distractions. He adds that another quality he acquired from real-life is patience.

He also gamely talked about the subject of conflict resolution. According to him, the best way to resolve conflicts is to first understand what caused them. If there are two factions in an issue, he huddles with each group separately to weigh opposing views.

From this he can devise concrete steps to resolve them. If neither of the parties wants to yield, a more popular path would be to find a middle ground.

Like everyone else, he dislikes the pressures of work. But having the right mindset and attitude makes the pressure more tolerable, he says. It is a good thing that his dual role of WSI director and PLOT employee is both fulfilling and challenging. He says it is something that he looks forward to daily. He serves as treasurer in the WSI board of directors.

Stress and de-stress

JB is usually found bonding with friends in High Street in Taguig or Katipunan Avenue on certain nights to loosen up. Sundays usually are lunch dates with his loving parents. He has no regrets in life and is quite happy being single because he has enough time for himself. He freely modifies his schedule as he sees fit and there is less pressure when he is at home.

To deal with stress and pressure at work, a nice, long run brings therapeutic relief to him almost instantly.

JB is an avid runner, jogging around the UP Campus if not joining events at The Fort or out of town. Burning calories that way is more relaxing than watching movies or eating out, he maintains. For this NBA figures collector who wears many hats - manages an internet cafe and manages another with the Ateneo school servioes -- it seems that his hands are full that one wonders if he still has time for personal pursuits.

If there is one thing missing in JB's hectic life, is a partner for life. An ideal woman for him would be someone who will understand his tight schedule. It would be a bonus if the woman is "maganda, mabait at maalaga" but is not necessarily required, he says.

Always try to outdo oneself

For him, success is a relative term. He is more concerned with setting specific goals and tries to achieve them within the shortest time possible. If he meets the goal then he has succeeded on that level. He says it's more of a daily battle to win as much goals as he can.

The usual ingredients for success, JB adds, are hard work and dedication. For someone who never misses Sunday mass, possibly the only open secret he can share is to always pray and thank the Lord for everything .•


Bein Well

"Make every mouthful something that gives you energy, not takes n away," By Isah Clarigo

During Sundays after attending church services, my friends

and I usually have lunch and hang out at a nearby bookstore to check for good finds second-hand books. I, in fact, chanced

upon a small coffee-table book called Energize: 100 Natural Ways to Recharge which was all about guaranteed tips on how to energize your body.

Let me share with you some of the helpful tips that authors Carol Morley & Liz Wilde gave.

There are days that you feel tired and fatigued, right? There have been low-energy days when even the thought of getting out of bed makes you feel exhausted. Aocording to them, poor energy levels can be due to stress, diet, and even boredom. The food you eat supplies your body with energy, but if you're not eating enough of the right stuff, you won't have sufficient fuel to help you last through the day. Ifs best to understand what's sapping your energy, and this can make a serious difference in your life. Just small changes will leave you re-energized and ready to go.

This little book is divided into five parts: Eating for Energy, Exercise-High, Energy Enemies, Energy Friends and Energy Treats.

I have selected a few items which I think are sensible and can be readily applied for an energized and full day.

• Carbohydrates are the best energy foods as they release sugar slowly into your bloodstream. For a quick fix, eat whole-wheat bread, brown rice or and dried fruit like raisins and apricots. For a slow steady burn, choose complex carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, and muesli. But steer clear of starches such as white pasta, bread and rice, as these will send you off to sleep.

• Choose foods that contain these nutrients (these allow your body to convert food into energy).

Vitamin B -avocado, tuna, yoghurt, chicken, and eggs

Vitamin C -broccoli, sprouts, citrus fruits, green peppers, and tomatoes Vitamin E -asparagus, mangoes, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach Iron -eggs, meat, shellfish, cereal, chickpeas, dried fruit

Magnesium -spinach, broccoli, grapefruit, apples, cashew nuts Potassium -potatoes, raisins, pistachios, sunflower seeds

Zinc -brown rice, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts

• When stress is sapping your energy, counteract this with plenty of energy-giving foods. Fill up on food in its natural state, such as raw fruit and vegetables, whole wheat bread, nuts and seeds.

• Eating for energy in a nutshell:

Natural whole foods = Energy givers

Fatty, refined and highly processed foods = Energy sappers

• A clove of garlic a day will help you on your way, since it contains mineral called germanium, which boosts your body's energy production.

• The foods most likely to fuel you are plant-based, so fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, zinc, and iron - all nutrients that energize your body and brain. Make energy packed raw juices like carrot and beetroot to get you buzzing. Buy whole wheat bread & pasta, and brown rice. And pick lean meats and stock up on fish with Omega-3.

Vegetarian? No problem - let beans be your protein punch.

• Bouncing blood sugar plays havoc with your energy levels. Heavy meals make your energies dip, so stay stable by eating three light meals a day with healthy snacks in between. For a sweet fix, eat seedless white grapes or nuts rather than caffeine-packed chocolates.


• Bananas are the ultimate feel-good food. They're rich in fiber and starch for quick-release, slow-acting energy, and also contain mood-enhancing ingredients like vitamin B6 and tryptophan - much better than a bar of chocolate.

• Feeling tired may be a sign that you're just dehydrated. Water is essential to the energy production going on in the cells of your body. Gulping two glasses of water will wake you up in minutes, and the faster you drink, the bigger energy surge you'll feel.

• What you eat (or don't eat) for breakfast determines how much energy you'll have for the rest of the day. A cup of coffee simply won't cut it. What you need is a real meal that includes carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Eat a carbo-charged breakfast (plain toast, muffin, or bagel) and your energy will last for a couple of hours. Add slower-burning protein and fat to your plate, and you'll be bustling all morning. More substantial breakfasts include wholegrain toast and peanut butter, poached or scrambled eggs, or a whole wheat bagel and smoked salmon. Not a morning person? Then it's even more important to find time for a breakfast fix.

• When you've overeaten, your body has to clear the clutter, which takes more energy than usual. A mini fast could be just what your body needs to give it a break. Try eating only raw fresh fruit and vegetables for a whole day after overindulging. Drink plenty of water to help your body with the elimination process. Be aware that the more toxins there are in your body, the worse you're going to feel. Take it easy and plan a relaxing day while your insides are hard at work.

• Treat yourself to a Japanese meal at the end of a relaxing day. Seaweed is known to boost energy levels and a bowl of miso soup plus seaweed salad will ensure you leave the restaurant with more bounce than when you went in.

Well, thafs all for now! Next time around, I'll be giving you important guidelines for your work outs! Meantime, revive your body and restore your spirits with this fool proof guide that is guaranteed to put a spring back in your steps .•

WeSupport through the years

By France Aquino & Lalaine Canosa

Like all businesses, WeSupport, Inc. (WSI) started out simply as a proverbial speck of dust in the universe. It took fourteen ambitious young men, a sizeable amount of investment capital, and a lot of business chutzpah to assemble a start-up with the vision to provide the best and the most skilled IT (and non-IT) expertise anywhere in the region.

The people behind WSI are modest and hardworking men composed of Ricardo ·Song· Miranda, John Agcaoili, Dino Selarmino, Xenos Caruz, Andy del a Cruz, Fredmann Escuro, Richard Inzon, Ronald Jacildo, Roro Lazaro, JS Ligot, Rene Mercado, Alex Morfe, Ed Saplala, and Olan Velano.

The group was formed when they worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia some years back. They share the same brand of passion in what they do, not to mention the fact that they all excel in programming and IT-related work, and have known each other because most of them were previous telecom employees here in the Philippines. They were to become fourteen-member board of directors of WSI. Sut that is getting ahead of the story. Let's get back to the company's early days.

The story, the Soard of Directors says, was that one time, they met an old kababayan when they were in Batha, a popular market in Riyadh. For some reason, they didn't want to become an old and tired overseas worker like this elderly man. They realized that something had to be done to secure their future and prevent themselves from turning into overstaying and overworked Filipinos in a distant land. This mysterious person served as the catalyst for what is now WSI. After countless informal huddles and brainstorming sessions, the group members individually went about encouraging colleagues to join them in establishing a business of their own. Convincing them was tough due to various legitimate reasons. Though their invitations have been rejected many times, they never gave up their dream to one day set up a business that they could call their very own.

After spending a few years in the land of camels and black gold, building capital and refining the business model, these enterprising individuals eventually decided it was ripe to return to the Philippines and finally establish the vision they had so long been planning. WeSupport, Incorporated was born.

The Early Months

On October 1, 2006, BNFT, WSI's first client, signed up with the company. WSI was officially inaugurated on October 20. Back in those days, WSI was still located in West Avenue in Quezon City. The Board of Directors later decided to relocate to Security Bank Bldg. in Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

WSI was originally under the business management of loannis Caruz, its first General Manager, ably assisted by Lerma Inzon and Remelyn Lazaro. In its first few months of operation, WSI was doing blue-collar manpower placement, but because the board knew that programmers were becoming more in-demand again, plus the fact that they were all IT specialists, they began recruiting IT personnel as well.

Soon afterwards, they were deploying quality assurance engineers and testers, technical document analysts and business analysts to its first client and the country's leading telecommunications firm - PLOT Co. Mr. Ratty Limjap became its first IT consultant deployed to the said company.

WSI, Its Promise

WSI now provides manpower to different companies from various industries. It supports not only their clients but their employees as well, giving them career opportunities that last.

WSI got the trust and confidence of business magnate Manny V. Pangilinan, chairman of the board of PLDT, in providing the company with exceptional minds to fill up IT and non-IT posts in consultancy working arrangements. With a business that started out with only three employees, it is now an operation that employs 14 office staff (under the able management of

Jerry l. Tarieca as GM), as well as 137 IT and 69 non-IT consultants.

Still, all that WSI is today would not have been possible without the help of the very team that comprises WSI. Working harmoniously as a team, and with comradeship and compassion (pakikipagkapwa and pagmamafasakit) as its core values, WSI is not resting on its laurels, and continues to expand its business, extending its values and work ethic to more people and clients .•

Where the name "WeSupport" came from


The founders of the company thought of using the word "support" in the company name because, in their previous careers, they were all part of their respective companies' support groups or divisions. It was but a small leap to go from that to "WeSupport."


Geek Nation

Tips for laptop-hunters ByAngeloSison

What's your flavor?

Technology nowadays come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Gone were the days when college kids make school projects with word processors as big as balikbayan boxes still smelling of the Duty-free Shop. Now we have personal oomputers, Macs, iPods and iPads, Playstations & Wii consoles, intelligent mobile phones that respond to the touch and can surf the web too, just to mention some. Just glide into any shopping mall and you can find the most mouth-watering gizmos one can possibly buy. I personally am on the lookout for a laptop at the moment. But, with my meager savings, how can I get the best value knowing that technology oomes with a price?

For the past months, I've been spending my free time browsing the net and visiting local shops. I want to take time in looking not so much for the most high-end of laptops, but rather the best laptop I can buy, budget- and feature-wise. However, it is still interesting enough to check out on those amazingly cool upmarket

Info-hunting One method of hunting for the best laptop includes identifying the specifications that you will need and choosing the best among the brands that can offer them. There are lots of brands which can offer the features that I want, and are within my means. But how do I check these out? There are so many ways to do this: Reading online tech-gadget forums or sites will be of great help to get first-hand dibs on

just-released laptops. Various type laptop.

blogsites also give comprehensive product reviews for those who may not have time to physically drop by specific stores.

With ;7 InlfH pro<;e$$or. 4gb DDR3. lr;b nV1d18 GeFtxoe. wide:screen HD 18.4. Lcwell!

User reviews, of course, are no match to asking people who already own that brand to personally tell you the gadget's best and not-so-best features. One may also browse manufacturer's online sites but as is the case with any product maker, they tend to highlight only the good parts and gloss over the bad ones.

Show me the brand

If you are a brand-conscious person, then it may be best if you visit the showrooms of major shopping malls. By going through each store, you can compare and oontrast prices and features, or pre-select the specific brands that you want in real-time. Most shops have products you can play with to give buyers a direct experience with the merchandise.

But if you are someone who is not so geeky, then you might want to create a list to guide you before you go to the cashier and take home that lovely piece of shimmering metal.

Things to look for

Let's talk about weight and portability. Is weight a problem for you? Do you want your laptop to be just over half a kilogram? Boys normally don't have much problem with weight. But if you're a girl who wants her laptop to be light and easy to lug along, why not get a notebook instead? Of course, notebooks, owing to their smaller size, means diminutive computing power. Heavy users should best stick to laptops.

How about computing power? Was it Spiderman who said that with great power comes great computing power, err, responsibility?


Ok, I was joking, but really, netbooks (as opposed to notebooks which are somewhat bigger than netbooks but smaller than full-sized laptops) are so designed for light internet browsing, word processing, music and the occasional videos. I doubt if it is up to the task of letting you play Starcartt 2. That said, is a 512 MB graphics, 2GB RAM, 320 GB hard disk drive fine with you? Another thing to consider is what you mostly plan to do with the equipment. Is it for home or office use? If you intend to use it in-between then why not get the best of both worlds? This means you may have to get a faster-performing processor, a bigger drive, or optical drive, depending on how you want it to perform.

Will you use it for entertainment or business pursuits? You might be surprised to find out that Pentium Dual-Core and Core 2 Duo chips differ remarkably. Dual core is cheaper and used mainly in budget laptops, while the latter has a larger L2 cache and performs faster.

Since single-core Atom processor is unsuitable for heavy multitasking/intensive computing tasks, a dual-core laptop will be a better choice.

Generally, business niche laptops are far expensive than the light, consumer models as they offer better encryption technology, data security and sturdier chassis. If gaming is your thing, better look for hybrid graphics capability in the unit's hardware.

Atom processors are the rage these days, I believe, so check out a popular Taiwan-made computer manufacturer and its recently-launched dual booting laptops (units can run on Windows Starter edition or Android operating system 2.1 Eclair, depending on your mood on a particular day).

For a little over P20,000 and you can take home a laptop with an Intel Atom N550 chip and two OS for the price of one.

Anyway, if you are going to ask me since I am on the search for one, here are my preferences:

My laptop specs

I am looking for a laptop with an Intel core i-series processor (at least Intel core i-5), with at least 4 GB DDR3 memory and NVIDIA 512MB graphics. When it comes to hard disks, a 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA will do at the moment since I still have a lot of space on my external HOD. In optical drives, a DVD-RW drive is my standard. And, of course, WI-FI b/g/n/ and wireless LAN are must-haves.

As for the monitor, a lO-inch LCD or below will be pretty comfy, but an 18.4 inch hi-def will be awesome! Other standard features include 5-in-1 card reader, multi-USB port, webcam, microphone, bluetooth, and ethernet port, and long battery life. Personally, I'm not particular with the weight and thickness as long as I can carry it comfortably.

I also would prefer that it is upgradeable. Lastly, for a little peace of mind, I want a decent warranty.

There are other factors to consider when buying a computer or a laptop, but for now, these will suffioe. What I have enumerated are only some basic specs and features, but I hope I was able to help you in making a cost-effective decision. By the way, there is an ongoing exhibit of laptops in the Gateway-Cubao area. It might be worth it to check it out.

Catch you later, folks! •

~ust When You Hit The Wall

By John Voltaire Lim

The computer your children are using at home suddenly broke down without waming, and the thought of having this five-year old gadget replaced with a new model leaves you no choice - computers are essential for your children to do their homework for school. But the family budget has already been laid out for the year, and there isn't much room for extra expenses. So, despite the need, you have to think to yourself, "is it the right time to buy a new one?"

What do you do in times like this?

If you have not heard the news yet, WeSupport, Inc. (WSI) has made an arrangement with a third-party financial creditor, Vorrex Credit Corporation, so that its employees can avail of salary loans thru this money-lending company.

To facilitate loan applications, Mr. Michael "Mike" Llavore, one of the HR coordinators of WSI, will assist you in making a loan application. The first step is to consult with Mike about your plan of availing of a salary loan, followed by securing an application form, filling it out and presenting the necessary requirements. Sooner than you expect it, your loan application is approved.

It might sound unbelievable but according to Mike, loan approval doesn't take too long as compared with salary loans made with the Social Security System (SSS).

With SSS the loanable amount varies with the number of contributions made, and the applicant must have made at least 24 monthly contributions and must be up-to-date in the payment of all member loan obligations. As for Vorrex, they will only need to verify with Mike if the time left before your contract ends is long enough so that you can pay the amortization of your loan (that's because the payment will be coursed through salary deductions).

Keep in mind that loans entail interest payments. The interest rate Vorrex charges is pegged at 5% monthly. In other words, the interest is not paid in advance but applied monthly during the duration of the repayment term you have chosen, which can be as short as three months or as long as six months.

There may be different reasons for making loans, but it is always good to know you have the option. Right?

Compiled by Randy C. Vizcarra

Do you have nagging questions in your head but too shy to approach a WSI executive? Just send us the questions and we'll try our best to point them in the right direction.

Q: What should an employee do if he/she wants to consult a physician or a dentist?

A: We're glad to inform all WSI Employees that they can use their Medicard IDs anytime for their health/medical needs. Refer to the Medicard booklet for a list of accredited hospitals and clinics. Text or call Vita Gollemas at 0928.-505-84-22 or 0922-863-06.-58. You can also e-mail

Q: I was absent for a few days and I failed to Inform the office of my situation or my whereabouts. What should I do the moment I report for work again?

A: You need to immediately inform your superior the reason for your absence.

For regular WSI staff - you need to immediately inform your superior the reason for your absence. Company policy states that you should file your VL at least three days prior to your

absence, wl1ich is still subject for approval by the GM.

For WSI consultants - Failure to inform the immediate supervisor in advance would constitute an absence without leave. Most companies have existing policies on un-announced absences and AWOL, and WSI is no exception. It would be best to consult with the HR manager to know more about the company's policy on this matter.

In addition, the person should send a letter of explanation to the immediate superior and the WSI HR officer.

• Medicard is available exclusively for PWT IT Consultants

Q: I am a consultant/tempo. I used to all cate a small portion of my salary to my SSS, which Is auto atlcally, deducted from my monthly salary by my prevlo~s employer hat should I do to continue my remittance?

A: For contractuals, since there is no amoun being d ucted by WSI from your salary for contribution to SS ,Phil ealth and Pag-IBIG, it is apparent that you will be responsible in remitting your contribution on your own if you wish to since WSI doesn't process sending payments/contributions of contractuals.

But if you are eager to continue your contribution, you may do so by paying through bills payment centers and through banks over-the-counter.

Q: I am a consultant/tempo. I am my family'S breadwinner and I wish to become a member of Philhealth. What forms should I secure and how much should I contribute? With various expenses and financial obligations to take care of, do you think I can still take advantage of Philhealth?

A: Downloadable Philhealth forms are available on their website. It will be helpful to inquire directly with Philhealth since WSI doesn't provide this benefit for consultants.

Q: I think I may have already maxxed out my credit card. But there's this sexy pair of stilettos In GS. Do you know Where I can get cash the quickest way possible? Need your help pronto.

A: Haven't you heard of VORREX?

It's a lending corporation that provides loans to WSI employees and consultants. You may call 848-19-74 for details .•


How to stop srnokinq in 011e zippy step

~ By Randy C.Vizcarra

The "cure"

I know we have not formally met. My name is Randy Vizcarra, one of the consultants here in WSI. How are you?

I'd like to tell you about something I just went through recently. If this helps others to cope, or to avoid what I went through, I think it would be worth it.

My life in the last few months has been an eye-opener. I have discovered the quickest, albeit unorthodox, way to quit smoking for good: a traumatic cardiac arrest. Far from being an 'aha" moment, this discovery wasn't intentional. The attack simply happened one fine morning. Thankfully, I survived, and I'm able to share what has changed in my life since.

May 6, 2010, Thursday - I heard the clock chime SAM. But there was this peculiar heaviness in my chest as I struggled to lift myself out of bed. I just ignored it and proceeded with my daily morning routinebreakfast, bathroom, getting dressed, and a smoke.

The pain was radically unlike a coughing jag. It felt like a dozen bricks were lying on my chest. Fear, shock and disbelief enveloped me. Anxiously, I woke my mother up, who was in the other room, and told her about the horrible pain. She told me to wait for an hour or so since the nearest out-patient department wouldn't open by BAM. But the wheezing wouldn't stop. I began to fear for my life. Within minutes, my father and I arrived at the Macapagal Hospital in Kalookan City. The doctor at the E.R. told us that the profuse perspiration, shortness of breath, and the inexplicable chest pain were signs of myocardial infarction (MI) or heart attack.

The cardiologist would later tell us that a heart muscle tissue possibly died, due to blockage of fatty acids in the arterial wall that restricted blood and oxygen flow in my heart.

G"-easy facts

As the world's top killer, people acquire cardiovascular diseases because of age, gender, genes, diabetes, bad eating habits, smoking and drinking. I neither have elevated cholesterol or high blood pressure. Cholesterol, surprisingly, is not the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases.


The hospital didn't have an injectible called streptokinase to shrink the clog in my artery so my father had to scour every drugstore in the city. He found some in a small drugstore in Bambang. It should have been administered within six hours from the time of my seizure (which doctors call the ·window"). I received the injection two hours later. Had we went straight to a private and Medicard-accredited hospital, the clog in my artery would have been melted.

I spent a week in said hospital, visited by interns daily. I became familiar with the awful, thrice-a-day intravenous shots and various pills which I suspect will become my future "companions." Thankfully, I was back to work within a month - four cardiologists, three alternative doctors, one molecular oncologist, and two internists later.

Angiogram at the Heart Center

In August I was confined for three days at the Heart Center for my angiogram.

Finding a fat vein in my groin to insert a cathether with took longer than expected but the process lasted only 11 minutes.

The chemical inserted in my veins pinpointed the clogged vessel in my heart.

The writer, grimacing from an injection, before the angiogram.

The angiogram verified what

several cardiologists have previously told me: my major artery in the left ventricle was already 90 percent blocked. (If this artery completely dies, the remaining two will have a hard time carrying out the pumping action the heart needs to do). Dr. Ho, my cardiologist, recommended angioplasty but we ....... - ..... opted no to the surgery and sought other non-invasive options.

Transfats are not from Transylvania

In our quest to find out how to reverse the damage to my heart, my family had gone through lots of literature on cardiovascular diseases and healthy living. One particular word stands out from this heap: transfats. Transfats come from cheap margarine and vegetable oil used in deep-frying, baking, sauteing, cooking, grilling, and roasting.

Bein Well

Many studies refer to saturated and transfat oil as the culprit in clogged arteries. Commonly identified as potential suspects in bringing these oils to our bodies are white bread, cookies, baked treats, cakes, ice cream, cake frosting, french fries, pizzas, pop corn, etc. If we are to believe modern health crusaders, food with transfats should be eradicated from our diet because they block the normal conversion of cholesterol in the liver and increase cholesterol levels. In particular, transfats increase the bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) and decrease the good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein).

My heart, my precious

I am certain that my heart has already lost its optimum pumping capacity, weakened by years of smoking and an objectionable diet. Knowing that nicotine causes many forms of cancer - it is the second leading cause of death in the Philippines -- did not prevent me to take up this habit.

Up until this heart seizure I smoke about ten cigarettes a day, another plausible trigger for clogged arteries. I have since quit smoking and my diet now consists of fruits, veggies and supplements. It really takes a conscious effort to say no to deep-fried food, MSG-rich noodles and processed products.

How to lick a smokey habit

The dangers of smoking undeniably outweigh its psychosomatic benefits ten-fold. But how does one stop? Some people suggest replacing cigarettes with gum or candy. Better, why not just quit cold turkey? Abandon the practice and don't rationalize, because the more questions you ask, the more reasons you will dig to justify your routine.

Imagine the moolah you will save on cancer treatments, or cardiovascular or respiratory medications once you give up smoking. See a doctor asap, especially if you're a smoker, lives a sedentary life and feels a throbbing kirot in the chest from time to time. Know your CBS and FBS. Pain in the nape, back or shoulders can sometimes mean that you have it. Heart disease isn't called a silent killer for nothing. A feeling of "wellness" can sometimes make us think that we are fine even though we're not.

Did you know that the heart pumps between six to seven liters of blood to and from the various organs of the body daily?

Heart attacks are wicked, but for me, it was a blessing. I couldn't believe it made me quit smoking faster than I can update my FB status.

Amazing, huh? •

Gain' Nuts

By Isah Clerigo

Just this year, I was privileged to be part of a group to tour Singapore for benchmarking. While there, we discovered Onaka, a cafe & juice bar and an organic and natural shop rolled into one. In a special section of the store, a particular snack caught my attention.

It was a neatly packaged bag of assorted nuts, and interestingly, on the back of the package was printed list of health benefits for each kind of nut. The snack by the way is called Nuts Nibble (Munching to Good Health).

The lowly nuts are usually taken for granted. A lot of people do not know that eaten raw, nuts can prevent a host of diseases, such as diabetes,

heart disease and high blood pressure, among others.

As Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food".

Here are some of them and let us discover together a whole

new way to

being healthy:

Macadamla- "Heart-friendly nut" - Good source of Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Vitamins B1, B2 and Niacin. Helps prevent clogging of arteries.

Almonds - Source of Vitamin E and Calcium. Helps overcome stress and depression. Increases milk production in lactating mothers.

Cashew - Recommended for cases of nervousness and fatigue. Very rich in Magnesium, Vitamins B1, B2 and Pantothenic Acid Pine Nuts - Food for the brain and good for reducing blood cholesterol. Recommended for students. Rich in Vitamin B1 and Iron.

Sunflower Seeds - Strengthens the nails, hair and reduces number of gray hairs. Rich in Iron, Lecithin, Vitamins C and B1.

Pumpkin Seeds - Rich in Vitamin E, Linoleic acid, Zinc and Iron. Sesame Seeds - Has high-value protein. It invigorates the nervous system and promotes sexual vigor.

Black Sesame Seeds - Very rich in iron and calcium.

Brazil Nuts - Contains more Vitamin B1 than eggs, meat or milk. Rich in Potassium.

Pecan & Walnut - Good source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and particularly B6. Promotes proper brain function and prevents anemia. Has a positive effect on sexual performance and improves reproductive function due to high Manganese levels.

Hazelnuts - Rich source of antioxidants, Vitamins E, C & Beta Carotene.

By the way, nuts are excellent alternative to your usual high fat, high sodium and high cholesterol snacks! They taste good too and fill you up at once .•

Packaging of Nuts Nibble

The above write up was taken from "An Encyclopedia of Food."


Ha enin s


By John Voltaire Lim

In many developed countries, there are different kinds of trains (ground level, raised-platform, subway, etc), and, in some cases, are the primary means of transportation. In Metro Manila, there are currently three overhead train lines that you can ride, and allow you to escape getting caught in traffic, as you would if you ride a bus, a jeepney or a taxicab.

These overhead railway types of trains were built as part of a program to decongest the busy streets of the metro. Did it work?

Nowadays, riding the MRT/LRT has become a popular means of transport and, because of this, these popular trains are drawing more people than it can handle. Waiting for a train can be an excruciating test of your patience - from the point where you buy your ticket to when you pass through inspection, where you wait for the train, board it, and finally get off the train and walk into your arrival station.

There are more passengers taking the MRT Line 3 now than ever. And overcrowding at the concourse level also happens when people are making their way out of the station - people still stepping off the escalator even though the concourse is already full.

I've had my share of this as I take the train almost everyday.

Because of the loss of personal space, people lose their temper when somebody shoves them from behind because everyone wants to get onto the train. There's no falling in line anymore, simply because of the sheer number of passengers. So don't be surprised to see or hear rants from passengers.


Train Travel Tips

To ease frustration, consternation and indignation while traveling, here are some tips you might want to consider:

o Have the exact amount ready when buying single-journey tickets, but when regularly riding the train, it is better to purchase stored-value tickets.

o Know where to get off. If your train is approaching your station, start making your way to the train's exits.

o To avoid being entangled with other passengers, take off backpacks and shoulder bags before boarding the train. This will also make room for other passengers.

o Don't stay too close to the edge of the platform. People have actually fallen on the tracks, or are sucked in by the air turbulence created by the train (there is a marked line that indicates where it is safe to stand). Also, objects are unintentionally dropped from trains from time to time, so stay a good distance away from

a moving train and avoid getting hurt.

o Wear footwear that do not easily slip off - flip-flops, for example, can easily be pulled off when stepping onto the train. Be careful not to step on some other person's toes.

o Know your schedule, and beat the rush - a train that does not load any passengers from one end of a train line is called a 'skipping-train'. Skipping-trains don't regularly come - they arrive at different schedules. So ifs best to be ready if and When one of these come by.

o Don't be an inconvenience to others. Be courteous to people around you by giving way to boarding and alighting passengers.

o Don't lean on the doors. Try to hold on to handrails instead.

o Avoid talking loudly. Also - remember that eating, drinking, smoking and loitering are prohibited inside the train and stations. So let's keep our environment trash- and noise-free.

o More people use the escalators when they get off the train so queues form at the escalator landing. So you might want to use the stairway instead.

o Report any things you find, and turn them over to the Lost & found.

o Practice good escalator etiquette - if you aren't going to use the escalators, stay on the right side of the escalators - people using them will use left lane. Just like in shopping malls.

o In MRT Line 3 and LRT Line 1, women have a separate ooach just for them (the elderly, and differently-abled people can also ride this special coach).

o Air-conditioning units sometimes break down. Keep this in mind, especially if you have asthma or other respiratory-related issues.

o Always secure your valuables at aU times, And I mean, always,

The key to convenient and hassle-free commuting is planning your trip. Even if it's just your daily commute. And if you'd rather avoid all the hassle, I hear riding a bike's pretty healthy.O •

· Livin' Life

A guide to everyday fashion ByEfraimA.Pintuan

I am always excited to get home early every night to catch my favorite 'telese/}'e', ~Magkaribar whose story of love, deception and revenge is set against the colorful tapest/}' that is the local fashion industry. I love watching the characters parade in their hip and stylish clothes every episode.

Our wardrobe reflects our personality and reveals more than our status in life hence it is important to be careful in choosing outfits. Business casual attire is a popular dress code in the professional and white-collar workplaces. It is a dress code that emphasizes professionalism and neatness, yet also emphasizes comfort for the wearer.

Here are some useful tips to guide women and men in choosing clothes that are appropriate to the occasion.

Jeans - For men, polo shirts and jeans are now accepted as business casual attire, but it is best to make sure by asking your supervisor. If you are going to wear jeans, make sure they are not too low-cut.

As for shoes, there are so many choices for men and women that extend beyond the traditional leather dress shoe. Boots, flats. even athletic shoes are now acceptable office footwear (but wear with caution).

For The Slim Man

Stay away from vertical stripes - if you're tall and skinny, choose horizontal stripes to bulk you up. A large horizontal stripe across the chest would make your shoulders appear broader.

Avoid frtted shirts. Layer yourself instead - Try avoiding body-fit shirts since they tend to emphasize your bony parts. Choose slim-cut shirts and try to layer them with jackets and bling.

No skinny jeans. Wear flat-front pants. A straight-out jeans with a long inseam will flatter you best. Lighter colors will make you appear slightly larger so choose light blues and creams to create the impression of more mass.

Wear crewnecks and choose heavier fabrics - If you're lanky, choose crewneck sweaters to hide your neck. Pick laid-back or spread collars as they will make the upper portion of your chest look wider.

For the Chubby Guy

No to horizontal and diagonal stripes - Vertical stripes tend to draw people's eyes downwards, visually trimming your outline. Pinstripes in dark colors best match formal occasions.

Ensure your clothes are not too tight - Garments that are too tight will reveal all the lumps you have, making you look larger than you actually are.

Choose the right T-shirts - Choose all-black for the most slimming effect, but try to add some color by accessorizing or picking the right shoes. Avoid turtlenecks and choose V-neck and long sleeve shirts instead.

Choose prints carefully - Try to stay away from T-shirts and tops with oolorful prints on them. These tees draw attention to your upper body, especially if you have some beer belly.

Fasten your belts and empty your pockets - A belt will squeeze in your waistline and make you appear slimmer. Just don't go crazy and squeeze yourself too much, or you'll have an overhanging belly. Pockets without bulky items like cell phones or overstuffed wallets will take the focus off a large midsection.

For the slim woman

No vertical stripes - Opt for horizontal lines instead of vertical stripes. Strategically-placed horizontal lines and pattems can add curves to your body.

Layering - Layered clothes will optically add fullness to your body and smartly emphasize your womanly contours. Putting on a trendy shrug or a denim vest or jacket over a tight T-shirt will also give your outfit a sense of originality and uniqueness.

Wear lower heels - Avoid high heels since these create the illusion that your legs are thinner than they really are. Opt for lighter shoes with low heels. Boots can hide skinny calves and shins, and can make you look very chic. Wear them with skirts for extra style points.

No super-tight pants - Wear straight-rut denim, parallel frt jeans or trousers with a flare at the bottom.

Wear scarves and high cowl-neck tops and sweaters - Scarves can hide giraffe necks very smartly and add a personal touch to your style.

Avoid belts at mid-waist - Wearing a belt at mid-waist makes you look even thinner.

For the chubby girl

No tighter clothes - Garments that are too tight will emphasize your chubby parts. Be sure to wear clothes that fit right - not too-loose or too-tight.

No striped shirts - For Miss Chubby, the number of stripes on the shirt can emphasize a woman's chubbiness. While trying on T-shirts, pick ones with big and shining floral prints instead - floral prints hide the fat flaws.

No skinny jeans - It is safer to wear loose-fit jeans or boot-cut jeans.

Baby dolls shirts with a belt and straight leg jeans are great - Remember that the belt should not have a contrasting color and must have a bit of width.

Being fashionable is a choice, so choose what is good and right for you. Experiment with different designs and styles and stick to a formula that works for you. Try to follow these tips and you'll soon be as yummy-lookinq as the characters from my favorite teleserye. Promise! •


Break Time!!!

Blistering barnacles! Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

By Burt Gabot

Avast, ye landlubbers!

Poltroons! A new 3-D live action feature is being produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, slated for a 2011 release. And it's about my favorite comic

character, Tintin!

Thundering Typhoons!

I can't remember how, but a sometime ago, after I picked up my brother on the way we got to talking about Tintin.

I think it started because we talked about a recent solar eclipse, and how it reminded me of one of my favorite Tintin stories, The Prisoners of the Sun, where Tintin, the captain and Professor Calculus were rescued because, of all things, a solar eclipse. My brother chastised me most strongly (as my brother is wont to do), that I should refer to Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court instead of Tintin, as it shows a lack of refinement on my part.

I (as I am wont to do) just glossed over this semi-putdown from Big Brother, and thought of Tintin and how he convinced his Inca captors not to burn them at the stake and to let them go free.

Opening animation of the 1991 carloon series

If you didn't know, Tintin is a comic strip that was created by the comic artist Herge (the pen name of the Belgian artist Georges Prosper Remi). It featured a young Belgian cub reporter and his adventures as he went through the tumultuous times of the 30's, World War II, the height of the cold war, and the beginnings of the Space Race.

Throughout most of his travels, he is accompanied by his snow-white pet fox terrier aptly named Snowy (in the original French, the dog's name was Milou) and retired merchant mariner,

Captain Haddock.


From time to time, the trio was acoompanied by the brilliant but absent-minded physicist Professor Cuthbert Calculus (Professor Tournesol in the original). And always in the periphery of things, to act as comic relief are the twin policemen from Interpol, Thomson and Thompson (Oupond and Dupont in the original), and the crazy Italian opera singer Bianca Castafiore who thinks that Captain Haddock is in love with her.

Blistering bamacles, Ws Capta;n Haddock!


If just for the richness of the cast of characters, you knew that it was a great comic. And it was, but that's like saying a box of La Maison du Chocolat merely "tastes good," Aside from the rich stories and the wonderful art, the humor is one of the best things about the comic that brings it to a new level altogether. Captain Haddock's famous one-liners are hard to forget, such as "blisterinq barnacles" and "thundering typhoons" (I never did find out what a poltroon was), nor his need for a bottle of whisky to always be close by, as well as his pipe and smoking tobacco. There's absentminded Calculus with his little pendulum (·more to the west. .. ") and his ear trumpet (·I'm not deaf, just hard-of-hearing ... "), and there's Thompson constantly echoing what Thomson says, always preceding what he says with the phrase, "to be precise," but always misquoting Thomson (Thomson: 'Something very odd has just happened!" Thompson: "To be precise - we just happen to be very odd .• ).

I first found out about Tintin when I was maybe eight or nine, through the large displays that National Bookstore always had at the time. For years, they always had the magazines on display, and if my family happened to pass by a branch of National Bookstore, I would make a beeline for the Tintin magazines and thumb through them. I would finish maybe five or six pages everytime, and tried to remember where I left off. In that way, I managed to go through two complete magazines over a period of maybe eight or nine months.

Break Time!!!

My cousins gave me an old copy of Tintin and the Prisoners of the Sun on my tenth birthday (I, in fact, still have it), and I have collected them ever since. I now have the complete set - all twenty-one titles, except for one which I cannot seem to find a copy of ("The Making of Tintin in the World of the Inca"). And a couple of years ago, courtesy of my friend Jumbo (yes, that's a real name), I also got a copy of the 9-volume DVD of the 1991 Alpha Art cartoon series (I gave my good friend Bong a copy, too, for his baby girl).

My favorites among all the Tintin adventures (and I dare say most everyone's) are of course, Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon, where Tintin, the captain, the professor and the two detectives went on an expedition to the moon years before Apollo. (Snowy even had his own spacesuit!)

The control deck of the moon rocket in "Destination Moon"

Like all of the Tintin adventures, these had political intrigue, spies, deadly hijinks and adventures galore, and like all Tintin issues, the art was very precise - Herg9 was known for his meticulousness in his drawings, often hiring assistants and consulting references to make his drawings as accurate as possible (for example, you can actually compare the details of 1957 Citroen 2CV that the Thompsons drove with the real thing and it'd have all the details of the real car).

And then imagine what I thought when I found out Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were in production, creating a new Tintin 3D movie! Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

The movie's supposed to be slated for release 2011, and it's going to star Jamie Bell as the young reporter Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis is also supposed to be playing Gollum in the upcoming LOTR feature film, The Hobbit), and I thought it inspired that they picked the comedy tandem of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg to play the bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson (to be precise: bumbling inspiration).

Spielberg has supposedly finished thirty-two days of principle shooting in specially-built sets in Los Angeles, and Peter Jackson and his New Zealand production company, Weta, will be taking over for the next eighteen months to do post production and special effects. Blistering barnacles!

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viu: ( ,,( Dil

This movie is supposed to be a film version of Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn, (and hopefully, the second part, too, Red Rackham's Treasure) and I think that is an inspired choice for a first movie - in The Secret of the Unicorn, the basics of the Tintin adventures are laid out - how the captain comes into his fortune, allowing him and TIntin to pursue their adventures, how ritzy Marlinspike Hall becomes his home and Nestor his butler, and how they meet Professor Calculus. I think it is a good springboard for the other adventures. However, I do hope that Spielberg and Jackson decide to do Destination Moon next.

There have been 2 live-action and 4 animated movies already, the last being an original title made specifically for the movie (TIntin and the Lake of Sharks), not to mention the 1991 Alpha Art cartoon series. But I mean, this is Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, in 3D no less! Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

Expectations cannot help but spiral out of control, and I just wish that Spielberg and Jackson don't do another AI or something. Hopefully, they won't try to reach too much, and that they ground themselves in good, solid storytelling, much in the way that Herge told the original Tintin stories. I hope they remain true to the source material.

As Cuthbert Calculus might say, more to the west, gentlemen.

(The entire Tintin series is now on sale at Powerbooks, or can be ordered through National Bookstore's website:

Jaimie Bell will play the new Tintin

(If you want to read more of Burt writing, click this Facebook link: http://www.facebook.comlnotes.php?note_id= 704248 8058&notes_tab=app_2347471856)


Contributions -

t was our first day In our new residence here In The Bahamas. Though modest, we call It home. There was no need for us to

hire security personnel since our house Is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It Is so high-tech with all the modern security gadgets In place, It will make burglary a thing of the past.

As you enter the main door, you might not notice our television set, because It doesn't look any of yours -- It's a 50 television set. This TV no longer requires goggles -- oh, that's so a decade ago.

For the sake of humility, I decided not to write down the other Interesting stuff which you might find so strange like my IWall, e-bathroom, e-lIvlng room, e-dlnlng room, e-master's bedroom, among others.

In our e-room Is a panoramic view of the most Irresistible beach, known not only for the bikinis beachcombers wear but also for Its magnificent sunset. I can't help wax nostalgic thoughts when, many years ago, me and my date used to watch the sun set In Manila Bay. In all of my travels, I believe the Philippines stili has the most beautiful sunset.

Time ran so fast that I almost forgot about my flight to Canberra. On my way to the Bahamas International Airport, I happened to see Jerry Taneca. I was a little hesitant to approach him at first. But I didn't want to pass the chance to chat with someone who has Inspired so many people. He Is now one ofthe owners of Qantas Airlines after It was privatized by the Australian government.

I heard a timer beeping and suddenly ... KABOOMI

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back and proceeded to my seat. She Introduced herself as Lorraine Tlongson. She told me that she is heading to Sydney to shoot her first Hollywood movie with Alexander Morfe whose screen name Is Dominique Augustus, and Is now the most sought-after actor of this generation. Who can't forget his epic movie James Bond In Tondo?

All of a sudden, I heard a booming voice in the background: Sorry for the inconvenience. We have to vacate this plane immediately.

I saw a former colleague, Ezekiel Celarlo, now an FBI agent.

I picked up my suitcase to disembark from the plane. It was only later when I noticed the name printed on the suitcase - Yassin Palileo. I heard a timer beeping and suddenly .... KABOOM! I was able to throw the case before the bomb exploded. It helped that I was wearing my bomb-proof vest at that time.


Before I knew It, I was already In a hospital. A friend, Dlno Belarmlno, who happened to be the owner of the hospital, approached me and said that a TV newscaster identified me as the prime suspect In said explosion. I found out later that the bombing Incident was an assassination plot against UN Sec. Gen. Rene Mercado.

I was Interviewed by the multi-awarded CNN news anchor, Eplphanla Cruz, to give my version of the blasting incident.

By the way, CN N Is now a Filipino-owned company headed by Fredmann Escuro. Surprisingly, the news was broadcast around the world. After an outpouring of sympathy from the Filipino community, the Philippine government assigned Atty. John Agcaolli to be my lawyer. The celebrated Atty. Agcaolll has won numerous legal cases Including the Infamous Magulndanao massacre considered to be the longest court litigation In Philippine history. With his usual Intelligence and eloquence In litigation, Atty. Agcaolll has once again proven why he is considered the best legal mind In the country.

On my flight going to Manila, I read e-news on my 10th Generation phone which was a gift from a colleague, Andy Dela Cruz, whom I saw at his Jaw-dropping Techno Shopping Center In Japan three months ago.

While reading e-news, I got wind that Bong Miranda Is the leading frontrunner In the Presidential election.

On the other hand, Forbes e- Magazine releases Its annual World's Richest Persons. Joining this elite list are JB L got, on aid Jacildo, Xenos Caruz, Ed Saplala, and Ro-ro Lazaro. I just could not believe how the world suddenly changed In a blink. What made It even more special was that these achievers happened to be my friends. Dedication, commitment, and faith are indeed key elements needed to achieve success in this world. In the middle of reflection, I did not notice I fell asleep.

"Hon, we are now In Manila!' A sweet and lovely voice from my wife, Lenna, woke me up. I peered at the window and was flabbergasted at the sight of the world's tallest skyscraper, the Olan Velano Tower.

Not from afar were my grandchildren waving their hands as we come closer to the waiting area of the Philippine National Airport.

By the way, I am Richard Inzon, just returned home .•

If you




PI Million

In a

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Ferdinand Pasco Admin/Human Resources Staff WeSupport, Inc.

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Ma. Avigail B. Vista Document Support Anayst, CFSAA

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