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RAJESH GOMRA New Industrial Policy

RAJESH GOMRA New Industrial Policy

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Published by: Rajesh Gomra on Dec 17, 2010
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Rajesh 5026 MBA-11 Sem.

Industrial policy means the procedures, principles policies, rules and regulations which control such industrial enterprises and shape the patter of industrialization .

1980 1977 1956 1948


1)Classification of industries . Public sector Public-cum private sector controlled private sector private and cooperative sector 2)Role of foreign capital 3)Cottage and small scale industries 

Public sector (17 industries)  Public cum private sector (12 industriesq)  Fair treatment to private sector  Small scale and cotton industries  Balanced regional growth  Foreign capital 

Development of small scale industries  Appropriate technology  Roll of large scale industries  Licensing  Role of public sector Foreign and domestic technology  Sick industries

Optimum use of production capacity Liberal licensing policy Export oriented industries Infrastructure Balanced growth Price stability

The new industrial policy emphasis on direct foreign investment , international competitiveness, reducing the load of public sector , utilise the capability of entrepreneurs, assign right area for public sector undertaking ,welfare of worker and introduce liberalization. 

Public enterprising incurring loss  Establishment of industries  Govt. encouragement  Freedom from administrative control  Reservation for small scale

industries  Import facilities  Concession from monopolies Act 

Foreign capital Public sector policy MRTP provision Overlooking unemployment No exit provision Labour problems Little role of research and development Uncertain prospects for small industries

IN ´WORDKED BANK·Sµ latest report ´DIONG BUSINESS 2008µ INDIA has been placed at 120 position, showing gradual improvement in the ranking from 138 in 2006 to 120 in 2008.

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