How to prevent your PEN drive from VIRUS Friends many of your PC/laptop’s normally gets virus because

of Pen Drives or USB devices (Even PC’s who are not connected to network). Some Virus like Ravmon Virus, Heap41a worm which are not detected by anti virus normally spreads mostly by the Pen Drives. In such a case what can you do to prevent your PC from getting infected with Virus that spreads through USB devices or Pen Drives? You can protect your PC by just following the simple steps below. It won’t take much time. -Connect your Pen Drive or USB drive to your computer. -Now a dialogue window will popup asking you to choose among the options as shown in the figure. Don’t choose any of them, just simply click Cancel. -Now go to Start–> Run and type cmd to open the Command Prompt window -Now go to My Computer and Check the Drive letter of your USB drive or Pen Drive. (E.g. if it is written Kingston (I :), then I: will be the drive letter) -In the Command Window ( cmd ) , type the drive letter: and Hit Enter -Now type dir/w/o/a/p and Hit Enter You will get a list of files. In the list, search if anyone of the following do exist Autorun.inf New Folder.exe Bha.vbs Iexplore.vbs Info.exe New_Folder.exe Ravmon.exe RVHost.exe or any other files with .exe Extension. If you find any one of the files above, Run the command attrib -h -r -s -a *.* and Hit Enter. Now Delete each File using the following Command Del filename (E.g. del autorun.inf). That’s it. Now just scan your USB drive with the anti virus you have to ensure that you made your Pen Drive free of Virus.

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