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Analysis of Leadership

Analysis of Leadership

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Published by: Prajot Morajkar on Dec 17, 2010
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Analysis of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

As an Entrepreneur
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the chairperson of Biocon started her own business with just Rs.10,000 in hand and a degree in Brewery, and went on to become a Richest women Entrepreneur in India but actually she became an entrepreneur by accident. Mrs. Shaw wanted to start her Brewing industry and in spite of her degree she established Biocon in 1978 which lead to the foundation of India¶s Biotech industry. But still she has to overcome difficulty as Banks refused to provide her loans due to the lack of assets and as she was a women entrepreneur which was a rare phenomenon, and above all Biotechnology was a new field at that point of time. She has become the Poster Girl for Indian women Entrepreneur, and also a source of inspiration to many others, though she had a number of failures she still became a successful leader. In India Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a motivator of all aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Personality Traits
According to kiran Mazumdar Shaw a combination of several factors such as Determination, Value, integrity and a sense of purpose which led her to built up a valuable organisation through her effort.  Determination: First when kiran Mazumdar Shaw approached financial institutions but they refused it as:    Company had no assets. Woman entrepreneur was a new word. Biotechnology was a new concept to Indians.

In that stage also her determination to build up Biocon didn¶t turn down. As it was first company in worldwide to produce Insulin and in October 2008 it developed oral insulin too. As a leader she used to set a possible goals like production of enzymes and antibodies from fermentation and research process.  Confidence: Her confidence level is clearly seen through her activities as she started her Business in relatively new and innovative field, also when bank refused loans to Kiran she still went against all odds as a belief that women can be an entrepreneur. The confidence of Kiran was unexplainable when comparing that with the challenges that she faced. These challenges have been evolved with the growth

of Biocon. Initial challenge that she faced was her young age, her gender and the nature of unfamiliar business. There was no inflow of fund as banks refused to give loans. Once she overcomes all these, she had to face technological challenges to build a Biotech business in a country like India which was not so good in infrastructure at that point of time. The high tech biotech industry dependent on high quality, power, high technological lab, equipments etc. Now the challenges has moved to maintain quality, about growth, managing a large company and managing investor expectations like other CEO¶s.  Motivation: In Biocon employees¶ feedback are being regularly asked so as to motivate them and it will further help them to excel in their field. In Biocon Performance checks are done annually and implement it at the end of the financial year. It helps to measure employees¶ performance and also helps to reduce grievances etc. They also conduct Behavioural training, leadership programs, and also provide with compensation packages. Due to all these HR polices, the Attrition rate of less than 1% has been seen in Biocon. She had set up a mission for her to build pride into her workplace and also into her country. Work place principles which helped her to keep employees motivated are: Excellence Integrity Accountability Organizational Pride Fairness Learning Informality in work place Elegant and refined working environment  Socially Responsible: Along with the growth of Biocon they also involved their support in various community programs and corporate citizenship initiatives with a focus in the areas of healthcare, education, and environment. The Biocon Foundation in 2004 has setup ³Arogya Raksha Yojana´ which is a unique health initiative for rural India.

In her effort to protect the uniqueness of her Home town (Bangalore), she had proactively involved in various city improvement programs like the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF).  Risk Taker: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a risk taker, and it can be seen from the beginning of Biocon itself. She has also proved it when she had done her Post-Graduate in brewery which had never been touched by a woman in India. Further when she failed to continue her career in Brewery, she has been directed towards Biotechnology industry which was a new business to Indians. But due to her Confidence and determination she was able to be India¶s richest woman. Other risks which she had taken in her organization were:   Beacon¶s R&D programme has been rapidly advanced Took the risk to produce Oral Insulin an Anti - CD6 Monoclonal antibody.

These two are the leading discoveries in the field of research programs.  Innovative: Kiran is an innovator in all sense, in creating a successful company, developing innovative ideas, new products, etc. Also she has a clear vision and prefixed objective for her organisation and to achieve those objectives she encouraged her employees to think innovative and keep on in research. Some of the products of Biocon are:  INSUGEN R: It is useful when Oral agents fail to control blood glucose levels or when therapy with Insulin.  BIOMAB-EGFR: This is used in head and neck cancer.  RAPACAN This is used for the prevention of rejection and rescue therapy for rejection in renal transplantation.

As a Leader
We say that kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a transformational leader as she had similar personality traits like that of other transformational leaders such as Richard Branson of virgin group, A.G. Lafley CEO of Proctor & Gamble. Kiran Shaw had a Vision of her own and she never followed the footsteps of others or never bothered about what others think or say about her. She also possesses the ability to bring the changes or transform her organisation, and she also has influential power to motivate and encourage her employees to think innovative and keep on in research. Eg. As book on Organisation Behaviour by Robins, Judge, Sanghi; describes A. G. Lafley as a transformational leader as he has brought flexibility and creativity to a slow growing company and also the innovations which helped them to achieve the no. 1st position from the 5th position in united state for their brand and doubled the sales worldwide. Whereas Mrs. Shaw started her business with the initial capital of Rs 10,000 and at present the company is worth Rs. 1.79 crore. From this we can observe that she was determined about her company¶s success and also has taken number of risks and continued innovating new products. As a result Biocon has become the number 1 company in India. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has transformed Biocon from an enzyme company to a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company therefore on this basis say that Mrs. Shaw is a transformational leader.

Achievements of kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an entrepreneur who has the potential to take risk and she succeeded in turning Biocon as India¶s largest biotechnological firm. She has won many awards and honours. Some of the major awards and prizes are:  She is the list of 100 most powerful women (by Forbes, 2010)  Nikkei Asia Prizes- Regional Growth by Nikkei Inc. (2009)  Express pharmaceutical leadership summit award for dynamic entrepreneur (2009)  Businesswomen of the year by Economic Times (2009)  Honorary Doctorate from university of Abertay Dundee UK.(2007)  Wharton Infosys Business transformation Award (2006)  Padma Bhushan (2005)  Honorary Doctorate from Manipal Academy of Higher education ±MAHE (2005)  Life time Achievement Award from Indian chamber of Commerce (2005) 

Honorary Doctorate of Science from Ballard University (2004)  The Economic Times Business Women of the year (2004)  Whirlpool GR8 women award for science and technology (2004)  Australian Alumni High Achiever Award from the IDP Australian Alumni Association (2003)  Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Healthcare & Life Sciences Category (2002)  Woman of the Year from the International Women's Association, Chennai (1998± 1999)  Padma Shri (1989)  Outstanding Young Person Award by Jaycees (1987)  Rotary award for the Best Model Employer (1983)  Outstanding Contribution Award (AWAKE) (1983)  Gold for Best Woman Entrepreneur, Institute of Marketing Management (1982)

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