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ARIA The OO ‘The Office Open XML (OOXML) file format is Youve been very crea of CEOs say hatthiswasin ony the 1SO process asi relates thi clcrtion, and that probably destined to be an international (arSOmecesesemrelates wer dscation ane ha standard under International Orga ation process broken? an appeal. But why shouldet for Standardization (ISO) and International Whatweveseonisthatres the mt ofthat disretion be Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). And Andy SjPocsseretaimeywok eign leaepoal ‘walnacollegal envionment Two, hwetherepatatons ot Undegrve,forong inet ontheprocessbeindthe —_canbreakdown badinahatly ISO andIECoen damaged by happy about. fppsaland whats holy —_contestedstandards wa my thowayin which he process “The lngimeindusty watcher defeutmeanafordevelpere vw though goes dosper was canductod? The CEOs rdparnarinthe Botoniaw — andforthe fuse oltechical’thantiainthatlthrkthatsome — ddnteven bother to adress finn ofGesmerUpdagrove standards making, fthejudgmentamadebyISO tiene eventhough. LAP has tacked the OOXML- inmantgng the proctse were toned api the appeal, standards since the very What does the ISO/IEC terble-suchan scheduling and oventheughth drectves beginning Aslegelcounselo recommendation mean? one week alotResolion empty callout matters of bothOrganzatontertne ——Arethe appeals dead? Meeteg|ERMItoresohe prope andefectson“repu [AdvancemantofStuctured The appeslsareaffon a ——*1,200ssues, Butacoadingto tation a being valleasons Infomation Standazes bbudfoot,butthayhaven't the CEOs'iterpetatonolthe for appeal: (OASIS) and thoLinoe beondenied. The not stepia rctvos,thae'sro way to Foundation amangather forthe Technical Manage-appesleuchabedeal.Sowe So you're saying the CEOs cxganizaons,Updegeovehas ment Boards of each hveasyetenthatpurpanato pretty much ignored these along tackrecordinthetecr organization a consid the becansensurcrier, but where Iss. Did the CEOs have ology standards and open appeals, andor the members thedecisons ofranagerrent any ather grounds for fscuree sofware arenas: He of hose boardstovotete _cantbecontestd,oven when dlsregarding the appeals? fsyettattbe recent ISONEC proceed, denyorabstainas [as] nthcase-fou'Natinal _Inmostcasos,the CEOS. recommendation todeny the t2eschofthefoursposals. Bodostrnktattheprocess, simply ay that because the ‘npenlagant he Apri vote They can decide to approve hadterblproblons. Nation! Bods voted to torafyOOXMLeabadone, one, more than ene aloe approve thee’ no basis for RON caught up with none of he appeal or ‘Obviously you feel these apes. Araroau, hye Undegrovetogethis thoughts urher consideration, appeais have some merit, ivckngacessc Catch 22. ‘What arguments in those Thaw cantbe anacpeaibe ‘appeals have traction? —__taw#thepecileatonic ‘Acoupletens cometo mind. approved, because we've (One, serethe judgments defnaditoutofxstence. In made byISOVIEC valid under other word, the eppoals thanies? Forerampe.alowng process proves tebe lmost ‘OMemberstovote. The poneistnt andjustabout ary They're invoking a classic Catch 22. There can’t be an appealable flaw if the specification is approved, because we’ve defined it out of existence.) ppeals: What Next? shuse, enor oudgmentor other problem can boratfedby ‘vote. iy then ht ers snappesis process at al? | wouldve been surprised, personaly, i150 had held ‘up the appeals. Am I wrong to foot that way? ‘Sey, o. What thnk yousoe hore portato comfort ablomaragemontthat has nade some tribl call, rd tla protected by resthat rt them almost muna rm beingcaled to task Hundreds not roueands-of standards prolasinae sound he wore have boenputhrough the venga doing thi proces, and thoaethathave gore though the dorastichesta fe appeals ‘eenowbeingtekthat hoob insimpytotakewhatovor theyre tolgtodo,nomaterhow ieansicered those roqure ment maybe. ny iw tho (OOxML sega eveds peblome tISOEC tat gofarbeyort \aguediecties ‘Do you bellevs the fallout from the OOXML batle has hurt the reputation or ‘authority of 0 in the technology arens? Iho Technical Management Boards ie wih he CEOS. thinkhetISO sxc EC witb damaged goods if TO. Ether ‘hoyle proces to proventa repeat pedomance ar Ithiok hat mary consortia and ther mare wl simply turmther backs on SONIEC. Bear nin that hy've done this btora-and that hore re now hundrads of consortia ‘uteide te traction sytem, meena | Avg 12005 | RemondDetlopertows 27 sowa te foms of et at ouoe nagnea owe wes ‘roman ow wu hey on ot pees wenn pores tet | Slime stmopereete | Phan menebee ee femweecinereane ‘eno OOH gh \opnroraersipoc bt adhe naie mon sows ieboge Sedacanytoronnatng beeen ong bor pocouctbetatecpree Pa CodeMeter for .NET ‘= More than 1000 Key-Storage License Ent Different IV's can share one dongle ‘= Secure Expiration Date with a Real-Time-Clock Unique Time Certification Feature Control Relative andor Absolute time '= More ways to sell = More sales «= Create Student and Version Licenses woul gradually drop Seem profeesonale to hand the improve rent ofthe specication A that pot, itbocomes a diferentthan anyother spectiation, adh ia harly he fist pectiation ever sparkan shout understand that adetiona action like a lawsuits unlikely, but are ‘hore any remaining obstacies to {ormal adoption of OOXML as an 180 standara? Whats possi tht he Evopean ‘Conmision [EC might rot ike wht oes asitlock into tha OOXML process. would texpect the EC to ny action wih expect tthe op tion decision Aso as not sure hat thoy may even have the rection inororewththeresut Buthey do have jurodiciontprosecutea company or (group o companies. orto prosecute-or ‘mor key ap te krack ofa tan ards body andl ato cloan up its act Oa ei at Cua ary Reem ea TR See Toking into Microsoft's conduct and expect that Microsoft's February interop ability announcements wore tiggeredinlarge part by pressure ‘rom the EG That vestigations ‘ongoing, Andnot ang age, the EC looked into thecisclosure ues ol he European Telecormuniations ‘Standards Insitute [ETSI and ols ETSI hat t should not ber patent ‘owners fom disclosing ening term or patents tht might be ‘ringed by a standard Soif there's tila shoe to chop, fa look to Nese Kroess, the European Commission commasioner She ‘leary isn't shy when comes to looking nto business practices that ‘he finds objectionable It wouldbe intcesting to know wheter she's watching the appeals process oven rnow.!fthe appeals aa demissed, perhaps we might een the answer to that question PERFECTION IN SOFT 1» Control Network Licensing = Control concurrent users Control “roaming” users 1 Create “Standby” Licenses = Hot Standby and Cold Standby Provide Overflow ticenses Coen (0K, so what's noxt? Absent an alt trike from Neale Kroess, will we ‘see any efor to perhaps shape ‘OOXML post-process within the ‘maintenance group? And what should developers be looking for In the postpproval phase? Recall hat Merosethas announced ‘hat til postpone implementation of \whatevr comes out of ISONEC unt ‘he net flrelease of Offee andes: mates onwhen that may sppear vary \widay but cartiny dontnclude the oa fate. So what does Merosot do inthe meantene? ‘Well for now they have to work wth what's ready implementedin Otoe £2007 whichis ECMA-876, People have sways wondered whether Microsoft would prompt an fatfully implement whatever came out of ISO/IEC, andnow tat question ss ven more elvan because] the pst [BRM chatthaen't even been ralsasee tothe National Bie yet And hun ou Document Protection ‘Access Protection a stems USA ne ‘owen set | JIBI J mene 98020 soees SYSTEMS 1 Pay-Per-Use Counter If there’s still a shoe to drop, Pd look to Neelie Kroess, the European Commission commissioner. She clearly isn’t shy when it comes to looking have beon put on hold until tho ‘of government in China after compa into business practices that ‘appeals ae resobed. eee Fjat-Bitete (ele) -leieleyer-le) (om ‘To sot alittle perspective, where enabled chips in China, And then ‘does the OOXML standards battle the'sthemostroniconecf all Sur's Fankinterms of contentious olor ofast tack Javato!SO via rods of'Svothatneedto selprod- Do you think well soe structural standards-maklng events? Are __Eca-vich was efetivl blocked Ucte wi eed to workwith OOXML as changes tothe ISO fastrack there any other examples that by Micros siready mplementedin Ofice 2007. approval process based on the really stand out in your mind as Solthinkthat pope wilbe taking OOXML experience? Or does 150 approaching or surpassing OOXML What does allthis mean for the ‘hoircues rom Microsofalterthe sem focused on moving on? in terms of pure acrimony? big picture? ost BRM drat comes ut. 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