Assumption of Mortgage

Whereas ________________________ is the holder of that certain
promissory Note, executed by ________________________dated
________________________in the initial principal amount of
$________________________ (“Note”) which Note is secured by a
Mortgage (“Mortgage”) on the property described on the attached
Exhibit “A”.
Whereas said note was assumed by ________________________. with
permission of ________________________;
Whereas ________________________ is purchasing the said property from
________________________. and desires to assume the Note and
Mortgage. ________________________ and Corporation have requested
________________________ to consent to the transfer of the property
encumbered by the Note and Mortgage and consent to the assumption
of the Mortgage and Note by ________________________;
Therefore, ________________________ hereby consents to the transfer of
the property and assumption of the Mortgage and Note, and agrees
that this transfer and assumption will not constitute a default of the
Mortgage. However, any subsequent transfers and/or assumptions,
without written consent of ________________________, will constitute a
default as stated in the Mortgage.
By: ___________________________________