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The eight sections in the Wheel of Money represent the different

financial areas in your life. Use each section of the wheel as an as-
cending scale, with center of the wheel as 1(not satisfied) and the
outer edge as 10(very satisfied). Look at each area of your financial situation and rate your current
level of satisfaction , drawing a line to indicate your outer edge.

When complete, your wheel should Job/Career = 5
Level = 6
look similar to this example depending
on your rating levels for each area.
When rating, remember to refer to Quality of Life = 7 Expenses = 8
your current financial situation and
use the following scale: 1
1= not satisfied
10= very satisfied
Financial Debt = 5
Literacy = 5
When complete, use this to begin a
conversation or think about where you
are financially, where you would like Retirement = 3
Credit = 2
to be and begin setting some financial
goals to help you get there.

Job/Career = Income
Level =

Quality of Life = Expenses =

Financial = Debt =

Retirement = Credit =

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