White Blood Cell Facts

‡ Mature WBC¶s do have a nucleus ‡ Less numerous than RBC¶s, but still 60 billion in the avg.. adult ‡ Bone marrow and lymphatic tissue produce 1 million WBC¶s per second ‡ Have ability to move like an ameba to squeeze through capillary walls and attack foreign invaders amongst the body tissue

³Soldiers of the Blood´
‡ ³The soldiers of the immune system are six kinds of WBC¶s that all come from a single stem cell in the bone marrow.´

³Instant Defense´

Instant Defense Details
‡ ³The body¶s first, nonspecific response to infection involves four different cells:
± neutrophils, which engulf bacteria upon contact & send out early-warning signals ± monocytes, which turn into macrophages that swallow up invaders ± eosinophils, which attack parasites ± basophils, whose histamines are related to allergies.´

The macrophage will then display the antigen or ³invader´, in this case E. coli on the surface of its plasma or cell membrane.

The macrophage will then go to a lymph node where a B cell or T cell will recognize the antigen.

³Later Defense´ Lymphocytes

The lymphocytes (special WBC¶s) B cells and T cells are more specifically tailored to an antigen are activated to the field of battle.

The Helper T cells will now coordinate the entire immune response to the antigen or ³invader´. They are basically the quarterback of the immune system. They can increase the number of antibody producing plasma cells in the case of a bacteria invasion or activate those appropriately called killer t cells in the case of a virus.

Antibodies will attack bacteria!

Killer t cell destroys virus!

The last step is remembering that antigen or ³invader´. Memory T or B cells are created that can last a lifetime. If the same antigen enters the body the memory cells trigger instant activation of the later defense lymphocytes. Skipping the first steps explains why the same antigen doesn¶t usually make us sick a second time.

Cancer of the cells that produce WBC¶s, resulting in abnormally high numbers of certain dysfunctional WBC¶s.

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