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Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

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WHEEL OF LIFE VERNAL EQUINOX 1937 Copyright 1937 by Paul Foster Case Published by Tarota P.O.

Box 155 East Pasadena Calif. Made in U.S.A.

THE WAY of Self Mastery Every man is engaged in a ceaseless search for the secret of happiness. The great Sages who have found that secret are agreed that it can be known only to those who have achieved complete mastery of self. TAROTA has but one aim – to show earnest seekers that way to attain that mastery. This is done in only logical way – through graded instruction. The following two courses will give you the right start on your quest for happiness. SEVEN STEPS IN PRACTICAL OCCULTISM A course that tells you what to do to attain your goal. TAROT FUNDAMENTALS. Gives you the Keys to the portal of your Inner Self. Correspondence courses are available to those who make contact with us direct. TAROTA P.O. Box 155 East Pasadena. Calif.

O.” the Deliver Twenty-five Good Books 4 5 20 25 27 28 35 47 52 The opinions of writers of signed articles are their own.CONTENTS Tarota Announcements PROLOCUTOR’S CHAIR Detachment and Distortion in Relation to Money Do You Do These Things? MEDITATION EDITORIAL What are you Searching for? “Death. . and do not necessarily agree with those of Tarota or the B.A.T.

We will use them as we can. TAROTA ANNOUNCEMENTS Tarot Fundamentals may be paid for month by month .O.FORWARD WHEEL OF LIFE is a published quarterly or oftener by TAROTA to disseminate reliable information on occult matters of immediate concern to students of Tarot and allied subjects. Putting your address on each letter you write us. $1.25 the first month. Box 155 EAST PASADENA CALIFORNIA. This is true enough. If you would like an article on some particular subject relevant to Tarot. Notifying us when you move. so far as the essential teachings are concerned. Mr. ALL STUDENTS! PLEASE HELP US BY: Making checks and money orders payable to TAROTA. write us why. Perhaps we can comply. as taught by Paul Foster Case. WHEEL OF LIFE If you like the magazine yourself. Case is not always here. The publisher also quotes Dion Fortune. Our permanent mailing address: P. but it is also true that members of the Golden Dawn are obligate not to reveal their knowledge as being that which is . send in your request.25 each of eleven succeeding months. If your meditations bring out points you think would be helpful to other students send them in. CALIFORNIA STUDENTS! California sales tax should be added to the price of all new books ordered through TAROTA.$2. If they have any value as an aid to spiritual development. and I believe they have the highest value. there can be no justification for withholding them from the world. who has written: “there is no legitimate reason that I have ever been able to see for keeping these things secret. Addressing business letters to TAROTA.

rather than as reasons. Before entering this Golden dawn. Frater Regardie has protested to your Prolocutor that he has worked all these ceremonies again and again with no harmful results. indicts a dangerous departure from normal standards. and as that taken by every Zealator Adeptus Minor. . Frater Regardie has been for some time secretary to the notorious and unfortunate Aleister Crowley. is only an opinion.O. This. Yet it should be remembered that a whole body of arcane knowledge.A. But it does seem to me that he advances. and is not intended to reflect at all on the essential good intentions of Frater Regardie.A. an operator working with the Golden Dawn rituals runs vary grave risks of breaking down his physical organism. and charged with continuing its practical demonstration in modified form. through the B. what should be classed as rationalizations. or of obsession by evil entities. who was responsible for the ceremonials based on the skrying of Sir Edward Kelly.T. To B. MacGregor Mathers. of course. have deterred his former associate from taking a similar course. to the present writer’s personal knowledge. Furthermore.T. not yet suitable for open dissemination. members. or in the specific forms uses by that society. who published partial exposures of the Golden Dawn work in his magazine.T. as excuses for breaking his obligations. is a direct of-shoot of the Golden Dawn. The Equinox. One might as well expect to gain real knowledge of what it means to be married by reading the wedding ceremony in the Book of Common Prayer. in many places. Yet it seems to me that willingness to violate so solemn an obligation as that taken by every neophyte of the Golden Dawn. so that.A. It is impossible to initiate oneself by reading. B. Yet I recommend the careful study of these volumes to all who can afford to buy them.O. is being formulated in those more recently organized societies which have made contact with the True and Invisible Order.taught by the Golden Dawn. it seems. L.O. There is much in these Golden Dawn rituals and ceremonies that is of the greatest value. The sad spectacle of Crowley’s later life might.. What needs emphasis is that the publication of these books will by no means expose the real esoteric teaching of the Rosae Rubae et Aurae Crucis. in particular. they will be of great interest as a compendium of information difficult to find elsewhere. As one familiar with all the work of this Order. I feel that Frater Regardie takes a risk in assuming the responsibility for the publication of these rituals and lectures. The publication of this work means that much which has hitherto been kept secret is now brought to light. but its work has been purged of all the dangerous and dubious magic incorporated into the Golden Dawn’s curriculum by the late S. the practical working is not provided with adequate safeguards. or even by the practice of the most carefully described rituals. but from the first grade to the last it is all visited by these dangerous elements taken from Dee and Kelly.

and the same misunderstanding prevails to this day. like other forms of knowledge. is always growing. to that of the great Adepts who rule and govern the Order itself. **** We are most happy to announce that the Societas Hermetica. and for two reasons. of the original Rosicrucian manifestos. in any generation. with the work available for students everywhere. At the time of their publication. It looks as if Frater Ragardie’s books might do something to curb the activities of these shameless plagiarists. has taken the steps necessary to correct the misunderstandings which led to our caustic comments in the preceding issue of this magazine. they will be the true outer custodians of the Western Tradition and its later developments. and it present writer is persuaded that its failure is due in large measure to the inclusion in its rites and curriculum of materials which were not only foreign to true Rosicrucianism. . Secondly. The Golden Dawn was. Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis. Its more advanced researchers are always ahead of their times.So long as those societies function as they should. and supervise the various societies which are its outer channels. Propson. and living in various parts of the world. a channel for the Invisible Order. under the direction of Carl F. This Company of Adepts was responsible for the publication. incarnate in physical bodies. from that of the person who is a Rosicrucian without knowing it.O. during the last few years. we mean a company of men and women. true Western Tradition. and these made contact with the Invisible Order. but also actually opposed to the spirit and purposes of the true order.T. in the main. The True Order has many grades. Thus we are glad that these books are to be made available for occult students. in the early seventeenth century. The Societas Hermetica is now working under authority from the True and Invisible Order. and where the Golden Dawn departs from the old. at one time. while things kept secret in the past are now brought into the open. Thus. it will be possible to trace its sources. But some readers are in a position to grasp the true meaning. some tings that it is the part of wisdom to reserve for the use of persons who give satisfactory evidence that they have established the right ethical foundations on which to erect a superstructure of practical work. there will be always. as others have done in every generation since. with no other basis. point out how these foreign elements vitiate the whole scheme. few understood what these little books really meant. which will be a mine of valuable information for every member. At present it appears to have failed. Every Chapter of the B. For occult science. than what is provided by Aleister Crowley’s partial exposure of the Golden Dawn.A. When we speak of the Invisible Rosicrucian Order. Their publication will expose the true origins of much that is widely advertised as “the only genuine” Rosicrucianism several organizations have been carrying on. may well invest in a set of these books.

And be sure that he is lavish with advice. **** “Magic is the book of all scholars. Mars and Venus are the two planets which relate most closely to everyday affairs. As mentioned with regard to Jupiter and Saturn. and the aspects to it will modify these house readings as applied to any particular horoscope. Even the peasant in the field must go to magical school. We shall consider Mars first. and he is ungodlike. And he is a fool that reviles it. and is more a juggler than a theologian of understanding. 1st Self-esteem is strong – this man is RIGHT. In sum: Magic is the activity in the Will-spirit. the sign occupied by a planet. if he would cultivate his field. for he know it not. He is very likely to assume an “I told you so” attitude if you fall after having used your own plan instead of his advice. “… For it is godlike. He always has an alibi for any seeming error.” or he may actually fight it out. by Jacob Boehme. I’m right. . in a way that stirs up his sense of self-importance. a person with this placing of Mars is not one to choose for give-andtake companionship. for in it true faith is both grounded and found. whether anybody asks for it or not! All in all. We congratulated our Frater. and blasphemes against God and himself. devilish. All that will learn must first learn Magic. Mars shows the first impulse – in what manner an individual starts things. derived through the Builder of the Adytum. He’ll give. Ability to take even harsh criticism in the right spirit. Propson. physically or mentally. get him into action.Rosae Rubae et Aurae Crucis. be it a high or a lowly art.” – From the Fifth Mystical Point. Carl F. STARLIGHT Dorothy Spring THE PLANETS OF CIRCUMSTANCE In these articles we are dealing with house position only. right or wrong. and willingness to make amends even for well-intentioned mistakes are marks of the true aspirant to occult wisdom. according to the property of each principle. In any chart. for his evident possession of these indispensable requisites to success in practical occultism. and explain his influence in the mundane houses. He may madden you with his “have it your way. “Magic is the best theology. or he’ll take – and you’ll sit by and like it! To change his mood. yea.

4th This position is indicative of one who “rules the roast. The fifth house shows where the personality extends itself. When a mood has possession of this man. and have this placing of Mars. (You with Mars in Cancer. make a not of this. It is not unusual to see women with Mars here who are perfectly convinced that every man they meet is in love with them. “The Great Lover”? That character must have had Mars in the fifth house. In a more materialistic chart. He will force his will on those in the home sphere. In a well fortified chart this tendency toward dissatisfaction takes a positive expression and an effort is made to affect some constructive change in the environment. take him out and let him but you orchids. The wish is truly father to the thought! Teachers and parents find a natural outlet for their force of Mars in the fifth house. For them. and those who are forever complaining about the kind of work that falls to their lot. and a critical attitude toward those in the environment. take head – your men folk may seek more responsive companionship if you do not curb your desire to be the outstanding figure. this position indicates a great interest in finances. where through “acting as if” it finally becomes more versatile. but learn to be TACTFUL and DIPLOMATIC.2nd The first impulse here is to trace down the true worth of a thing. 6th The people with Mars here fall into two broad general classes.” Regardless of his seeming harmlessness in other ways. the native is likely to be extremely critical. and money comes and goes easily. their art affords an escape into more felicitous realms. There extension of personality is achieved through the children committed to their care. nothing is really ever satisfactory. or an idea. . Those who labor willingly and with enthusiasm. If you are a women. He is uncannily able to find the weak spot in whatever he is considering. The sign in which Mars is placed will give a clue to the type of activity the individual will respond to. You can still be the real force in your home. This position is found often in the charts of creative artists. a person. When Mars is in this position in a mental chart. This latter type often develops some acute ailment of one kind or another whenever there is a possibility of being forced to do something that brings no personal recognition. Do you remember the play. and accomplish much. Women with this placing need to take care not to be too ardent in their affections. In a weak chart it indicates continual grumbling. There is his center.) 5th These people live in a world of make-believe. 3rd To one with Mars in this house. and toward living or working conditions.

DETACHMENT AND DISTORTION IN RELATION TO MONEY The fact is that mostly we never practice detachment at all unless deprived of what we want. he joyously shares its beauty and fragrance with the world. Money is a trust from God and we are his stewards. and see our gesture of proud refusal.e. A well-to-do man told with pride and a big laugh of stopping at the vineyard of a poor man who peddled his grapes. yet bargain out of a few extra pennies someone barely able to earn a living – and what is more.” A women of wealth noted for her generosity bragged about buying a priceless antique form a poor country woman for three dollars. and the promise of these in abundance. We have abundance hoarded away. and yet that man had always had money had he and his family had a tradition of “helping the poor. The white race has built up a thought-form around money that has made it the most important thing in life. He is its custodian. The spiritual worker never “gives to charity. and is embarrassed at being thanked. taking advantage of her ignorance. and comforts. Watching. It is a pure menace. Subtly the distortion reveals itself. He knows this.” He merely administers the money as guided by his Inner Voice. but a sorry one. knowing the endless and abundant supply of roses where that came from. and of how he persuaded him to give him some bags of his produce. Does not that make the dollar the most important of all these? We can have food. shamelessly boast about it. One should blush rather than brag about a purchase below its legitimate price. He appreciates it. One should blush rather than brag at selling above the legitimate price. He does not abuse it nor fling it away. realizing where the gratitude is really due. It dwells in the kind and generous as well as the miserly. and hug it to our breasts with cries of exultation? Or does he see us shudder at the ring of it and flee or (with grin fading and a dawning look of respect) does he see us calmly pick it up and carry it casually and detachedly as the Fool his rose? Does the Fool conceal his rose in cold storage in order to preserve it? No. . and shrivels the heart. yet deprive our brother of any of them by competition – by crowding him out. We make hideous the exchange of an object and its cash equivalent (money value) by an air of suspicion and graspingness that dishonors us and darkens the day of the one we buy from. hoard. but thrift. and life blood of our friends. but let them offer a few paltry dollars. Then we take a few of the pennies thus saved or obtained and give them as charity to the very ones we have impoverished – feeling a fine glow of virtue at such dispensing. and be frugal. Of course in our financial system it is important. Then how nobly we try to detach ourselves! Then how strenuously we strive to live in the spirit and remain aloof from the material! What a laugh for the temper! See him grin as he drops a golden coin at our feet. that we have come to consider as a virtue what is in truth a very shame. (See the tempter’s expression now!) we can have all these things and more. shelter. But so ingrained are the precepts and warnings to save. is a curse to the soul. care. But we do not always realize to what degree we make it a fetish (i. It is a game. does he see us pounce on it. as it is practiced. yet impoverish our customers by overcharging them. He is an instrument through which the Real Giver works. but dwells apart from it. Proper administration in incumbent upon us. any object or special and unreasoning devotion.) We will accept the time.

USE A RULED UNDER SHEET AND SEE YOUR REACTIONS TO LIFE BECOME MORE STABLE. – Elisabeth Hart. When “I” and “you” do not exist. . and find the true adjustment and restore our souls by a grand new freeing ourselves form this false idea of thrifty – purge ourselves of acquisitiveness. Is you writing large and sprawling.” DO YOU DO THESE THINGS? Fill your letter paper with writing from edge to edge? If you do you are over-conscious of financial limitations. If so you are please with yourself but not aiming your life. what is synagogue? What is the Temple of Fire? Sa’d ud din Mahmud Shabistari. through which the One Light shines. in the niches of a lamp. “I” AND “YOU” “I” and “you” are but the lattices.Why don’t we ponder. and apply only the Higher Law to the management of our Father’s estate? Surely we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven with even one little meanness in our luggage. Is “WORRY” a big Word in your vocabulary? Try replacing it with “CONCERN. AND WATCH YOURSELF IMPROVE YOU EXPRESSION. “I” and “you” are the veil Between heaven and earth. TRY THE MAGIC OF WIDER SPACES. TRY USING A TYPEWRITER. The Secret Rose Garden. Do your long letters of one line overlap those of the next? If they do you feel harassed by the small details of life which seem to allow you no time to do the things you enjoy. Lift this veil and you will see No longer the bond of sects and creeds. What is mosque. Does your writing slant up? Does it slant down? If either is habitual your mental tendency is toward unbalance optimism or pessimism. TRY THE MAGIC OF WIDE MARGINS.

or (if they have Billiardists) garlic and onions.THE DIVINE SPIRIT IN MAN SPEAKS TO THE INDIVIDUAL “I AM. who are so pained by the world as it looks that they will never be persuaded that the horrid spectacle they see is really caused their spiritual astigmatism. And the tearing down thou seest Is but the assembling of material For a grander structure. or tobacco. or meat. So they . Use the above as your DAILY MEDITATION for the next fortnight. and devote most of their time to considering elaborate theories of how what is came to be. LIFE TECHNIQUES One of the criticisms hurled at occultism and occultists. Some cast out sex. Be not deceived thereby. From me they go And again they come to me. Yet it must be admitted that among the professed occultists there is an enormous proportion of escapes artists. Their retuning Is what men call destruction. I tear down only to build anew. Others pin their hope of salvation on total abstinence from alcohol. upon which they rely for their hopes of a better future. does not merit this criticism. Others escape into what they believe to be memories of past lives. Then there are the idealist. which seeks only to discover and use the reality hidden behind the veils of appearance. and compensate for the drab quality of their present existences by their supposed recollections of former glories.Meditation on Peh. is that the former is merely a way of escape. Verily destruction is the foundation Of existence. and that the latter are usually the world champions in the art of evading the real business of life. Genuine occultism. .” The Book of Tokens. Some escape into cosmogony. Forms pass. Then there are those for whom occultism is a transmogrified Puritanism composed almost entirely of prohibitions against this or that form of enjoyment. Yet others take refuge in ceremonial – churchly or magical – and get their feelings of work well done from the smooth performance of ritual.

What Jesus taught. and fall down and worship them without sin. “Take no thought for the morrow. The Utopians and pseudo-idealist will tell you that it is interference with other people’s Karma if you try to influence them. and of influencing people to do what is not really for their best interests. fails in the long run because it violates the Golden Rule. Jesus emphatically and distinctly promised the full satisfaction of all outer requirements. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. S. and getting Isis Unveiled and the Secret Doctrine into print? Surely. P. they had hopes of making friends and influencing others to accept their doctrines and live the way of life they preached! As did Jesus.image Utopias. rightly understood. but he is also careful to point out that his methods are to be distinguished from high-pressure salesmanship in one important particular. founding the T. They should be read and lived together. The black magic of this. How many of you read it. . And if you really have done even part of what you promised yourself last summer. as a direct consequence of seeking and finding these laws of the inner life that is called the kingdom of heaven. and St. B. Henry Link’s The Return to Religion. But always. that’s all the better. . He did not say.” And the reason he gave was: “Your Father knows ye have need of these things. in the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth. What he warned against was the mistake of putting the things of this world first. and food for thousands. is a technique for making the spiritual power in man available for the complete control of man’s circumstances. promised yourselves that you were going to do something about it. and relegating the order of heaven to a secondary position. and Moses. The high-pressure salesman gets people to buy what they do not want.” True enough. Others will say: “But Dale Carnegie is teaching people how to influence others so that they will buy goods. and all the company of teachers to whom the world owes its spiritual progress. Bosh! If that be true. And now come two more books. Paul. inasmuch as there is nothing actual corresponding to their dreams. He stressed reliance upon the inner power. spend so much time writing their letters. with no thought whatever that there is anything wrong in using spiritual powers to produce practical physical results. But he provided wine for a marriage feast. or what they cannot afford. and prescribed many practical methods for intensifying that reliance. But Jesus never told anybody it is wrong to what the good things of this world. or do something the influencer what’s to see accomplish. and Dr. In the first issue of this magazine we recommended Wake UP and Live. but if it stings you once more into wakefulness. whether in the heavens above. as the King James version of the New Testament makes him seem to say. because he knew the rich young man was putting all his trust in material possessions. recommended it to your friends.” What he did say was: “Be not anxious as to the needs to tomorrow.” To the rash young man he gave the counsel to sell all he had. it will not have been asked in vain. why did the Masters and H.and then laid it aside? An unkind questions? Very likely. and Buddha.

by Dale Carnegie. hennery Link. Simon and Schuster. Every Tarot student should begin at once to put their simple.00 The Return to Religion.75 ORDER YOUR COPIES THROUGH TAROTA . They have both contributed something of great and lasting value to the real aspirant to practical occult knowledge and power. so to say. by Dr. New York.Dale Carnegie and Dr. How to Win Friends and Influence People. shouted from the house-tops. Things kept secret for ages are made plain in these two books. New York. clear explanations of fundamental life techniques to the test of daily practice. $1. $2. Here. No Tarot student should be without them. Link teach the same essential doctrine. is a truly magical art of making manifest the kingdom of heaven. 337 pages. Books like How to Win Friends and The Return to Religion will help you to learn how to let that Light shine before men. Macmillian’s. Tarot is intended to teach you the art of evoking the Inner Light.

makes a market for those mirific products of human fancy that are to be found on the shelves of easy believers. One of the marks of the tyro in occultism is the delusion that reading books will supply his needs. and in moderation. From ordinary orthodox religion to Christian Science is a step taken by many. Nearly every beginner reads too much. Nor is it uncommon for the more confirmed victims of “lectureitis” to finish off the third session at night. And – the seekers go to sit at the feet of some other master! This would be funny. looking up from the same avid express one sees in the eyes of a dog begging for a bone.WHAT ARE SEARCHING FOR? A prominent scientist stated recently that man’s development as contrasted with that of the animals shows three distinct qualities. The meeting of responsibility through years of toil and sacrifice shows true courage. sometimes into strange excesses. The mental attitude of a sincere student of occultism is one of the best examples of the highest quality of curiosity – the ever burning desire to know more about the why and how of life. the notion that occultism has to do with bizarre and unusual phenomena. Then they go into Unity or some other version of New Thought. The dream pictures conjured up by the silver tongued dealer in mental mirages fade out. Sooner or later the glamour wears off. For some years applied . The time that is wasted by this misdirection of curiosity is enough for the work of turning the average human being into an adept. at which most of the ideas of the morning speaker were totally reversed. The emptiness of the teacher’s promises becomes only too evident. This folly. but we have known persons afflicted with the lecture habit to attend one class in the morning. Most people seen to have to work through various groups. and many more than he can digest. In the Tarora library is a “nut shelf” filled with many such wondrous tomes. a response like that to the Red Cross appeal during the flood crisis proves that sympathy for our fellow man is real. Going to lectures is well enough in its way. and in the details of their instruction there is hopeless confusion. Their authors. almost without exception. if it were not so dangerous. What is the motive behind the constant search by large numbers of people interested in metaphysics? Is it not these seekers feel incomplete. The energy expended in these aimless wanderings is enough to take one to the very highest goals attainable by man. the desire for completeness is responsible for the sad spectacle of supposedly intelligent human beings sitting with eager eyes at the feet of some self-styled messenger of the gods. Laughable. sympathy and curiosity. and go in the afternoon to another class. courage. lay claim to exclusive possession of “spiritual” wisdom – but hardly two writers agree. in combination with the book hunger just mentioned. Again. if it were not so pathetic. and buys more volumes than he really needs. and are looking outside themselves for something to supply the lack? This urge drives beginners. Many dabble with the various phenomena of spiritualism. even as to general principles. Another mark of the beginner is the desire for the marvelous. eat a hasty lunch.

or through the mediation of some Master. He who wishes to make the most of his opportunity in this incarnation must learn that true illumination is never bestowed upon us without effort. To dedicate oneself. this mad quest for the book or course of lessons that is to be the final revelation of the Supreme Mystery has no end because it forever hunts in the wrong place. A student who seeks first to understand human personality has made a beginning in the right direction. What must be avoided is making a habit of what is only a method. The find the goal of realization it is necessary to pass form knowledge to understanding. but rather to be made manifest. that the completeness he seeks is not to be acquired. is the indispensable preliminary to real success in practical occultism. Yet even that search will be of no value.psychology was all the rage. It is narrow. unless one’s underlying purpose in this quest for light is the heartfelt desire to shed that light on the darkened lives of others. This continual running after new wonders outside. this blind following of blind leaders. The work by which one gains true illumination is. Its first steps have to do within the elements of self-knowledge. “I’ve been this Thought for twenty years. The Way to Freedom leads within.” have never been able to demonstrate the least ability to differentiate between the teacher who has true spiritual experience and the hoarder of mere entertainers and charlatans. if he has the advantage of honest guides. The majority of persons who call themselves students of occultism. He will develop understanding of his own character and temperament through the study of astrology and by means of psychological analysis. It results form a search directed toward the flaming Center of one’s own being. surveying the occult landscape today. Out of the mysterious East comes a procession of dark men in flowing robes. Fortunate the person who can mingle with all these different groups and yet retain his health. This is the paradox of the Secret Path which baffles many seekers for completeness. emotional poise and good sense. No confirmed introvert is ever a successful practical occultist. would find his “two-and-seventy jarring sects” multiplied like the loaves and fishes. a method of introversion. through the orators in that field do not reap today the harvest they did once. Pity those who never escape the snares of illusion set for those who continue to seek outside for the satisfaction of their hunger for completeness. Rosicrucianism. because it is a way of intense concentration. But the enlightened life is always the outgoing life.” offers the secrets of heaven and earth to eager joiners. A new Omar. each brand labeled. The light must be sought within. entering activity into the lives of others. to helping others whenever and wherever possible. it does not shine elsewhere. “None genuine without this signature. He will learn. and yogis and rishis have their day – and pass. to be sure. The method whereby one makes the radiance of the Inner Light a power to transform circumstances and help his fellow men is one of . or who blandly declare. This implies a fixed intention to develop some real ability for practical service to others. without reservation.

. It puts the picture of Justice in the midst of the series. 4) stilling the sense perceptions. It is to the Inner School whose agent he has been and is that we owe our dept – a debt that is not to be reckoned in terms of money. 5) ability to concentrate. can we rest content with taking what he has so lavishly given us? Ours is a debt that can only be paid by doing everything in our power to interest others in this great undertaking. Paul Foster Case has done the work of preparation. also. It is as Light on the Path tells us: “Seek out the way. Why? Because any genuine success in meditation is the consequence of: 1) good health. It has made clear the inner significance of our own lives and of the lives of our contemporaries. Seek the way by advancing boldly without. Tarot has brought enlightenment and understanding to you and me. Seek it not by any one road. 6) regular and systematic practice. Meditation is the means whereby we may pierce the veil of surface appearances. not with an end. And what must be thoroughly understood by the aspirant to occult knowledge is that what seems to be a form outside himself is really a mental image held within. From the thirteenth century on it has been one of the main instruments employed in the training of pupils of the Inner School. a debt we never can fully repay. He approaches it under a terrific handicap. we are dealing only with a means. but here. brother. 2) freedom from worry. It has shown us the Way to Freedom.” Meditation is a most difficult and arduous practice for the average American. This it is that holds the liberating significance.extroversion. nor has he ever desired to be looked upon as a leader. and with the clear and practical application of Tarot to psychology that is the outstanding feature of the texts issued by this outer agent of the Inner School. 7) willingness to accept one’s own place in the cosmic order. He has never sought to win the praise of others. Seek the way by retreating within. Rejoice with me. If you and I have the right attitude. It has put in our hands a golden key that unlocks all the treasure houses of Ageless Wisdom. For this reason all the earlier stages of our work with Tarot and intended to transform the picture printed on a card into a clear mental image imprinted indelibly upon the mind of the student. and find the reality hidden below and within the surface forms. the man. The Tarot is the real tool of all occultists working according to the Western Tradition. as if to tell us that equilibrium is the great secret. All this means taking ourselves in hand and deliberately polarizing our whole lives toward the great subject world within us. It has set our feet on the Path. Tarot emphasize this in many ways. It is not a debt we owe to Paul Case. the willto-service. that you have had the good fortune to come in touch with Tarota. 3) ability to dismiss the problems that occupy our working hours.

is founded on the bedrock of firsthand experiences. then. . if you have made any progress with Tarot at all. That faith. instead of making straight for their goals. Write letters.Let us. We are all agreed that Tarot ought to be in the hands of thousands. Use your own initiative! Make up your mind to this. It is a call to those who are aware that the way must be sought by advancing boldly without. Well. Mussy. do everything in our power to bring others to this knowledge. Don’t wait for somebody else to take the initiative. It is a call to the courageous. and you will have any number of opportunities to perform this inestimable services for you fellows who are stumbling through life. – Charles A. one way to make a beginning is to see that it gets into the hands of the persons in our own circle of acquaintances and friends. this is a call for Tarot missionaries. Yes. Talk to people. Be willing to stand up for the faith that is in you.

Chamberlain At sunset the dark Angel comes and stands behind the left shoulder of each mortal. His other name is “CHANGE. and when he has led them to the other side they see that he is not. We may not take a step. and to others quietly in the soft silence of the night. fight with him or flee from him in terror. and he is the golden fruition when the great wheel completes its revolution in harvest time again. yet tender touch even those who fear him feel their terror flee. a greater and more glorious expression. We pray to the Father. some. in truth. We thing of him as terminating. At sunset the dark Angle comes and takes the hand of those whom he delivers from their prison house of flesh. the dark Angel presides and blesses. and when his voice calls out one may resist its power. and wherever the old order changes. Often he comes as a friend and leads us out of our dark caves of our ignorance and reveals to us again the sunlight and the bird songs which we had forgotten. Again he comes as the great surgeon.“DEATH. but thus he teaches that all true value is within ourselves. a kindly benefactor and the very means of preserving us. but his is the quick and merciful stroke. cutting out some diseased and festering part: soul or body.” and wherever change occurs. never in the possession of another person or object.” Only by the dissolution of the form of that bread may the life energy within it be released to us as food. for the dark Angel is with us throughout all our lives. but he is the song in our hears in the springtime. But his coming is inevitable and sure. human and otherwise. He is the luxuriant growth of summer. think a thought. We may know this by the evidence of many little things. we perceive that he is beautiful. the sun is not setting. yet often he wears a terrible mask. Thus it is that the patterns of his presence during our pilgrimage tell us that his final coming at the close of our earth life can not be otherwise then beneficent. but riseth. wherever form is dissolved.” THE DELIVERER By The Rev. Some there be who fear his soft approach. and it is his magic touch that brings the change about. great him with joy and gratitude as a friend and as a benefactor. but these same fires but away he dross and leave the pure gold in the crucible of our souls. who suffer much. or move a muscle but that the dark Angel changes the chemistry of our bodies to permit the action. He is sadness when winter comes. and at his firm. there he is. giving place to the new. but he is the germ in the seed which changes and unfolds and grows into a new form. testing us in the fires of agony. To some he comes with the swiftness of a might whirlwind. Sometimes he comes as the great examiner. a dark Angel but is an Angel of Light – and behold. “Give us this day our daily bread. Sometimes he comes as a thief in the night and takes away our most dearly beloved possessions. We wrestle with him. Newell K. No progress of any kind is possible until the old forms are dissolved. but when we know him and can look upon his face with opened eyes. In all things which are touched .

and it would teach other persons this art. . $2. Lea. Translation of the Bukcyhai of Euripides.00 ASTROLOGY. 164 pp. By Frederick Bligh Bond and T. by A. London. He brings not terror. would not die. and as he comes to sings a lullaby more sweet than earthly ears have ever heard before. by Henry More. heaven. Of special interest to students interested in Greek Gematria. $1. 35 cents. and then – he gives his beloved sleep.by his transforming power the life is not changed but only liberated which in the eternal economy of nature the useless form which once described the limits of that life’s expression returns in dissolution to nature’s treasure house. 352 pp.” And behold. the ideas exist. for the new day is at hand. By Hartmann. APOCALYPSE UNSEALED.50. All are interest to Tarot students. E. and men are able to grasp them. Waite. THE APOSTOLIC GNOSIS. translated by William Quan Judge. first served. Men do not invent or create ideas. $1. Of interest to all students of Rosicrucian origins and history. $1. With a commentary containing many points of interest to occultists.” ADORERS OF DIONYSUS. YOUR PLACE IN THE SUN by Evangeline Adams. 1653. S. (Part 1). 643 pp. ONLY ONE COPY of each is in stock. Pryse. TWENTY-FIVE GOOD BOOKS Nearly New May of the titles listed below are out-of-print. $1. being the original teacher of music. An esoteric interpretation of the Book of Revelation. If all professors of music in the world would die in one day. BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSY CROSS. with new translation. Third Edition. “Sleepers awaken. by the Abbe de Villars. and we cannot undertake to secure other copies. by James M. 127 pp. **** “All knowledge comes form the stars (the Universal Mind). but healing in his wings. By James Morgan Pryse.60. trans. COMTE DE GABALIS.” – Paracelsus.00 BHAGAVAD-GITA. author of the Apocalypse Unsealed. the Lord of Death has become the Lord of Life. At sunset the dark Angel comes and leads us through the gateway to a higher life of freedom. 343 pp. And those who sleep soon hear a voce which cries. 133 pp. It must needs be “first come. With an original Interpretation of the Myth of Kadmus. 251 pp.00 CONJECTURA CABBALISTICA.

Waite. By Judge Thomas Troward. with comment. by Frater Achad. by Mrs. by Robert Browne.50 SECRET TRADITION IN ALCHEMY (THE). All are in good condition. 69 pp. The occult text from which H. An occult interpretation of Parsifal.00 HYMN OF JESUS (THE). Wynn Westcott. 75 cents. 75 cents. PROPHETICAL.50 NATURE OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD (THE). Seiss. by Frater Achad.CREATIVE PROCESS IN THE INDIVIDUAL.00 MYSTERY OF SPACE (THE). $1. but valuable. Wait’s views but this book is of no small value to students of the Hermetic Art. developed THE SECRET DOCTRINE. by G. They well be sent post paid. P.75. . by Wm. Of particular interest to students of magic and Qabalah. EGYPTIAN REVIVAL (THE). $1. by G. $1. HOLY BIBLE. John King Van Rensselaer. 35 cents. by Alan Leo. Contains many interesting and valuable suggestions concerning Tarot symbolism.00 STANZAS OF DZYAN. KEY TO THE HEBREW EGYPTIAN PYRAMID EGYPT. One of the best of this writer’s book. by Joseph A. Studies in the Forth Dimension. A. by Frater Achad. Invaluable to students who need guide to the actual Greek phrasing of the New Testament. $1. $2.00 GNOSIS OF THE MIND (THE). Mead. S. INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE KABALAH (AN). B. $1. These titles are duplicates from our library. EDUCATIONAL AND PLAYING CARDS.00 CHALICE OF ECSTASY. DEGREES OF THE ZODIAC SYMBOLIZED. 67 pp. R. 75 cents. a Gnostic fragment of great beauty. R. An autographed copy.00 NEW TESTAMENT. 25 cents. 25 cents. CRYSTAL VISION TRHOUGH CRYSTAL GAZING. outline of the main points of the Hebrew Wisdom. Pronouncing edition. E. $1. by A. S. Interlinear Translation. $1. and includes plates of compete Italian Tarot. A brief. We dissent from Mr. S. $2. Black leatherette. Mead. Eddington. Translated. 25 cents.

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