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Approved 3-Ph Vendor Lis

Approved 3-Ph Vendor Lis

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Page 2 of 58 PAGE NO.

Sl. No.


Category No.

ABB Drg. No.

EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code


VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code


1 Air Compressor (Main)



Ref. RDSO's approved vendor list.

Air Tech Machinery Ltd./ Coimbatore 2 Air Compressor (Auxiliary) N/0/0072

A-9 E-15 M/s. Air Control & Chem. Engg. Bharat Bijlee Ltd./Cal A-27 B-8 D-2


S-40 Elgi Equipment Ltd./ Cal

Blower for Oil Cooling Unit 3 with Casing

Air Conditioning Corporation Ltd./Cal.
P/0/0144 3EHP590472R001 CLW/ES/3/0023/D


Behr Industrictechnik Gmbh Co./ Germany

B-5 RP Machine Tools Air Conditioning Corporation Ltd./Cal. R-16 A-8 G-1 F-7 R-16 S-7 S-7 F-7 R-16

Daulat Ram

4 Blower for Machine Room




ABB Flakt Industri AB /Sweden

G.T.R. Co. (P) Ltd. / Cal A-3 Flakt India /Cal. RP Machine Tools Samal Harand Samal Harand of India (P) Ltd.

Blower Scavange for 5 Traction Motor and Oil Cooler



CLW/ES/3/0021/D Flosep/South Africa

F-8 Flakt India/Kol. RP Machine Tools

Elgi Electric/ Coimbatore


RP Machine Tools 6 Blower Scavange for Machine Room
P/0/0134 3EHP585709R0010 CLW/ES/3/0022/C Flosep/South Africa


M/s. Air Control & Chem. Engg. Elgi Electric/ Coimbatore Bharat Bijlee Ltd./Cal


F-8 Samal Harand of India (P) Ltd. Air Conditioning Corporation Ltd./Cal. S-7 A-8 F-7 A-27 R-16 A-5 C-4 J-7 S-7 B-8 A-5 C-4 J-7



7 Blower for Traction Motor




ABB Flakt Industri AB /Sweden


Flakt India /Cal. M/s. Air Control & Chem. Engg. RP Machine Tools ABB/ Faridabad

Elgi Electric/ Coimbatore



Motor for Machine Room Blower




Landert Motoren AG/SWZ

L-1 CGL/ Nasik Jyoti/Vadodara Samal Harand Bharat Bijlee Ltd./Cal L-1 ABB Ltd./Faridabad CGL/ Nasik Jyoti Ltd./ Vadodara

9 Motor for Oil Cooling Unit P/0/0144



Landert Motoren AG/SWZ

The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

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Sl. No.


Category No.

ABB Drg. No.

EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code ABB Ltd./Faridabad

MASTER LIST NO. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code A-5 J-7 S-7 J-7 S-7 B-8 A-5 J-7 C-4 C-14 K-4 J-7 F-9 S-7 F-9 S-7

VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code


Motor for Scavange Blower (TM)




Landert Motoren AG/SWZ

L-1 Jyoti/Vadodara Samal Harand of India (P) Ltd./ Cal.


Motor for Scavange Blower (MR)




Landert Motoren AG/SWZ

Jyoti Ltd./Vadodara L-1 Samal Harand of India (P) Ltd./ Cal. Bharat Bijlee Ltd./Cal


Motor for Traction Motor Blower




Landert Motoren AG/SWZ

L-1 ABB Ltd./Faridabad Jyoti Ltd./ Vadodara CGL/ Nasik Crompton Greaves/Mumbai L-1 Kirloskar/ Electric/Hosur Jyoti Ltd./Vadodara Flowel Pump/B'lore (Marketted by Mrudula Engg./ Thane)

13 Motor for Compressor




Landert Motoren AG/SWZ

14 Oil Pump Converter




Plumettaz S.A/SWZ

P-11 Samal Harand of India Pvt. Ltd./Cal. Flowel Pump/B'lore (Marketted by Mrudula Engg./ Thane)

15 Oil Pump Transformer




Plumettaz S.A/SWZ

P-11 Samal Harand of India Pvt. Ltd./Cal.



The National Radio & Electronics/ Mumbai 16 Traction Converter
P/0/0001 3EH500453 CLW/ES/3/0001

N-2 B-18 B-14 C-4 C-4 B-14 A-26 B-18 H-8 N-2 N-2 B-13 C-4 B-18 T-15 T-2 H-7 Design Centre/ Cal D-4

Adtranz/ SWZ


Bombardier India BHEL/New Delhi Crompton Greaves Ltd./ Nasik Crompton Greaves Ltd. /Nasik BHEL/New Delhi


Auxiliary Converter Box with Control Electronics




Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd./SWZ


Autometers Sacheron Ltd./Noida Bombardier India Hind Rectifiers Ltd./Mumbai National Radio & Electronics Co. Ltd./ Mumbai

18 Central Electronics




Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd./SWZ

NELCO/Mumbai A-7 BHEL/ Bangalore Crompton Greaves / Nasik Bombardier India/Vadodara Trolex India Pvt. Ltd./ Bangalore

Complete SB1/SB2 19 cubicles without control electronics

N/0/0142 N/0/0143




Tata Electronics Dev. Service/ Bangalore Hind Rectifiers Ltd./ Cal

20 Blocking Diodes

N/0/0034 N/0/0035

HBTB585480R001 HBTB585480R003

B+Z Electronik/SWZ


The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

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Sl. No.


Category No.
N/0/0034 N/0/0035

ABB Drg. No.
HBTB585480R001 HBTB585480R003 3EHP590001R0100

EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Elesta Elektronik AG/SWZ Melcher AG/SWZ Design Centre/Cal Trafomee S.P.A/Italy Code E-13 M-5 D-4


VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Design Centre/ Cal Code D-4

20 Blocking Diodes

21 DC to DC Converter



M/s. Signitron India Pvt. Ltd.

S-42 M/s. Light Equipment M/s. Hind Rectifire L-7 H-8 P-2 M-18

T-12 Shivalik Electro Components/24 Prgs.


22 Transformer tranela – 15




Patra & Chandra Engg./HWH ABB Unifer AG/SWZ

P-7 M/s. Cibimer / Kol. A-6


Pabitra Engg. Works/ Cal M.B.& Company

23 Earthing Choke




Precesion Electro Engg./ P-17 HWH Shivalik Electro Components Pvt. Ltd./ 24 S-17 Prgs.(N)

Pabitra Engg. Works/ Cal


24 Fire Detection Equipment N/0/0037 25 Fuse Auxiliary 415/110 V N/0/0036

3EHP590451R0002 HBTB585605R1009

CLW/ES/3/0057 CLW/ES/3/0092/B

Siemens/ Germany Ferraz/ France through Arihant Electricals, New Delhi (Indian Agent)

S-43 Trolex India/Cal F-2


26 Key Multiplier set




Scheron Ltd./SWZ

S-14 Patra & Chandra Engg./ HWH


Woama Electronics/ Cal Patron Industrial Corporation, HWH

W-4 P-8 H-8

27 Snubber Circuit Snubber Circuit to contactor auxiliarires




Adtranz Daimler/SWZ Mechtronik AG Murr Elektronik Trading Co. Gmbh/Germany ABB Hochspannungstechnik AG/SWZ B+Z Elektronik AG/SWZ

A-7 M-19 M-13

Hind Rectifiers/Mumbai






Surge Arrestor for Current N/0/0090 Transformer



A-4 M/s Proyog Automation M/s. Krishna Engg. P-20 K-9 D-4

B-1 W-4 P-7 S-14 A-25 S-44 M-16 Design center D-4

Earth Fault Relay 30 Harmonic Filter/Auxiliary Converter




Woama Electronics/ Cal M/s. PATRA & Chanda Engg.

Design Centre/ Cal


Maximum Current Relay in SB-1

Secheron Ltd./SWZ
N/0/0073 DKA210013R0037 CLW/ES/3/0059

Autometers Alliance Ltd./Noida Schneider Electric / France Mesuco AG/ Swz

Relay for Control 32 Electronics On/ Off 33 Minimum Voltage Relay In SB1

N/0/0076 N/0/0074

3EHP585807P1207 3EHP585821R0202

CLW/ES/3/0066 CLW/ES/3/0060

Woama Electronics/ Cal


The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

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Sl. No.


Category No.

ABB Drg. No.

EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code


VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code

Time Relay For VCB With Aux. Contacts Consisting 34 Of (I) Contactor / Relay (1 N/0/0077 No.) (Ii) Time Delay Module (1 No.) Surge Arrestor For Hotel 35 Load 3 RESISTANCES :

(i)HBTB585683R4227 (ii)3EHP590028R0001


Schneider Electric/France S-44



ABB/ Swz Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd./SWZ


A-7 ELECOS/ Cal M-13 E-10

M/s. Daulatram Industries M/s. Stone India RSI Switchgear


Discharging Resistor for 36 Capacitor




Murr Electric throughHind Rectifiers Ltd./ Cal Danotherm Electronic A/S, Denmark

S-34 R-20

Earthing Resistor Auxiliary Converter,Earthing Resistor Earth Fault Detection 415/110V,Earthing P/0/0054 Resistor Earth Fault Detection Control Circuit P/0/0053 in SB-1, Earthing Resistor P/0/0056 P/0/0050 37 Harmonic Filter 1 & 2, P/0/0089 Earthing Resistor Screen P/0/0052 Train Bus in SB-1, P/0/0055 Resistor Head Light + P/0/0049 Dimmer, Resistor to Maximum Current Relay in SB-1, Resistor to Primary Current Transformer Load Resistor to Primary P/0/0170 Voltage Transformer TRANSFORMER & ACCESSORIES:


NBT300210P0087 NBT300210P0079 NBT300209P0063 NBT300210P0081 NBT300207P0097 NBT300210P0041 NBT300213P0001 NBT300209P0013


Resistance India/Cal.


Rayco. Electro Enterprise, Cal





B + Z Elektronik AG/ SEWS Resitech Electricals Pvt. Ltd./ Cal.

B-1 R-12

Patra & Chanda Elecos

P-7 E-10


BHEL/New Delhi 39 Main Trainsformer
P/0/0006 HSTN003359P0001 CLW/ES/3/0456

B-14 C-14 B-18 E-18 P-9 R-6 B-9 R-13 A-21 RDSO controlled item. M/s. Maa Kali industries M-20

Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd./SWZ

A-7 Crompton Greaves Ltd./ Mumbai BT India / Vododara EMCO / Mumbai Petro General Engineering Works/Bhilai (MP)

Transformer Oil Cooling 40 Pipe A,B,C,D,F,G.K.L and P/0/0040 M


Ransal India , Cal Bhartia Bright & Seamless Steel Ltd./Cal . Ranflex Bangalore Tesio / Italy BEHR/ Germany T-8 B-5

41 42

Oil Cooler Radiator for Converter/Transformer H.V. Cables(Termination Systems )



CLW/ES/3/0102/ B

APOLLO / Mumbai




Miba Armaturen AG/ Swz M-17 Bhartia Bright & Seamless Steel/ Cal
P/0/0076 3EHW470067R001 43 Ball Valve C 3/4" The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.


P-17 CAB EQUIPMENTS : Mesuco AG/SWZ Patra & Chandra Engg. Ebm Nadi International Pvt. Ltd. Samadhan System/ Cal W-4 S-33 S-6 M/s. Ltd. Continental Hardware Mart. Company L-7 M-18 Buzzer for Vigilance/Fire 49 Alarm N/0/0007 HBTB585528R0101 CLW/ES/3/0078/A 50 Cab Heater/Ventilation P/0/0136 HBTA271080R0002 CLW/ES/3/0109 M/s. EFFECTIVE VALID TILL MASTER LIST NO. E-20 V-3 M/s.3 Code B-9 N-6 R-9 Part-III M/s. Fluid Control (P) Ltd.Stesalit Ltd. S-33 F-13 E-10 E-20 Esbee Corp./ Hyderabad AMCO Batteries Ltd. Resitech R-12 51 Crew Fan P/0/0015 156-0174129 CLW/ES/3/0110 52 Diagnostic Terminal N/0/0123 3EHP590524R0001 CLW/ES/3/0080 53 Master Controller 54 Voltmeter Battery N/0/0056 3EHP510214R0001 CLW/ES/3/0031/A Secheron Ltd./ Chennai Secheron Ltd. ABB Drg.K.Mica Mold S-13 M/s. Light Equipment M./SWZ Design Centre /Cal M-16 P-7 S-18 Victory gas Alarm P-17 W-4 P-17 M/s./ Bangalore Trolex India Pvt./ Cal Elco Enterprise/ Cal M-10 S-15 A-11 E-9 47 Earth Return Brush P/0/0130 HBTB585623R4121 CLW/ES/3/0030 C-6 M/s. Description Category No. Krishna Engg.Page 6 of 58 PAGE NO. Corp. FROM 01/08/06 31/07/08 ELDO/3-PHASE/01 CLW Drg/Specification Part-I Code Part-II No./ HWH Siemens Switzerland Ltd. B-4 T-15 T-15 A-28 Florican Enterprise VERSION NO. Selvoc Enterprise Alfa Carbon Brush Mfg. ELECOS E-21 M/s. Chandra Udyog C-5 M/s./SWZ Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH Woama Electronics /Cal Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH Escorts Ltd. Esbee Corpn. No. E-4 S-14 D-4 S-14 M-16 S-16 M-16 S-16 Samadhan System/ Cal S-6 Woama Electronics/ Cal M/s.B.Kunstst off Gmbh/Germany Chanda & Chanda Engineers 6 48 Transformer Module Primary Voltage N/0/0119 3EHP590547R0001 CLW/ES/3/0083 46 Battery (Ni-Cd) P/0/0008 3EHP590469R003 CLW/ES/3/0030 A-12 M/s./SWZ Mesuco AG/SWZ Sett & De/ Cal Mesuco AG/SWZ N/0/0125 3EHP590545R0001 CLW/ES/3/0073 55 Catenary Voltmeter N/0/0124 3EHP590546R0001 CLW/ES/3/0070 Sett & De/ Cal The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.Precision Eletro Engg. Recon Engg. Sl. K-9 M/s. No./ Bangalore Almetra AG/ SEWS S-39 M/s. Co. T-18 A-29 G-11 G-11 P-21 Stesalit Ltd. 1. TATA Power AsianPlastic Galaxy Instruments Galaxy Instruments Power Engg./Faridabad E-mail Petrolium System/Australia GTR Company(P) Ltd. . M/s. Enterprise/HWH Baumer Electric AG /SWZ Trolex India Pvt. Ltd.Elbe industries Code E-8 C-17 F-11 43 Ball Valve C 3/4" P/0/0076 3EHW470067R001 M/s./Cal. Engg./ Bangalore Schunk Metall U. Miba Armaturen AG/ Swz M-17 Bhartia Bright & Seamless Steel/ Cal NI Industries/ Cal S. 44 Pressure Sensor with differential amplifier Temperature Sensor Oil Circuit Transformer N/0/0103 N/0/0104 3EHN424144R5000 3EHP585820P003 CLW/ES/3/0035 45 N/0/0122 3EHN424142R3000 CLW/ES/3/0033 F-16 UNDERFRAME 5 EQUIPMENTS & ACCESSORIES : SAB Nife Power Systems S-2 Ltd. E-16 G-1 Fourlives Engineering/Cal.

/ HWH P-7 Precision Electro Eng Woama Eletronics S-33 P-17 R-14 P-17 W-4 58 Rotary switch P/0/0147 HBTB585580R5022 CLW/ES/3/0108 59 Cab Activating Key Switch N/0/0105 3EHP590522P0001 CLW/ES/3/0074 Spring AG Apparatefabrik/SWZ Secheron Ltd. Corp. No. 55 Catenary Voltmeter Category No. S-33 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them./ HWH Woama Electronics/ Cal S-44 Hotline Switchgear S-44 Hotline Switchgear H-14 C-6 W-4 H-14 H-14 M/s. Code P-21 56 Tractive/Braking Effort Meter Bogie 1-2 N/0/0057 3EHP590546R0002 CLW/ES/3/0071 Samadhan System/ Cal (LED type) M/s./ HWH S-27 Woama Electronics/ Cal W-4 Hotline Switchgear make ( Vaishno brand) Patra & Chandra Telemechanique H-14 P-7 T-7 C-6 Hot line Switchgear H-14 60 Earthing Switch for VCB N/0/0082 HSBA031197R0001 CLW/ES/3/0010 61 Foot Switch Spring Loaded Vigilance N/0/0080 3EHP585810R0001 CLW/ES/3/0032/A 62 Key Switch Simulation in SB-1 N/0/0100 3EHP585704R2222 CLW/ES/3/0079 Switcher/Swz Through Indian Agent Trolex India S-45 Pvt. Woama Electronic/ Cal W-4 Stesalit Ltd./SWZ Patra & Chandra Engg. N/0/0124 ABB Drg.Stsalit Ltd./ HWH Spring AG Apparatefabrik/SWZ S-14 P-7 Chanda & Chanda Engg. . Banglore Elan Schaltelemente Gmbh/ Germany Spring AG Apparatefabrik/SWZ SchneiderElectric / France SchneiderElectric / France Push Button for 63 Emergency Stop 64 Push Button for Release of Independent Brake N/0/0112 3EHP590153R0002 CLW/ES/3/0077 E-7 Hotline Switchgear Chanda & Chanda Engg. Krishna Engg. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Samadhan System/ Cal Code S-6 VERSION NO.3 Part-III Power Engg. Spring AG (OEM) S-12 Reliable Electronics through Rayco S-27 R-14 M/s. Galaxy Instrument Sett & De/ Cal Speedometer Indicator & N/0/0087 57 Recorder cum Indicator with Pulse Generator 7 CLW/ES/3/0028 RDSO controlled item. Ltd. Description No. Sl.Precision Electro Engg Reliable Eletronics through Rayco S-27 Patra & Chandra Engg. Precision Eletro Engg P-17 K-9 N/0/0080 3EHP585810R0001 CLW/ES/3/0032/A S-27 Hotline Switchgear H-14 65 Push Button for Vigilance N/0//0055 Control 'BPVG' N/0/0109 3EHP585818P0291 3EHP585819P0010 3EHP585818P0311 3EHP585819P0010 CLW/ES/3/0072 CLW/ES/3/0072 Push Button Reset 66 Vigilance Control Spring Loaded Switch for 67 5 items (Instrument Lighting) N/0/0106 HBTB585604R1201 CLW/ES/3/0075 Schaltbau Aktiengesellschaft/ Germany S-11 Reliable Electronics R-14 M/s.Page 7 of 58 PAGE NO. 1. SWITCHES : Schaltbau Aktiengesells Chaft / Germany M/s. 3EHP590546R0001 EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. CLW/ES/3/0070 VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Sett & De/ Cal Mesuco AG/SWZ Code S-16 M-16 S-6 G-11 S-16 MASTER LIST NO. M/s.

BMC / Cal M/s. ELECOS 78 Resistor Harmonic Filter P/0/0169 3EHP585809P0002 CLW/ES/3/0015 Resitech Electrical (P) ltd. . Alasia Engg Continental Engg. No. Patra & Chanda S. Stone India/Cal Stone India/Cal C-11 S-34 S-34 C-11 72 Pantograph for WAP-5 P/0/0168 SG480036R0001 CLW/ES/3/0006 Secheron Ltd. No./SWZ Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd. . A-7 M-6 P-7 S-15 Areva /france/Pondichery A-4 CGL C-14 Indian Metal & Alloys I-8 R-15 A-31 C-12 P-7 A-30 M/s./Cal B-9 Recoton Engg Corp. CLW/ES/3/0075 VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code MASTER LIST NO. Daulat Ram Industries/ Cal R-12 D-2 Hind Rectifier/ Cal H-7 79 Pantograph Insulator P/0/0141 3EHP350106R0001 CLW/ES/3/0007 Scheron Ltd./Cal. M/s. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Chanda & Chanda / HWH S-27 Woama Electronic/ Cal W-4 Code C-6 VERSION NO. Sl. 1. / Cal./SWZ S-14 M/s../SWZ S-14 Continental Components (P) Ltd./SWZ S-14 Continental Components (P) Ltd.D. The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. P-8 73 Pantograph Disconnecting P/0/0146 + Earthing Device 3EHP330212R0001 CLW/ES/3/0008A Metal Engineer/ Cal Patra & Chandra Engineering/ HWH Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal ABB Hochspannungstechnik AG/SWZ 74 Surge Arrestor N/0/0084 HATW205558R0033 CLW/ES/3/0016 75 Set of Roof Bars P/1/0078 3EHP330211P0001 CLW/ES/3/0063/C Metal Engg. Cal M-6 Bhartia Bright & Seamless Steel Ltd. Cibimar / Cal B-17 C-16 E-10 Germany Secheron Ltd./Cal.3 Part-III Code 68 Spring Loaded Switch for N/0/0106 Sanding Auxiliary Switch For HB N/1/0070 1 N/0/0102 3EHP585771R0101 HBTB585471R0001 Spring AG Apparatefabrik/SWZ Hotline Switchgear H-14 69 CLW/ES/3/0203 CLW/ES/3/0047 Schneider Elctric / France S-44 Schaltbau/ Germany (agent Stesalit/ Kol) S-12 70 UIC Socket 8 ROOF EQUIPMENTS & ACCESSORIES : 71 Pantograph for WAG-9 P/0/0168 SG480036R0001 CLW/ES/3/0006 Secheron Ltd. Description Category No. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No./SWZ BMC/Cal MWB 77 Primary Voltage Transformer N/0/0116 3EHP585856R0001 CLW/ES/3/0009/A Mittelspennungestechnic/ M-14 M/s.Engg. Sunshine S-47 M/s. ABB Drg.Patron Industial Corpn.Page 8 of 58 PAGE NO./SWZ S-14 Approved list of conventional Loco to be followed for pantograph insulator. Cal 76 Primary Current Transformer N/0/0117 HBTB585560R0021 CLW/ES/3/0013 S-1 P-10 B-17 Pfiffner Instrument Transformers Ltd.

Sl. 1. ./Cal 87 Cable Lug P/0/0036 CLW/ES/3/0130/D U-6 Kamalesh Industries/Mumbai K-1 Electro Crimp Contacts India/Nasik Precision Electro Engg.Industries R-1 Jaishree Rubber Products/ Giridih G-8 L-8 I-9 P-17 C-12 S-9 R-18 A-39 Glass Fibre & Allied G-12 J-3 Emanuel enterprise E-17 84 Set of Cable Gland P/0/0026 CLW/ES/3/0129/B 85 SRBGF ITEMS P/3/0086 CLW/ES/3/0056/A Agate Electrical Parmalli Wallace/ Bhopal P-22 Micaply National Moulders Atul Industries Shalimar Ind. Gland-Mech Industrties/Cal Lapp Cable Industrial Moulders & Fabricators/Cal.G.Page 9 of 58 PAGE NO. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code MASTER LIST NO. Shanti Fibre R./ U. Ref. 86 Set of Cable Clips P/0/0198 CLW/ES/3/0133/B M-21 N-7 A-32 S-48 S-15 Recoton F-1 Metal Enggs R-15 M-6 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal. RDSO's approved vendor list. No. Description Category No. R. ABB Drg. Precision Electro Continental Engg. Navnirman/ Cal Some Engineers/Jamshedpur 89 Set of cable disconnection P/0/0189 CLW/ES/3/0424 CLW/ES/3/0128A S-23 M/s Mica Ply M-21 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. Fabcon Universal M/c Ltd. M/s. Cable Cleat P/1/0086 CLW/ES/3/0039/B P-17 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal./HWH K-10 P-8 S-15 N-3 88 Al. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. No./SWZ S-14 Approved list of conventional Loco to be followed for pantograph insulator. Components & Control Ltd. 9 81 Cables (Single Core) 82 Cables ( Multi Core) 83 Set of Cable Conduit N/0/0029 N/0/0032 P/0/0017 CLW/ES/3/0458 CLW/ES/3/0459 CLW/ES/3/0127 CABLES & ACCESSORIES : Ref.S. RDSO's approved vendor list./HWH E-11 KSE Electrical/ Cal Patron India Corpn.3 Part-III Code 80 Roof Line Insulator P/0/0142 HBTA420656P0001 CLW/ES/3/0051 Scheron Ltd.K. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO.

PEP Charls B-16 P-23 Black Burn & Co. 89 Set of cable disconnection P/0/0189 CLW/ES/3/0424 CLW/ES/3/0128A EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. B-22 Selvoc/Cal M/s. Ltd. No./ Cal Set of Cable Tray made of 91 Cold Rolled stainless steel P/0/0068 sheet CLW/ES/3/0132/K T-4 Brite Metalloy Pvt.D. No. Ltd. Ltd. P/16/0151 P/0/0010 96 Jointing Sleeve Looming Bar (Cable 97 Holder) for HB1 & HB2 Union Prestress Pvt. Works Navnirman/Cal S-15 M-7 Power Products/ Cal N-3 P-15 92 Set of Fibre Optic Cable N/0/0031 CLW/ES/3/0141 Huber & Shuner /SWZ t H-3 Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH 93 Copper Sleeves & Set of copper sleeves P/0/0151 CLW/ES/3/0205 Industrial Moulders & Fabricators/Cal.3 Part-III M/s Mica Ply Code M-21 90 Set of Cable Tie P/0/0067 CLW/ES/3/0131 Thomas & Belts T-19 Black Burn & Co. B-16 Techno Fab./Bangalore Set of S. Mfg./Cal. Sleeve .S. Engineering & Co. Description Category No. Autometers Alliance N/0/0030 CLW/ES/3/0124/D 100 Set of Connectors A-25 Ltd.D. Ltd./ Cal Raychem RPG Ltd. Engineering/ Cal C-1 P-3 E-22 P/0/0137 CLW/ES/3/0309 95 Braided Protection Sleeve P/0/0151 for 11 items. Expandable Sleeves R-7 Union Prestress Pvt./ Jaipur U-3 N/0/0113 CLW/ES/3/0154/C PACE/Chandigarh 99 Set of Base for Cable Ties P/0/0011 CLW/ES/3/0120 P-3 M/s. Pvt. ABB Drg. Ltd./Noida The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.Page 10 of 58 PAGE NO. Metal Perforators Engg. 1./ Cal 94 Set of Metallic Hoses (Braided) H-10 Expansion Below International/Cal E-17 P-12 Pace enterprise U-3 A-33 S-15 S-1 C. 98 Adhesive Sleeve. Sl./ Jaipur AMP Selvoc S. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH Shanti fibre Code P-17 S-9 MASTER LIST NO. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO. Ltd./ Cal. P-17 Selvoc enterprise Metal Enggs I-9 S-15 M-6 C-12 Patron Industries/ Cal Hubber + Suhner AG/SWZ Emanuel Enterprise/Cal PMA AG/SWZ 3EHP431619P0001 HZN452972P0002 CLW/ES/3/0205 CLW/ES/3/0205 CLW/ES/3/0119 P-8 Continental Engg./ Cal. Amphetronix/Pune A-13 . Pvt.

Page 11 of 58 PAGE NO.Elasto Product Phoenix Rubber A-34 P-24 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.N. No./ Cal Jaishree Rubber Products. Plastic S-9 M-10 B-25 P-1 106 Set of Insulators P/0/0029 CLW/ES/3/0145/B Alpha Carbon Brush Mfg./Cal N-1 M-9 J-3 M-9 M-22 H-1 107 Sealing Rubber for Transformer P/0/0091 HBTB416065P0002 CLW/ES/3/020/ALT1 MGM Rubber Co. Description Category No./Noida Industrial Moulders & Fabricators. HWH 102 10 Set of Ferrite core for BUR 1/2 N/0/0146 HES419087P0001 CLW/ES/3/0431 P-17 Vaccum Schmelzec Gmbh V-4 INSULATIONS & ACCESSORIES : P/0/0186 HIES417908P0008 CLW/ES/3/0260/A 103 Insulating Tube D-12.3 Part-III Amphetronix/Pune Code A-13 100 Set of Connectors I-9 101 Set of Steel Sleeves P/0/0152 CLW/ES/3/0205 Precision Electro Engg. . Plastic Industries I-9 104 Insulator MV-60/M-10 P/0/0195 HBTB416420P0041 CLW/ES/3/0145/B 105 Set of Insulation P/0/0028 CLW/ES/3/0144/A Industrial Moulders & Fabricators/Cal. No. Industries Ltd. Manish Rubber H. S-38 Cal. Arco Industries/Mumbai A-22 11 RUBBER/ PLASTIC ITEMS : National Engg.N./ Cal.0 Industrial Moulders & Fabricators/Cal Mica-Mold/Jamshedpur Arco Industries/Mumbai M-10 A-22 I-9 P. Mica Mold/ Jamshedpur P-1 Santi Fibre Indutries (I)/Cal BG Industries P. CLW/ES/3/0124/D VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Autometers Alliance Ltd. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.G.Industries· Shree Rubber Works Jayshree Rubber· 108 Set of Rubber Items P/0/0057 CLW/ES/3/0151/B S-49 J-3 Phoenix P-24 Sujan Ind.· S-50 M/s. 1. Swan Rubber Bassant Rubber S-38 B-26 109 Set of Gasket Nonmetallic P/0/0027 CLW/ES/3/0142/C Swan Rubber Industries. Giridih MGM Rubber Co. A-11 Co.B. N/0/0030 ABB Drg. Jaishree Rubber J-4 Products/ Cal A. Sl. Cal (IMF) Code A-25 MASTER LIST NO.

Santi Fibre/ Cal Code P-25 P-24 J-5 P-17 S-9 110 Set of Non-metallic Hoses P/0/0139 CLW/ES/3/0094B 111 Set of Plastics P/0/0039 CLW/ES/3/0140/C CLW/ES/3/0188 CLW/ES/3/0038/B Industrial Moulders & Fabricators/Cal. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO./ P-17 HWH Patra & Chandra/ Cal P-7 M/s. Bhartia Industries Ltd. K-9 Sunshine Ind./ Cal H-14 117 Illuminated Lamp & Push N/0/0049 Button & LED's Illumination Pneumatic Gauges P/0/0035 3EHP585818P1014 CLW/ES/3/0072/C 118 CLW/ES/3/0111 SchneiderElectric / S-44 France Krishna Engg. Giridih Sridhar Code J-3 S-51 I-9 P. Plastic/Cal P. Description Category No. .N. Parekh Brothers. Precision Electro Engg.(Aust) Pty Ltd.(Aust) Pty Ltd. Works/ K-9 Cal Precesion Electro Engg. Phoenix Javimins/ Cal P-1 P-1 P-1 M/s.N. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Jaishree Rubber Products. ABB Drg. Precision Electro Engg. Sl. S-47 121 Latching Push Button Corridor Lighting N/0/0085 HBTB585456R0102 CLW/ES/3/0044 122 LED for indicating lamp 123 Socket Hand Lamp 124 Marker Light (Front & Rear) N/0/0049 3EHP585818P1014 CLW/ES/3/0072/A R-8 P/0/0058 3EHP590531R0001 CLW/ES/3/0082 P/0/0159 15101701 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.20. N/1/0115 112 Set of Nylon Spacer Pipe Saddle 16. Hotline Switch gear Reform Electro Co. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. Plastic Industries/ Cal 12 LAMPS/ LIGHTING EQUIPMENTS : 114 Emergency Flasher Light P/0/0161 15200452 RDSO controlled item.N./ Australia S--26 S-52 S-26 116 Head Light Housing N/2/0045 156017010 CLW/ES/3/0114/A Precesion Electro Engg.Page 12 of 58 PAGE NO./ Faridabad B-10 RDSO controlled item. 1./HWH Tarudeep / Cal P-17 T-1 K-9 R-10 Driver's Desk & Assistant P/0/0032 119 Driver's Desk Illumination 3EHP590530R0001 CLW/ES/3/0042/C Lamp Driver's Cab 120 Lighting & Corridor Lighting Fluora Leuchfen AG/SWZ F-12 P/0/0031 3EHP590065R1117 CLW/ES/3/0041 Krishna Engg.32 P/0/0088 113 PP P.3 Part-III M/s. No./ HWH Adtranz Hotline Switchgear P-17 E-20 P-17 A-7 H-14 Rayco Electro Enterprise/ Cal.30. Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH Esbee Corpn. Plastic/Cal MASTER LIST NO./ Australia M/s. 115 Head Light lamp N/1/0045 15601709 CLW/ES/3/0114/A Southport Engg./ HWH Precesion Elevtro Engg. Sylvania / USA Southport Engg./ P-17 HWH Helmholz & Pauli Gmbh/Germany H-6 Krishna Engg. No.

13 Description Category No./ Cal (Indian Agent) Schneider Electric S-44 (Merlin German make) ABB Trilec AG/SWZ T-13 137 Contactor Type .1) HBTB585555R1013 CLW/ES/3/0037 & CLW/ES/3/0096/C CMC AG / SWZ through Integrated Data System/ C-8 Cal Schnieder/ France through Indian Agent Durgapur Industries/DGP S-44 Auxiliary Contactor For 136 VCB / Pantograph In SB1 N/0/0021 & SB2 HBTB585683R1127 CLW/ES/3/0040 Schneider Electric/France S-44 Schaltbau Aktiengesells Chaft / Germany through S-11 Stesalit Ltd. Woama Electronics M/s. M/s. Stesalit Ltd.Page 13 of 58 PAGE NO. S163 CIDT/110V HBTB585683R2927 N/0/0068 N/0/0068 3EHE428074R0001 3EHE428074R0001 CLW/ES/3/0201 CLW/ES/3/0201A Schneider Electric/France S-44 Schneider Electric/France S-44 Schaltbau Aktiengesells Chaft/ Germany through Siemens Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd.6 N/0/0024 HBTB585402R0821 CLW/ES/3/0034 M. LCI F 150 133 Contactor Auxiliaries Auxiliary Contactor Type No. M/s./SWZ S-14 Contactor for Discharging N/0/0012 129 Resistor 3EHP585762R6183 CLW/ES/3/0088A Secheron Ltd.3 Part-III Code CAPACITORS & CONTACTORS & CIRCUIT BREAKERS: N/0/0011 N/0/0009 N/0/0009 3EHP510205R1001 3EHP585811P0002 3EHP585811P0002 CLW/ES/3/0087A CLW/ES/3/0097/B CLW/ES/3/0097/B Capacitor for Harmonic Filter Capacitor for Machine 126 Room Blower 125 Capacitor for Scavange 127 Blower MR EPCOS AG/ Germany ICAR/Italy EPCOS AG/ Germany ICAR/Italy EPCOS AG/ Germany ICAR/Italy E-19 I-2 E-19 I-2 E-19 I-2 M/s.s Woama Electronics. M/s. 1. Works. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. . ABB Drg. Patron Industrial Corpn./SWZ S-11 S-18 A-7 ABB A-5 134 N/0/0068 3EHP428074R001 CLW/ES/3/0201 Ckt. Woama Electronics ELCO Patron ABB/ India P-8 W-4 S-33 C-6 C-12 S-33 W-4 E-9 P-8 A-5 Contactor Filter On/Off 128 and adaption N/0/0010 HSBA433699R1384 CLW/ES/3/0086A Secheron Ltd. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO. Breakers with/ 135 Without Auxiliary Contacts N/0/0018 (Type . Continental Engg./SWZ Adtranz ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation Ltd./SWZ Schneider Electric / France S-14 A-7 S-44 Contactor Main 131 Compressor with Snubber N/0/0014 Circuit Contactor Power 3 Pole 132 rated 150 amps. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code MASTER LIST NO. No. M/s. Sl. Chanda & Chanda Engg. M/s. No. W-4 138 14 Circuit Breaker Battery & SB1 & SB2 N/0/0025 HBTB585501R4371 CLW/ES/3/0050 A-5 ADHESIVE / LUBRICANT The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them./SWZ S-14 130 Contactor Hotel Load N/1/0017 HSBA433691R1485 CLW/ES/3/0308 Secheron Ltd. Stesalit Ltd.

ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO. Ltd. No. Works/ HWH J-1 Sets of Clips for P/0/0021 CLW/ES/3/0136/A 149 Pipes/Hoses made of Precsion Elcetro stainless steel The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.Jhonson & Jhonson Anabond Ltd./ Cal. RDSO's approved vendor list. Jhonson & Jhonson J-9 146 Oil Shell Corona 147 Oil Shell Diala DX Scotch Danger Caution 148 Tape P/0/0162 P/0/0163 P/1/0071 3EHP431565P0002 CONSUM 3EHP130202P0040 CLW/ES/3/0171 CLW/ES/3/0172/2 CLW/ES/3/0161/A 15 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS : J.ROTIMA AG Eastern Commercial Corpn. 144 Hotmelt Tape P/2/0071 HBTB416371P0001 CLW/ES/3/0161/A O-1 Tirumala Seven Hills (P) Ltd. Description Category No. S-20 Bostik/ Australia B-27 Ref. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code MASTER LIST NO./ Cal Brand & Make. Chennai (Own make) 145 Sika Flex P/0/0065 CLW/ES/3/0175 T-10 E-2 A-15 M/s. Sl. P-17 . ABB Drg./ Cal L-2 142 Molykote White Long Term W2 P/0/0171 3EHP600794P0001 CLW/ES/3/0170 J-2 C-2 143 Fire Resistance Cement P/0/0023 3EHP470034P0025 CLW/ES/3/0168 Pacific Chemical / Mumbai (Own make) P-4 Dow Corning (MAW) Corporation/USA D-10 Otto Pfenninger AG/ Switzerland through Indian Agent Anandilal Bhanwarlal & Co.K. Castrol India Ltd. RDSO's approved vendor list. Engg. Industries/Mumbai Brand. Ref. No. CLW/ES/3/0167/A P-4 141 Loctite P/0/0037 BRC84208 CLW/ES/3/0169/B Loctite Corporation J. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.. Sika India PVT./ Cal Brand & Make. 1.Page 14 of 58 PAGE NO.D. CLW/ES/3/0167/A ABS Georgfischer Piping System Pacific Chemicals/ Mumbai ABS Georgfischer Piping System Pacific Chemicals/ Mumbai A-35 P-4 140 ABS Solvent Cement Type SIN 1193 A-35 P/0/0173 Consum.3 Part-III Code 139 ABS Solvent Cement Type SIN 1133 P/0/0172 Consum.Noversieze (CU) Gel.

/ HWH S-1 M-6 S-15 159 Set of Bus Bar P/0/0009 CLW/ES/3/0118 CLW/ES/3/0412 Indian Metal & Alloy Mfg.D. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Tarudeep Enterprises/ Cal. Description No. CLW/ES/3/0136/A EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. Cal 158 Set of Bracketed sheet made of stainless steel P/0/0060 3EHP431250R0001 CLW/ES/3/0153 Precision Electro Engg. Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH A-11 151 Set of Non Metallic Plate P/0/0043 CLW/ES/3/0451 I-9 S-9 I-3 Precision Electro Engg.Page 15 of 58 PAGE NO./ Cal The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. . HWH Atlanta Engineering Co./ Cal I-3 Kaypee/ HWH 155 Set of Panel Plate P/0/0045 CLW/ES/3/0453 K-2 Ilka Metal/Cal I-3 P-17 Precision Electro Engg. D. No. Ltd 154 Set of Rating Plate P/0/0080 CLW/ES/3/0252 Ilka Metal Industries (P) Ltd. C-1 S. Kaypee Equipm. Engg./ Cal I-8 Selvoc Enterprise. Sets of Clips for 149 Pipes/Hoses made of stainless steel Category No. Sl. Cal P-17 A-24 Metal Engg. R-6 S-53 J. Co. M-6 M/s Alpha Carbon Brush P-17 IMF/Cal Shanti Fibre Ilka Metal/Cal P-8 150 Set of Copper Braid P/0/0013 CLW/ES/3/0138 Metal Engineers/Cal.S. Continental Engineering Works/Cal. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code P-17 VERSION NO.3 Part-III Code C-12 M/s. . Precision Electro Engg 156 Set of Bracket for WAP-5 P/0/0179 CLW/ES/3/0411 C.. Cal N-3 Special Engg./ Cal Navnirman / Cal C.S Engineering. Engg. 157 Set of Brackets P/0/0012 3EHP330300R0001 CLW/ES/3/0121/C C-1 J-1 Ransal India/ Cal./Cal C-1 C. S. Pvt. Engineers/Cal./ HWH P-17 152 Set of Copper Plate P/0/0044 CLW/ES/3/0452 Precision/HWH P-17 SD Engg S-1 Precession Electro Engg. HWH SD Engg P-17 S-1 M/s./ HWH 153 Set of Metalic Plates P/0/0042 CLW/ES/3/0450B P-17 Universal Sheet metal K-2 CS Enginers S-1 Navanirman N-3 C-1 U-7 M/s. Code Precsion Elcetro T-1 MASTER LIST NO. 1. Patron Industries. Engg. P/0/0021 ABB Drg.

/ Cal Precision Electro Engg. Engineering/ Cal. Patron P-8 169 Set of Support P/0/0064 CLW/ES/3/0159 Nava Nirman/ Cal Gland Mech. Engineering/HWH Universal B-9 S-1 J-1 U-7 165 Set of Stop insert for BUR P/0/0128 1/2 Set of Faston lug for BUR N/127/0030 1/2 P/0/0070 HBTB416181P0001 CLW/ES/3/0414 Universal U-7 166 GMN485104P0156 CLW/ES/3/0124/D AMP(OEM) WAGO & Controls/ N. FABCON/Cal.D. (P) Ltd. Engineering & Co. Precision Electro Engg P-17 167 Set of Terminal Strip CLW/ES/3/0157 168 Set of Spacer P/0/0062 CLW/ES/3/0156/C ARCO / Mumbai Metal Engg.(N) J.D.Delhi Continental Engg.Page 16 of 58 PAGE NO./ P-17 HWH The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. HWH Continental Engineering Works/Cal.3 Part-III Code C-9 Chandra Udyog/ HWH P-17 Patron Industrial Corporation.(N) S. Code MASTER LIST NO. ./24 Pgrs. Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal./Cal R-6 CLW/ES/3/0119 164 Bhartia Bright & Seamless / Cal. Engineering & Co. Co.. No.(P) Ltd. HWH C-12 Kaypee Equipment Pvt. Haradhan & Co. S./Cal E-9 162 Set of Cover P/0/0022 CLW/ES/3/0139 B-22 NavaNirman N-3 163 Set of Fittings P/0/0025 CLW/ES/3/0125 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal S-15 S./ Cal W-1 C-12 A-22 M-6 S-15 H-4 C-1 N-3 G-8 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal A-33 M/s./24 Pgrs. S-1 Precesion Electro Engg. Engineers/Cal. Ltd. CLW/ES/3/0412 VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I CMC Mfg.D.S./24 Pgrs./Cal 160 Set of Casing made of stainless steel sheet P/0/0019 CLW/ES/3/0134 161 Set of Cover (for WAP-5) P/0/0174 CLW/ES/3/0406/A S. Ltd.D. Engineering & Co. Engineering & Co./24 Pgrs./ Cal Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal M/s. 1. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code C-5 P-8 K-2 R-9 B-22 S-1 VERSION NO. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification CLW/ES/3/0118 No./ Cal 170 Set of Union & Fittings P/0/0074 CLW/ES/3/0163/D S-15 Fluid Control Pvt Ltd. Ltd. Sl. Brite Metalloy Pvt.D.(N) S-1 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Set of Looming Bar made P/0/0010 of stainless steel Tube S-15 Ransal India Pvt. Description No. 171 Oil Pump Bracket Fixing P/0/0014 3EHP230108P0001 CLW/ES/3/0148 F-11 S-15 Satya Industries S-30 S. Co. 159 Set of Bus Bar P/0/0009 Category No.(N) Elco Enterprise/ Cal S-1 Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ HWH F-1 Recon Engg.D. ABB Drg. C./Cal.

Industries/Hwh B-9 W-3 R-9 B-2 173 Set of Shackle P/0/0059 CLW/ES/3/0152/A Universal Elect. Sl. . Industries B-2 Selvoc Enterprise/Cal 175 Set of Disconnection Hotel Load P/0/0197 CLW/ES/3/0434 Precision Electro Engg. K. Works.3 Part-III Code Ransal India Pvt. ABB Drg. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Part-II Code VERSION NO. Cal Wintech Engg. Description Category No. No. B. Engg. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Code MASTER LIST NO./ Cal B./HWH Parker/Germany 176 Set of Nipple P/0/0038 CLW/ES/3/0147C Elbe Industrial Works/ HWH Gland Mech.Page 17 of 58 PAGE NO. 1. 174 Set of Clamp P/0/0020 CLW/ES/3/0135 J-1 Chandra Udyog./Cal R-6 Set of Non-metallic Pipe 172 (Smoke Detection Pipe) P/0/0041 CLW/ES/3/0254B Bharatia Bright & Seamless Steel Ltd. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. C-5 S-15 P-17 P-6 E-8 G-8 M/s./ Cal The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. Works. D./Cal U-4 J.Engg. Recon Engg. Ltd.K. No.

K.Enterprises/Kol. Works/Kol Swan Rubber S-38 184 Bellow S9/001/0002 IB111-00041A2 CLW/MS/3/006 1209-01. Mondal Engg. K-5 S-46 T-11 A-36 V-1 Tirupati Engg.311-052 VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO.411-023 Kaypee Equipment/Kol C.Timken(OEM) 01. 1.315-017 Loctite India/Cal. Enngg. A-14 S-41 C-1 T-11 U-1 U. Alfred Engg Anabond/Cal L-2 M-23 SRI prakash A-37 C. Ref.Industries/Cal Phoenix Rubber P-24 185 Bogie sealing adhesives 186 Bolt(Pin) 187 Bolt S/10/0002 M/9/0007 R/9/0045 IB016-00457(A1) CLW/MS/10/013 1209-01.111-005A2 Tirupati Special engg T-11 1209-01. C.413-011 1209-01. gear. 16 177 Axle Box Bearings(WAG-9 & WAP-7) R9/001/0063 R10/001/0008 IB011-00183A6 IB01100507A1 IA016-01494 Category No.K.pinion ( WAP-5) R/10/0015 T-21 Simplex Engg & Foundry K-2 Works C-1 ASICO Engg Vanguard Engg J-4 H-1 NEI/ Jaipur N-4 183 Bar for bogie head beam R9/001/0046 IB016-01470AO 1209-01. . KMRI Kaypee/Kol.S. The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.-3 1210-01. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II VERSION NO. U-1 C-1 U.G.3 S-21 Kaypee Anil Engg. RDSO's approved vendor list./Kol. Description No. Sl. Tirupati/Kol. 178 Axle Box Bearings(WAP-5) 179 Axle Box Complete without Bearing(WAG-9 & WAP-7) R/9/0004 SKF/Germany(OEM) CLW/MS/3/003 Alt. .018-009A1 LUDOWICI Rubber/Australia(OEM) L-6 H. Engg.111-007A1 IA011-00132 IA011-00133 IA011-00135 IA011-00379 Alt.311-021 121001. ABB Drg.312-171 KMRI/Kol.411-022 1210./Kol. T11 K-5 K-2 T-11 KMRI/ Kol. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No./Hyderabad. Kaypee K-5 K-2 181 Axle Guide Bearing(WAP-5) R/10/0018 182 Bearings for main int. 1209K-2 01. Enterprises.3 Code Part-III Code Ref. RDSO's approved vendor list. Part-I BOGIE ITEMS : 1209-01.S. Tirupati/Kol.111-006A1 KMRI / HWH K-5 1209-01.S Engg Jaishree Rubber/Cal SKF/Germany(OEM) S-21 A-19 Simplex S-53 S-46 180 Axle Box Complete without Bearing(WAP-5) R/10/0004 Tirupati/Kol. No.PAGE Page 29-3 of 58 NO.

Sl.PAGE Page 30-3 of 58 NO. No.(WAP-5) 197 Guide pin R/10/0016 S/9/0029 IA011-00222A IB112-00003A0 AEB 452478 & IA022-00234 IA012-00453 1209-01.1 & 2 IA01100154 BOM CLW/MS/3/009 KONI / Holland(OEM) 1209-01.315-019 1209-18.) Haradhan / HWH Tirupati/Kol. 1. T-11 Works KB24 T-1 Kaypee/Kol Mackeil/Kol. Tirupati/Kol. Works/Kol K-7 Escorts/Faridabad. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II VERSION NO./Cal 1209-01.. .318-018 C.418-013 Tarudeep/Kol.318J.I IBO011-00270 K-5 SKDL-3474 KPC/ Pune K-8 BHEL / Bhopal Engg. Engg. 198 Hurth Coupling(WAP-5) R/10/0009 ZF Hurth/Germany(OEM) Z-2 Mackeil/Kol.G O/10/0001 IA01100231Rev. ABB Drg.(Al. Description No./ Bangalore GGAG/Dewas SAN B-12 S-8 G-5 195 Gear Case-SGCI (WAG-9 & WAP-7) R/9/0059 IB011-00266 1209-01. MSA/Italy 190 Disc Brake Arrangement(WAP-5) Drive Assembly Complete(WAP-5) V/10/0001 S-3 Kapee/Kol.3 Code Part-III Indian Link Chain/Mumbai Code S9/001/0021 Indian Chain/Kol.215-014 SAB-WABCO (through Indian Agent) CLW/MS/10/0003 1209-01. Part-I CLW/MS/3/118 1209-01. K-2 T11 S-5 Ma Tara engg D-5 191 192 Fixing cables R/10/0003 T9/001/0014 T9/002/0014 1A016-01095A3 1A016-01449A1 C-1 J-1 K-5 2 KT-11 M-3 193 Flange R9/001/0006 IA011-00381A2 Gears & Pinions for WAP -5 65:35:17 Gear 72 teeth & Pinion 20 teeth for WAP-7 194 Gear & Pinion for WAG-9 ( 77:21) Gear & Pinion for WAG-9 ( 107:21) IA011-00230Rev. 188 Chain Category No.113-007 Tirupati Engg. Tata Growth /Jamshedpur Matara/Kol. Sales & Service/Cal Dhar & Co.D Engg 019 KMRI / HWH Kaypee Equipments/Kol. 182-00473-001 IA016-00273A2 182-00523 EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. I-6 Impex Knorr-Bremse/Faridabad I-5 K-6 E-21 M-24 I-7 189 Damper R/9/0011 IA011-00154 Sheet no.. E-3 A-19 S-46 K-2 M-1 H-4 T-11 M-3 T-3 M-1 CMD/France C-10 196 Gear Case-Al. / Cal.013-014 Alt.3 KMRI / HWH Kaypee/HWH Tirupati/HWH BT/Austria/GmbH(OEM) Eastern Equipments/Kol. Anil Engg 2 Simplex Engg & Found.F IA011-00232Rev. 1209-01.S.413-012 1209-01.406-008 VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

T. RDSO's approved vendor list. Simplex T-11 L-2 Tirupati/Kol.S. 1 203 Lock nut hex.313-003A2 CLW/MS/3/032 Alt-1 1209-01. A-37 Matara/Kol. RDSO's approved vendor list.M/Kol. No.K. A-18 202 Insulating base S9/001/0010 IB012-00615A1 IB016-00456A1 1209-01. Kaypee/Kol. Description No. A. C.315-016 CLW/MS/3/089 Alt.K Engg C.Engg. Engg/Kol. Recon Engg. Tirupati/Kol. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No. T-11 K-2 Ref. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II VERSION NO. KMRI / HWH Tirupati Kaypee Special Engg KMRI / HWH Kaypee Tirupati Dotmar / Australia Polymer Industries Balin & Co. .315-006 206 Nose suspended drive components R/9/0062 CLW/MS/3/049A2 1209-01. 1.411-020-021 Alt-1 KMRI / HWH K-5 IB012-00752 IB01200584 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.Bearings 211 Seal (copper) R9/001/0001 S9/001/0001 R/9/0057 IA011-00376A1 IA011-00376 1209-01.1&2 207 Locktite-767 208 Pivot 209 Ring (Aclathan) 210 S.I./ Kol. V-1 I-1 S-46 J-1 M-3 A-38 C-1 U-1 M-23 Bossard/ Germany B-28 200 Holder for TM suspension R9/001/0007 Vanguard Engg Anil Engg V-1 A-19 201 Housing R9/001/0005 IA011-00380A3 1209-01. Mondal Engg KMRI/Kol. 199 Helical Springs Category No. Ref.P./Kol. Kaypee/Kol.415-015 1209-01. Sl.Enterprises/Kol. C-1 R-9 Vanguard/Kol./Kol. Part-I CLW/MS/3/008 Alt.118-002 VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. ABB Drg./24Pgs(N) Flaig & Hommel / Germany(OEM) Alfred Engg K-5 T-11 K-2 S-53 K-5 K-2 T-11 D-7 P-26 B-3 F-6 JD Engg. RDSO's approved vendor list.3 Code Part-III Code R/9/0010 Ref.113-002 Anil Engg.015-010A1 IB011-00193A3 1209-01.PAGE Page 31-3 of 58 NO.-1 CLW/MS/3/004 120901.-3 1209-01.115008A1 120901.111004 SH.(All steel) 204 Locking Plate M/9/0012 L/9/0029 IA012-00441 205 Necked down bolt L9/002/0024 IB016-00459A1 1209-01.115-009A1 1209-01.112-002 Alt. Loctite (Indian agent of Techno Aid) K-5 2 K.S. U.

Engg. Ref. J. 212 Sealing (cu.3 Code Part-III Code L9/002/0023 IA012-00431 1209-01.-1 120901. Washer) Category No. Kaypee/Kol.215-005 KMRI/Kol. Engg. K-5 K-2 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. RDSO's approved vendor list.418-004 CLW/MS/3/005 Alt. No.412-069 Tirupati Engg/Cal Radha Engg. Mondal Engg RECON C-1 J-1 M-23 R-9 VERSION NO. T-11 R-3 V-1 213 Spacer 214 Speri blocs T9/001/0013 R/9/0008 IB012-00581A1 IA016-00005A2 1209-01.PAGE Page 32-3 of 58 NO. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II C.D. Description No./Kol Vanguard/Kol. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 CLW Drg/Specification No.S. Part-I VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. Sl. . 1. ABB Drg.

/Hyderabad. VERSION NO.K Engg KMRI/Kol.Enterprises/Kol. Kaypee T-6 Phoenix Rubber SWAN Rubber P-24 S-38 A-19 S-30 A-38 A-37 K-2 S-30 S-30 H-4 S-30 T-11 C-1 K-5 K-2 Satya Inds A. KMRI/Kol.-7 ref.-1 KMRI / HWH Tirupati/Kol. 1. K-5 K-2 T-11 223 Torque Arm(WAP-5) 224 Tread Brake arrgt.-4 CLW Drg/Specification No. KMRI/Kol.016-002 1209-01. K-6 S-3 225 Wheel set guide R/9/0009 IA016-00005A2 Special Engg Hindusthan Udyog K-5 Kaypee/Kol.3 Code Part-III Code 216 Stop (lateral & vertical) R/9/0012 217 Suspension Tube R/9/0058 218 Set of Tubes 219 Threaded Bolt 220 Tube for Head Beam 221 Traction Bar Complete T/9/0012 L/10/0001 T/9/0025 IA011-00381A2 IA016-00272 Alt. CLW/MS/3/010 GMT / Germany (OEM) 1209-01. Haradhan & Co. Engg. Haradhan / HWH CLW/MS/3/055A Tirupati/Kol. 1209-01.212-003 Alt. IA016-00404A1 IB016-00006A2 IB016-00268A1 IB011-00265 EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. R9/001/0002 ABB Drg.115-004 Alt.-2 Kaypee/Kol. Kaypee/Kol.PAGE Page 33-3 of 58 NO. K-5 U-1 C-1 H-4 Alfred Kapee Equipment/Kol K-5 Satya Industries T-11 K-5 T-11 Satya Industries K-2 Haradhan/Kol./Cal S-53 H-9 K-2 A-18 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II K-5 K-2 T11 G-9 Tega India M-9 J-4 K-5 K2 T-11 K-2 H-4 T-11 Anil Engg.315-022 KMRI / HWH CLW/MS/3/052 Alt.315MGM Rubber 021 Jaishree Rubber/Cal 1209-01. U. C.S.-1 1209-01. C.Comp. Description No./Kol.-1 KMRI/Kol Kaypee/Kol. (WAG-9 & WAP-7) R/10/0017 V/9/0001 IA011-00370 IB011-00248A2 CLW/MS/3/007 Alt. Satya Industries/Kol. 222 Tube Welding T/9/0026 IB016-00350A1 1209-01. ..1 Tirupati/Kol. Sl. Tirupati/Kol. 1209-01. Tirupati Engg.-1 1209-01. T-11 Anil Engg.K. No.312-160A1 KMRI/Kol.S Engg Kaypee/Kol. 215 Spring guide Category No. Part-I KMRI / HWH Kaypee/Kol. Tirupati Engg.Tirupati/Kol. Tirupati/Kol.016-001 Knorr Bremse/ Faridabad 1209SAB WABCO / Hosur 01.313-008 Alt. Works/Kol.011-018 alt.

Ltd.-3 1209-10.430-181 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Hydrodyne Pneumatic/ Asansol Navanirman Selvoc Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal S-15 Parijat Udyog/ Cal H-13 J./ Cal RP Machine tools S-15 B-22 Krebs & Cie C./ Cal Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Navnirman / Cal Metal Perforators Works/ Cal M-7 Brite Metalloy Pvt.D. Ltd. Description No./ Cal CLW/MS/3/037 Alt./ HWH B-9 P-5 J.337-081 Alt-1 J-1 Universal Sheet Metal U-7 228 Aluminium Chequered Plate T/9/0021 IB091-00023 1209-09. CLW Drg/Specification No.-2 HWH Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Brite Metalloy Pvt. Engg. . 1. No./ Cal K-2 M/s Ranasal India Pvt Ltd. Ltd./ Cal B-9 S-15 Brite Metalloy Pvt./Cal Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd.-3 B-22 231 Aluminium Sheets & Plates T/9/0020 IB086-00894 Kaypee Equipments Pvt. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II VERSION NO.PAGEPage 33-3 of 58 NO. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 ABB Drg./ HWH N-3 S-15 S-15 P-17 Kaypee Equipment Pvt. R/9/0064 IA106-00507 Alt. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I MASTER LIST NO./ K-2 CLW/MS/3/075 Alt.S Engg K-13 C-1 U-7 Encon Enterprise R-16 Navanirman N-3 E-23 Precision Technique/Cal P-16 232 Battery Box Assly.331-039 alt-2 Precision Electro Engg. 17 SUPER STRUCTURE : 226 Air Diffuser S/9/0015 182-00334 Category No.3 Part-III Code 1209-08. R-6 229 Aluminium Perforated Sheet T/9/0019 IB086-00682 CLW/MS/3/074 Alt.-4 Metal Perforators Works/ Cal Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd. R/9/0031 IA061-00154 B-9 Universal Sheetmetal The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.D Engg J-1 227 Air Outlet assly. Ltd. Sl./ Cal N-3 M-7 B-22 230 Aluminium Pressed Sections T/9/0017 CLW/MS/3/072 Alt. Ltd.-4 Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd.

Metal Shape Industrial Corpn.130-027 Alt.413-013 Alt-1 JD Engineering 004 1209 -11.-3 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal 120918./HWH Navnirman/ Cal Universal Sheet metal M-8 N-3 U-7 C-5 I-12 E-9 P-17 A-1 B-9 Copper Curves C-19 CLW/MS/3/035 Alt-1 IB081-00469 233 Blind Installation R/9/0029 234 Bush Megi HL R/9/0020 182-00572 182-00310 CLW/MS/3/017 Alt-3 Swan Rubber S-38 235 Cab Corner casting (RH&LH) Q/9/0001 IB081-00333 Jaishree Rubber/ Cal Kharagpur Metal 1209-08. Engineering/Cal Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Metal Engg S-1 Bera Engg. 238 (SS) R/9/0050 IA061-00108 239 Clips S/9/0020 182-00489-003 182-00115.3 Part-III Code IB081-00471 DO G-4 Bhartia Bright Seamless & N-3 Steels Ltd. Works/ Cal S-15 Navnirman/ Cal M-6 Polson & Co..051 Alt.1209-01. Sl./ Cal S-15 M-6 M-9 J-4 K-3 Aardee Enterprise/ Cal Universal Sheet matal U-7 C.-2 JD Engg Navnirman/ Cal 1209-06./HWH N-3 S-15 J-1 Circuit Breaker Box Assly. 1.142-003 Alt. .406-094 Rev.-2 Reforming/KGP 236 Cable Tray Cover Assly. S/9/0030 IB081-00417 1209-08. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 ABB Drg./ Cal C-1 B-7 N-3 Presecion Electro Engg.PAGEPage 34-3 of 58 NO./ Cal MASTER LIST NO. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Gerd's Metric Tooling/ Australia Navnirman/Cal Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Metal Engineers/Cal MGM Rubber Co.-3 237 Channel Unistrut T/9/0015 182-00421-002 CLW/MS/3/070 Alt.344 .130-167 Alt. No. Category No.S Engg S. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II VERSION NO.Javimins 1 Jaishree Rubber/ Cal J-1 240 Corrugated Flexible Ducting S/9/0042 IA116 .1&3 JD Engineering J-1 Metal Shape Industrial Corpn.D.00136 J-5 J-4 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. Description No. P-13 M-8 Chandra Udyog Ishrotech / Bokaro Elco Ent. CLW Drg/Specification No.

(Al) V-2 C-1 P-1 T-11 F-1 248 Door Latch Assly.02. 1.PAGEPage 35-3 of 58 NO./Calcutta Navnirman Selvoc N-3 S-15 242 Cubicle 'F' for Driver Cab (SS) R/9/0036 IA081-00171 CLW/MS/3/045 Alt. P-9 Vikrant Engg V-2 245 Din Rails S/9/0012 IB016-00477A0 246 Door Assly.D Engg 1209-09./ Cal C-1 S-15 Vikrant Engg. Category No. Works/ Cal IB091-00005 IB091R/9/0015 00012 IB091-00013 182-00356 247 Door Catch Assly. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 ABB Drg. Description No./ Cal 243 Cubicle HB1 & HB2 (Bare) (SS) R/9/0038 3EHP130-167 Petro General Engg.233-018 Alt. Security Lock R/9/0051 IB021-00476 1209. CLW Drg/Specification No.-1 TROLEX India (P) Ltd./ Calcutta Precesion Techniques/ Cal CLW/MS/3/058 Alt. P-16 Bhartia Bright Navnirman/ Cal J-1 Polson & Co.-2 C.-1 Bhilai Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II H-13 CS Engg N-3 Universal Sheet metal V-2 S-53 C-1 U-7 VERSION NO.S.-3 Special Engg.N. Brite Metalloy Pvt. . Plastic J-1 Tirupati Engg. Engg. Ltd./Cal 244 Cubicle SB1 & SB2 (SS) R/9/0060 3EHP-130 215 CLW/MS/3/098 Alt. Ltd. No. S/9/0007 18200356 182-00356 IA096-00026 1209-09./ Cal Brite Metalloy Pvt.S./ Cal B-22 Navnirman P-14 Jalan Ent./ Cal C-1 FABCON/ Cal S-15 N-3 C-20 R-6 N-3 J-8 B-9 N-3 P-13 Petro Genl.037 Alt. S/9/0022 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them. Engg.3 Part-III Code 241 Cover Assly./Calcutta N-3 C. Works/ Cal P.A Navnirman/ Cal Vikrant Engg. VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Hydrodyne Pneumatic/ Asansol MASTER LIST NO. Works/ CLW/MS/3/047 Alt. Sl.S Engg Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal CLW/MS/3/013 Alt.-4 JD Engg C.433-019 J.-5 Navnirman/Cal B-22 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal P-9 Navnirman B-9 Cosmos Engg Ransal India Ltd.127.

PAGEPage 36-3 of 58 NO. Sl. Description No. Category No.

ABB Drg. No. CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I


VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code

249 Driver Desk (Bare)

IA081-00164 IA081-00165 R/9/0055 IB08100346

Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ Cal CLW/MS/3/117 Alt-1 Navnirman/ Cal N-3 Petro General Engg. Works/ Bhilai Universal Engg. Supply Pty.Ltd./ Australia CLW/MS/3/021 Alt.-3 FABCON/ Cal Tarudeep Engg U-5 F-1 Eastern Equipment/ Cal T-1

B-22 Precision Technique/Cal Technofab Hydrodyne E-3

P-16 T-4 H-13


250 Driver Seat Assly.



251 Extractor Ventilator (SS)



1209-08.330-185 Alt-1

Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd./ Cal

252 Fibre Glass Insulation Kit

R/9/0018 IB081-00418

CLW/MS/3/015 Alt.-4

Kaypee Equipments Pvt. Ltd./ K-2 B-9 HWH Navanirman N-3 Loyds Insualtion (Ind.) Ltd./ L-3 Cal C-21 Capex F-10 Anfilco Ltd./ Gurgaon J-6 N-3 SD Engg S-15 Petro General Engg. Works/ B-22 Bhilai N-3 Z-1 Crash Fire B-9 S-1 A-17 Filter Mfg. Pvt. Ltd./ Cal F-3

253 Filter Assly.

IA116-00003 Flowsep Australia Pty. Ltd./ IA111Australia R/9/0014 00002 CLW/MS/3/012 Alt.-5 IA111-00001 John Fowler(India) Ltd./ Rev.6 Bangalore R/9/0078 1209-11-235-173 Alt-1 Navnirman/Cal 1209-11235-174 Alt-1 Selvoc Enterprise/Cal Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd./ Cal CLW/MS/3/046 Alt.-3 Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ Cal Navnirman CLW/MS/3/016 Alt.-1 1209-13240-625 Alt.-2 Zenith/ Mumbai


Filter Frame Assly (Fly Screen)

255 Filter Cubicle (Bare) (SS)





256 Fire Extinguisher

R/9/0019 IA132-00001

Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd./ Cal


Fire Shield/ Cal 257 Fire Extinguisher System (22.5 Kgs.) R/9/0073 CLW/MS/3/108 Alt-2

F-4 Steelage/ Coimbatore Minerva Fire Protection System/ Cal

S-31 M-11 Fire Shield victory Gas Allarm F-4 V-3

The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

PAGEPage 37-3 of 58 NO. Sl. Description No. Category No.

ABB Drg. No. CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I

MASTER LIST NO. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II Suvarna Fibrotech Pvt. Ltd./ Pune SSI / HWH

VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code

258 FRP under panel of Cab

IA081-00031 R/9/0021 IA08100032

Santi Fibre/ Cal CLW/MS/3/018 Alt.-2 R.G. Industries Jaishree Rubber Products/ Cal. MGM Rubber Co./ Cal Swan Rubber Industries/ Cal 1209-08.130-182 Alt-1 1209- J.D. Engg./ HWH 08.430-065 Alt-1 MGM Rubber Co./ Cal 1209-03.330-240 Alt.-I SWAN Rubber Jaishree Rubber CLW/MS/3/111 Alt.-2 Patra & Chandra/ Cal C.S Engg


S-37 S-28 I-9

R-18 J-4 M-9 S-38

IMF / Cal

259 Gasket (non-metallic)



CLW/MS/3/062 Alt.-7

Die Hard Polymer


260 Grill Assly.



J-1 M-9 S-38 J-3 P-7

Recon Engg./ Cal Boyd Smiths Ltd./ Cal

R-9 B-21 India Polymer /Howrah Tata Nagar steel K-2 T-11 U-7 I-13 T-20

261 Grommet for wiper pipe pass S/9/0037 262 Inter Lock Assly. R/9/0077

Kaypee Equipment Pvt. Ltd./ C-1 HWH Tirupati Engg. Works/ Cal

263 Lock Quarter Turn



1209-18.306-004 Alt-2 J.D. Engg./ HWH J-1

Universal sheet metal 264 Loco Side Buffer 265 Merchant Flat Bars R/9/0023 R/9/0071 182-00330 IA086-00130 Plywood (Impregnated Compressed laminated) WA/BD-211 CLW/MS/3/106 Alt.2 J.D. Engg./ HWH Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Navamirman J-1 S-15 N-3 Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ Cal 1209-06.327-040 Ref.Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal 1,2,3, Alt.-1 1209-08.231-013 120908.231-014 Oriental Veneer Produdts 1209-08.331015 1209-08.331-016 C.S. Engg. Works/ Cal 1209-08.330-186 Alt-3 S-15 S.D. Engrs./ Cal Conventional loco sources to be followed.

Chandra Udyog B-22 S-1 Universal Sheet Metal


266 Piano Hinge





Fashion furniture O-2 Tarudeep Ent. India Timber C-1

F-17 M/s. Mysore Polymer/ T-1 Mysore I-14


268 Rotary Shutter (SS)



The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

PAGEPage 38-3 of 58 NO. Sl. Description No. 268 Rotary Shutter (SS) Category No. R/9/0028

ABB Drg. No. CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08 Part-I Vikrant Engg./ Cal

MASTER LIST NO. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II V-2 J-4 Emanuel Enterprise S-38 E-17

VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code

186-00003 IA116-00147 IA116-00137

1209-08.330-186 Alt-3 1209-11.344-046 Alt.-2

Rubber Hose for Scav. 269 Blower


Jaishree Rubber Products/ 1209-11.344-052 Alt.-1 Cal 1209-11.339-037 Alt.-1 Swan Rubber Industries/ Cal

IA116-00020 IA11600234

270 Sand Box Assly.(for WAG-9)



1209-01.138-031 Alt.-3;Ref.-1 to 20 Navnirman/ Cal & 1209-01.138-032 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Ref.-1 Special Engg. CLW/MS/3/034 Alt.-4 Pulsar Rubber/Cal Vikrant Engg./ Cal Navnirman

N-3 Vikrant Engg./ Cal S-15 S-53 Jaishree rubber J-3 E-17 P-19 National Engg. Industries/Cal V-2 Bright Metalloy N-3 S-15 Resitech Electricals R-12 Universal Sheet Metal U-7 N-1 Emanuel Enterprise B-22 V-2

271 Sealing Rubber



272 SS Louvre assly.


IA111-00075 Rev.3

Selvoc Ent. CLW/MS/3/097 Alt-1 Special Engg.


Navnirman/ Cal 273 SS Pressed Section T/9/0005 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal CLW/MS/3/038 Alt-4 Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd./ Cal Special Engg. S.D. Engineering/Cal Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Navnirman/ Cal CLW/MS/3/039 Alt.-4 Bhartia Bright Seamless & Steels Ltd./ Cal 1209-11.244-024 Alt.-1 1209-11.144-025 Alt.-2 Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ Cal

N-3 Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ Cal S-15 B-9 Ransal India Ltd./ Cal

B-22 R-6 F-1

274 SS Sheets & Plates


S-53 FABCON/ Cal S-1 S-15 N-3 Brite Metalloy Pvt. Ltd./ Cal B-9 B-22 DECTAL India/HWH

B-22 Kaypee eqpt


275 Transition Duct assly.

IA116-00144 Rev.R/9/0047 3 IA111-00005


The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

PAGEPage 39-3 of 58 NO. Sl. Description No. 275 Transition Duct assly. Category No.

ABB Drg. No. CLW Drg/Specification No.

VALID TILL 31/07/08

MASTER LIST NO. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II S-15 DECTAL India/HWH C-5 N-3 S-26 V-2 S-15 N-3 S-26 J-1 Ransal India Ltd./ Cal N-3 S-15 R-6 D-3

VERSION NO. 1.3 Part-III Code

276 Window assly.

277 Wind-screen assly.

Part-I 1209-11.244-024 Alt.-1 IA116-00144 Rev.R/9/0047 1209-11.144-025 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal 3 IA111-00005 Alt.-2 Chandra Udyog Navnirman/ Cal Southport Engg.(Aust) Pty. Ltd./Australia IB081.00506-001 R/9/0017 CLW/MS/3/014 Alt.-2 Vikrant Engg./Calcutta IB081.00506-002 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal Navnirman/ Cal Southport Engg.(Aust) Pty. Ltd./Australia R/9/0027 IA081-00160 CLW/MS/3/027 Alt.-3 J.D. Engg./ HWH Navamirman Selvoc

Chandra Udyog Bhartia Bright J.D Engg Super product Fabcon

C-5 B-9 J-1 S-36 F-1

The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.

PAGEPage 39-2 of 58 NO.-5 Parker Hennifin Gmbh/ Germany P-6 Ref. Part-I VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO.K. Emanuel Enterprise Garware Synthetics Ltd. Industries/ HWH STAUFF Walter / Germany G-2 M-2 K-14 S-36 B-2 S-29 SMC Pneumatic India /Gurgaon N-1 C-1 B-2 E-8 B-9 S-15 M-6 A-10 M-25 W-5 J-5 S-24 E-17 282 Copper Tubes T/9/0003 CLW/MS/3/030 Alt./Secunderabad R. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II Code VERSION NO.3 Part-III Code 278 V9/001/0008 T327/000 CLW/MS/3/001 Alt.-4 Manlon Polymers/ Ahmedabad Kohli & Co. Description Category No.K Trading Rajco Metal/ Mumbai R-19 R-4 C-15 283 Flexible Hose assly. 18 PNEUMATIC/ CONTROLLER & HARDWARES : E70 Brake & Pneumatic system comp. Sl./ Cal CLW/MS/3/079 Alt. Works/HWH J-1 C.S. ./ Mumbai F-11 Palsar Asia P-27 National Engg 280 Clamps S/9/0013 CLW/MS/3/059 Alt. No.Co.-4 Hydrax International H-12 284 Nylon Tubes V/9/0011 S-22 285 Plugs (Steel) Polypropelene components S/9/0023 CLW/MS/3/064 Alt. SONI Enterprise/Cal.K. Super Products / Cal B.-4 Fluid Controls (P) Ltd.-6 Cubex Tubing Ltd.-2 Alpha Carbon Brush Mfg. Drg. RDSO's approved vendor list. Engineering/ Cal B. Industries ELBE Industrial Works/HWH 281 Copper Pipe fittings S/9/0026 CLW/MS/3/067 Alt. Wintech Engg W-3 279 Brass Pipe fittings S/9/0025 CLW/MS/3/066 Alt. 1. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 Specification No. No.-3 286 S/9/0024 CLW/MS/3/065 Alt.-2 J. Engg. / Cal. A-11 Bhartia Bright and Seamless Steel/Cal Selvoc Enterprises/ Cal Metal Engineers/ Cal ALCOBEX/ Jodhpur Metal Gem Western Extrusion Javmins / Cal. V/9/0002 CLW/MS/3/033 Alt.-5 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.D.

Plastics Industries/Cal. No. Polypropelene 286 components Sl. Description No. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.-5 P. . 1.N. Specification No. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II P-1 Code VERSION NO.3 Part-III Code Category No.PAGEPage 40-2 of 58 NO. Drg. Part-I S/9/0024 CLW/MS/3/065 Alt.

(P) Ltd. Pipe fittings S/9/0027 CLW/MS/3/068 Alt.Steel Tube T/9/0002 CLW/MS/3/029 Alt.-4 Hyd. 287 Saddle light stauff Sl. Description No. ./Mumbai Gland Mech Industries/Cal Parker Hennifin Gmbh/ Germany 289 ST. Ltd. Category No.3 Part-III Code Parker Hennifin Gmbh/ Germany 288 ST. RDSO's approved vendor list. No.-6 Fluid Controls (P) Ltd./ Mumbai Code M-12 H-4 F-11 VERSION NO./Mumbai Rajendra Mechanical S-4 R-17 291 Twin tower air dryer V/9/0010 CLW/MS/3/041 Ref.-3 Part-I JD Engg VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. E-12 E-14 C-6 K-6 292 Wiper assly. RDSO's approved vendor list. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II J-1 P-6 H-11 Staya Industries/ Cal G-8 P-6 S-30 Monosa Engg. Rubber component for 293 Brake System for 3-phase locomotives Knorr-Bremse/ Austria K-15 The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.406-053 alt. 1./ Mumbai Wintech / Mumbai W-3 F-11 Jalan Enterprises J-8 Bhartia Bright and Seamless Steel/Cal 290 ST./ Ahmedabad Heavy Metal/ Ahmedabad B-9 C-7 H-5 Salecha Tubes&Pipes (P) Ltd./ HWH Fluid Controls (P) Ltd. S/9/0014 18200454-003 EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 Specification No. 1209-18. Works / HWH Haradhan & Co.PAGEPage 41-2 of 58 NO.Steel Pipe fitting S/9/0008 CLW/MS/3/053 Alt. Air Engg.5 Choksi Tube Co. Drg. Electromech / Delhi ELGI Chanda & Chanda KnorrBremse/India Ref.

/ Kol M-9/0003 0017 CLW/MS/3/080 CLW/MS/3/093 TVS/ Chennai Unbreako/ Kol Boltmaster Vardhaman GKW Kundan/ Mumbai APL/ Mumbai Forbe Gokka India Pvt. Sl./Kolkata Kundan/ Mumbai APL/ Mumbai L-4 T-17 U-2 B-29 V-5 G-7 K-11 A-20 F-15 K-11 A-20 sources of conventional loco standard hardware included 294 MS Hardwares 295 SS Hardwares 296 Spring Washer M-9/002 L-9/0021 CLW/MS/3/040 Alt. No. No. Part-I VALID TILL 31/07/08 MASTER LIST NO. . 1. Drg.2 CLW/MS/3/187 Alt. EFFECTIVE FROM 01/08/06 Specification No. Ltd. ELDO/3-PHASE/01 Code Part-II Code VERSION NO.3 Part-III Code LPS Bossard (P) Ltd.D The source under development (Part-III) will only be considered by CLW for order placement & no zonal Railway shall place order on them.PAGEPage 42-2 of 58 NO.D 297 Misc. HARDWARES Description Category No. Hardwares L-9/0021 CLW/MS/3/187 Alt.

Calcutta . Calcutta 700 001 AMCO Batteries Ltd.560 092 Plot No. Switzerland. 40/2. ABB Ltd. Plant III. Air Conditioning Corporation Ltd. Co.700 088 Airtek Machinery Ltd. Jurastrasse 45... Heavy Industrial Area. 29B. Sujini Mills./ Transportation (India) Ltd. Vadodara . CH-8050. 24/25. Pune . ABB Unifer AG/SWZ CH-5242.105. Hebbal Bellary Jakhur Road.Box .3A.390013 ABB Flakt Industri AB ABB Flakt Industri AB /Sweden S-35187. Kalaiprasad Aardee Enterprise/ Cal Banerjee Lane. Maneja. Vadodara Erda Road. Sweden ABB Hochspannungstechnik AG. NICAD Division.. Switzerland. 1 Address Aardee Enterprise 54. Faridabad . VAXJO. JodhpurAlpha Carbon Brush 342003(Rajasthan) Mfg.Bhoseri Industrial Area. P.O. Coimbatore 641028 ALCOBEX Metals Ltd.. 9 Air Tech Machinery Ltd.. CHABB Hochspannungstechnik AG/SWZ 5430 Wettingen . Byatarayanapura.8384.411 026 Firm's Name 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Air Conditioning Corporation Ltd. Zurich.1.NAME & ADDRESS OF APPROVED SUPPLIERS Sl. BIRR. Howrah ./ Coimbatore 10 ALCOBEX/ Jodhpur 11 Alfa Carbon Brush Mfg. DGF./ Cal 12 AMCO Batteries Ltd. Bangalore Amphetronix Ltd. ABB Ltd. Strand Road (2nd floor)../Faridabad 32 Industrial Area.F.121001 Dept./Cal. 17. Adtranz ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation Ltd./SWZ Adtranz ABB Daimler Benz Transportation (Switzerland) Ltd. Co.711 101 ABB Daimler Benz ABB Daimler Benz Transportation (India) Ltd.. No./ Bangalore 13 Amphetronix/Pune . Taratala Road.. Sowripalayam Road Opp.

Adyar.H.. 700029. Gurgaon .1.110 002 Atlants Engineering Company.. Co. Madhusudan Palchowdhury 1st Lane.711101 15 Anabond Pvt.G. 24/4866.17.C. Kaveri Tungareswar. Ltd. Calcutta .) Hyderabad 500018 Agarwal Fastner Pvt.700 012 Anfilco Ltd./ Kol.600 020 Anandilal Bhanwarlal & Co.I. M. Industrial Complex No. 41. Arihant Electricals. 76./Chennai Anandilal Bhanwarlal & Co. Vasai (E). Dist. Nanadeep Society Off. 13-16. Ltd./Hyderabad. Mezzannie Floor Calcutta Anabond Private Ltd./ Gurgaon 18 Anil Engg. Howrah ./ Cal. Street No. Hyderabad. Sanathnagar. Aswini Dutta Road. J. Mumbai-400003 Apollo Industrial Corporation 3/2 Siddharth Apts. Marol. 62-63 Industrial Development Colony.ANABOND 14 Anabond Chemical & Engg.500 018 Engineering Works Anil 41. Mumbai-400063 Plot No..P. (Indian Agent) 16 17 Anfilco Ltd. Ansari Road./ Cal 10-B. 19 Anil Engg. 28. New Delhi . 20 APL / Thane 21 APOLLO / Pune 22 Arco Industries/Mumbai 23 Arihant Electricals/NDLS 24 Atlanta Engineering Co. Village. Thane. Mehrauli Road. Daryaganj..5 Goregaon (E).. Shed No. Chittaranjan Avenue.D./ Kol./ HWH . Road No.122 001 Anil Engg.Sativali.401202 (110.O.I. HIG Bharatnagar Colony Sanathnagar (P. Chennai . Adyar Bridge Road. Andher (E). Batanagar Colony. India 3A. Narayan Dhuru Street. 123.

Nonachandanpukur. Behr Industrictechnik Gmbh Switzerland. Engg. B.K. Bijaygarh(Barrackpore). 1st Floor. 24Pgs(N) Pin-743102. NIT Faridabad 26 Autometers Sacheron Ltd.25 Autometer Alliance/ Noida C-63. Germany. 41 B.8. Ramkrishna Mandir Parth.57. Strand Rd.Elasto Product ABS Georgfischer Piping System ASICO Engg Alfred Engg A.57.201301 NAM' Building.. Hummel Strasse 17. Ramkrishna Mandir Path. CH-8500. 30m Bundesrcpublik. Sector . HWH -711 106 E-1736 Dabua Colony. Postcheck.B.700 053 8/1. Zurich 41/18./Noida 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 M/s. M-Block Phase1./ Germany . Stuttgart. Industries/ HWH 42 Balin & Co. Dehtschland. North Bantara. . C-63. Kol. 5th Floor. P./24Pgs(N) 43 Baumer Electric AG /SWZ 44 Behr Industrictechnik Gmbh Co. Baumer Electric AG. CH-8108 40 B+Z Electronik/ SWZ Dallikon (Schweez). Sector .O. Balin & 9(17).711 101 26/1.K. HWH711 101 Hutten Wiesenstrasse . Noida Autometers Sacheron Limited. Makardah Road. Laxman Das Lane. . North (N) Salkia.K. Air Control & Chem. HWH . kol. Heilbronnotr .1 31/1. Industries. New Alipore. Engineering Agate Electrical/Bangalore 19/25.. Howrah 711101 Company.. HWH 711 101 100 GT Rd. Noida .380 70469. Frauenfled. Almetra AG/ SEWS AsianPlastic Areva /france/Pondichery Alasia Engg Atul Industries AMP A. Co.

Ltd. Works/ Cal 47 Bharat Bijlee Ltd. Pvt. Mansaarowar. Bharat Bijlee700 004. Erda Road. 3rd Floor. Calcutta .700 007 BMC Electroplast Pvt. 6/2. Calcutta . 8. P..No. Industries Limited.Limited. Post Fatch-300204. Ltd. 2nd Floor. 9007. Calcutta . B-1/2. 620. Faridabad 121006 (Haryana) Bhartia Mini Spring & Engg Co. 65. Germany & Co./Cal 48 Bharatia Bright & Seamless Steel Ltd. D-70442 Behr Industrictechnik Schwabisch Hall Gmbh Stuttgart.Box. Ltd. CalcuttaBera Engg../ Cal./ Faridabad through International Corpn. A. Shed No.H./ Germany (agent Vishwa/ Cal) (Viswa Industrial Company Pvt. Pvt.110 003. Cotton Street.45 Schwabisch Hall Gmbh & Co Heilbronner Strsse 380 D70469. Gandhi House (3rd Floor) 16. 242/2E. Camac Stret.C. Kolkata-700 013 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. 46 Bera Engg.700 001. Road. Pvt. Ltd.. Lodhi Road.. Road. Ganesh Chandra Avenue. Oillander House. 51 52 BHEL / Bhopal BHEL/ Bangalore Bhopal . Vadodara ..700 & Seamless Bhartia Bright 016 Steel Ltd. Works. 56 BMC/Cal 57 Bombardier India/Vadodara . Kolkata 700 034 ABB Daimler Benz Transportation (India) Ltd. Netaji Subhas Road.. Cal 49 Bhartia Industries Ltd. BI Enterprises/ Mumbai Black Burn & Co. Behala Industrial Estate. 50 Bhartia Mini Springs/Kol. Bangalore-500 012 Bharat Heavy Electricals ltd./ Cal. 62A.390013 53 BHEL/New Delhi 54 BI Industries/ Mumbai 55 Black Burn & Co. Hazra Road. D. 38. Maneja. BhartiaCalcutta .P.. New Delhi . 20/4 Mathura Road. Ltd. Integrated Office Complex.462022 Post Bag-1245.

Engineers. New Delhi .S. Marol(E) Andheri (E).B. 18.. Czech Republic Indian Agent.Box . A-2351 Wiener Neudorf 61 Brite Metalloy Pvt. M/S Bonatrans Switzerland. 14. Zurich..58 Bombardier/SWZ 59 BONA TRANS/ CZECH 60 Boyd Smiths Ltd. Road./Mumbai 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 BT/Austria/GmbH(OEM) BG Industries Bassant Rubbers Bostik/Australia Bossard/ Germany Boltmaster C. D. Boyd & Smiths Pvt. 8. Allahabad Bank Building. B-3/5.S. ../ Cal Adtranz ABB Daimler Benz Transportation (Switzerland) Ltd. Ltd. as.. Engg. India Exchange Place. 408-409 Chiranjeev Towers./ Cal C. Nehru Place. Calcutta 52 E-7 MIDC Area. 781. Ltd./ Cal 62 BSES Ltd. Calcutta Air Port. Satpur. Calcutta 700 001. Mott Lane. Works/ Cal 70 Castrol India Ltd. Karolbagh.M/s Technip Engg. Ltd. N. Brite Metalloy Pvt. Central Electronics Ltd. Brown Boveri Strasse 1.S. & Consultancy Services. Gillander House. 43.400 Austria GmbH.8384.O. Bombardier Transportatation Mumbai .110 005 Industrial Electronics Division.Gupta Road. CH-8050. P. 71 Central Electronics/NDLS 72 CGL/ Nasik 71/72 MIDC. Kaikhali (Chiriamore) P. Delhi-110019. Calcutta Product 700 013 Division.O.

Road.73 Chadra Udyog/ HWH Ichapur Road. Avenue de I'Europe 78142VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY Continental Components (P) Cedex(France) Ltd. Calcutta 700 015 Spring & Coventry Engineering Co. 1st Floor. MIDC.O. D-2. 63.711 101 60A.. Kol. Howrah . AhmedabadABB CMC Carl / Maier AQG Electrical Protection Apparatus CH./ Ahmedabad 76 CMC AG / SWZ 77 CMC Mfg./ Cal 78 CMD/France 79 Continental Components (P) Ltd. Ltd. N. Nagpur . 16. Continental-Engineering Calcutta 700 001 Works. Lakshman Das Lane. VATVA. Cubex Tubings Limited 1-7-27 to 34. 07F Abanish Chandra Banerjee Lane. P./Secunderabad 84 85 86 87 88 Cibimar/Kol M/s. Works/Cal 81 Coventry Springs/Nagpur 82 Crompton Greaves Ltd.711 Chanda & Chanda Engg. 80 Continental Engg./Cal.. CMD Transmission. HWH-711 204 ./ Mumbai 83 Cubex Tubing Ltd. Hazra Bagan Lane.700 36. (P) Ltd.440028 Transformer Division. Kanjur Marg (East).S. Sarojini Devi Road. Co. United Building Complex.-10 74 Chanda & Chanda Engineers/ HWH 75 Choksi Tube Co. Duffer Street (Lilluah). 2064 Secunderabad . Sealdanga Kalitola. Switzerland 85. Schaffhausen. PO: Santragachi Howrah .500003. Ist floor. Crash Fire Copper Curves Cosmos Engg 2. Hare Street. Calcutta . DIDC. no. 50. Continental Hardware Mart.8201. Ltd.

713 216 Dow Corning (MAW) Corporation/USA East & West Agencies (P) Ltd. Garden Boule Vard. Bhopal . Pratap Chatterjee Lane. Dotmar PBE Pty. Ebm Nadi International Pvt. Eastern Equipments/Kol. G. 711 101 Howrah 58.89 90 Capex Danotherm Electronic A/S. Denmark Daulatram Industries. make) Durgapur .N. Eastern Equipment Enterprises. Eastern Commercial Eastern Commercial Corpn. 3. Radha Agent) Bazar Street. Ebm Nadi International Pvt.700 001. Rodovre.26/3.. Govindpura. Durgapur Steel Plant. Naesbyvej 20. Lala Lajpat Rai Agent) Sarani. Calcutta-700075 11/B. Road.. Cal . Durgapur Durgapur Industrial Stores. East & West Agencies (P) Ltd. Calcutta . ADDA Complex.C/SDurgapur Industrial Stores/DGP (Marlin Gerin 18.Dingley-3172 Victoria.C.T.Ltd. Santoshpur Avenue. Dhar & Company. Die Hard Polymer 96 Dotmar / Australia 30-32. DK 2610. Australia . 10E. HWH711 107 Dangtherm Electronic A/S. City Centre..462023(MP) DECTEL India Pvt. 91 Daulat Ram Industries/ Cal 92 DECTAL India/HWH 93 Design Centre /Cal 94 95 Dhar & Co.J. SAIL./ Chennai Erukkengherry. / Cal. Ltd. Balai Mistry Lane./ Cal (Indian 7A. Ltd. Nityadhan Mukherjee Road. 228A-A. Bose Road. 3rd floor. Calcutta 700 020. O. Kolkata-20. Denmark 11E. Industrial Area. 63. System (P) Ltd../ Cal (Indian Corporation. Plot No. 97 DSP/SAIL 98 99 100 101 102 103 Wheel & Axle Plant..700012. Ltd. Chennai 600118 .

/ Cal 14B. Box-1 Hallam-3803. Industries (Engineering) Pvt. 15. Post Fach 1109 D 35429. Gate No. 67B..N. Kalba Devi Road. Elan Schaltelemente Gmbh. R.O. Enterprise. Ltd.700 002 Elcos Engineers Pvt. 44/17/1. Trichy Road. Belgachia Road. 107 ELBE Industrial Works/HWH 108 Elco Enterprise/ Cal 109 ELCOS/ Cal 110 Electro Crimp Contacts India/Nasik 111 Electromech / Delhi 112 Elesta Elektronik AG/SWZ through NI Industries/ Cal 113 Elgi Electric/ Coimbatore 114 Elgi Equipment Ltd. 9 Pandav Nagar.1.E. P. Kolkata-37 Electro Crimp Contacts (India) Pvt/ Ltd. Kolkata700001 E-mail Petrolium System 33. I.Singanallur.I. Nehru Complex.104 Economic Enterprise/ Mumbai Edward/USA through Impex Engineering/Delhi (Indian Agent) Elan Schaltelemente Gmbh/ Germany 105 106 354. Bompas Road. Howrah 2/34.) ELCO. M. Sarat Dutta Lane.400 Impex Engineering Corporation.& Vill: Fingapara(Kankanara) Pargana(N) 743129 116 Emanuel Enterprise/Cal 24- . 13.GT Road N. D. PO. Germany. Dum Dum Road./ Cal 115 E-mail Petrolium System/Australia Elgi Equipment Ltd.. 202.110 092. Plot No. Ltd. Delhi . Wedgewood Road. 4 Friends Coloney . Wettenberg . Cossipore. Mumbai .C. Mukherjee Road. Near Tikiapara Station (S. Victoria. Satpur Nasik .422007 11. Calcutta .O. Kolkata700029 Elgi Industrial Complex. Australia Emanuel Enterprise P.Rly.

Pretoria . 8.121 005.9 FABCON. Wagle Ind. 114/1. New Delhi (Indian Agent) 125 Filter Mfg. P.711 103 Railway Euipment Division. Ltd.Grubber Gmbh & Co. Kol.Salt Lake. Block GP. . Pvt.P.Plot No. Jadavpur. Calcutta ./Faridabad 121 122 123 124 Expansion Below International/Cal Encon Enterprise FABCON/ Cal Ferraz/ France through Arihant Electricals. Raipur Road (East).O./ HWH EPCOS AG/ Germany Esbee Corporation. Sector . Calcutta .58093 HAGEN Germany Flaig & Hommel Verbindung Selemente . Flosep/South Africa . Lenin Sarani. Chatterjee Avenue. Kolkata-32 Filter Mfg.28. Plot No. Howrah .700 013 Dealer: Arihant Electricals. Faridabad . 14-A. Kolkata700 071 Federnwerke J. Surya Sen Street. South Africa 120 Escorts Ltd. Pvt.24. 115. Flosep./ Cal 126 Fire Shield/ Cal 127 FJPG /Germany(OEM) 128 Flaig & Hommel / Germany(OEM) 129 130 Flakt India /Cal. 9 Lala Lajpat Roy Sarani. Andul Road. 30-B.. Sector-V. F3. 117 EMCO / Mumbai F-5 Road No. Postfach 44D-7209. Strand Road .Aldingen Flakt India Ltd. 58010 HAGEN BUSCHMUHLENSTRA BE 28.Box 582.Estate. 118 119 EPCOS AG/ Germany Esbee Corpn. Ltd. Railway Equipment Division.1 24. 118/A.0001.KG Postfach 1009. Cal-700 091 Fire Shield.Camac Expansion Bellow & International 28. Elgin Road Kolkata 700020 AEC.

Frontier Springs Ltd. 136 Frontier Springs/Kanpur 137 Forbes Forbes Campbell & Co. 85. SWITZERLAND Fourlives Engineering.B59.Opp. Kanpur-208022 Forbes Forbes Campbell & Co. Bangalore560076 Flowsep australia Pty Ltd.GALLERSTRA SSE 49 POST FACH 224/CH-9101. Upen Banerjee Road. B. Kolkata-700017 Florican Enterprise. / Cal 141 Garware Synthetics Ltd./ Mumbai 134 Fluora Leuchfen AG/SWZ 135 Fourlives Engineering/Cal.V.S. J. Devarchikkana Halli. Ltd. Garware Synthetics Ltd. Mango Lane.T.Ashoke Nagar. (P) Ltd. Ltd. Panki Industrial Area Site-1.Shahpura. K. / Kolkata 138 Florican Enterprise/Bhopal 139 Fashion furniture 140 G.R.2) E-14. Mumbai-400013 FLUORA LEUCHTEN AG ST. Patel ITI Compound. Co. Level 1. ARASUR. SF 103. Forest Street./Kanpur (Unit No.R Layout.O. Centre Point 28/2 Shakespeare Sarani. Ltd. IIM Post. Guru Nanak Auto Centre 9. P./Coimbatore ./ Australia Flowel Pump/B'lore (Marketted by Mrudula Engg. Suite No. Cottesloe WA 6011. Australia Fluid Controls Pvt. PB No.180/4. Elphistone Road Rly. Coimbatore-641407 133 Fluid Controls (P) Ltd. Ltd. 222. Stn.1 GEM Equipments Ltd. Bannerghatta Road./ Thane) 132 Flowsep Australia Pty.24 Parganas(N). 336. Dum Dum Road. 4th Floor Calcutta. Madhukar Marg./ Cal 142 GEM Equipments Ltd.29.Bhopal-462016 Fashion Enterprise. 4..131 Flowel Pump/B'lore (Marketted by Mrudula Engg./ Thane) No.. Calcutta 700 060. Avanashi Road.Pin743222 37.

3rd Floor. Australia G. Roy Bahadur Road. Chrummcherstrasse .Industries/Cal 153 H+S /SWZ through Uniflex Cables Ltd.1.G. Automotive Gears Ltd./ HWH Kadam Tala Heavy Metal & Tubes Ltd.Gerd's Metric Tooling.K.P. Bangalore. No. Springs Germany. Mumbai-400004) 144 GGAG/Dewas 145 Gimota AG/SWZ 146 147 GKW/ Howrah Gland Mech Industries/Cal 149 GB Spring/ Dehradun 150 151 152 Galaxy Instrument Glass Fibre and Allied H. Switzerland. CH-8954..) Gimota AG. Calcutta . Rd. Vijayashree.Road.Chakratu Road. Usmanpura Ahmedabad-380013 (S. House. Marine Line.G. 155 Haradhan & Co. Geroldwil.77802 BUHL . Mumbai (Indian Agent) 154 H+S/SWZ through Rashmi Enterprise/ Bangalore (Indian Agent) 156 Heavy Metal/ Ahmedabad . Cal. Dewas .700 054 GMT-GUMMI-METALL-TECHNIK Gmbh 148 GMT / Germany Postfach . 97.K. Bannerghata Road.B. Panchanantala Rd. Kol.P. Howrah-711 103 Mech. 93. Goregaon East. G.M. A. Belgharia. Industries. 202. Narkeldanga Main Road.W. Bilekahalli. Chota Ranpur..560076 14/4/2. Mumbai (Indian Agent) 11.Jorawar Bhavan. 12/615 Khetwadi. 4&5.-56 Sun Chambers.B. Ashwanath Complex Ashram Road.-34 H+S /SWZ through Uniflex Cables Ltd. Fasteners Division. Mumbai-400063 H.1253. Mumbai-400020 Rashmi Enterprises.M Karve Road. Dehradun-248197 1/2. 143 Gerd's Metric Tooling/ Australia Factory No. G. 7. England Street.455001 (M. Industries 300.. 95 J. Natabar Lane Road. South Dandenong. 22/23 Km.1.3. Andul Road. Gland 68B..G.

N. Calcutta-13 Hydrodyne Pneumat Pvt. 202.Italy through Hind Rectifiers Ltd. Hind Rectifiers Ltd. Kolkata700071 Lake Road. Air Engg.110 092. MIDC. G. Pfaffiken/ZH. Bhandup. Calcutta-14 Impex Engineering 169 IMF / Cal 170 Impex Engg.Sector-5. R.22.157 Helmholz & Pauli Gmbh/Germany Helmholz & Pauli Gmbh.J. 6. Gmbh. Marol Industrial Area.A-7.P. 9 Pandav Nagar. 158 Hind Rectifiers Ltd. (Energy & Signal Transmission). Avenue./Delhi Corporation.U.T./ Mumbai 168 Ilka Metal Industries (P) Ltd. 15th Floor. Road./ Cal 17. Chatterjee International Centre. ./Mumbai 163 Hydrax International (Turian Tube)/Cal 164 165 166 Hydrodyne Pneumatic/ Asansol Hotline Switchgaer I. Ginnheimer LandstraBe 209. Road. St. Lake Road. Hyd. Bhandup. Nehru Complex. Gopalpur.10. CH-8330.P. 8E. 167 ICAR/Italy through Hind Rectifiers Ltd. 33A A. Ltd. Air Engg. Industrial Moulders & Fabricators (IMF) 104.. Narula Doctor Lane. Plot No. Asansol & Hotline Switchgaer Controls. Mumbai-400093 Hydrax International Commerce House.Cal-17 20052. Bagmari Road. 2. Ltd./ Mumbai 160 Hindusthan Udyog 161 Hubber + Suhner AG/SWZ 162 Hyd. Flat No. Works 5A. Delhi . No. Old Post office.(P) Ltd.Noida201301. 4th Floor./ Cal 60431 Frank furt ama Main through Murr Electronic Trading Co. Machinery & Indian Paper Engg.N. MONZA (M) ./ Cal through Murr Electric 159 Hind Rectifiers Ltd.M/Kol. Andhri (East).. Ananda Palit Road. Pvt.C/7. G.C.

Howrah711308 India Timber Traders. Sealdanga.D.Bokaro Steel city. Fabricators.2 3 & 4 Hare 172 Indian Link Chain/Mumbai 173 Indian Metal & Alloy Mfg. 13. Giridih 183 Jaishree Rubber Products/ Cal 184 Javimins/ Cal .-19 Post Box No.Paik Para.D. Indian Chain (P) Ltd.. Off. Jogeshwari (East).171 Indian Chain/Kol. M. Engineering Works Ichapur. Zone ./ Cal Street. 104. P.20 Indian Link Chain.462011.No. Industrial Area.B. Jaishree Rubber Products.P. 174 Industrial Moulders & Fabricators/ HWH 175 Insulators & Electricals Co. Cal. Bhopal . Insulators & Electrical Company. 7 & 8 High Tech Industrial Centre. Giridih 815301. Garden. 11/11A Mayfair Road. 238B AJC Bose Road.400 060. Caves Road. 13309. Industries./ Bhopal 176 Integrated Data System/ Cal 177 178 179 Ishrotech / Bokaro India Polymer /Howrah India Timber 180 J. Kolkata . 131/5. 15. Block-N.Kolkata . II D-75. Works/ HWH 181 J. Princep Street. Bihar. Bokaro India Polymer.II. Behind Bank of Baroda. 5. Santragachi Howrah 711104 J. Chengail. Industries/Mumbai (Indian Agent) 182 Jaishree Rubber Products. Nagar. Ananda Palit Road. Ganguly Para Lane. 40-B.K.Nirode Bihari Mullick Road. Co. Co. Engg.K. Mumbai . Integrated Data System 4B Sundaram 46F Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road Kol-16 Ischrotech.Kol-6 J.

. 71. Surjapur Road.2nd floor. Bangalore-560058 Kharagpur Metal Reforming Inds. Ltd.Midnapur(WB) Kirloskar Electric Co. Hare Krishna Sett Lane. Vadodara Jalan Enterprises./ HWH 191 Kharagpur Metal Reforming/KGP 192 Kirloskar/ Electric/Hosur 193 KMRI / HWH 194 Knorr-Bremse India (P) Ltd./Faridabad 195 KONI / Holland(OEM) 196 KPC / Pune Hadapsar Inds.700 KSE Electricals Pvt.B. Sarat Bose Road. 33A.Ltd.185 John Fowler(India) Ltd. KONI BV (OEM) ..700 001 197 Krishna Engg. Ltd. Hind Apt. 186 Jyoti Ltd. Blocks. GT Road (South).V. Kol-1 Kamalesh Industries/Mumbai 8.121003 Faridabad P.3. Krishna 29/5/2.Ltd. S.Kharagpur721301. Koushallya. 545./ Bangalore John Fowler (India) Ltd. Calcutta .O.Ltd. Pune411013. Calcutta Kundan Industries Ltd. 14/6.Co. 29. Dahisar (East). Mathura Road.. Bangalore 56034 Industrial Area.Engineering Works../ Vadodara 187 188 189 Jalan Enterprise Johnson Johnson Kamalesh Industries/Mumbai 190 Kaypee Equipment Pvt. Peenya Industrial Area. Calcutta .40. Ltd.Room no. Road. Kirloskar Pneumatic BEYERLAND. Estate.. Unit-III.711 101. No. Kadamtala. Pvt. Ltd. Supergas Industl.5804.-15. 050 Chatterjee International Centre. Chowringhee Road. P.. MumbaiKaypee Equipments Pvt. 7th floor. 400068 46/6/2 Chatterjee Para Lane.Strnad Road. Kharagpur Metal Reforming Inds. Estate. Works/ Cal 198 KSE Electrical/ Cal 199 Kundan/ Mumbai . 3rd Floor. (Near Dum Dum Sett Lane). Howrah-711101 KNORR BREMSE India Pvt.. Room No.Holland. Pvt.Box 1014 3260 AA LANGEWEG 1 OUD. Ltd. Howrh .

200 Keables/Australia 201 202 203 204 Krebs & Cie Kohli & Co. SaltLake. Unterweg .2154 209 210 211 212 LUDOWICI Rubber/Australia(OEM) M/s. 5A/1A Lord Sinha Road.W.-6 Landert Motoren AG. P-4/5B I. Goabagan Strett. Cal700091 55B. Knorr-Bremse/ Austria Landert Motoren AG/SWZ Keables & Co. LPS Bossard (P) Ltd. Switzerland.) Ltd. Schwelz.6-B. 206 Loyds Insualtion (Ind.Sector III. 185A' Beckett Street Australia./ Kol 208 LUCCHINI/Italy Ludowici Rubber & Plastics Private Bag No . Pvt.Calcutta-1 205 Loctite India/Cal.A Nacharam..Castle Hill N. Raniwala Estate. Pretoria Street. Ltd..Sewage Farm Road. Ltd. Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd. Australia ./ Cal 207 LPS Bossard (P) Ltd.S. Loctite India GC 70.6. Mackeil & company (Pvt. Hyderabad. Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Behrampura. Kolkata-71.) Ltd.500076 Melcher AG Ackerstrasse 56. Manlon Polymers 3. Box 5196 AA Melbourne 3001. Post Fach. P. Room No. Krebs & Cie (India) Ltd.O.Ahmedabad 380022 213 Manlon Polymers/ Ahmedabad 214 Matara/Kol. Kol. .Switzerland 215 Medha/Hyderabad 216 Melcher AG/SWZ . CH8180.303. Mirza Ghalib Street. Canning Street.3rd Floor. 8. Pty Ltd. Bulach.14. USTER.. Light Equipment Lapp Cable Mackeil/ Kol. CH-8610.D.Kol-71 19.

Metal Shape Ind. Bhopal-462046 223 Monosa Engg. Bangalore (Karnataka) Mesuco AG. New Sector. CH-3084 Wabern Switzerland M.E-10. and Compay Mechtronik AG M/s.Kadamtala. D-71570. Jamshedpur .832 107 Minerva Fire Protection Systems 235.-Ghosh Para.217 218 219 Metal Engg.T. 700 019. Brindaban Mullick Lane. B. P. 18/26. CH-8633. B.700 072 'V' Road. Oppenweiler.P. Murr Elektronik Trading Co.Howrah-711101 23-24. Mondideep.Ramanagaram. Miba Armaturen AG/ Switzerland Gruenaustrasse 50.D. Mysore Polymers Pvt.Howrah-711227 M/s. Canning Street. Shed No. Road. Works / HWH 224 Murr Electronics/ Germany through BI Enterprises/ 225 MWB Mittelspennungestechnic/ Germany 226 Mysore Polymer/ Bangalore 227 Mesuco AG/SWZ 228 Miba Armaturen AG/ Switzerland 229 230 231 M. Ltd../HWH 220 MGM Rubber Co. Calcutta ./ Cal Metal Perforators Works/ Cal Metal Shape Industrial Corpn. Ballygange Place East. Calcutta Metal Perforators Engg. and Compay. Germany. Corporation.11. Gmbh. Maa Kali industries. Wolfhausen ZH. Howrah . D-96170.Industrial Estate. 52. Works.711Co. Calcutta . Calcutta .O. MGM Rubber 101 86/1. B. Nishchirda. Sundar Nagar.1 18/8.. Dasnagar. Germany. Priesenorof.700 002 Mica-Mold. Princep Street. Switzerland. Falkenstrube 3/1. Phase-II./ Cal 221 Mica Mold/ Jamshedpur 222 Minerva Fire Protection System/ Cal Metal Engineers. Maa Kali industries 232 233 Micaply Manish Rubber .74/75-BNarsingha Dutta Rd. Industrial Area. MWB Mittelspennungstechnik Gmbh.

Jaipur-302006. 15. 5th Kumbharwada. Chakala Andheri (East). Beerpara Lane.Dist-Thane-421301 P.Aghai Via-Kayoni Station. (Rubber Division). Industries Ltd./ Cal./Cal. 2532.700 042 Pace Enterprises. Calcutta .234 235 236 Mondal Engg. Santragachi./Cal 238 National Radio & Electronics Co. Bompas Road.O. 1/1B.. Industries (Engineering) Pvt. . Mumbai-400 004 National Engg. Khatipura Road. Mahakali Caves Road. Post Box No.N. Mumbai . Srikrishna Niwas. Calcutta . Post. 2nd Pathan Street. National Moulders Otto Pfenninger AG/ Switzerland through Indian Agent Anandilal Bhanwarlal & Co.700 015 Pabitra Engg.I. Oriental Veneer Produdts Oriental Veneer Produdts Ltd. Hwh-4 85/87. N.. Industries. Calcutta . P.400002 246 P. 7/8 Middlton St.700 030 The National Radio & Electronics Co. Navnirman 39/1/1A Canal West Road Calcutta .N. Chandigarh .. NGEF Ltd. Plastic Industries/ Cal 247 Pabitra Engg. Plastic Industries.160 002 Pacific Chemical. 242 243 244 245 NI Industries/ Kol. Works/ Cal 248 PACE/Chandigarh 249 Pacific Chemical / Mumbai . Swinhce Lane. 496 Kalbadevi Road.4 2. Kolkata700029 8 Dixon Lane Kol. 15.9234./ Mumbai 239 Nava Nirman/ Cal 240 NEI/ Jaipur 241 NGEF Ltd.-711 104 237 National Engg. Pottery Road. PhaseII. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. 3rd floor. Works. Calcutta 700 071.. 519 Industrial Area. No. 2. MSA/Italy Metal Gem Ichapur Pallab Pukur.

Sector . Calcutta Poly HiSolidur Plastic India 700 050 Ltd. "En Vannelc". Asthalstrasse. Polson & Co./ HWH Road. Panchanantala Patra & Chandra Engg./ Cal 259 Poly Hi Solidur / Hyderabad 260 Power Products/ Cal 261 Precesion Techniques/ Cal 262 Precision Electro Engineering/ HWH 263 Premier Polymer/ Gaziabad . C-14. Old China Bazar Street. (2nd Floor). Shanpur. HWH Baltimuri.700 001 251 Parker Hennifin Gmbh/ Germany 252 253 254 Postfach 120206. Patron Industrial Corporation. 8610 Uster. Hyderabad-500051 Power Products. 5/2A/3 Hemdey Lane.7 & 8. 8/2. 79. Howrah .A/SWZ 257 PMA AG/SWZ 258 Polson & Co. Howrah Amta Road. Bag East.. Patron Industrial Corporation. Makardaha Road. 43.700 001 Plot No.P) Pfiffner Instrument Transformers Ltd. Calcutta . CH-5042..D. Phase-II.. PlotNo.B.I.Parijat Udyog. 90.A. B. Calcutta . 33652 Patra & Chandra Engg. Calcutta Precision Electro Engineering. Howrah 711 402. Bex/Switzerland. PMA AG. Switzerland. Salt lake. Bhilai (M.160C/D&161C/D Cherispally IDA. 255 256 Plumettaz S. Industrial Estate. Hirschthal. Switzerland. F/No. CH-1880.711 101. Plumettaz S./SWZ Pfiffner Instrument Transformers Ltd. Petro General Engineering Petro General Engineering Works/Bhilai (MP) Works. Zone Industriclle.. 250 Parijat Udyog/ Cal 14/2. Howrah 711 101. 67.

Vijyanagar.S.Hobli./ Indore . Industries 275 Radha Engg.Begur.Kol-1 R.62/1. 5/2 Old Plasia. Govt. 33A. Flat No.Madiwada.2nd floor.. Ganganagar.16th Main Rd..S.Lindsay Street. 19. Chatterjee International Centre. Hoshangabad Rd.Bangalore-560040 Power Engineering Corporation. Components & Control (India) Ltd. Calcutta Air Port. 24 Prgs.S.264 Pulsar Rubber/Cal Pulsar Rubber Mfg. V.S. Hawaharlal Nehru Road. Ezra Mansion.B.5.700 071./Cal. Bhopal-462011 M/s. oriental Insurance Building. 3rd Floor. 2A..S. Flat No. P. 3rd Floor. Place East. 265 M/s Proyog Automation 266 Power Engineering Corporation 267 Parmalli Wallace/ Bhopal 268 M/s.62/1/1A.98E. Co. Road. Dr. (Indian Agent) 273 274 R.N. 400023 303. PEP Charls 269 270 271 272 Phoenix M/s Parekh Brothers Polymer Industries Palsar Asia R.743250 Proyog Automatic & Control Electronics .Kol-87 C-Mandonza. P. Components & Controls (I) Ltd.Ban galore-560068 10. Ltd. Indore . Calcutta .-700069 Parekh Brothers. gandhi Marg Port.Kodichikkanahalli Road. Kol. Pvt. Navneet Plaza./Kol Rajco Metal Industries Ltd.452 001 276 Rajco Metal/ Mumbai 277 Raneka Engg.. PEP Charls.O. 6th floor.31. 31. MumbaiRaneka Industries. (North) PIN .

Limited.. Ltd.Gurgaon-5086488 S.B.(P) Ltd.G./ 24 Pgrs. Bipin Behari Ganguly Street.. Ltd. Weston Street.700 017. Co. Darmahata 1st Lane. 285 286 287 Ranflex Bangalore Reliable Eletronics through Rayco Recoton Engg Corp. U.560 025. 279 Raychem RPG Ltd.. Bangalore .P. Kol..Bongai para. James Hicky Sarani.2nd Lane. 46/C Chowringhee Rd./ Cal. Calcutta 700 012 Recon Engineering Co.P.Gaziabad-201002 4. P.60. Electricals Private Resitek Calcutta . Industries R. Museum Rd.Kavinagar Industrial Area. Ltd. Brahmachari Street. R-Gopalpur. 2C. Rayco Electro Enterprise.. Kalipark. Engineering & Co. 6G "Maruti" 6th floor.-69 RSI Switchgear Pvt.D. 53/A Elliot Road.P. Ranflex India Pvt./Cal./Bangalore 280 Rayco Electro Enterprise/ Cal 281 Recon Engg. 24 Pgs.E193.67/A/1.N. Dacres Lane. 45./ Cal 17. Dr.D.700 016. 288 289 290 291 292 R. 43.Bangalore562149 Recoton Engg Corp. Calcutta . (N).1DC.-Baglur. 12. Jubilee Building. Raychem RPG Ltd. Calcutta . 100. Machine Tools Rajendra Mechanical R. Calcutta 700 071. Suresh Chandra Banerjee Road./ Cal 283 Resistance India/Cal 284 Resitech Electricals Pvt.(N) W.. Ltd..700006 9. Kol. Everest House. 282 Reform Electro Co. 1st Floor.. Engineering & Co.Chaklet Baglur Rd..O.700 010.Howrah711104 R.K Trading RSI Switchgear 293 S. Kaikhali Louhati Road.278 Ransal India Pvt. Reform Electro Co.89/2/1. Kolkata-700001 Resistance India.O.Mehrauli Rd. ./Cal Ransal India Pvt. Machine Tools. Gapalpur House.. (P) Ltd. 76/H/1 Dr. Ltd.

700 004 Schaltbau Altiengesellschaft Vorkenistechnik. & Locomotive Co.500 016. SAB WABCO India ltd. Cal-700009 226/2. Hosur . 296 Salecha Tubes&Pipes (P) Ltd. Park Plaza (N). Postfach 1120. Chintamani Das Lane.700 071. 4th floor. Wettenberg./ Cal. W-6301./ Hyderabad 6-3-871 Snehplata. Room No.Road. 299 Samal Harand of India (P) Ltd.635109 Ltd.N. 214.Kunstst off Gmbh/Germany ./ Cal 303 Schaltbau Aktiengesells Chaft / Germany 304 Schaltbau/ Germany (agent Stesalit/ Kol) 305 Schunk Metall U.. Germany. Corpn. 71 Park Street. Hyderabad . Schalt-Und Verbindungselemente. Calcutta . A5.. Raja Rammohan Roy Road. 57/A. Bhupen Bose Avenue. Greenlands Road.SAB Nife Power Systems Ltd.. 33A. Sales and Service 1/S. Sant Sena Marg (2nd Kumbharwada) Near vithoba Temple../Mumbai 297 Sales & Service/Cal 298 Samadhan System/ Cal D. Calcutta . Ltd.. San Engg. 7/1 Monika. Calcutta Schunk 700016 Metall U. SAB WABCO India Ltd. Chowringhee Road. Schaltbau/ Germany (agent Stesalit/ Kol) Stesalit India ltd. 9B Lord Sinha Road Kolkata-700071 Santi Fibre Industries (India). Germany. / Hosur (Indian Agent) Harita. 295 Begumpet./ Bangalore 301 Santi Fibre Industries (I)/Cal 302 Sareshwar Engg. Nataji Sarak. 300 SAN Engg. Samal Harand of India (P) Ltd. Calcutta 700008 Sarweshwar Engineering Corpn. Kunststoff Gmbh. 294 SAB Nife Power Systems Ltd.

Ganesh Chandra Avenue calcutta -13 Pvt. Adarshnagar.. Calcutta-700072 Ltd./SWZ 307 Selvoc Enterprise/ Cal 308 Sett & De / Cal Secheron Ltd. Sarkar Pool. Ltd.. Selvoc Enterprise. Occan Complex. D-97421 Pvt.306 Secheron Ltd. 309 Shivalik Electro Components Pvt.Som Engineers.(N) P. 14. Standard Products Division. Australia Pty. 1211 Geneva 21. Switzerland. P69A. Sett & De 16.O. 820 Cato Street. (Aust) Pty. Anuj Chamber. 310 Siemens Switzerland Ltd. Sonari. Gunner Wester Strases-12. Thane Belapur Road. 8th Phase. VIC 3175. Siemens Switzerland PIN Ltd. Australia Pty./SWZ Industricstrasse ./ 24 Prgs. 201301 L. P. Dandenong Wettingen. Australia (Schweiz). Switzerland./Cal 313 SKF/Germany 314 SMC Pneumatic India /Gurgaon 315 Some Engineers/Jamshedpur 316 SONI Enterprise/Cal. Dist: 24 Pgs (S).. Howthorn South Part Engg.42. Sector-18.Konto 50-1080-5.O.. 24. U. South Corpn. Ltd.Box CH8304 Wallisellen.. Worli-400018. Ltd. 4-10.831 011. Mumbai Sika Dualcrata Limited./Australia 318 Southport Engg.. East. Princep Street. Ltd. SONI Enterprises 4. Calcutta 700 053.. SMC Pneumatic (India) Schweinfurt/Germany. 317 South Corpn. Block D. Gopalpur.Ltd. Post cheek . SIEMENS Ltd. Park Street. Victoria 3122. Noida. New Alipur. Budge Budge Road. Australia Ltd. AV.(Aust) Pty. Brooklys Avenue. DE Secheron. 206. 311 Siemens/ Mumbai 312 Sika Dualcrata Ltd. Jamshedpur ./Australia 319 Spring AG Apparatefabrik/SWZ .D-6.P. Calcutta SKF Gmbh 700 016.

Cal. S. Sumitomo Corporation 2-2. 18. POBox1745.B. Maharashtra . Chome. Calcutta 700016 Stone India Ltd. Germany.S.. KG. Lenin Sarani (IstFloor. Enterprise 86/6. Calcutta . Super Products chiyoda-KuTOKYO101.711 201 STAUFF Walter Stauffenberg Gmbh &Co.. Flat No. 1. Pune . Sector V. Siemens/ Germany . 71 Park Street.411 Swan Rubber Industries.1 Plot NoJ1-6. Stephen Court. Kolkata-700 027 Steelage Ind. 'T' Block MIDC. Ltd. Engg. Government Place East. Chetla Central Road. 11/D. Ltd./ Pune 27.) Cal. Goswamipara Road. Engg. Dasrath Ghosh Lane Bamungachi. Salkia Howrah-6 21D. 10. Canning Street (Gound Floor). Bally . 3rd floor. Thane. Hitotsubashi. 31. Ltd. Salt Lake Electronics Complex. Bhosari. Calcutta . D-58777 Werdohl. . Kol. B. 320 SSI / HWH 34. Japan.-700091 5- 321 STAUFF Walter / Germany 322 323 Satya Industries/ Cal Steelage/ Coimbatore 324 Steelux (India) / Cal 325 Stesalit Ltd.K. Block 'EP'. 331 332 333 334 335 S. 31. Stesalit India ltd. Enterprise SAB WABCO/Sweden SRI prakash Signitron India Pvt. Ezra mension.. Park Street.-700013 329 Suvarna Fibrotech Pvt.700 069. Industries.700 071 306. Kol. Ganguly Street.400 604./ Cal 327 Sumitomo / Japan 328 Super Products / Cal 330 Swan Rubber Industries.S.K. B-68 Wagle Industrial Estate../ Cal (Indian Agent) 326 Stone India Ltd. Park Plaza (N).

Techno Fab. Cal.Rueil2000-rue Eugene-et Armand Peugect 92508 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex-France 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 Whilehouse. 43 Chowringhee Road. Mfg. Italia Tata Timken Ltd. Shree Rubber Works Sujan Ind.I.· Sridhar Sylvenia/USA Special Engineering Tarudeep Enterprises/ Cal. Kol. 119. Park Street.-700 002 Tarudeep Enterprise.Howrah-711101 16.-8. Block No.336 Schneider Electric / France Switcher/Swz Through Indian Agent Trolex India Pvt. 25. Asansol-713304 Unit House. 7. Ltd. Service/ Bangalore Electronic City Post Office. B. Ltd. Via Vittime. & Foundry Works Sunshine Shalimar Ind.-53 Schneider Electric India Ltd. Ltd. 4th Floor.Block-B Telemecanique New Alipore. Lenin Sarani. 347 Tata Electronics Dev. TATA GrowthHosur Road.700 012 Techno-Aid Apcar Garden. Ground Floor. 348 349 350 351 Tata Growth /Jamshedpur Techno Fab. Ganguly Street.D. Shop. Schneider Electric / France. 30B. Asansol (Indian Agent) Tega India Jamshedpur -Mfg./ Cal Techno-Aid. 831001 309.P-40. Kolkata-700 001 352 Telemecanique / France through Durgapur Industraial Stores/ DGP (Indian Agent) 353 Tesio / Italy 354 Timken/India . 22 10024 Moncalieri/Torino. di piazza della loggie.Panchanantala Rd. Camac Street. Kol. Tega India Ltd. Calcutta 42/43. Cossipore Road. Azimganj House. Kolkata700017 Tesio Radiatory S. Tata Centre. Banglore Simplex Engg. Electronic City. Calcutta .-16 Sunshine Industries.r...

1-06068 Tavernllo Dl Panicale. Mohlentalstrasse. Calcutta 700 020 Trolex India Pvt.8201 Schaffhausen.. Lenin Srani. Works/ Cal 357 Trafomee S. 1st Floor. 10 Calcutta . Padi. 229. Electronics City. Suite No. Pievaiola Zl.Enterprises/Kol.K.. . Via.. 71/D. Chennai.P.700 001 Tirupati Engineering Works./ Bangalore 361 Trustlene Piper Systems/ Nasik 362 TVS/ Chennai TVS Sundaram Fasteners Ltd.355 Tirumala Seven Hills (P) Ltd.J. Unit 1 BD.Enterprises/Kol.. Ltd. Trolex India. Strand Road.) Calcutta-700001 Trafomec SPA.N. Elizabeth.Nagarkot Complex.Inc. APC Road. Netaji Subhas Road (2ndFloor.Room no. 40.A/Italy 358 Trilec AG/SWZ 359 TROLEX India (P) Ltd.K./USA Tata Nagar steel Products. Kolkata-700 013 364 Thomas & Belts 365 Tata Nagar steel 366 U.-F3/3/4.Jamsedpur831005 U. 3rd floor./ Calcutta 360 Trolex India Pvt.600050 363 M/s. 136. Crecent Tower. Ltd.Kadma. Italy Kauptzitz. TATA Power Thomas & Belts Co. 179/1-A./ Cal Tirumala seven Hills (P) Ltd. Plot 88-B Hosur Road Bangalore 561229 356 Tirupati Engg.

4 Jatin Das Road.19. Stephen House (5th Floor). A-12B. Howrah4 Administrative Block. 1st Floor.. Delhi-110052 Vanguard Engg. 32. 374 Vikrant Engg.700 001 Victory gas alarm Co. Unit 1. Scoresby Victoria 3179 Universal Machines.Engg. 37. Thane./Cal Universal Engineers Supply (Aust) Pty Ltd. Laxmandas Lane.367 Unbreako/ Kol (Precision Fastners Ltd.302 013 369 Universal Elect. Calcutta ..Howrah711104 Vanguard Engineering Works.Santragachi. 4 BBD Bag (East) Calcutta . 9D Viswakarma Industrial Estate Area Jaipur . 53. Supply Pty.Kol-12 Vaccum Schmelzec Gmbh. Road No.KLAUSREICHERT. Mukherjee Road.KB-PMK DSIDC. Camac Street Room No. Belapur Road Kalwa Union Prestress (P) Ltd. 90.Dept.Chowrengee Avenue Trust House.32/A./Calcutta 375 Victory gas alarm 376 Vaccum Schmelzec Gmbh 377 Vardhaman Industrial Fasteners WAGO & Controls/ N.N. Rusdale Street. Name.. Works/Kol. Cal-700029 370 Universal Engg. Ltd. Shed No./Thane] 15 MIDC Industrial Area.) 368 Union Prestress Pvt./Cal 372 Universal sheet Metal 373 Vanguard/Kol. R.( Agent) WAP/Banglore Wintech / Mumbai 378 379 380 .Ltd.Delhi through Techno Power Enterprise/ Cal. New Wezirpur Industrial Complex. Kolkata700017 [Precision Fastners Ltd./ Australia 371 Universal M/c Ltd.1 Universal sheet Metal Engg. HowrahVikrant 711101 Engg.17. Ground Floor Shantiniketan. Works./ Jaipur 8. Lakshman Das Lane. 18. Yelahanka Wintech Engineers.

. Marg. P. Mumbai .400 086.B. Kalupukur (Near Loknath Mandir). Baguihati. Vadhani Industrial Estate. Mumbai-400002 Zenith Fire Services. ZF Bhantechnik GmbH.381 Woama Electronic/ Cal 382 Western Extrusion Industries Woama Electronics TG-2/22. O. D-88046 Friedrichshafen. Cal-59 219. 15.Hatiara. L. Kathkopar Adelheidstrabe 40. Germany 383 Zenith/ Mumbai 384 ZF Hurth/Germany(OEM) . Kika Street (Gulawadi)..

Code A-1 ISO 0265-648761 A-2 Yes A-3 044-156426688 0441564260372 0129-234288 A-4 Yes Yes 0129-234052 A-5 Yes 0041-564666342 0041564666323 A-6 Yes 0041-318183333 0041131186159 A-7 Yes 033-4014012/ 401 4980 033-401 4375 A-8 0422-312601 0422-312601 A-9 0291-740671 -740366 033-243-3287 0291-741990 A-10 033-243-3287 A-11 080-3335104 080-8461716 A-12 3365364/ 3746678 3342580 A-13 . 033 643 8182 0265649688/669/ 640249 Fax No.PPROVED SUPPLIERS Phone No.

-4667766.033-4669074. 3426569 0250-455466 0228824282 A-20 A-21 022-8217222 033-8361760 A-22 033-4136302 033-4122810 A-23 Yes A-24 (ISO9001) . 033-4666946.454573/574 0223400330. A-14 044-4961924 044-4919105 A-15 A-16 0124 6321092/ 6300656/6322759 6321940/63322 06 A-17 0842 3813183/3715014 A-18 3711218 7126025 A-19 0250455963.3441858.

Yes 91-0-118583542 0120-4583605 0120-4583542 /4583544 033-24008331 033-24008331 A-26 A-25 (ISO9001) Yes (ISO9001) A-27 A-28 Blower for oil cooling uit Temperature sensor MASTER CONTROLLER Surge arrester 3 52 64 85 86 96 03326424163.09830023 033-6606233 112 033-26659720. 3759 080-6661851-54 080-6661850 033-2431701 A-36 A-37 A-38 A-39 225 228 247 96 Bolt(pin) Locking Plate SRBGF item Yes 0041-18440355 0041-18443573 B-1 Yes 033-677 4680 033. 09831032226 A-29 A-30 A-31 A-32 A-33 A-34 A-35 Set of roof bar SRBGF item Jointing Sleeve 109 Set of gasket non metalic 126 ABS solvent cement 176 Bar for bogie head beam 033-26517092 033-2206095 033-26514719.677 1842 B-2 (ISO9002) Yes (ISO9002) Yes 033-5921438 033-5924445 B-3 B-4 B-5 Yes .

00497118963075 ( 03324748810) B-6 Yes 033-555 1626 033 554 7239 B-7 Yes 033-2457368 033-2457467 B-8 (ISO9001) 033-2205741 033-2207604 B-9 B-10 033 2653 8104 033 2225 6832 B-11 Yes 0755-506257 080 334641-6 0755-540425 080 3344231/33456 04 011-4617749 B-12 B-13 (ISO9001) Yes 011-4636411 B-14 (ISO9001) 022-5951082 B-15 Yes 033-772335 033-2478508 B-16 (ISO9002) 033-4460654/3875 033-447-7592 B-17 0265-648761 0265649688/669/ 640249 B-18 Yes .

0041-318183333 0041131186159 B-19 Yes 011-51608335 01151608336 011-51608335 B-20 Yes 033-220 2139/ 221 4769/246 5674 033 220 8105 B-21 (ISO9002) 033-573 5520 033-573 6579 B-22 022-0327619 022-8363459 B-23 432236404510 B-24 B-25 B-26 B-27 B-28 B-29 Yes Set of insulator Set of rubber items Sikaflex Lock nut hex.(All steel) MS Hardware (ISO9002) 122 125 184 246 341 033-2643303 033-2461620 C-1 033-2201996 033-2209310 C-2 011-3526036 011-3549336 C-3 0253-351067 0253-351492 C-4 Yes .

033-667 1160/ 8749 C-5 Yes 033-6507149 033-6507010 C-6 079-5830683/684 079-5830324 C-7 C-8 Yes Yes (ISO9002) 033-243 3433 033-334 5302 C-9 0033-134631224 0033134631212 C-10 Yes 033-2391193 033-2489382 C-11 (ISO9002) 033-3293182 07104-37769 07104-37050 07104-36850 033-2440397 C-12 C-13 022-5782451 022-578-2451 C-14 Yes 040-817436 040-817440 040-813164 C-15 033-23506735 C-16 C-17 C-18 C-19 Trasformer Traella Ball valve Fire extinguisher Blind Installation Bare cubicle HB-1&HB-2 22 50 301 278 288 03303326607581/4721 26604886/4945/7581 186 C-20 .

C-21 0044-55366413333 044-536721020 D-1 Yes Fibre Glass Insulation Kit 297 0755-586927 0755-783452 D-2 Yes 033-660 4897/ 1068 033-660 7281/ 2699 D-3 033-4721438 033-4132722 D-4 033-2418276 D-5 D-6 Yes 0061-3-9558-0666 0061-3-95581011 D-7 (ISO9002) 0341-564110 D-8 0343-207998 0343-547490 D-9 D-10 E-1 Yes Fire resistant cement 180 033-4631152/ 3937 E-2 (ISO9001) 033-2471625 E-3 Yes 0332478997/7875/0290 044-5377495 5570264 044- 044-5171149 E-4 (ISO9002) .

022-206 9667 022-206 8191 E-5 E-6 E-7 Yes 666-9346 033-666-6955 E-8 Yes 033-5574327/ 528 2311 033-5574327 E-9 (ISO9002) 033 2555 8772 E-10 E-11 011-2280964 011-643 9171 E-12 033-24657011 033-22232178 (Mobile-9831153087) E-13 Yes 0422-574691 0422-573697 E-14 (ISO9001) 033 2482263/0425 033 2487382 E-15 E-16 Yes 5812641 E-17 .

66539 033 2413898 23 F-4 0049-2331-9656-0 0049-23319656-56 F-5 Yes 0049-7424-84021 0049-742484021 033 2472427 F-6 Yes 033 2478015/9162 F-7 F-8 Yes .022-5480517 022-5320571 0049-8963628536 033-650 7010/ 668-8927 0120-232148 0332821057/5365 E-18 Yes 0049-89-63623798 033-568 0458/ 7310 E-19 E-20 0120-2321420 0332826217/3414 Yes E-21 (ISO9000) 033-2203180 033-2104706 E-22 E-23 F-1 Battery box assembly 277 0334136302/4724664 033-337 1465/357 3502 033 4122810 F-2 033-357 3502 F-3 033 2412019/3960.

080 678068/6780095 080 6688443 F-9 61-8-9385 1089 61-8-9385 2873 F-10 022-8322928 -8342968 (W) -4304411/3075 (O) 022-4362160 F-11 0041-713530606 0041713530707 F-12 Yes 033-2230554/ 0560/0563 033-2230732 F-13 F-14 033-2473817 033-2403572 F-15 0755-561902 F-16 Temperature sensor Plywood (Impregnated Compressed laminated) 52 312 F-17 033-5567006 G-1 033-220 1536 0422-888513 -880130 09843021701 Mobile 033-220 1536 G-2 0422-888523 G-3 Yes (ISO9001) .

74572.72882.74573 0061 39782 4511 91-7272-72729 G-4 Yes G-5 0041-13828212 0041-13614149 G-6 Yes 033 602652/5228 033-3505289 033 605247 033-3512696 G-7 G-8 Yes (ISO9001) 0049-7223-804-0 0049-722321075 G-9 0135-697207 0135-755802 G-10 033-25536838 022-26863424 033-4787372 -2844457 033-25530425 022-26865163 G-11 G-12 H-1 Voltmeter battery SRBGF item 64 96 022 2014141/2065151/20 022 2389201 95151 H-2 Yes 080 6687742 080 6687742 H-3 (0) 666-8768 667-4372 H-4 022-3861761/380223 022-3861799 H-5 .0061 39782 4477 75314.

H-6 Yes 033 2264443/7546 033 2497532 H-7 Yes Yes 022 5642432/2460 033-248 0941/0942/0946/ 0947/0948 19522211 022-8372280 -8329325 09821089387 Mobile 033-2216651 -2378194/5702 0341-510688/ 203781 95120 4420462/4420470 0332400755/2476385/ 2476396 0039-39-839251 022 5642432/2460 95120-4420736 033-2400755 033-2258327 H-12 Yes (ISO 9002) 022 5644352/4114 033-2483175 H-9 -2486155 19522323 H-10 Yes H-8 (ISO9001) 022-8372281 H-11 H-13 H-14 I-1 Spring loaded footswitch 72 0039-39-833227 022 5644352/4114 Yes I-2 (ISO9001) 033-3526186/4263 I-3 0333298540/2448806 033-3298540 I-4 I-5 .

033-247-6839 033-247-4217 I-6 YES 033-556-6646 I-7 I-8 033-244-6578 033-2448806 I-9 0755-553141/ 553532 0755-553538 I-10 Yes 9831015128 033 4667974 I-11 06542-51275/ 40809 033-2642 8603 033-3508626 033-2642 8144 I-12 I-13 I-14 Grommet for wiper pipe pass Plywood (Impregnated Compressed laminated) 306 312 J-1 J-2 033-2474061 033-2407306 033-2475161 J-3 033-2475161 -2475057 033-237 2304 033-237 2304 J-4 J-5 .

Yes 08005530026. 03222 55340 (0129)-2272524 033 6682452. 4539 033-553 3228 J-6 (ISO9001) Yes 0265-380633 0265-381871 J-7 033-243 1483 033-243 3700 J-8 J-9 SB1/SB2 bare cubicle 289 022 895489 022 8016207 K-1 K-2 032-2255340 032-2255376 K-3 080 3322111/3322771 K-4 Yes 033 6681614/1283. 03222 55376 K-5 Yes (ISO9002) Yes 0129-2275935 K-6 31186635500 020-670341/ 670133/674590 31188612322 K-7 020-678336 K-8 Yes 033-557 5843 033 5568212 K-9 033-2469169 033-2469169 K-10 033-2475 3264 033-275 3264 K-11 .

6530266(W) 079-5322407 Trasformer Traella Set of cable gland 22 95 033-2823834 M-1 079-5323548 M-2 M-3 0407171101/2791/3990 040-7174908 M-4 M-5 Yes .K-12 K-13 K-14 K-15 0041-18635111 0041-18535420 L-1 Yes Battery box assembly Nylon tube Wiper assembly 277 331 339 033-3343288 033-3340455 L-2 033-226 3437/3973 L-3 Yes (ISO9002) 033-2210754 033-4739087 L-4 L-5 0061-3-9761-1233 0061-3-97611544 L-6 L-7 L-8 Yes 2829195. 2826848(O) 6532032.

31 961 2280 M-17 033-2671 1441 033-2671 1441 M-18 M-19 Trasformer Traella Snubber circuit Ball valve SRBGF item Set of rubber items 22 27 50 96 125 033-677 0689 M-20 0748033592/51013 M-21 M-22 .033-4406716 033-235 1351/9845 033-667 4524 033-4402932 033-235 1351 M-6 M-7 M-8 Yes 033-554 5481/9837 0657-494222/ 494064 033-236 8582/ 2374452 672-1635 / 3661 Factory-6532391 033-555 9703 0657-424973/ 421291 033-2150180 M-9 (ISO9002) M-10 M-11 M-12 M-13 Yes 0049-9549890 0049-95498911 M-14 Yes M-15 0041-652534070 0041652534071 M-16 Yes 0041-31 961 02 72 0041.

033-6673807 M-23 M-24 Bolt(pin) Damper Copper tubes 228 231 329 022-3891621-2 033-556 8376/ 556 8516/337 9603 022-3802950 M-25 033-556 8519 N-1 022-8327511 022-8377366 N-2 Yes 033-5548985 N-3 Yes ISO-9001 Yes (ISO9001) 0141-223221 0141-22259 N-4 033-2822279 033 2822279. N-5 033-24657011 033-22232178 (Mobile-9831153087) 033-2485102 N-6 N-7 O-1 O-2 SRBGF item Hotmelt tape Plywood (Impregnated Compressed laminated) 96 183 312 033-3299483/ 9712 P-1 033-442 7150 P-2 0172-653355 0172-692617 P-3 022-2018225/ 2812158/ 2817197 022-2817197/ 2018225 P-4 .

033-242-6546 (216) 943-5700 P-5 (216) 943-3129 P-6 Yes 033-650-5337 033-650-5337 P-7 Yes Yes P-8 (ISO9002) P-9 0041-627392828 0041627392810 P-10 Yes 25630606 25630607 P-11 Yes 0041-19448111 033-557-8715 0041-19409858 P-12 Yes P-13 033-337 7247 040-7125595 040-7121219 P-14 033-2208624 033-2434078 P-15 033-358 6468/1765 033-586 468 P-16 033-6670071 033-6670071 P-17 P-18 .

2466 5891 07552552195/25550085/2 0755-550504 550508/2555633. 9826054140 5732736 5732736.57337 57 P-21 Catenary voltmeter 66 P-22 SRBGF item 96 P-23 SD sleeve 111 033-2482829 033-232 0237 033-238 7162 P-24 P-25 P-26 P-27 Yes Set of rubber items 125 Set of non metalic hoses 127 Insulating base Brass pipe fitting (ISO9002) 245 326 033-24854607 R-1 R-2 R-3 022022-24166426 24181856/24166706 0731-563986/ 561707 R-4 Yes 0731-562707 R-5 (ISO9002) .033-5671285/ 3604 033-5341522 P-19 080-338 2399 P-20 Earth fault relay harmonic filter 30 033-2249 9286.

Oil cooling pipe Cab activating key switch Set of roof bars Battery box assembly St.508 0124-633 3442 6488.09810893102 033-5592749 033-2458512 R-20 S-1 . steel tube FRP under panel of CAB Copper tubes 70 86 277 337 303 329 033-667 3749 033-220 9309 R-15 R-16 R-17 033-24684836 033-24460504 R-18 R-19 0124233342/2322457.033-2827003 033-2447390 R-6 Yes Yes 080-5588167 080-5586039 R-7 (ISO9002) R-8 033-2475971 033-2870549 033-2475553 R-9 Yes R-10 033-3509308 R-11 033-2458512 033-2458512 R-12 080-847 8966/967 080-847 8989/3537116 R-13 R-14 Trf.

6 .Yes 040-3599174 040-3599173 S-2 (ISO9002) Yes 0434476761 0434476035 S-3 (ISO9001) 022-3869291/9295 022-3851183 S-4 033-2418276 S-5 Yes 033-457-2652/2256 033-4672256 S-6 (ISO9000) 033-3434149 033-2263190 S-7 033 2821023/9009 033 2422209 S-8 Yes 033-4684836/ 4460504 033-446 0504 S-9 (ISO9002) S-10 033-555 3578 S-11 Yes Yes 033-2467984-5 .7 033-249-5305 S-12 (ISO9002) S-13 Yes .

237-5160 / 5187 S-15 (ISO9002) 033-2372968 S-16 033-4787285 S-17 0041-8303161 0041-8306196 S-18 Yes Yes 022-7600001 022-7600058 S-19 (ISO9001) S-20 0049(9721)562118 0049(9721)5626 53 S-21 Yes 0124-340300 341300 0124-342111 S-22 0657-409059 033-237-2691 0657-234052 S-23 Yes 033-2152925 006139822 9037 S-24 (ISO9002) Yes 0061-39823 7200 S-25 0061397933663 0061397911559 S-26 Yes 0041-564256688 0041584250372 S-27 Yes .0041-227394111 0041227394361 033-4491174 S-14 Yes Yes 033-4682308 033 .

6 .033-659 0400/ 2365/5134 033-659 5134 S-28 0049-2392916-0 0049-23922505 S-29 033 4003363 479-8531/8723 033-229 0838/1170/5260 033-236 5758/237 3804 033 479 5705 033-226 2707 S-30 S-31 033-260 0958 S-32 Yes S-33 (ISO9002) 033-2467984-5 .7 033-249-5305 033-4784661 033-4784886 S-34 Yes S-35 033-24-3234 033-242184 033-24-1764 0212-790053/791044 /791885/790565/ 0212-790053 784281 033-2202452 033-2482829 Yes S-36 S-37 S-38 033-6513120 S-39 S-40 Air compressor Auxikiary BOLT (pin) Dc Dc converter FDU 2 228 21 24 033-24657011 033-23573481 033-22232178 033-3577877 S-41 S-42 S-43 .

2402528.(33-1)41298900 (33-1)47084182 S-44 Relay for Control Electronics On/ Off 32 73 221 89 96 125 125 127 135 197 S-45 033-299759/2499817 033-2493259 033-2650 4709 033-2660 6233 S-46 S-47 S-48 S-49 S-50 S-51 S-52 S-53 033-226 1521/ 5232 417 T-1 Key switch simulation Axle Box Complete without Bearing(WAG-9 & WAP-7) Resister harmonic filter SRBGF item Set of rubber items Set of rubber items Set of non metalic hoses Head light lamp Set of bracket 080-8520409 080-8520417 T-2 0657-407391 033-26 4125 0341-251548 033-4783630 0657-200416 033-264220 0341-250403 033-4783649 T-3 T-4 T-5 T-6 033-28220091/4 033-2820081 T-7 T-8 033 2475984. 2806017 Yes 033 2404259 T-9 .

033-243 3788 033-2433700 T-10 033-6669346 033-666-6955 T-11 T-12 Yes T-13 Yes 033-280 6723/6724 033-280 1006/ 474 8810 T-14 080-8520366 080-8520008 T-15 T-16 044 26258460 044 26257493 T-17 T-18 Master controller Set of cable tie 64 103 T-19 0657-300559 0657-222025 T-20 Inter Lock Assly. 307 U-1 .

0227691814/1819 U-2 331422 205468 U-3 U-4 0061-397634400 0061-39364 8575 U-5 033-22203414 033-22489051 U-6 U-7 033-6502510 033-6502205 033-248 0989/7955 Set of metalic plate 033-6606235 V-1 V-2 033-2237/2052 033-22367679 0049-6181-3882502 V-3 Buzzer for vigilace/fire /alarm 59 Ferite core MS Hardware 116 341 0049-6181-38-2502 V-4 V-5 033- W-1 W-2 033 24653722 W-3 .0227692141 033-2426783.0332421314/6783.

033-570-1911 033-570-0215 W-4 022-3462728 W-5 Copper tubes 329 022-5000805 022-5002253 Z-1 0049-7541306-01 0049-7541306100 Z-2 .

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