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Backyard Aquaculture in Hawaii: A Practical Manual

Backyard Aquaculture in Hawaii: A Practical Manual

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Published by: Aquaponics on Dec 18, 2010
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The animals in your system will live and
grow best if the system is set up and managed
so that it meets their needs. For some animals,
many of the requirements are well known, as
you learned in Chapter 5. However, few animals
have been studied enough for culturists to know
all their needs. The species recommended in this
book for small-scale aquaculture are reasonably


even die, under extreme heat or cold. At some
intermediate temperatures to either side of the
optimum, some lesser rate of growth takes place.
Such temperatures are said to “limit” the
animal’s growth, or, stated another way, the ani-
mal is stressed by the temperature. The picture
in Figure 7.1 will have a similar shape for many
different “factors,” but the numbers on the scales
will be different for each animal and factor.

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