HKMUN 2011

Position Paper on the Republic of Yemen
Country: People’s Republic of China The People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Yemen enjoy an amicable, co-operative relationship, with China firmly supporting Yemen’s sovereignty and independence. United by a common desire for peace and stability, a traditional and friendly relationship has flourished. China wishes to continue to develop it’s strong bilateral relationship with Yemen, conducive to increased economic development and co-operation, of benefit to both states. Chinese imports into Yemen already account for 11.6% of all Yemen’s imports, China wishes to work in partnership with Yemen to expand these valuable trade links. In recent years, China has signed many important agreements with Yemen, such as the 20012003 Agreement between China and Yemen on Educational Co-operation. China hopes that Sino-Yemeni agreements such as these will increase and continue to contribute to both Yemeni and Chinese society. The People’s Republic of China is committed to the continued sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen and as such does not recognise the rights of any other to threaten Yemeni independence in any way. China hopes to continue to support Yemen in her development towards stability and the resolution of both internal and external conflicts. By providing financial and developmental aid, and establishing strong trade links, China has contributed towards Yemeni strides towards a stable state. With terrorism becoming an increasingly worrying trend in the global community, China’s position is clear cut: China firmly opposes terrorism as the common enemy of mankind and believes that in order to stamp out terrorism stability is key. China firmly maintains that an underdeveloped state provides ample opportunity for underground terrorist groups to flourish and so applauds the Yemeni Government’s endeavours to develop their economy, infrastructure and combat the terrorist threat. China is willing assist the Yemeni government if it so wishes, and encourages other members of the international community to do so too. Only by co-operation and mutual understanding between Yemen and the global community can stability and peace ever be achieved.

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