Jesus The Light

Theatrical Production

About this book
This theatrical production of “Jesus The Light” is an original work by the people of Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock. The production weaves together a dramatic script by Ed Lowry with powerful music and art from the festival to tell one great story: Jesus came to penetrate our darkness and confusion to give us His light of redemption and purpose. Through the interactions of three stories: Mary and Joseph’s journey to embrace a life they never imagined; Camille, a commissioned artist locked in fear to produce her life’s best work; and a prisoner’s torment that his life “on the outside” will be as hopeless as it is behind bars... we see the straining for purpose each of us longs to fulfill.

Special Thanks
Pam Smith - Festival Administrator Ed Lowry - Creative Director Jenny Rogers - Assistant Director Zach Fonville - Graphic Designer Deana McCormack - Choreographer Carolyn Buchner - Marketing Dave Younkman - Technical Director Rik Hedlund - Lighting Director Darrell Adcock - Producer/Music Director Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock Arkansas December 2009

Jesus The Light
A special thanks to the members of Fellowship for supporting the power of the arts used by God’s hand to His glory.

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