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1. What marketing is and why you should learn about it?
2. Understand the difference between micro-marketing
and macro-marketing.
3.Understand why marketing is crucial to economic
development and our global economy.
|arketing - what¶s it all about?

|arketing is much more then selling and advertising.

|arketing is actually larger

process that provides needed
direction for production and
helps make sure that the right
goods and services are
produced and find their way
to consumers.
|arketing is important to you

|arketing is important to every consumer. One

important reason for learning about marketing
is that marketing affects almost every aspect of
your daily life.
|arketing affects economic
growth. An even more basic
reason for studying marketing
is that marketing plays a big
part in economic growth and
development. |arketing
stimulates research and new
ideas - resulting in new goods
and services.
|icro - or - macro marketing

The first definition

is a R -level
definition. It focuses
on activities
performed by an
organization. The
second is a R-
level definition. It
focuses on the
economic welfare of
a whole society.
The role of marketing in economic
An effective macro-marketing system is necessary
for economic development.
Improved marketing is often the key to growth in
less-developed nations.

Without an effective macro-

marketing system, many people in
less-developed nations are not able to
leave their subsistence way of life.
They can¶t produce for the market
because there are no buyers. And
there are no buyers because everyone
else is producing for their own needs.
As a result, distribution systems and
intermediaries do not develop.
vy learning more about market-oriented decision making,
you will be able to make more efficient and socially
responsible decisions.
This will help improve the performance of individual firms
and organizations. And eventually, it will help our macro-
marketing system work better.