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The Great Calculus Challenge!
Your job as a class is to use calculus to figure out the following: If we put a ramp on the roof of the school release a block from the top (so that it builds up momentum, slides down the ramp, and careens off the roof) where on the ground will it land? You have until Thursday to figure this out. In addition to math, you may experiment with the ramp and the block (but you may not go up to the roof). On Thursday, we’ll all go outside and one person will go up to the roof and release the block at the top of the ramp. Your entire class will get one chance to put the cup where you think the block will land, and the block has to land in the cup. Again, that’s one shot for the entire class (after all, when NASA launches rockets they don’t get any do-overs!) so you better make sure that you agree on your calculations!

What do you have to do?   Participate. This is a full-class collaborative effort. Turn in your “guess” as to where the block will land, with a mathematical justification of why.

I wonder where the block will land! If only I knew some calculus…

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