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The Tentative Scientific Programme

The Tentative Scientific Programme

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DAY 1: 9th Saturday, April, 2011

Registration /Breakfast

Session : I
08.35-09.00 09.00-09.20 09.20-09.40 09.40-10.00 10.00-10.30 10.30-10.50

Introduction and overview: Dr. Bhaskar Borgohain , Organizing Secy.IORACON 2011 The Present Indian Scenario of Rheumatological Practices: Dr. Manish Khanna, Secy Gen. IORA Surgical options in Orthopaedic Rheumatology: Prof. Shantanu Lahkar Cartilage Metabolism in health and disease: Dr. Bipul Borthakur Interactive session with the participants: Facilitator Dr.S.K.Mahendra Break CME Lectures Management of arthritic disorders in remote areas: the Challenges and Pitfalls: Prof.S.S.Jha Practice of Rheumatology: the North-East scenario: Dr. B.P.Chakraborty/ Dr Molly Thabah Red flags in connective tissue disorders : Dr Mahendra Kudchadkar Interactive session with participants

Session : II
10.50-11.20 11.20-12.00

12.00-12.20 12:20-13.00


Panel Discussion Assimilating Medical & Surgical Rheumatology :Both sides of the same coin Moderators: Brig. Dr. Ved Chaturvedi, Dr.G.S.Kulkarni, Pof.Shantanu Lahkar Panelists: Prof. M.S.Dhillon, Prof. Kabul Saikia, Dr. Manish Khanna, Dr. Pradip Kr. Sarma, Dr Bhaskar Borgohain Principles of management of osteoarthritis in younger individuals: Dr.G.S.Kulkarni Problems of decision making in management of arthritis: Prof. S.S.Jha Joint replacement in arthritic disorders-Triumph & Challenges: Prof.A.K.Singh Break Interactive session with participants Formulating the Best therapeutic approach in immune mediated arthritis: Brig. Dr. Ved Chaturvedi. Evidence based approach to Chondroprotection : Past, Present and the emerging trend: Dr. M.P.Das

13.50-14.20 14.20-14.40 14.40-15.00 15.00-15.15 15.15-15-45 15-45-16.15 16.15-17.00

DAY 2: April 10th , 2011

Session : I
08.30-09.30 09.30-10.00 Release of Scientific Souvenir by Special Guest Video presentation on Osteoarthritis by Secy, IORA followed by Free Paper Presentations Joint restoration surgeries in arthritic disorders- An overview: Prof. R.K.Baruah Minimally invasive surgeries in arthritic disorders: Prof. M.S.Dhillon

10:00-10:20 10.20-10.50 10.50-11.10 11.10-11.30 11.30-12.10 12.10-12.30

Break Managing the Extra-articular manifestation in RA: Dr.Molly Thabah Prevention of deformity in Arthritic disorders: Dr.Madhu Chandra Rehabilitation challenges in RA: Dr.Valencia Myrboh Hand surgery options in RA: Prof.Anil Mahanta Myths and realities in Management of Gout : Dr. Sanjib Kakati Interactive session with the participants

Session : II
12.30-13.00 13.00-13.20 13.20-14.00 Lunch Scope of biotechnology and nanotechnology in joint and cartilage restoration: Dr.Utpal Borah, IIT(G) Brainstorming Session/Focused Group Discussion Minimally Invasive Techniques in joint disorders: Facilitator: Dr.G.S.Borgohain Experts :Dr.G.S.Kulkarni,Prof.S.S.Jha, Prof. R.K.Baruah, Prof. A.K.Singh, Prof. Anil Mahanta, Dr. E.K.Singh

14.00-14.20 14.20-14.40 14.40-15.00 15.00-15.20 15.20-15.40
* Tentative

Newer modes of therapy in AS and RA: Dr. Pradip Kr. Sarma Trends in Management of Juvenile RA in Indian Scenario: Dr.RashnaDass Role of Tribology lab and engineering principles in understanding Joint Disorders: Dr.S.Kanagaraj Analgesia Challenges in arthritis associated pain: Dr. Sanjib Kakati Valedictory function and interaction with media for advocacy

9th April 2011 6.30 pm - 7.45 pm: Formal Inauguration and Cultural programme Introduction and welcoming of the Guests: Compeer Welcome address by Organizing Secy. Opening remarks by Director NEIGRIHMS Formal inauguration by the Chief Guest: Lighting of the lamps Speech from Organizing Chairman Words from IORA Speech by Chief Guest Vote of thanks

8.15 pm onwards: Inaugural Dinner 10th April 2011 8.00 am – 8.30am: Breakfast 12.20 pm – 13.00 pm: Lunch 15.20-15.40 pm- Valedictory function and interaction with media for advocacy

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