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Koopatroopa crochet Pattern

Koopatroopa crochet Pattern


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Published by agorilla123
How to make a crochet koopatroopa toy .
Como hacer un muñeco koopatroopa de crochet.
How to make a crochet koopatroopa toy .
Como hacer un muñeco koopatroopa de crochet.

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Published by: agorilla123 on Dec 18, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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'Worsted vveig ht ya rri in the n e-xt~·q 0"10 r s: .

• Green

• BrcYWn .• Ye lIoVII


*, G.A·UG.E- hohe i"n po.rttc'u tor,

.. [u st bH sure tho f ya u c.roc be t

Ught ena u g rrtrro ttne stuffin-g

will nqt come o u L. '

·White • B'eige

* Stitchm 0 rk e rs ,

*"Y9 rn .&. e mbroid $.ry nE3'E3-·d IE?'S. * P 0 Iy~ fi 1/ Fa b rice to stu ff .

Cro:chet TechniC!lue$ Ne'e:d'ed * A.dj u sta b I.e rin g

* lncr'e o_slng dnd. d.'ecfe·o sing

>, .

* ~in.gle c-rache,t


t. The "text inside'this*'lntHca'fej'th'Er:P\:::frt'O'f the' rDUnd.'tharyou ha-ve'to' repea-t

2. KQopa Troopd is mQd,~.in contin_uous' sp.i.rOI?' with9Qtjq.ihihg the rOLJnqs. It· i?' prEttt~l irrportdnt th(;jt""ynu rrrork theftrst sfitdh jn".8a;ch round _and kee:p··th;e. trock of the coUnting th,o;t I'ctesciibe in eC'i:ah' round. You c6n use'd stilthmarker or a little piece bryarn i'n~G ,different color. Move th"e mark:er"'before chonging,eg,Ch ~.o.und.

3·. Finished Size: qp-pr65<. 6 i nches'ldll

This is a work I lcensed under the Creati"ve Cbmmons Attribution - N oncommercial- No DerivQtiv'e -w arks 3.0, if yo.u need more i nfarm otlon .abQ,ut thi~s ,go to:

http: lJ creat;yecomm Qns. ora/licenses/oy -oc-nd/3. 0/.

Please do not share, coPy, reproduce or sell this, pattern or Or)'Y doll mode by this, thanks!



Round 1 .~ Clf'Ceote an AdjuST(lblle ring, and wonk B SC jn the ritng. Dpn"'t1Q,irn. P'leose; ·OOn 't forg:s~ to

rnork the flrs't' sUtc h of eoc h rou nd, ~-~~- S;:'ih. .

Round 2 - ~IINC .2TOG In the next .2sts r SC in the next 2stsOit {2 times) ~-~1 <2:s~'s:.

Round:3 - $IINC .2TOG In the f1rst' stl'tch, SC ln the next sti~cl1, INC 2tOG jn the· next stitch. SC in the

next 3sts* f2 times} ~-~ '1 6 S~S.· ,

Round 4 ~ "'~NC2~OG in the next stitch. :SCrn the next _str~ch, ~NIC .2TOG in the next' sUtch, SCin the next s.titch, INC2TO"G", SG In 'the ri·ex1' 3stS.'9: (:2 tlme~J -~- 22sit.s,.

Round.s ~ >toliNG 2IOG fn the f~s't' sUtch, SC in the next ,2.8,ts* (7 times), ~NC2l0G m the:~oM smcl1 of tlh is rQU nd, -~- 3,o,s.t.s,

Round 6 to Roundl '~ 1- SCin eoch stitt:h,.~-~ 3Q.:sb.

Round 12 ~ SC In the ne.d 5sts, INC 2TOG in the t'lEnd ollsh. $C In the next 11 sis, INC 2TOG In the hex] 4.st's,

SC in th~' ne"":t6sh-~ 38:st$~ .., ,_.... - . . _.. . _. -,., - - .. .

Round 13 - Sc itn each sfltch -~- 38sts.

Round 14-- sC itn The next 65t$, ~NC .2JOGin the next Sst.s., SC itn The next1lasts, 'NC,2TOG ~n 'the next

Sst's, SC ·~11 the next 9sts, -~ 48sK . . -

Round 1 S - sc itn· the rlextBs.t$~ ~NC 2iDO in '~'he next stitch, SC in the ns?<t 2s*S, INC ,2TOGin the rH~)xt .Mitch, SCin llhe nex~ 2sts. ~NC :ZTOG in the nex.ts~~tch, SC:~n thre next 16sts, INC .2100. in the nex' st~tch, SC in th~ ne"":t2sh, INC 2TQG itn th,s hex.t .MTtch, SC in llhe nexl 25t5. ~NC :ZTOG in the next sUtch, SC: ~n thrE! next ~ Qst s -- 545.t$.

Round 16 ~ SC·i'n the ne.d 1 Osts, ~NC.2l0G in thenext s.mch, SC un the next 3Ms, mNC .~liO:G In 'the next Mitch, SCin lhe nex~ .83f5. n~c :ZTOG irn the· nexts~~tch, SC: ]n 'the next· 3s~, INC-,2TOG ~n the next sti'h::h. SC ~n 'thre·next 8st:s~ iNC 2:TOG in th~ hiQ<xt stitch, SC in the next·3'sT&, INC 2TOG In th,s hex] s,t~tch, SC in llhe next l3st s --6051'5.

Round i 7 to 19~ 'sc ~n eoch sfltoh -~- 60s*s.

Round 20 - SC itn The next Bst, DEC 2TO{;t SC in the next .2sb. DEC .2TO"G",. SGIn 'the ri·ext 2sts, IDJEC

2TQG,. :SC In the next' 2.0sts. DEC2TOG, SC m the: next 2s-t~;. DEG"2TOc;., Sc in the rrext ~st'$, DEC .2TOG, SC in the· dext 12 sts, ~-~ 54st's ..

Round 21 ~ *D.EC~TOG •. SC in th~ hext2sts*' {13 nm:E!!:s], DEC,2TOG ~-~ 4O~t$,. Round22~ OitSC in f'ihe rr~xt 2'St~,. D:EC2~OG* (1 0 t~mes) ~-~~ 30sts .• Stuff WIlth polyfllt

Round.23 ~ OitSC in f'ihe rr~xt st", DEC 2TOG~ unti~1 closure, fa~Ten on rleove a ~engM of yom to ort·tO.ch, H' to the heod,


Round '1- mnke tlllr1adjustob~e r~ngl end work.S SC - 8 sts .. Round .2 - *'INC2TOG in eoch stitch*' (8 irmecsj'- 16sts .. Round 3 - *'SC in the nextst, INC2TOG!I; (B t.ime'S) -~- 24s11s. Round -4 - SC in each smch-~~ .24.sb.

Round ,5 .~ *'SC in the next 2s[s~ INC2TOGi!O (8 [rmesl'-~~32sh. Round 6 to "8 - SC in eoch stitch .~~- 32:)'~s· ..

RoundSi' - *'SC in the nexT 2sh~ DEC2TOG* {is Tlmesl'-~ 2.4s:ts. Round 10- Sc ln eotCh .stitch-~- 2Mb.

Round 11 _"'SC in the! next.st, DlEC2TOG rs 'tlmes~- 1651'$, Round 1.2 _i!ODEG2TOG (8 tlme'Sl'~~ 8sts. StU~f with polyfilii. .

Round 13 _ seC iln ecch stiTch-~- ash. / .

Round '1 4 ~·"'DEG2TOG~' f4 times) ~- 4sts.

Cbs~it ortd leove a ~englht Of yom to oUach i1 'to The' head,


Mak.e.2 of thls, stali' With White

Round '1 - make Oln adjustoblle 1I':~ng, and work ;8 SC-8 B1"S',

Round ;2 - '*INC2TOG in' the ned 2 st SC In ffhe neX'~' 2· sts ... (2 Urnes) ~~ l.2sts.

Round.3 - SC in The' first st', ~NC2liOG infihe.. ne;d 2 Sit, SC ~i1the next -4 sts, ING2TOG~n the next' L st, S C in. til e nex t 3 S ts.~-- 1i ests, Fosven 0 rt WiT h b ~o ck YOlm add til e p upiile' on d ottcc h til em '~O t he

head befbr&~he nose. ".


IRound1 =rnoke an ao~u:dalbie rhg ond work e sC - 8.sts., IRouhd 2. - '!;IN'C2fOGin each s.1]jtc.h;;< (8 timeSi)-- l6sts .. IRound 3 - *SCin the next 51'., iIINC2:TOG* f8 timres)- 245t:s,. Round 4 - *SCin the next 2515, HNC210G'* {B tims's}- 32:5'ts. IRound .5 to 7 - SC in each sfltch ---- 325't5_

IRouhd 8 - *SCin the nex:t'3sts. IINC2TOG* {8 'times)--40sts"

IRound 9 - SC in each sit]jtch - 40s15. '

Round IO - *SCin the [next 4:5151 IINC2JOG* Ira timi,es)- 4851'5. IRound 11 to 17 -, SC in 'each sfltch ---- 485115_'

IRouhd 18 - ~SCin 'the next 4s1s, DEC2rOG*' (8 Hmes)I--- 403]S. IRound19 - Sc in each :s;t]1tch - A051s., Round 20 - *:SC in the next 3sh, DEC2rOG* (8 Hmes,---,- 32sts., IRound 21 - SC in each sit]tch -- 32sts.

IRouhd 22 - ~SCin 'the next 2s1s, DEC2fOG*' (8 Hmes)I--- 24s]s., IRound 23 - Sc in each :s;mch - 2451s. stun with rolyfiH

Round 24 - *:SC in the nex" 51, IDEC2JOG~_ pepeoi untilill closure. _' , _

IFqsf'enDft h]de the rema:hing yarn. With ,b.rowrrl' vernodd the defiai!ls of the Hnes.


Leave a lenght of varn ot the begJrlJ"I~'ng to pulll U qui orrce youfinish~he arm to Clldd the thumb. Round .1- make an adius.tab~e dng: end work eSc - 8 srs,

Round 2.- lIJSC in the ne:;d stitch, IINC2IOG ~4v~mas}~~- 12sts.

Round.3 to 5 - Sc ~neach smch--]2csts.

Round 6 ~ !lJSC in "the ne·xi s-t~tch, D.EC2fOG" ,4 t~'mes}~-~ 12sts:.

Round 7 to l4 - SC in each .smch -- 14sts. Stuff with, poly[~U, '~asten off ond leove a. langht o'~ yom to

attach it to 'the head. .


Round 1- moke on odjustab~er]ng GnQ work·8 SC -,8 sts, Round .2 ~. "'INC2TOG in 'eoch sti1ch"iI! {iJ Tlmes}:-- 16sts', Round·3 ~. &OSC in "the ne:xi sr, INC2TOG ~8 iim.ss)-- 245tS. Round 4 ~. Be in ecch smc'h '_ .24sts ..

Round 5 ~. -sc !tn "-the n:e~T' 2sb, INcirOG ,f8 t~mes}-~- 3~ts. Round·6 ~. &OSC In the n:e~t 3sh, INC2TOG fa t~me$l'-~- 405is. Round 7 to ~ 0- SCtra each .smch -- 405T5. .e

Round 11 - jjlSC in The next 3sts, ~NC2TOG (to time'S)-- 50sts. Round 12. - jjlSC in the next 4slS, ~NC2TOG ,to tlme'S)-- 60sts.

Round 13 to 1.7- SC fin eoch stltch -~-~ 6:0sh. F9$tenci~'f~ne green and wIth a dorker color odd the

detomsin the.sheili. then w.ark wUM white~. . -, "

Rou,nd 1 e to 1 9- H DC ln each .strtch-~- 60sffs .. on ce you ,got thIs, J olngl tih e twp rou rid .to m 0 ke ~t thicker, to cttoch it 79 the bOdy work in the tl!reN~'n port and! stiufflt" w~th polyriU once lt's ('Jlmqst

ottoched VO the: back pmt ot t'fle body_ . ,


Make- 2 of th~s, srort with beige

Round 1- moke p:n adjL1stob~e rhlgl end work,S SC - 8-~ts.

Round 2 - "'INC2TOG lnthe next 2 $]. SCin 'tlhe next 2, sts, (2 t~me~)-~ 12sb.

Round 3-S:C iln the frr;si':st IINczrDG In the next:2 st. SC m the next 4 sts, ING~TOG tn the next 2 st. sc irn the next :3 s'ts.~- lssts,

Round 4 - S:C iln Hlefrmt2st, INC2TOG ln the next 3 st SCin the next 5 S·fS., ~NC2TOG in the nex]' ;3, d. SC ilM 'the next 3 sts, ~~ Q2.sts., chong's. color togmen

Round 5- S:C iln the next' 4d. ~NC2l0'G~n 'the- next 3 :51', SC ilM 'the next 8 sts, INC2TOG in the n8xv 3 sf. SC ilM 'the next 4, 51's, ~~ 28sts.

Round 6 to 8 - SC In eochstltch -m_ 28.-st's.

Round 9- S:C iln'thefrr;si' sts, *D1EC2'j'OG, SC ln the next stich>!! ~4 times}. SC im the, next' 15 sis, =: ~~4 srs, Round 1 Qo~ ~DEC2TOG" SC in the IMext sTTch~ f3 T~mesl'. DEC2.TOG,( SCin the next 13 sts _ .• .2Q;'5TS', Round 11 _, SC, DEC2TOG,. DJEC2TOG, Sc in the nextl 5 sis: -~- ].8 51$. Fasten on and leove a lon.g Ilenght of yarn to moke 2 extro rounds over thls round. Change color to' yell low -

Round 12 .~' "'DEC2TOG:8J (3 times). SC lnthe next 1.2 .sTS m_ 15sfs. '

Round 13 '~' "'DEC2TOG, SC in the next 3~ 1:3 tilmesJ -'12sts, ,

Rot,Jnd 1 4 to 18. - SC In each stitch -~- 12sh. Fasten o'ft;rand ~e.ave a ~ong lenght of vorn to atta:ch the

Ilegs to the body. ~- -

Pidure note: irn thIs p;idur.,®" th e boots doesn't have tlh eex fm" roll nds th ct I men tlon ed ~1'11 t hie ] Uh.



N()w you have oll the sepcroted paris oW your koopo trocpo. this imlogeswilllill

giVe you a befter ideo of how j'Oing mhem.. -

If you have any doubt about th~s pattern or onv other of rnv creotlons pleose contact me: luisacQ,ntrera.s@gman .. cern

Plma:se do not .sh,clre I reproduc m or .seU thIs paHern ,or Cllln-y don mlode fro,m thispc'Hern, ..

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