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The Sleeping Prophet Energy from Joshua David Stone Manual by Lisa Center with final layout by Jens Søeborg

Joshua David Stone 110) (LightWorker™ Series) Andres Segovia Initiation (Dr. and if you translate. Joshua David Stone 111) (LightWorker™ Series) Norman Cousins Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone. channelled by Dr. I will do simple manuals to them when I have time. Joshua David Stone 140) (LightWorker™ Series) Close to this series are … LightWorker™ Remarkable Persons Initiations 1 (Dr. Joshua David Stone 97) (LightWorker™ Series) Michaelangelo Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 191) (LightWorker™ Series) Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 80) (LightWorker™ Series) Sri Sankara Initiation (Dr. LightWorker™ Spiritual Teachers Initiations (Dr. Joshua David Stone 186) (LightWorker™ Series) Joshua David Stone Initiations 1-2 (Dr. Joshua David Stone 152) (LightWorker™ Series) Fritz Perls Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 132) (LightWorker™ Series) Mahatma Gandhi Initiation 1-2 (Dr. Joshua David Stone 135) (LightWorker™ Series) Edgar Cayce Initiations 1-2 (Dr. I have sorted them differently.Edgar Cayce Initiations 1-2 (LightWorker™ Series) These initiations are two of the many. but I have kept the number as well. Joshua David Stone 85+149) (LightWorker™ Series) Meyer Baba Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 119) (LightWorker™ Series) Swami Vivekananda Initiation (Dr. then please pass a copy to enseikoshiro@yahoo. Joshua David Stone 181) (LightWorker™ Series) Jack La Lane Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 146) (LightWorker™ Series) Lady Ching Initiation 1-2 (Dr. They are from a numbered list of 303 initiations. Joshua David Stone 200) (LightWorker™ Series) Sri Yukteswar Initiation (Dr. coming directly from the Absolute Source of Divine Light and Divine Love. Joshua David Stone 143) (LightWorker™ Series) Ram Dass Initiation (Dr. mainly with material from Wikipedia. Joshua David Stone 41) (LightWorker™ Series) John Paul II Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 142) (LightWorker™ Series) Sai Baba Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone) Dalai Lama Initiation ( Joshua David Stone 120) (LightWorker™ Series) Leonardo da Vinci Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 210) (LightWorker™ Series) Martin Luther King Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 185) (LightWorker™ Series) Confucius Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 109) (LightWorker™ Series) Helen Keller Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 114+225) (LightWorker™ Series) Lady Diana Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 192) (LightWorker™ Series) Carl Jung Initiation (Dr. Dr. And remember they are all free of any charge and obligation. Joshua David Stone 78+101) (LightWorker™ Series) Mahatma Gandhi Latrine Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone) Albert Einstein Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 115+224) (LightWorker™ Series) Ken Keyes Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 147) (LightWorker™ Series) . Joshua David Stone 151) (LightWorker™ Series) Rudolf Steiner Initiation (Dr. Stonehave given them free as true gifts from our eternal and infinite Spirit. You are free to copy and pass on. Joshua David Stone 183) (LightWorker™ Series) Nikola Tesla Initiation (Dr. but skipped the "The" in front of all names. shown on the picture to the right. Joshua David Stone 102) (LightWorker™ Series) Nelson Mandela Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 40) (LightWorker™ Series) Benjamin Franklin Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 100) (LightWorker™ Series) Christopher Columbus Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 104) (LightWorker™ Series) Gloria Hoppala Initiation (Dr.

then please remember to take deep breaths in-between initiations. Joshua David Stone 204) (LightWorker™ Series) Virginia Satir Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 206) (LightWorker™ Series) Pythagoras Initiation (Dr. Later during a reading he gave it was confirmed by Spirit that the “whirlwind” visual was an accurate image and it was a fact that during the readings he was no longer constrained by space or time. Accept receiving the initiation from your teacher. Joshua David Stone 226) (LightWorker™ Series) Paul Solomon Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 148) (LightWorker™ Series) LightWorker™ Remarkable Persons Initiations 2 (Other founders) Leif Ericson Initiation (Jens Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series) Hildegard of Bingen Initiation (Jens Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series) Johannes Gutenberg Initiation (Jens Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series) Mother Teresa Initiation (Charmaine Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series) Front cover The cover of this manual is a picture of a quilt that hangs in the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment).” (From the readings of Edgar Cayce) Receiving the Initiation (Joshua David Stone) Start with Gassho (prayer posture). Joshua David Stone 180) (LightWorker™ Series) Socrates Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 144) (LightWorker™ Series) Omar Arabia Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 198) (LightWorker™ Series) Roberto Assagioli Initiation (Dr. Ask the help of your higher self and others of your helpers such as the mighty I AM presence. above you and inside of you. Joshua David Stone 81) (LightWorker™ Series) Plato Initiation (Dr. ascension and initiation. Make it your intention to pass this on to another and read it aloud waiting for a few moments in-between initiations. Meditate on the light and love energies around you. Joshua David Stone 205) (LightWorker™ Series) Robert Schuller Initiation (Dr. he saw himself as a tiny speck that was elevated in a whirlwind. In the dream. Enjoy! Expand! Relax… .Norman Vincent Peale Initiation (Dr. masters and Mahatma Guides of meditation. As the dot/speck traveled upward the vortex around it grew larger and larger connecting and expanding as it grew. Trust in the higher wisdom and Power. sensing the energies running and the spiritual shifts. Joshua David Stone 145) (LightWorker™ Series) Peace Pilgrim Initiation (Dr. Sense the energies! Enjoy! Expand! Relax… If you receive more than one initiation. “As indicated. a mere grain of sand: yet when raised in the atmosphere or realm of the spiritual forces it becomes all inclusive…. the entity is – in the affairs of the world – a tiny speck. as it were. Passing on the initiation (Joshua David Stone) To pass the initiation to others do the same process as above. Joshua David Stone 128) (LightWorker™ Series) Rosa Parks Initiation (Dr. It is based on a dream that Edgar Cayce had which in his understanding explained how he was able to access the information he received. the angels and archangels. Joshua David Stone 108) (LightWorker™ Series) William Shakespeare Initiation (Dr.

not only for the beach and surfing but to visit the center.) in Virginia Beach. The center was like a great metaphysical cornucopia. the only books you could find on energy and metaphysical topics were grouped under Occult in the bookstores. Benches were available for those who wanted to sit in a quiet cool room facing the ocean. It was here I first learned of the importance of colors. E. This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space. I am thankful for the time I had with her. and folding his hands over his stomach. closing his eyes. bench cushions and walls were all in various shades of sky blue. At that time. If I had not been seeking the information I was at that time I would have not met her and had her in my life. I met with my first spiritual group there. In the early 1970’s. The original hospital still stands beside the center and there is a meditation garden for those who prefer to be outside in meditation. indigo and violet. his presence continues to be felt within the buildings. Edgar Cayce demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state by lying down on a couch. I am grateful to Cayce for things he did not directly have a hand in (or did he?). there was a Meditation room. R. the timeliness of the material in the readings is evidenced by approximately one dozen biographies and more than 300 titles that discuss various aspects of this man's life and work. Selection was limited.E. Carpeting.Foreword (Lisa Center) I grew up in Newport News which is about 45 minutes away from the Edgar Cayce Center also known as the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A. I always left with a great feeling of peace. Although Cayce died more than sixty years ago. I took off for VA Beach. From this state he could respond to questions as diverse as "What are the secrets of the universe?" to "How can I remove a wart?" His responses to these questions came to be called "readings" and contain insights so valuable that even to this day individuals have found practical help for everything from maintaining a well-balanced diet and improving human relationships to overcoming life-threatening illnesses and experiencing a closer walk with God. but happened because of his work and the continued efforts of A.R. I also met my Mentor through an ARE group and though she is no longer on this plane. I think the first book I read about Cayce was There is a River and though Cayce himself had passed before I became old enough to get involved with the center. These books contain a corpus of information so valuable that even Edgar Cayce himself might have hesitated to . As soon as I learned to drive. VA. Edgar Cayce “For forty-three years of his adult life.

and even as a child his dream was to become a medical missionary.000 different subjects. This atmosphere may have in part accounted for his lifelong interest in the Bible. Edgar Cayce developed a severe case of laryngitis. For the most part. He was raised at a time when much of the country was experiencing the excitement of religious revival meetings. he had imaginary playmates. although best known for this material." and "holism" would have become household words to millions? Further details of Cayce's life and work are explored in the classic book There is a River by Thomas Sugrue (1942). As the days turned into weeks. he grew up surrounded by grandparents. Like many children. however." "Akashic records. but the condition persisted. his family attributed these experiences to an overactive imagination and paid little attention to them. He told her that. the sleeping Cayce did not seem to be limited to concerns about the physical body. Kentucky. Its stories and characters became familiar and very real to him. Sixty years ago who could have known that terms such as "meditation. Meditation. uncles. on March 18. once for every year of his life.predict their impact on the contemporary world. In fact. Even this vast array of subject matter. He was able to sleep with school books under his pillow and wake up able to discuss the text as if he had read it." "spiritual growth. This talent did not last long and Edgar left school early as a teenager to help his family financially. After all. (2) Philosophy and Reincarnation. He found comfort in reading the Bible and decided to read it through from cover to cover. “Unfortunately. can be narrowed down into a much smaller range of topics. many people lose their voice for a day or two. and Prayer. Even to this day individuals have found physical help from information given as long as 100 years ago! Yet. His first childhood and youth Edgar Cayce was born near Hopkinsville. . At first he was not really concerned.especially children when they were sick. At that early age no one might have ever guessed the unusual manner in which his dream would become a reality. but still Edgar was unable to speak above a whisper. the majority contain and deal with the following five categories: (1) Health-Related Information. he told his parents that he could sometimes see visions. At the age of six or seven. one day after taking a sedative in order to alleviate a headache. At the age of thirteen. occasionally talking to relatives who had recently died. Edgar had met the love of his life. The majority of Edgar Cayce's readings deal with health maintenance and the treatment of illness. in their entirety the readings discuss an astonishing number of 10." "soul mates." "auras. When compiled together. he was forced to give up his job as a salesman and he began looking for something else he could do that did not require much speaking. Doctors were called in and later on specialists. one rich with the heritage of nineteenth-century farm life. The only boy in a family of five children. (3) Dreams and Dream Interpretation. (4) ESP and Psychic Phenomena. 1877 and had a normal childhood in most respects. The laryngitis persisted for months and for a time Edgar gave up the idea of ever speaking normally again. and (5) Spiritual Growth. He worked for a time with his father who was an insurance salesman and Edgar was a traveling salesman for his company.” His childhood was pretty uneventful with some talents presenting themselves at various times. he wanted to help others . but they vanished as he grew older. more than anything. Gertrude Evans and was working towards the goal of having enough money for the two of them to marry. he had a vision that would influence him for the rest of his life: a beautiful woman appeared to him and asked him what he most wanted in life. aunts and cousins living nearby.

for with or without his voice they could have a life together . stating that before Layne awakened him the suggestion should be made that the blood circulation return to normal. who called himself "Hart. the Laugh King. Edgar rather liked working with photography. he and Cayce's family watched in amazement as the upper part of Edgar's chest and his throat turned a bright crimson red and the skin became warm to the touch. Gertrude let her fiancé make the decision. Knowing that some patients under hypnosis showed powers of clairvoyance. One showman. In the end. Hart hypnotized Cayce and told him that he would be able to regain his voice. Ever since the first experiment with Hart. to ask Edgar himself to talk about his condition. After Layne made the suggestion. but he found comfort in his loved one and in the Bible and he became content with the idea of settling down with a wife and children. Many people became convinced that somehow hypnotism was the cure to Cayce's problem. Even when Hart had to leave Hopkinsville because of other commitments. he found the perfect job in Hopkinsville as a photographer's assistant. was found who could give the hypnotic suggestions. and the laryngitis returned when Hart awakened him. Nevertheless. Edgar Cayce described his problem as a "psychological condition producing a physical effect. A local man. he was able to speak normally for the first time in almost a year. His parents were against the idea. To the amazement of everyone present. he would not take a post-hypnotic suggestion. When Cayce finally awakened. their son had lost weight. Edgar offered to put himself to sleep . Al Layne. Edgar responded to any question asked of him in a normal voice.and besides. There he could be close to Gertrude and his family. Layne had educated himself. Edgar consented to one further test. Once he was asleep on the couch.Eventually.much as he had done when he had slept on his schoolbooks. Not only had he worked with hypnotism. but he was familiar with osteopathy as well. And Cayce spoke back! While asleep. The Experiments During the first decade of the 1900's hypnotism and stage shows were experiencing a renewed revival in this country. Somehow he heard about Edgar's laryngitis and offered to try an experiment in an attempt to help the young man. Edgar's predicament was not forgotten. The experiment was repeated several times. when the young man was awakened. Twenty minutes passed before Edgar spoke again. Although not a therapist. However. Layne asked him to explain what was wrong with him and how he could be cured. The local papers became excited about the case. a New York specialist interested in the case advised the Cayce's to repeat the experiment but this time instead of suggesting that the young man's voice return. . and with those closest to him nearby it would not bother him so much that his condition was incurable." He went on to explain that the condition could be removed by suggesting to him while in the unconscious state that the blood circulation increase to the affected areas. It appeared as though the sessions were a drain on his physical body. In the first session. Hart had witnessed some interesting experiences with hypnosis. his soft-spoken whisper returned. Edgar was able to speak normally in his sleep state. each time. Layne followed the instructions. becoming the doctor and preacher he had dreamed of. Sometimes he regretted the fact that he had never been able to finish school." brought his comedy and hypnotism act to the Hopkinsville Opera House.

. and after looking to his Bible for guidance. Layne felt so much better that he became even more excited about Edgar's ability and he strongly encouraged the young man to try other tests. Cayce spoke in a normal voice and described the problem exactly. foods. Although skeptical. Layne had been bothered by a stomach difficulty that doctors had been unable to cure. Cayce gave instructions in the reading how to perform osteopathic manipulations which Layne did to his specifications. and exercises for improvement. He only wanted to live a normal life in Hopkinsville with a wife and a family. 1901. except that Al Layne had witnessed something truly extraordinary and was beginning to have other ideas. “Cayce was truly happy that he had been able to help. many times he did not even understand what he had said after he had awakened and Layne showed him was had been written down. The reading was given to satisfy Layne's curiosity. The Mother of the child confirmed that she had fallen before becoming ill. Because he knew enough about medicine to realize what therapeutic suggestions could be harmful. She had injured her spine and the illness had settled in her spine causing the problems she presented with. Edgar. However. while Layne conducted. they would stop the readings. his parents. and Gertrude were overjoyed that he could finally talk. and the second was Layne had to always remember that Edgar Cayce was first.” Aimee Dietrich was five years old when her parents brought her to Layne and Edgar. getting married as soon as possible. Edgar agreed to continue the experiments under two conditions: the first was that if he ever suggested anything in the sleep state that could be at all harmful to people. With this turn in events. He felt obligated to Layne for having helped him regain his voice. and outline a regimen of treatment. On the one hand. after a great deal of prayer. but Edgar vowed to continue if somehow his unusual gift could be helpful to people. Doctors had been unable to help the child and her parents were desperate for her to have a normal life. It was soon discovered that Cayce only needed the name and location of an individual to be able to give a reading. diagnose the person's condition. marked the first time Edgar Cayce would give a psychic reading. The young man's plan was to continue being a photographer. he recommended herbal medicines. The child began to show improvement and within three months she was leading a normal happy life. Edgar Cayce felt as if he had been placed in a precarious position. He knew nothing about medicine or the diagnosing of illness or even the workings of psychic ability. Dietrich. this business of readings was very strange to him. He would never have given another thought to putting himself into the sleep state. after talking it over with his family. Cayce agreed to see if he could help the child. and Mrs. Asleep on the couch. After one week of following the sleeping Cayce's suggestions. Layne's enthusiasm. Finally. and foremost. March 31. but still he only wanted to live a normal life. On the other hand.Giving Psychic Readings The date. he asked Edgar to try giving a reading on the stomach problem. She had been having convulsions for three years and had discontinued normal development after a case of influenza when she was two. For years. Cayce continued giving readings without charge. made it all the more difficult to leave the "psychic business" behind. With Layne taking notes as he spoke in a hypnotic state Cayce stated the child’s problems were related to a fall she had before the flu. a photographer. The readings puzzled him. along with the enthusiasm of Cayce's own father and people like Mr. Edgar agreed. Layne argued that Cayce had a moral obligation if his talent could be helpful to people.

Financing for the hospital could not withstand the Great Depression and in February 1931.” Altantis – one of Cayce’s visions In pursuit of money to finance his dream Cayce joined with a group in Texas who were seeking oil and wanted to use his talent to locate possible wells. the hospital opened its doors and people came from all around the country for treatment. This organization was responsible for research and experiments using material obtained from the readings. intuition. staffed with fully qualified doctors. and obtained a few readings. did much soul searching. In 1928. dealing with an individual's previous lifetimes. They were only seeking money for themselves. as well as the person's potential and purpose in the present. In time. to take notes during readings while his wife Gertrude took notes from the readings.As his psychic reputation grew the request for readings continued and Edgar Cayce was faced with a problem. In 1923. Doctors seemed hesitant to follow the guidance of a sleeping psychic who. Soon afterwards. and therapists. Although people were being helped by the readings. Cayce gave each patient a reading. In the reading Cayce mentioned that the man was once a monk. He was advised to read the Bible once through from cover to cover while keeping the idea of reincarnation in mind. dream interpretation. meditation. he hired a secretary. but the readings matter-of-fact reference to reincarnation seemed foreign to his fundamental Christianity. They formed the Association for national Investigations in 1927. the "Life readings" were developed. This situation led to Cayce's dream of a establishing a hospital. who would carry out the treatments recommended in the readings. The underlying philosophy that emerged was one that focused upon the oneness and the purposefulness of life. Cayce was told very clearly in his readings that his talent was not for financial gain. the topics in the readings were further expanded to include mental and spiritual counsel. many were having difficulty finding doctors to carry out the treatments that were being recommended. nurses and therapists and his approach to treatment was based on utilizing the interdisciplinary team to meet the needs of each patient. philosophy and contemporary spirituality. Cayce had to close the hospital. He had a professional staff composed of Doctors. history and ancient civilizations and even advice for improving personal relationships. In time. nurses. had never even seen the people he was diagnosing. This statement led to the research and readings that followed on past life and reincarnation “There was no doubt that the information was helpful and accurate when dealing with health. By this time his readings were limited to physical and medical problems but a former client asked Cayce for a horoscope reading. Gladys Davis. Gladys Davis was with the family and continued to work with Cayce as his secretary. Some of his partners did not share his dream of a hospital. The motto was “That every man manifests our love for God and man”. He prayed about it. in many instances. Edgar Cayce found that the concept of reincarnation was not incompatible with any religion and actually merged perfectly with his own beliefs of what it meant to be a Christian. .” The Cayce family moved to Virginia Beach in September 1925.

E. on Easter Sunday. Finally. people were told that if they could incorporate information into their own religious and belief systems. otherwise they were advised to leave the information alone. His own readings advised him to rest. In the spring of 1944. Eventually. the importance of dreams.R. and just as he gave his first reading for himself. psychic ability would develop naturally. Edgar began to grow weak. The reading told him he had to rest. Cayce became more and more psychic in the waking state as well. This organization became interested in such things as holistic health care.nearly every question imaginable had been asked.000 readings. meditation. When Hugh Lynn died. she died as well. He also had developed the ability to see auras." Shortly afterwards. Today. she took charge of the project of cataloguing and indexing the more than 14. yet within three months. enabling them to become better people. it could be a useful and positive experience. he gave his last reading for himself in September of 1944.) continues to make the material more readily available through practical presentations and publications. which are fields of light that surround all living things. When Gertrude asked "How long?" the response was "until he is well or dead. several organizations work with the information contained in the Edgar Cayce readings. they understood what he meant and he died on January 3. it was discovered that the readings covered an astonishing 10. Because of the number of readings as well as the follow-up reports and documentation the project was not even finished until 1971. From these auras Cayce could perceive people's moods as well as their overall physical condition. When individuals asked Edgar Cayce how they could become more psychic themselves he responded by saying that the goal should be to become more spiritual. Although Edgar told them he would be healed after the first of the year. he collapsed from sheer exhaustion.E." From Cayce's perspective as individuals became more spiritual. more than a quarter of century after Cayce had died! Once indexed.” Gladys Davis took it upon herself to preserve the information she had taken such great pains to write down. He once fled from a room in sorrow because he knew that three young men would not be returning from the war. in 1982. the complete set of Cayce readings is available on CD-Rom. no one really understood how ill Gertrude was. but he felt a tremendous obligation to those who were asking for his help.000 different subjects . 1945.In June of 1931. and the study of life after death.) was formed as a research body whose goal was to investigate and disseminate the information contained in Cayce's readings. "for psychic is of the soul. Today. the workings of ESP. spiritual healing. until Edgar's sons returned from the war. (A. At the time. and members throughout the world are kept up-to-date on activities and developments concerning the Cayce work. Inc. . The Association for Research and Enlightenment. Inc. By the end of the year his friends feared the worst. Gladys continued working as secretary for the Board of Trustees of the Cayce organizations and chaired the computerization of the readings until her death in 1986 at the age of eighty-one. the Association had grown from a few hundred members into one composed of ten of thousands. Hugh Lynn took over the organization his father had started and was able to encourage interest all over the world.R. the Association for Research and Enlightenment. The Later Years As the years passed. (A. he had a stroke and became partially paralyzed. Rather than trying to find converts to the readings' philosophy.

jpg . and How it Came True.for pictures and documentation” [This article is taken from Edgar Cayce's ESP: Who He Was.edgarcayce.Throughout his life. his work was one that stressed the importance of comparative study among belief systems all over the world.arepnw. tolerance for all people. The underlying principle of the readings is the oneness of all life. Though Cayce himself was a Christian and read the Bible from cover to cover every year of his life.] http://www. Todeschi. What He Said. by Kevin J. Edgar Cayce claimed no special abilities nor did he ever consider himself to be some kind of twentieth-century . and a compassion and understanding for every major religion in the world. www. but instead focused on the fact that each person should test in his or her own life the principles The readings never offered a set of beliefs that had to be embraced.

and on the earthly plane his job is taken over by his helper Rev. in Transpersonal Psychology and was a Licensed Marriage. Dr Stone will still be the leader of the I AM University on the spiritual plane. The "I AM University" is the fast path to becoming a fully realized "Integrated Ascended Master" on Earth in this lifetime! In 2005 Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world where he continues to run the inner plane I AM University and Spiritually supports the continued expansion of his work through the platform and vehicle of the earthly/outer plane I AM University! He is now in training with Lord Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy in preparation of serving as the future head of the Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth when his training to do so is complete. this location has crystallized itself as the perfect place on Planet Earth to serve as new home for the I AM University Headquarters that allows Gloria best to run and expand the I AM University according to Spirit and the Masters’ Plan. Healer and Author. Archangels and Adress: I AM University .iamuniversity.D.Appendix . Austria . Do you want to know more about Joshua David Stone. In November 2004 Dr Stone officially launched the "I AM University". Joshua David Stone & the I AM University The well known author of many books of spiritual nature Dr Joshua David Stone had a Ph.Europe . Elohim and Dr Stone! As part of this whole transition and process. then you can look at Web Site: www. Family and Child Counselor in California. Gloria Excelsias. Dr Joshua David Stone & Gloria Excelsias Postfach 13. Gloria has been guided by Spirit. which is an actual university that Dr Stone runs on the inner plane and has been guided by Spirit and the Ascended Masters to anchor and externalize on Earth. 4866 Unterach am Attersee. who served as long-term personal assistant to Dr Joshua David Stone. Gloria Excelsias is a Minister.Dr. Gloria Excelsias and the I AM University. the Masters and Joshua to relocate the I AM University to Salzburg the Heart of Europe! Having been born in Austria. When Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world. the Ascended Masters. he made Gloria Excelsias the new President and Director of the Earthly plane I AM University which she now runs in co-creation with and being overlighted by Spirit. Spiritual Teacher.