Since she is a ganker, Boots of Travel is preferred over Power Treads.

Vengeful Spirit should be able to teleport to places and aid her allies and defend, etc. Next comes Desola tor. I play her as gank supporter, meaning that I try to make myself as useful as possible by bring ing down the enemies' armour. Also, this item stacks with Terror and Assault Curiass, which i s great. Lothar's Edge provides damage as well as Wind Walk which is your escaping tool. You can s wap the enemy carry and simply Wind Walk and come back to assist your team in killing th e main carry hero. However, if your enemies have wards, gems or skills that reveals invisible units, I highly recommend Black King Bar. Butterfly is generally good for Agility characters for the attack speed, damage, agility bonus and evasion. Assault Curiass is also great as it pr ovides attack speed, armor bonus and negation for the enemies, making you a better gank suppor ter. Finally, Buriza. For Vengeful Spirit, I strongly recommend Buriza because Vengeful can br ing theenemy's armor by -11 via Desolator and Terror, meaning that your enemy wi ll get lots of damage from critical strike. This item should be gotten very last, after Butterfly and/ or Assault Curiass

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