Wednesdays Over Christmas Break

Computer for both weeks  DO NOT use the summit under construction graphic.  Use the New Years Over-Nighter Unveil Graphic for EVERYTHING! Announcements for both weeks  New Years Over-Nighter: Unveil o Friday, Dec 31 9pm – 8am o Cost: Tickets are $25 --- $30 at the door o Includes T-shirt of the New Designs/Logo o Food: Subway, pop, chips are included. --- Café will be open all night. o Activities: Inflatable Games – Gladiator Joust, Bungee Run; Laser tag, Sardines, TP Tag, Capture the Flag o Bring: Pajamas, sleeping bag, pillow. (Sleep & movies 4am-7.30am) Wednesday, December 22, 2010 – Reindeer Games  Paper Work & Prep: Michael  Open YC: Crystal  Music – Praise & Worship – 4 Songs  Announcements / STL Offering  Games (these are just suggestions; you can play whatever games you would like.) o Link Tag: Everyone Pairs Up Linking Arms  1 person is it & 1 person is being chased.  When the person is being chased links with a pair – the person on the other side must run and is now being chased. o Poison o Shuffle Your Buns  Put a large circle of chairs in the middle of the room. One chair per person. Everyone sits in a chair, except for one person. The ‘IT’ person stands in the middle of the circle. There should be one empty chair.  Object of the game is for the ‘IT’ person to sit in the empty chair. While everyone else shuffles their buns to the right or left to sit in the empty seat.  Dismiss 8.15-8.30pm

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 – Movie Night  Paper Work & Prep: Michael  Open YC: Michael  At 7pm – Start  Announcements o NY Eve All Nighter o See details above  Starts Movie: Elf  Popcorn for everyone  Keep Lights in Back Dim  NO PDA (hand Holding is permissible but now allowed in each others laps)  Watch areas for sneaking off

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