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You Stole My Heart, He Stole My Memory chapter 7: Young Hearts

You Stole My Heart, He Stole My Memory chapter 7: Young Hearts


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Prequel to Mr. Smith. Read Mr. Smith Before Bella moves to Alaska and meets Edward. What happened the 4 years she was there? R&R
Prequel to Mr. Smith. Read Mr. Smith Before Bella moves to Alaska and meets Edward. What happened the 4 years she was there? R&R

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Published by: RF on Dec 19, 2010
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Chapter 7: Young hearts June I stretched myself on my bed.

The summer air in Alaska was hardly as warm as it was in Arizona, where my family usually travelled in the summers, visiting my mom s family, but it was still comfortable. My body was well rested but even so, I just wanted to lie in the bed and relax for a few more hours. I sighed happily, and was just about to open my eyes when a voice spoke into my ear."Bellie, wake up you sleepy head, you'll be late!" A boy's voice whispered in my ear. My eyes flashed open instantly and I stared at him in shock. Edward s green eyes were watching me and his crooked grin would ve made my heart beat even faster if it was possible. At the moment my heart was racing inside my chest, the sudden action scaring me to death, and I breathed deeply in gasping, rapid breaths to in a weak attempt regain my calm. "Sorry there Bellie, didn't mean to give you a heart attack, but it's true, we got to go if we don't want to be late." Edward said again when I hadn t answered, and I looked at him like he was stupid. It was 7 o clock in the morning! Why was he in my bedroom that early in the morning?! "H-h-h-how did you get in here??!?!?!" I stammered, still in shock. "Trough your window, silly. Now go and get dressed, I'll wait downstairs." He said and patted my head, then he disappeared trough my bedroomdoor. I watched him with wide eyes as his silhouette disappeared down the stairs, and I placed a hand on my chest, feeling how my heart beat underneath it. My window had a grand tree just underneath it, perfect for climbing in. Edward and I had realized that early this spring as we had played in my yard, and often climbed up in it and knocked on my window when he wanted something, not wanting to bother ringing on the doorbell. But climbing in on a Monday morning before school was something new. I got out of bed as fast as I could, and dressed. Springtime in Alaska was very much like the spring in Forks; wet and cold at first, and then slightly warmer and dryer. Sam, Alice, Edward and I had been spending more time together than ever, and it had been absolutely wonderful. Emmet and Rose had spent more time together as well and one May morning, Alice announced that they were officially a couple. The two of them had been together ever since, and I think actually Alice was more excited about it then the two of them together. "Hurry up Bellie, we'll be late!!" Edward called from downstairs. I took my school bag and flung it over my shoulder as I ran downstairs, but I tripped on the last step. I closed my eyes, preparing for the impact, but luckily, Edward was prepared, and held out his arms protectively, preventing me from falling flat on the floor. "Bellie, you're so clumsy " he chuckled, putting back a strand of hair that had escaped its place. I blushed slightly, not really knowing why, and straightened out of his hold, somehow feeling extremely embarrassed. Did you oversleep again? Charlie called from the kitchen, not taking his eyes away from the newspaper in his hands. He was wearing his uniform of the Alaskan police, and I presumed he was going to go not long after us.

Yeah, I was just leaving. I retorted, putting on my shoes and jacket as fast as I could. The bus would be there any minute. Have a great time at the where were you guys going again? Charlie turned around is chair and looked at us questioningly and a little bit guilty. The museum, dad. I said with a sigh, and rose from the ground, taking my things with me as I did. I really loved my dad, but sometimes he just shut down and stopped listening on anything around him. Oh, that s right! He exclaimed. Edward and I hurried to the door, and just as I was about to close it behind me, Charlie called after me. Have fun. His voice faded as the door closed shut, and together, Edward and I ran towards the bus station. Today, our class was going on a class trip to the only museum in town. I wasn t really sure about what it was about, but if I got any chance to get away from our demon-teacher Miss Sims (who was one of the teachers who had to stay behind in school), I would take it. Edward had apparently been to this museum before, and when I asked him what it was about, he just shrugged. Nothing special, really. The sun shone brightly as we walked swiftly down the street towards the empty bus station. The displays are just about different kinds of wildlife you can find out here. I nodded, and tried to ignore the fact that our hands were entwined and my heart was going crazy because of it. His warm skin felt good on mine, and the butterflies in my stomach went crazy as he gently squeezed my hand in his. I was sure my face was red in embarrassment, but I hoped he believed it was because of exercise or the heat, not because of the truth; I went crazy just being around him. We reached the station just in time to see Pal skid around the corner with his worn out white and blue bus. He stopped in his usual place, and opened the doors, the music of Bon joivi blasting out the door. Hi there kids, nice to see you. Pal smiled at me as we hopped on the bus, and as soon as we were on, he closed the door and continued to drive down the street. I heard that you were going to the museum, correct? he asked, and I we nodded. There was no surprise that Pal knew we were going; Pal knew everything that happened around town, even though it wasn t much. Yeah, were meeting up there. Edward said, and Pal grinned, looking ahead. Good thing you re taking Bellie with you; we wouldn t want her to get lost again. Pal and Edward laughed at his joke, but I just blushed in embarrassment and anger. No one had forgotten it, and it really felt like no one was going to do it anytime soon either. 5 months had passed, but even though, people still felt like it was necessary to remind me of my little accident in January I groaned and buried my head in my hands. Pal he had often teased me of this over the months that had passed, and no matter how many times he did it, it never ceased to humor him.

He chuckled once more, but detected my sour mood. Alright, alright. It felt like he was going to say something else, something wiser and supporting, but the second his mouth opened, You give love a bad name began, and Pal barked an excited laugh. Shot through the heart, and you re to blame! Darling you give love a bad name! he sang, almost screamed along, and when the small guitar solo, came, he twisted around in his chair and bobbed his head to the beat. Edward and I laughed, but sang along as well. Even though a small smile was plastered to my face, I had the same fear I had felt the first day I had met Pal. But with hard effort, I pushed away the fear of crashing and instead laughed together with Edward in harmony. *later* Alright kids. Here s what were going to do! Mr. Cass called us to order, and we immediately stopped talking. Alice, who had been driven there by Carlisle, had replaced Edward s hand with hers, and smiled at me as the students began to quiet down. Sam was there too, but there was something off with him today. He was awfully quiet, and every time I tried to talk with him, he avoided me. Edward acted a little strange around Sam too, but he wasn t avoiding me at least. I ll divide you into 7 groups, 4 in each and together you ll go through the exhibitions and do these assignments Mr. Cass instructed, and then handed out every student a paper with questions on it together with a pencil. Alright, now you ll each get a number. That number will be your group number, and when you ve received it, meet up in your groups and start. He walked around, giving us all numbers. Alice and I came into the same group (after Alice had discreetly yet conveniently replaced herself in the bundle of kids) and when Edward and Sam got the same number as us, both of them grimaced slightly. I wasn t sure what it was, but something had happened between them. The boys solemnly walked over to us, and then spoke in the exact same second. So, both of them began, and then glared at each other, angry that the other one had spoken. Alice, who suddenly was annoyed as well, spoke up, taking my hand in the progress. Alrigh, hush! Mr. Cass said that we were going to start as soon as we were in our groups, and the sooner we re done with this, the sooner we can finish it. The idea of parting from each other apparently sounded very appealing to the two boys, and they both fell into silence. Alice studied the two of them slightly before we began our tour of the utterly boring museum. Glass cages filled with stuffed animals filled every room except one, which was filled with old, dead plants that were placed in glass cabinets, small texts beside them telling us what they were. Alice and I walked ahead of the two sour boys, and with much caution, I secretly looked back at them. What s going on with them, Alice? Are they fighting or something? I whispered, studying the two former friends. I didn t understand what had made them fall out so badly. Yesterday, everything seemed to be just fine. We had spent the day at my house, and then they walked home together when it was time for dinner. Now, they were walking with at least 3 meters distance at all times, and they didn t say a word to each other. Alice nudged me so I would look ahead, and then answered me in a low tone, so they wouldn t hear us. They re solving a dispute they came across last night. Don t worry, it ll solve itself, just give them time. She said, and I frowned, looking back at them again.

It doesn t look like they re solving much to me I muttered disagreeably, watching the two boys that stubbornly refused to even look at each other. Alice giggled slightly, and then gave my hand a soft squeeze. Trust me on this one; it ll be okay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I promise that they ll be friends again by the end of this week. I looked back at Alice yellow-brown eyes, and I hoped that the confidence in them were right. *Later* The day continued in the same pattern: Alice and I walked ahead, discussing all kinds of things whilst doing the assignment, and the two boys followed behind, not speaking. Occasionally, Edward spoke to me, but it wasn t like it normally was. It was tense, like he knew Sam was listening. Sam didn t speak at all, and I really began to worry that something was awfully wrong. I had seen the boys fight during the time I had been here, but this was something completely different. But I trusted Alice when she said that it would work out; I had also learned during the time I had been here that if you bet against Alice, you were destined to lose. After a short and rather awkward lunch, we continued with our assignment, and when it finally was done, the boys looked really relieved to be released from each other. Mr. Cass studied our group with thoughtful eyes, but said nothing. He let us go home, and Edward and Sam hurried out the door. I was about to follow them out of the lobby when Alice took a hold of my t-shirt and held me back. I looked at her, confused by her action, and she gave me a meaningful look. Bella She began slowly, staring in to my eyes seriously. Don t talk to them about it, don t ask them about it. Just wait until it passes. Her request didn t surprise me, but I wanted to contradict. I had to know what was going on here! I couldn t just stand here and do nothing while my two best friends fought! Why can t I talk to them about it? I want to know what it is so I can help! Alice suddenly laughed, like what I had said was funny, and then placed a hand on my shoulder. Trust me, you don t want to know what it is. she said, like it almost was ironic that I was asking what it was about, and then, as sudden as she had laughed, she stopped and stared passed me with vacant eyes. Damn it! she swore, and I was just about to ask her what it was when she rushed passed me and out the door. I followed her, and I saw what her goal was; the two fighting boys in the parking lot. Take it back! Sam screamed as he threw himself at Edward, whose face was twisted in anger. They hit each other with fists and feet, and they screaming continued. Mr. Cass, who had been standing in the lobby, hurried outside himself, and ran towards them. Hey, cut it off! NOW! He yelled, his loud voice echoing through the very empty parking lot. Only a few people were there, and they were staring at the scene curiously, wondering what was happening. They weren t alone with that wonder. He ripped Sam away from Edward, who hurried up from the ground, and it almost looked like he was coming after him but Alice was already there, holding him into his place. She may be little, but her strength was greater than any 12 year old I had ever met. Sam had some cuts and bruises too, and I was sure they were going to be covered in ugly purple bruises tomorrow.

He started it! Edward screamed, his nose bleeding. I felt how blood escaped my face and the world around me began to spin a little. Mr. Cass told him something in retort, but I couldn t hear what it was; my ears were ringing too badly. I kept breathing through my mouth, not wanting to catch the smell of it. Alice, who had been holding Edward, was suddenly by my side, and her face was covered with concern and annoyance. Come on; let s get you home. *later* Alice had left the two troublemaking boys with Mr. Cass, and instead helped me home before I passed out in the middle of the street. Everyone knew I was weak when it came to blood: even the slightest cut made me nauseous and dizzy. We had hopped on the first bus home, and then spent the ride in silence. Feeling any better? she asked after a while, letting me recover from my weak stomach. Yeah. I answered as I looked out the window. It was such a beautiful day today the sun was shining, the temperature was nice and it was now ruined because of Sam and Edward s fight. I couldn t appreciate the good weather now; it felt outright silly to do so when my two friends had fought each other bloody on the parking lot! I sighed, the thought of them saddening me even more, and instead looked back at Alice, who was watching me thoughtfully in silence. Are you certain that they ll be friends again? That all of this is going to end well? I asked her, and she gave me a reassuring smile. I m 100 % sure. Don t worry Bella; they ll be alright. Her confidence was a little reassuring, but I was still worried. What if they didn t? What if they just continued to fight and it ended with the two of them never being friends again? As we reached our station, I just wanted to go to my room and mope. But Alice forced me to follow her to her house, even though it was just 5 minutes away, maybe less. She chattered on about all kinds of things, but she avoided any topic that had anything with Edward or Sam to do. I followed her to her door, and just before she went inside, she gave me a quick hug. Thanks Bella. I ll see you tomorrow, okay? she said, but it wasn t a question. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek, and then hurried inside, closing the door after her. Her endless talking and carefree behavior had cheered me up a little the last few minutes, but I was anything but content. I walked away from the Cullen s grandiose house, just on my way back to my own, when I spotted something in the shadows of the road. In the turn of the road, right before the trail that lead to Edward and my small meadow, stood a woman, 8 or 9 meters away. The sun was shining brightly down at the trees, but their big leaves shielded her away from the sun, and instead casted a warm and greenish light to the shadows. The woman was watching me with her familiar yellow eyes, and I suddenly realized where I recognized her from. That dream of that woman that had carried me through the forest 5 months back when I had run into a tree, losing my

consciousness. Her strawberry blonde hair ruffled as the wind blew, and even though it was summer, her skin was awfully pale, almost like mine. Her face was utterly beautiful, but the way she watched me there was something eerie about it. The woman smiled at me, her beautiful pink lips twisting upwards, and I stared at her in bewilderment. It was her; there was no doubt about it. It was the same woman I .at least I think I dreamed about her, that night I got lost in the woods. But she couldn t be a dream now; I was staring at her, fully awake. I stared at her in wonder, and thought of what I was going to do. I was standing in the bright shining sun, but I wanted to walk over to her. I wanted to thank her, but for some reason, it felt unsafe to go over there, leaving the sunshine. The thought was strange, but it didn t leave me, and instead I held my place. You you saved me. I whispered to myself, knowing she couldn t hear me, but when her smile grew and she nodded her head, I frowned. How could she hear that?? We were 9 meters apart! Maybe maybe the wind just carried the sound with it. Thank you. I said, this time a little louder, and the woman nodded in acknowledgement. You re welcome. She smiled, and I was just going to walk over to her, deciding that the strange instinct in my head was stupid; the sun couldn t protect me from any harm. Besides she wouldn t hurt me; I was sure of it. But just as I had decided to take a step forward, she suddenly disappeared. I blinked, looking around the area to see where she had gone, but she was nowhere to be found. It was she had disappeared in a blink of an eye. But the strange thing was, I knew I wasn t imagining it. I knew she had been there Shaking my head, I turned around and decided I should go home. My mind, that before had been busy only with thoughts concerning Edward and Sam s fight, now only thought of the woman I had seen. Who was she? How had she disappeared like that? Thoughts about her spun inside my head, and they never seemed to be able to leave my mind. I reached my house and lay down on our lawn, my mind still filled with questions about the mystery lady. Finally I sighed, and decided to momentarily forget all of the troubles and dilemmas going on in my life, and instead just enjoy this perfect summer day.

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