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When Fun Turns Into Love - UCLA Gateway

When Fun Turns Into Love - UCLA Gateway

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Published by Aipod Green

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Published by: Aipod Green on Dec 20, 2010
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When Fun Turns Into Love

Written by:

Dianthia Simon


Chapter 1
When you thought you heard it all…. “Camaya, must you be so difficult? Take those damn flight pills and get your ass on that plane.” Raven said with her hands on her hips.

Camaya could not believe that she agreed to fly to the Fiji Islands on a 14 - hour flight. Airplanes have never been her favorite choice of transportation, but after many months of paying installments the time had come.

“I know Raven, but you just do not know how my body feels when I am in the air. I feel so confined.” Camaya replied and squirmed.

Raven looked at Camaya with a look of pity and was about to speak when an announcement came over the intercom for Raven.

“Raven Middleton, Ms. Raven Middleton, please pick-up a red telephone or report to the Quantas counter.”

Raven walked over to the red telephone to pick up the call. After five minutes she rushed off to the counter. Camaya, Kyra, and Summer stared at her wondering what the problem was.


“Well, we might as well buy another drink for scary cat here.” Kyra laughed and pointed to Camaya.

“Oh, no you didn’t call me scary cat. It’s not like you are anxious to fly either, missy.” Camaya replied.

Camaya was eating a green olive out of her drink when Melanie and Noelle walked into the bar.

“Hey girlfriends, are we ready to go or what? I am ready to get my screw on.” Melanie demonstrated by twirling her hips in the air.

“Get your screw on with whom?” Summer inquired shaking her head in laughter.

“Those island men! Girl, I heard that you never had it so good until you had it with an islander. All I need is a thong bikini, a glass of wine and a big stiff one.” Melanie said. “By the way, where is Raven? Is she late as usual?”

Camaya turned her back to face the window. She was looking out at different airlines waiting on the airstrip for their turn to take off. This vacation was a needed escape from her world of work, work and more


work. After driving through the hills of Bel Air and Holmby Hills, and watching so many of the rich women walk their dogs every morning or take jogs with the other trophy wives, she knew that she was going to the island for more reasons other than just to get her groove back. Camaya knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to stay home all day long and looked good for her husband and become everything he wanted at nighttime. She wanted to have the chance to shop until she dropped, manicures and pedicures and then off to the beauty salon. She wanted to be home before 3:00pm to greet her child with unconditional love and hugs and the excitement of helping with homework early in the daytime instead of late at night. She wanted to lie out by the pool and watch the stars at night in her Jacuzzi. But as luck would have it, she was living the hard working class life and fate had not touched her yet.

Camaya sighed at her wishful thinking. She knew what she wanted the most was the unconditional love of a man who she could call her own; somebody she could hold onto in the middle of the night. A man who could love her for who she was, not for who he wanted her to be. A man who would help her raise her son to become a man and treat him as his own child. She wanted that storybook love that all girls grew up wanting of a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming on his black horse. She wanted to be the object of his affection.


"Ladies, maybe it was not such a good idea to give Camaya those flight pills and mixing it with wine…now she's talking to herself. Noelle said while laughing.

"Yeah, right." Camaya pointed the middle finger.

It was getting late in the evening and the waiting had Camaya worried with fear and anxiety. Raven had not returned yet and the flight pills were taking an effect on her body. She was having a hard time keeping her eyes open.

"Where did Raven go? We have to do this now! This is driving me crazy and I will be a damn fool to back out at the last moment. "

"Camaya, don't make me hold your hand the entire flight." Raven teased as she walked up with new boarding passes.

Raven informed everybody that their seats were bumped to a later flight on a red-eye. This turn of event did not settle well with Camaya because now she had more time to procrastinate. She was feeling funny and the wine was not helping at all.


After two hours and another flight pill, Camaya was ready to board the airplane, which turned out to be privately booked for the New Orleans Saints. The airline stewardess took the passes and explained that the only seats available were not together and everybody would be spread out in different locations on the plane. After all the hoots and hollers from the football players, Camaya found a seat in the mid-section and attempted to buckle her seatbelt. "Hello, my name is David Lomax and you are?" He held out his hand to her. He was so good looking. She was having a hard time focusing and the flight pill was definitely in effect. "My name is Camaya. I hope this seat is available." She posed a question with a statement, never once taking her squinting eyes from his face. "It is now." David smiled and Camaya could not help but to notice his sparking white teeth. "WOW, you have beautiful teeth. Are they capped?" She placed a hand over her mouth. "Oh, I am really sorry for being rude. I find myself doing that a lot lately. Especially tonight." She smiled while blushing under his scrutiny. "No problem Camaya. I like an outspoken woman. At least you know what she is always thinking. Actually, I've drank more milk than I've


drank water and you know the saying that milk can do a body good." He laughed. "I do not drink milk at all and look at my body." She hinted and turned her head. David could not believe he met a woman who can match his wits. The men are always giving him hell about not settling down and getting married. His reason for flying to the Fiji Islands was to finish some research on the Fijian and Tobago people, not for a quick roll in the hay with an island girl. That was not his idea of entertainment. He looked around the airplane and thought about the many wives at home who had no idea about this trip and how many of their husbands who will have a mistress by the end of this trip. He shook his head at the thought and sighed. He had dreams of opening a sports bar in the Fiji Islands one day and he was destined to make his dream come true. The pilot announced that they were ready for take-off and should be air bound in 10 minutes. During the preparation of the take-off, Camaya's stomach did many flip-flops and her breathing became gulps for air. "Are you okay, Camaya? David turned to her in concern. "Yes, I'm fine." She was shivering in her seat and breathing hard. The airplane was on the airstrip at 100mph and upon take-off, Camaya hollered out in fear. "Oh, nooooooo, noooooooo. God help us, help me. Please."


Tears were running down her face and she was trying to unbuckle her seatbelt. Running was an option, but she had nowhere to run to. David grabbed her by the waist just in time before she slid down the back of the plane. It was still elevating upward and the light to stay seated was still on. "We're falling, can't you feel it?" Camaya managed to break loose from David and was running up and down the airplane screaming. The staff was very concern because of the distraction. After ten minutes, the pilot came out of the cockpit to investigate the disturbance. "Miss, you must calm down and sit in your seat. We do not want to upset the other passengers." Camaya looked into the young man's eyes and saw the nervous look and tension lines in his face. "And who are you? Camaya noticed the man was in uniform and wore a different type of hat. "Miss, I am the pilot. Do you need some medical attention?" "Oh, nooooo" She hollered again. "If you are the pilot, then who is flying the plane?" "Miss, airplanes are flown by computers and I also have a co-pilot." By this time, Kyra, Melanie, Summer, Raven and Noelle all gathered around Camaya trying to keep her calm. They tried to mask the grins


on their faces, but could not. They could not believe that Camaya was acting out this way and in front of at least 100 gorgeous men. Camaya's adrenaline flowed throughout her body like an erupted volcano. "Please, get me some oxygen. I can't breathe." Camaya was sweating and hyperventilating. "Camaya, you are tripping girl. Sit down and take it easy. They are bringing you some water now." Summer said. " Camaya, my name is Dr. Stratton and I am the team doctor. I have a mild sedative that will help you through this flight." Camaya jumped up. "No, stay away from me." She untangled herself from the crowd. She was feeling so embarrassed but things were out of her control. "Why, did I do this? Why did I allow you to talk me into getting on an airplane? Nobody on this plane has a heaven to take me to or a hell to get me out of. " She cried out in horror. "Dr. Stratton, my name is Kyra, this is Summer, and this is Melanie, that's Noelle and Raven over there." She pointed to the other women who had surrounded Camaya. "Camaya has taken two flight pills and drank two glasses of wine. I don't think she should be sedated. Just give her time." David stepped forward and jumped right in the action.


"Kyra is right Dr. Stratton, let me try to talk to her." David moved next to Camaya. "Camaya, is this your first flight? "No, David, is this yours?" She smirked. "No, sweetheart it isn't. I assume you are not fond of flying." "You assumed right." Camaya answered with a giggle. David and the others were confused about the sudden change in her. She was acting like a comedian. She started giggling uncontrollably and dancing in the middle of the aisle. "Are you sure this woman is not on anything else other than what you said?" The doctor asked Camaya friends. Camaya jumped in and answered. "Doctor, I don't know how to tell you this, but…. Y'all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Y'all, gonna make me go all out, up in here, up in here. Y'all gonna make me act a fool, up in here, up in here. Y'all gonna make me lose my cool, up in here, up in here." Camaya started singing a song by rap artist DMX and had the whole airplane laughing. She was performing without realizing that it took her mind off of the flight. She was having so much fun cracking jokes and laughing. Her free spirit and beautiful smile overwhelmed David. It had been a long time since he'd been entertained like this. He had never enjoyed himself so much. Every time Camaya smiled, his heart felt tight in his chest. He


has seen many smiles throughout his life, but none had affected him like Camaya's smile. Could it be? He wondered. After a while, the entire airplane was trading jokes and Camaya, Raven, Kyra, Summer, Noelle and Melanie had made friends with the pro players. Melanie and a wide receiver name Vincent were deep in conversation about writing a business plan for reconstructing a poor area in the inner city area of Los Angeles. The ladies found out that the trip to the Fiji Island was a paid vacation from the owner of the team for making it in the play-offs.

After a long episode of being a comedian, Camaya started to feel the panic attack coming on again. She started to hyperventilate again and was looking for an exit sign. "I have to get out of here and fast." Camaya spotted her mark saying out loud. David grabbed her in time before she made it to the emergency exit. The other football players blocked her from running. By this time, she was crying harder than she ever had in her entire life. She looked over at her friends who were all in a state of shock. Nobody understood her fear of flying and she felt trapped. "David, please let me go. I can't do this anymore." She pleaded. "No, Camaya. Sit down with me. Everything will be fine. We only have one more hour to go."


Camaya agreed to sit down, but when David turned to go back to the seat Camaya turned the other way and run straight into a wall. She was knocked out cold and fell to the floor of the plane. The others jumped up, but David stopped everybody from getting excited. "Don't worry. It's just a little bump on her head; she'll be fine in the morning. Dr. Stratton, can you examine her to make sure she is alright?" Dr. Stratton examined Camaya right on the spot, cleaned the bruise and suggested that they move her to a seat. He monitored her pulse and told them that she should come around soon. Other than a headache, she will be fine. David picked up Camaya in his arms and carried her back to their seats. Once there, he held onto Camaya as if she was a precious jewel that the world was after and it was all his. He held onto her during the rest of the flight, never once did he place her down in the seat. He bent his head onto Camaya's head, turned down the light and closed his eyes. The plane landed one hour later in Nadi, Fiji with Camaya still asleep in David's arms.


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