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Job Description 0002

Job Description 0002

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Published by: Salman Bangash on Dec 20, 2010
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MBA-14 B

Human Resource Management

JOB DESCRIPTION Name: Job Title: Job Code: Department: Salary: Branch: Division: Date of Appointment: Basic Pay Scale (BPS): Atta Lecturer ______ MS Department Less Than Rs.000 CIIT Lahore Lahore 05/02/2003 OGI Duties and Responsibilities  Teaching and Maintaining Result  Member of Management Committee Authority  Give orders to students regarding their studies Working Responses  Reports HOD  Supervise Internship Supervisor Working Conditions  Fully Air Conditioned Rooms  Cabin .50.

JOB SPECIFICATION Knowledge  Management  Administration and organisation  Leadership and management Qualification  MBA Experience  6 years teaching experience in CIIT Lahore  Organisational and personnel management experience Skills  Knowledge of MS Office  Superb Managerial skills  Negotiation and facilitation skills .

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