OF BY THE FRESIDENT THE PHILIPPINES NO. 84 FROCLAMATION (NON-WORKING) DAYS,AND DEGLARING RHGULAR SPECIAL THF HOLTDAYS, (FORALL SCI{OOLS) FORTHEYEAR2011 SPECIAL HOLTDAY Section amended WHEREAS, Republic (RA)No, 9492,datedJuly 24, 2A07, Act 26, Chapter 7, Book I of ExecutiveOrder (EO) No, 292, also known as the or as days (specific movable) speclal Administrative certain Codeof 1987,by declaring or regular holidays; \ruHEREAS, RA No, 9492 providesthat holidays,except those which are in Mondayunlessotherwise religious nature, movedto the rrearest modified law, by are or proclamation; order WHEREAS, No. 9849 provides that the EidulnOnashallbe celebrated a as RA national holiday; WHEREAS, the EDSA PeoplePowerRevolution, which restoredand ushered political, social and econemicreformsin the country,serves as ar'l inspiration to Filipinos everywhere a nation as andas a people; l, NOW,THEREFORE, BENIGNO AQUINO by virtueof the powers S. lll, vested me by the Constitution President the Philippines, hereby in as of declare: do SECTION The following 1. holidays special regular daysfor the year2011 and in shallbe observed the countrv: A. RegularHolidaye January (Saturday) 1 (Saturday) AprilI April21 April22 May 1 (Sunday) June12 (SLrnday) 29 August (LastMonday August) of 30 November (Wednesday) December (Sunday) ?5 Decemher (Friday) 30

l\ew Year'sDay Arawng Kagitingan Maundy Thursday GoodFriday LaborDay lndependence Day National HeroesDay Bonifacio Day Christmas Day Rizal Day


$pecial (Non.Working) Daye August (Sunday) ?1 November (Tuesday) 1 December (Satur"dJy) 31

Ninoy Aquino Day All SaintsDay LastDayof the Year C"

SpeciafHoliday(for ail schools)

EDSARevotution Anniversary- February (Friday) ZS SECTION The proclamations 2. declaring national holidays the observance for af Eid'lFifr and Eidul Adhashatlhereafter issued.after apfroxirratedatesof the be the lslamic holidays have beendetermined accordarrce the'lslarnic in with (Hijra) calendar or the lunarcalendar, uponlslamic or astronomical calculations, whichever possible is or convenierrt. thisend,the National To Commission Muslim orr (NCMF) Filipinos shall inform officeof the President whichdaythe horiday the on shallfall. $EcrloN 3. The Department Labsr,and Employment of (DOLE) shatl promulgate implementing guidelines thisProctamation. the for SECTION4. ThisProclamation takeeffectimmediatety. shall SECTION This Prbclamaiion be published a newspaper general 5. shall in of circulation, lN WITNE$SWHEREOF, havehereunto my hand and causedthe seal of I set the Republic the Philippines be affixed. of to D ON Ei n th e C i tyo f Manila, Z0r h this yearof Our Lord,Two Thousand Ten. and dayof December

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