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2011 Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute ³Philosophy: Experience, Reflection, Transformation´ July 31±August 7, 2011 Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State
Faculty Sponsor Form All materials must be received by e-mail to piksi@la.psu.edu no later than April 15, 2011.

Student¶s Name: College/University: Sponsoring Faculty¶s Name: Title: Department: College/University: Address 1: Address 2: City/State/Zip: E-mail address: Phone number(s): In what capacity and for how long have you known the applicant?


Assist student and others in starting or maintaining an undergraduate philosophy club or journal. Arrange regular sessions to talk about philosophy with this student. 2 . Advise student about graduate education and graduate school. and how you think the student would benefit from and contribute to this intensive philosophy institute. Arrange for student to attend professional meetings(s). please give us your evaluation of the applicant¶s strengths and potential for future study and a possible career in philosophy. Please address the student¶s reading. Other²please describe: Letter of Recommendation: On a separate sheet. writing. Assist student in preparing paper for publication (to any of the several journals for undergraduates) or presentation at a professional meeting or any of the philosophy undergraduate conferences that are held annually. intellectual and emotional maturity. current background in philosophy. Supervise student in independent study or research project. and critical thinking abilities.) Teach student in advanced classes in philosophy or cognate fields.Please indicate in which of the following mentoring activities you are willing to engage with this student after the Institute: (Place X in the column to the left of activity for all that apply.