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Hiv Preventiion Mesures

Hiv Preventiion Mesures

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Published by: herbert_musoke on Dec 20, 2010
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HIV prevention

• • •

Overview of HIV prevention HIV prevention around the world HIV treatment as prevention

AIDS and sex education
• • • • •

Introduction to HIV/AIDS education HIV/AIDS education and young people Lesson plans for HIV/AIDS education with young people Sex education that works Abstinence and sex education

Prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child
• • •

Preventing mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Why are PMTCT programmes failing to reach women in need? WHO HIV & AIDS guidelines for PMTCT & Breastfeeding

Prevention of sexual transmission of HIV
• • • • • •

The ABC of HIV prevention Using condoms; types and sizes The female condom Condoms: effectiveness, history & availability Circumcision & HIV HIV prevention & sex workers

Prevention of HIV transmission through blood
• •

Needle exchange and harm reduction Health care workers and HIV prevention

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