The Norns ²

The Dark Fates of the Vikings
- Now is the Present, I Beheillde the Past & I Want to Live in the Future«

An ODE Scripture for Dark Grandmasters Along the SevenFold Left-Hand Path of the Septomadry

By the Ordo Deorc Eorthe, 2010 a.h. (yf)
The Real Reason Behind the Jewry ZOG State!!!

The Real Reason that the Jewish Conclave of ZOGists, which invented the State of Israel is due to the racial Deliniation of some Certain Semittic and Anti-Semittic People«in particular the Thebenites, the Magyar, and the Arabs. The Jews today still live like the Romany Rye«Racially Intemixing, whereas the Romany Rye are inbreeding, other than that there are generally no Major Differences, except that the Jews have a greater Military Power, which they promise they will use against any Arab that threatens the American Conclave of the USA, whereas the Jews are like Spiritually Inbreeding«like the Romany Rye are genetically inbreeding, where the Jew«each and every last one of them is a Bloody Egotist of an Egocentric nature. Thus, due to this Racial Intermixing of the Magyar, the Thebenite, or what would you call them«Egyptians, and the Arabs the Jews has gained the characteristics of the Pale Rider. This Creature was even something which Adolf Hitler himself feared, and«when in one view, Adolf Hitler can be seen simply as the Wotanis of the Ur-Germanic we would get the Impression that Heimdall, as A.H. is seen as a Primeval Archetype of the Odinn, to be a somewhat Jewish-like Character in Viccissitude, whereas he is holden, and simply holden towards safe-guarding his own kin, whereas he in the Modern Days¶ Hitlerism he would appear to be a Nationalist, but When Wotan calls«and Odinn strides forth he blows the Gjallarhorn«the Horn of Valhalla, which Odinn normally calls the Einherjer with (note: the Ones who Raze, e.g.) because there is Danger Up Ahead for the Race of the Aesir, which is not completely controlled by Odinn, and he«Odinn has lost his Horn of Valhalla to Wotanem, who¶s giving it away to the Pale Rider (e.g. Der Skimmelritter«the Opaque Rider; vulg. i.e. ³the Pale Rider´), which is actually the Goddess Ranur, which has disguised herself as a Jew, and is giving the Horn to Heimdall, which calls it the Gjallarhorn, and plays it to call forth the Gods of the Aesir and the Vanir, of which the Vanir could be said to be Racially pure Magyar, Thebenites, and Arabs, which ride forth in Battle«to Salvage the Remains of their Father, Odinn, and to free the Race of the Gods. That is the Complete, True Story, and were it not for the fact that Ranr went on, into the underground with Angrboda, and had a half-sister in Hela«the Very Ancient child of Hel«of the Hel¶s Heljar, then Wotanem would not Rise, and we would not have A.H. and his National-Socialism. So«you see: These Gods«Wotan, Angrboda, Helar, and Ranir are today known as Joetul, which means the ³Ancient´ (impl. The Old, Evil Race of the Gods from the Underground), and these God/(desse)/s were evil of such a nature that they only Wanted to secure a Place for Themselves in the World, and then the Pale Rider would have to subsume«bitterly«But, there is No Dualism here, there is only a Re-enervation of Ancient, Old Energies, which have once«in One Story been Named«R¶lyeh, and this is where we Stand Today. We are awaiting the R¶lyeh, and with it are coming the New Gods of the Heimdallir Bivrost and

Jormungandr Heritage, which will come to its fruition in the Cosmic Expansion, and Evolution in the Ginnungagap of the Ragnarokkum, which is known as the Cosmos. And know thou that this is Worthwhile: ³Ranr is Angrboda¶s half-twin«Angrboda¶s brother is Wotanis, Angrboda¶s half-sister is Helir, and Ranr¶s half-sister, which is more like a stillborn sibling in that is given the status of half-sister, yet she is only a half-sibling´. This is about all I am to relegate, whereas wert it for such that I could not tamper on these things«that I could not get to A.H¶s grave«in the Underworld, and thus raise the Spirit of Ranir and Hela I would not be about to calling Angrboda my sickly, odd, old cousin«whereas she is more dear to me that Wotanis (or A.H.), but where I falter is to see where all the other Dark Gods are, or went, as I¶m not very psychic in an Underworldly fashion as I am myself quite like an Underground Heimdall of Fenrir Heritage, so it is limited what I can see«even with the Black Arts. But I do generally give it a try as I am now in the Moon Season of the Phase of the Dark Imperium Occidentia, whereas Thule will rise in Irminsul«to give rise to Wotanis¶ Will, and Give Rise to the Heimdallir and the Vanir, whereas it seems as if the Odin has already lost Track«whereas I cannot but give Name of all the Other Various Gods that went before that are now being Rejuvenated in the Ressurection of Fenrir. But«I would Wizen up to it«I know it for sure, so if I could only bide my Illustrious Training towards a more Creative Endevour on the Cosmic Word, I¶m sure I will be Back in the Underground of the Joetul soon«As I give up to the ZOGite Zionists«the Spirit of Wotanis¶ A.H. recalls«´I would give up to such frontiers that Only Hell can see an End to It!!!´ Danke schön, and Auf Wiedersehen!


Shablor, 2009 a.h. (Temple of Azoght & ODE)

At the Gates of Hel«

And the Girl¶s name was Sun, and when«in the Gates of Hel she did come in she went to Fenrir, for through His Darkness she did go to Yggdrasil and Mimir. ³And her name was Sun, and she did Not betray Me´, Yggdrasil said«that Tree of Life which the Kabbalah did not understand, for it was Being«in Hel, that very Valley of the Shadows of Death, Odin¶s Demise, and Fenrir¶s Friend«For where did not Jormungandr Not go? Where? Down there the Swarms Excess«´For I was Not Wanton Upon Him´, Freya said, and when Yggdrasil seemed to drain the Life¶s Blood of Jormungand, and seemed to drain the very Blood of Fenrir Heimdall Remained«in Ginnungagap, where Ragnarokkum would be the Waste of All«! Eva Sophia Venn deCormian, 2008 a.h. (Temple of Azoght & ODA.)

Frydvang¶s Freyr in Ways of Freya¶s Hel

Frey was chosen to be Sacrificed by Freya, for Fenrir wanted him for Jonmungandr¶s Sublimation. Frydvang was full of Hel¶s Sott (disease), and that was where Helvegr would be« The Einherjer were Odin¶s chosen lot, whereas Nidhogg was responsible for Odinn shooting out his Right eye, Nidhogg being in Yggdrasil¶s vicinity, and that was in Niflheimr, where Hel had made her Frydvang« Shablor, 2001 a.h.

Hlidskjalf and Odinn's Draupnir and Gagnir... In Retrospect - A Vice of Countenance!

"It's all about the Sex!!!" deftones once said in a song. But, what is actually Sex?'s all about. Odinn sits on his Throne, Hlidskjalf, or the Throne of Bones. His Memory, Hugin sees far and distant, while his Raven, Munin tells him exactly what his Hugin sees, far away. What's that got to do with Draupnir? Well, Draupnir is the World-Bringer, whereas I, for once seem to be forgotten in this Ragnarokkum. I don't care, for I am with Gagnir, and thus I am with Munin, and Hlidskjalf, whereas I would be with Mimir's Brunnir...the Well of Worlds, where I am in Ginnungagap. The very Weird Ideas abound. How could Odinn be All-Father,Battle-Father, War-Father, and how could he be with All this Wisdom??? Well, he's Not! Heimdallr was once a Jotunn, whereas a Jotunn is always seemingly Dark with Unwanton. Whereas I am mere with Heimdall I'm also with Odinners Sleipnir, the WorldCreator as it is. Sleipnir walks the 7 Worlds that are Left by the Jotunnir when the Draupnir of Odinnr creates what the Hindu's would call Maya...the World Illusion. The ones who Walk the Worlds above are the Jotunnr, who's call has come down to Heimdallir, who's left with One Choice, to Sacrifice Friggr so that the Gods may be Rejuvenated. But what's Friggr like? She's the Mother of the Old...the Jotunnir, whereas they, like their own Fenrir would like all to Un-Be, whereas they themselves are never to be born, they are Un-Birthed. Therefore I would entoll to Heimdall that he does his Duty well, guarding the Bivrost (read:

May'y'aa (Maya) from Hel, who'se onslaught would endeavour the Bifrost to be non-defunct, resulting in the Deaths of the Jotunnr, whereas they can only see to that they themselves are saved from Fenre, whereas he is the All-Devourer, being the Son of Odinns own Loki, which Name would come to entoll...Ragnarokkum! Whereas this is non-defunct in whatever guise you will, whether it be Midgard, Valhall, Ginnungagap, Mimir's Brunnir, Hel's Heljar, or whatever, we will know that, for certain Fenre IS going to devour the Ragnarokkum, in which his Father-in-Law...Odinn was to play a chief role in Usurping his own Birthright, namely that of giving birth, through his Sister...Hel, to all the Un-seeded Jotnir. That brings us back to either Midgard, Frydvang, or Heimr Heljar, where we are in Hel's Heljar when we Die, otherwise also known as: The Death, whereas I, as one would like to point out: "To every Death there is a Greater Cause, and in every Tragedy there is a Death!" So, shall we not Think of Earth as yet Another Great Tragedy? I think so... And who, and who...would be the Devil? Bivrost...on Heimdallirs Command!!! Espen deCormian, 2008.

Hlidskjalf Odin's Throne on Muspellheimr's Heimdallr Wanderings into the Hel's Heljar... Garm Waitheth Not!
Hlidskjalf, Odinn, Heimdallir and Fenrir have one common thing, they have all somewhat Fermented. Heimdall is the First to go and guard the Gates of Hel's Heljar, whereas he lets out Garm, who runs wild and starts devouring the Flesh of the Stars, whereas Heimdallr would wait with that he is not without advice for he has chasted an apple of Gold to the Urdabrunnir, so he would get Wisdom. Ginnungagp, Muspellheimr, Ymir all have one thing in common, the y're made of a black material which the stars cannot have, for it would devour them. See now that the Freya would go as a god of Wisdom in disguise...often disguising as Siw, carrying the Golden Seeds of a New Future, letting them all in in Ragnarokum in Ginnungap. That's where the Muspellheimr goes wrong...It doesn't take in black material but waits for it to sing, whereas it cannot for it has not become a Star, whereas the idea of Stars came from the Muspellheimr itself, to guard for the Ragnarok of Golden Oldies...the likes of Hod, Balder and Siw, where Siw would give grant to competing these two against eachother, where she would wear a Wolf's Mane of Fenrir, a Dead Dog lace, with chain, a little salmon, as to tell where there is fish, and last, but not least...a beard, woven by the dwarves, and breathed

in by the Elves, and where are not the cost of the gifts of pretending to be the Great, Risen Baldur, whereas he cannot come, Balder's Son said. But, whatever we say...whatever we do in shame...Siw's Golden Apples of Freyr are always with us, Freya, or Frigg would say. Wherever, whenever,!!! But, least they said that Baldur was unclean! But badly shaped was he to his knees!!! And Balder got shot with thagt MIsteltoe so that Fenris could prove, on ce and for All that Fenris' might is like omnipotent, whereas I would say I have the Power of Balder, watching the Gates, watching the Family, Watching against attacks on women are sometimes toilsome, but I don't strike any women. - Shablor, 2010 a.h. (Temple of Anvelin & O.D.E.)

Saturn Devours His Son

When looking at Francisco deGoya¶s ´Saturn Devours His Son´, or listening to Richard Wagner¶s ´Parsival´, or ´The Flying Dutchman´ it¶s easy to Understand the Majesty of Odin devouring his Son, Heimdall. Whereas Ragnarok is solemnly invoked in the Word it¶s also easy to remember that the Lord of the Earth will always be the Guardian of Ragnarok«Heimdall, whereas Odinn«the King of Gods has met his bane with Fenrir, the All-Devourer. What this means is that the World will always be Devoured by a Radiant, Black Hole, as the All-Father will always Will it. Within it, the Ymir«of Ragnarokum, Ginnungagap, and Hel will always be Freya«the Seed of Young«Wanton, with the Seed of Beginning, as evidenced in Carl Orrf¶s Carmina Burana«in particular the Opening Sequence of that Work, but also delineating into ³In Taberna´, and going all the Way into ³Fortuna Plango Vulnera´, whereas what we have thereupon is purely Khaos, whereas there Will be a New Lord, as the Antichrist of each New, Seeded World upon the Chaos is always Foretold to the Audhumbla of the First, Original Ragnarokkr. Edrika, 2010 a.h. (Temple of Azogth)

The Black Well of the Urdabrunnir

Urdabrunnir«ah, yes«I would always want it. Mimir¶s Brunnir«I would always wait for it. There are Words in Wells, just as there are Worlds«

Within the Darkness there is a well, who¶s Darkness I cannot comprehend. For, I am not near it, nor am I chaste within it which some Women are, but I¶m not giving in to it«That¶s the Darkness of the Urdabrunnir«the Well of the Worlds, or the Mimir¶s Brunnir«I know some women would call it. ³But, where am I to this Blooming Wellwater«Where am I to this Darkness«IN this Darkness?!?´ Where in Urdabrunnir am I come to be??? Well«I can tell ye this much that I am come to know«by me Being near to it, that it is the Philosopher¶s Stone¶s holder«the Very Water of the Wise¶s Herold«the Hermit is what I am come to know«close by, but not Drowning within It«I am Far too Holden for That. Thy stone«thy Wise is thy Maker, whereas I am Made in its Visage«simply because I am to him a Lord of the Night, and because I hold in His Face a Sun«a Sun of Which he is The Moon. The Mimesis¶ Well, or the Urdabrunnir is resting within the Chest«there are some Chests which are rather tranquil, but mine is bustling. I give to Water of this Brunnir a certain Well-Giving that I could not be without with my teeming Breasts!


Kerstin, 2007 a.h. (un-affiliated with any Temple, writing on behalf, and on accord with the ODE¶s Grandmaster Heir of the Hermit«Espen deCormian, simply because she is wanting to Be within Her Mother too«´Sola er, Sola er vaaken. Sola er naa«Sola kommer ned igjen, og Sola vaakner for tidlig. Takk du for det«! Sathan takker min selv-Opptatthet, og jeg sier: ´Sola er mi«Sola er di. Og jeg sier tiol meg Selv: ´Sola er di, selv om Sola di må slite for Det!!!´ Takker«sier hun«´ Sola virker Her!!!´

The Ring of Draupnir and the 9 Worlds of Muspellheimrr«

Draupnir, First Planet gives rise to the Gangnir, which is the Kuyiper Belt, whereas Sleipnir«Rider of the 9 Worlds«itself having 8 legs is the planet Mars. Whereas Hugin and Munin can be transcribed as the Light and the Darkness, Odin was the Man that brought it Forth«his Name was Adolf Hitler, and he sat on a the Throne of Hlidskjalf which are the Jewry. He had a Horn«the Gjallarhorn, which cried out one Battle«War!!! it bellowed«These are Seven in number, which constitutes that Adolf Hitler was a Master«Through his National Socialism we have the Mystery of the Seven Gates, which is closely aligned to the Mystery of the Hermit, whereas the new Lord of the Earth would have to be a Man who¶s a National Socialist, and who has at him the µHorse of the Physis¶, where the Draupnir, of the Nine Worlds«or Planets would be the Golden Throne. He would be a Servant of Sathan, and when we consider that the man was something of a Hermit he would have to be the Lizard of the Cave of the Valley of the Shadows of Death, which is Hel. That¶s where he¶s Found«in the Shadows« Shablor, 2008 a.h. (Temple of Azogth & Sathan)

The Throne of Odin and Yggdrasil Waiting, Withering in Muspellheimr Towards a New Ginnungagap and a Ragnarok of Muspellheimr...

Hdliskjalf, Throne of the Gods. Ragnarok coming upon Hlidskalf, with Odinn remembering. Through Hugin he would call his Draupnir to reinvent the Throne of the Gods, down there, in the Murky Deeps, whereas Heimdall would always guard at the End of Bifrost, where Hlidskjalf is to be put this Time. Ragnarokkum is always waiting at the End, where Munin is flying farthings away, where I would be the Fenris of another Siw. Siw watches Balder's Son, whereas his Hugin is laid waste with the Hdlidskjalf intruding upon Midgard. Frydvang is always Joyous, whereas in Valhall there resides a Sinister Silence. Sinister is with Worldly Men, said Fenrir, and Heimdall could not exactly Not Concur with him as he now wathed Siw, playing with Baldur's Son, Enwitnessing them playing the Game of whom would be the Heir of Hlidskjalf, Gagnir would now run rampant around in the World, and Draupnir would once again Create Nine New World, based on Munin's remembrance of the Word Within.
Shablor, 2001 a.h.

The Throne of Odin & Yggdrasil in Muspellheimr« Against a New Ginnungagap and a Ragnarok

Hdliskjalf«Throne of the Gods«Ragnarok coming upon Hlidskalf, with Odinn remembering. Through Hugin he would call his Draupnir to reinvent the Throne of the Gods, down there, in the Murky Deeps, whereas Heimdall would always guard at the End of Bifrost, where Hlidskjalf is to be put this Time. Ragnarokkum is always waiting at the End, where Munin is flying farthings away, where I would be the Fenris of another Siw. Siw watches Balder¶s Son, whereas his Hugin is laid waste with the Hdlidskjalf intruding upon Midgard. Frydvang is always Joyous, whereas in Valhall there resides a Sinister Silence.


Shablor, 2001 a.h.

The Shadow of Ragnarok

In Ragnarok Ymir seems solemn. Whereas Loki has got terms of rulership within, so does Ragnarokkin deal a serious threat to the Giant Ymir. Ymir can be see as the Mother Goddess�Gaia, the Earth-Mother, and if we are to let loose Loki�s harm on Odinn�s Wrath we will see a nuclear holohaux that will enshrine the West. Of the Americas nothing is granted, but Ymir vengefulness and wrath may soon incur a wrath, more terrible to behold than the Wrath of Loki�s. The Ragnarok of Ginnungagap�s Ymir will see the resurgengence of Heimdall and Balder�s son�playing the Golden Pieces of the Game of Chance, whereas the Destinies of Balder�s Son is chosen by the Fates, Balder�s older, twin sister, whose Name was Si, whose Fate seems unsure would win the Game and Ymir would be born anew. The Game of Siw is all about the resurgence of Ragnarok, whilst Heimdallr plays a Game for Fate, whereas Balder�s draw with Siw would enshrine and garner Balder�s son the chance to become the Sacrifice anew, whereas Heimdallr is chosen as the War-God�Heimdallr was won by the Gods of the Jotunn, Siw would say to Balder�s son�s Sacrifice when he tried to Sacrifice Heimdallr�s War, but when Chance of Fates set in Heimdall was impressed by Siw�s cleverness and married her off to Balder�s son, whereas Heimdall took the place of Siw in the Seat and tried to retrace the steps of Siw that would enshrine that Loki was being cast out and into the Heimr Heljar�where Loki would garnish him and fry Loki�s Son. Heimdall could not ponder Why Siw made such a choice, but when Fenrir and Jormungandr saw the happiness that Loki�s son would garner Siw and her golden apples, Loki saw that Askur�Embla�s husband and spouse must be reborn in those Siw�s, secret golden apples, and Siw was very fruititious. Fenrir was complacent, and saw that Loki�s Son, Jormungandr would surmise, and went against them. This Heimdal stopped, and he saw instantly what moves Siw had done to the move�She had Sacrificed Balder!!! The gallant deal would enshrine Siw�s lucky matrimony with Baldur�s Son, where Baldur would have to be sacrificed for the golden apples to bloom. Without them there would be no golden harvest, and the entire bloom of Siw�s happiness would be void. Thus Fenrir, Loki�s Son�Jormungandr, and Heimdallr made a deal�Sacrifice Balder�s Son! The chess move was smart as it it would enshrine that the Olde Loke�s Sons would be reborn within the reign of the golden apples�and Heimdall would be Happy�


Edrika, 2001 a.h. (anno horrificus (on behalf on Espen Morten (Esteban) deCormian for Fedrelandsfolket)

The Shadow of Heimdallr«

Child abuse, with such Wanton is what Loki will instigate in this 5th Imperium. According to Myth Heimdall watches over Baldur¶s Son, with Siw watching him. When the Jotunnir will Rise above we Will Abolish such things, which came from the Jotunnr«in ages past. Wherever they are there is also Ragnarokk, and where they are we will always try to Stabat Mater. Whichever Caste there is we will Return the old Jotunn which were not mentioned by the Edda, whereas they were admitted into the Aesir.


Espen deCormian, 2002 a.h. (Temple of Azoth)

Aries in Hel Waiting for Death«

Come to thy Grave«Lovers would always Wait. With what would I denigrate Love? Lovers would always Grave thy«Lovers would chaste for Thy! Love me, or Not«I will be thy Grave«said the Baphometic Women. The weak, squandering men would, measel go«If I would not for thy Grave be I wouldst thee not Love. I am Chosen with the Death, said the Loving Women«I am Choosing Death«not Thy Love! Baphometic Women would always wait for one Saviour¶s wound, where they could nurture the Death of Woman«Hidden within this chaste-less Magick lies magick of a Death of Love, where Darkness of Wisdom would always be thy War«with Love, with Love of Ecstasy«with Death itself«Love Death if thy can«it is Chosen for Thy! Loving thyself is only Imbecility, whereas Love of War, or Death, or Maturity is worse often than Love of Death! Death caresses in Wayward strokes, whereas the Love of Death would make thy as the Star of the Grandmasters of War. To this Day I Thank Death of Love«Death of Love is what I don¶t ever want to Miss to Cherish, whereas I am Dead«Death is never Above, Death is Never Love. Loving my Man, Loving My Game«Loving My Man«in this Death I am Never apart from Love. Love Me if you Want, I would wait for Thy Death«In Loving Arms«I would Never Choose My Love...I would Wait for Him, in Love...waiting for his Death, in Garden I would Wait...with My Death. In Love there is certain foreclores...can Death be One...Death in Choosing Death is Like never Loving. I am Baphometic...I wait for my Consort!!!


Grymate, 2008 a.h. (Temple of Azogth & Temple of Sathan)

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