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The Devil Plays the Violin

The Devil Plays the Violin

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Published by: espen_decormian on Dec 20, 2010
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The Devil Plays the Violin²

A Collection of Poems describing Nature, the Shadow, Man, and the Cosmos«In Retrospect of the Beginning of the 5th, Western Empire«the Seeding of the Stars Begins!!!

©Shablor anno 2001-2010 a.h. (anno horrificus) yf (ODE).

³The Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind´
³The Waste ± the Wastes« I linger among the stars, I see myself, Bed-ridden, and with Sott. ³I die down there!!!´ I said to my Mirror-image. ³I am on the very brink« The very doorstep!!!´ War said to me« ³What is the Imperium?´ Imperium said To me« ³I know not´, said Death, War howlering in recognition. «On wanting waste is Wishing for Imperium Of War« On wishing for mass-destruction is giving Imperium a War for Change.

³The Wordless Silence´
³The wasted space, The Void within« ³Charging the Words«´ «the wasted space is seemingly endless. ³There, amongst the rucket ± Ruling themselves« Beyond The inner gates« Ruling for 10,000 years« An Empire of War!´

³Fire, the Flame Cometh«´
³Fire in-between, Creating new selves. The Fiery War, Wanton for no more: The wasting circumcision« ³We are willing it forever!´ Willing it forever more, We are wasting« ³To behold is what¶s given´ ± We are neither here, Nor there«

³The Worldly Self´
³Reality is worldly illusion ± ³Hell is just Within!´ The Change is Wrought« The Wording is..: ³Death to Ourselves!!!´ ³Thus I was insolent, Thus I was tranquile ± Seeding myself within this Cosmos.´ So said the Prophet« ³I was without Visions. This was bereft« I was mere senseless« So very Callous«´ So said the Words..: ³Wisdom, control« The Power Within. The Giving ± of Soilless Words, Is Power«´

³Darkness Inside the Wanting´
³Darkness, Fear« ³I Will myself to wanton« I do not deem needs themselves« Only the cravings will seem to conform. I will myself to wanton«´ The needy are always Cherished«

³Inside Hell«´
³There¶s a strange constellation Living among the stars. A uniform, infernal sound That throbs within all of Cosmos«´ There is a heart somewhere, Throbbing with it¶s infernal Will. It¶s pounding will never cease As the Master will be manifest, And live among the renegades.´

³The Devil¶s Playground´
³I listen to the voices, Are they near, or far? ³The Devil¶s at large«´ Where¶s the Devil¶s Playground? ³Up there, Where the stars shine, He¶s near, but he¶s far« Where is he hidden?´

³These Coming Times«´

³This final rest, Hidden within ourselves Is a giving of Heart¶s desire. My throbbing heart ± Forever my Silence is Wasting« Heart-seeker, my only daughter« My only love« My lying still is wasting.´

³Chaos and Flames´
³I am withering inside« Chaos and flames are embracing« They burn brighter With each passing day. We embrace the nearest stars, With each passing day They come closer«´

³Under the Sun´
³«One Devil under the Sun, A sky in-between. ³There is a Devil in us all!´ No, he resides out there, Behind the hidden illusions, ³Beneath the fiery stars«´


³I buy, I sell« Many things! My Soul is never Old, Yet I am never tired. ³My Soul is Old, It has Sold many Things«´ In the Eternal Game of Night There is bartering for Wanton« ³This dress I look well in«´ ³I must be a circumcised Jew!´ Yet I sold no Jew«

³Here, Finally at peace! Here, in the Hell of Night, I live in Shadows« ³There was no peace, Resting in earth. I find a solemn vow in my grave« That..: ³I was here to rest, Amongst these Shadows«´ I find stillness in myself« Resting in earth. I find the solemn vow« That my grave was here to linger« I¶m finally at rest« Living in these shadows. ³I am a master of peace!´ Said my bride to me« «yet I rest in no peace, Here, Amongst these Shadows« «of Hell...

³The Devil´

³Listen to the Devil« His words are seldom kempt« He¶s hidden inside voices« ³There, there¶s the Devil!!!´ Yet he remains unseen« ³Is the Devil a woman? How could it not be?!? The words are voices« ³Are they seldom kempt?!?´

³The Long Waiting«´¶
³For a long time I have waited« For the Gods to Return. Now I¶m at a place in history, Where tides are shifting« ³We stand at the brink of dis-covery´ ³When will Man face it¶s ultimate Destiny?´ The wizard asked« «and now we stand at The Brink of Dis-covery« For a long time I have wished for a silence. We are now awaiting an Imperium ± A Western hegemony« ³10,000 years for this?!?´ We have waited for Our Gods to return« We stand at the brink of dis-covery« Now we must face the floodwaves; the famine«the War. All will in the end fathom, That we are all alone. There are a billion stars« Waiting to be conquered..! ³10,000 years for this?!?´

³Night Followed«´

Night followed Our Lord of Masters, conquers this Earth. Landscapes formed in his image, Sathan ± Master« Under his guiding light we will become as Gods. Wakeful under the sky, our Lord fights the urges of a seemingly wanton ape-state, until all shall remain as Gods.

The Words chime«
The Fyre is Lonely Without its Desire, And I am nearer to this Chastity Than Circumvented Desires« I am marching« Forwards, Without a Flame, Without a Withering« Of Sweet Caresses I come Deftly. My Swordsley Words Have Come to me In this Night« I am Never alone, Never Without his sweet, cherished touch, touching my Chin. Where Was he Before, When I was a Fool For a Hermit? Did he Wander By??? I know by that Fool

That I am Never Myself again. I can never live Alone For His wished Cherish« By My Heart«

³Lest I Come Again´

³My waywardness Has never been understated. I am evil, I am good, I¶m beyond good and evil.

Lest I come again I need to Become Something greater than two halves. The light is within darkness, and the darkness is without.

The truth is that I will come back once more As I haven¶t fulfilled what I or they started ± My own Immortality rests in the hands of the gods As when I before my time have Reasoned.

With good and evil, and the ways beyond I have come to a point where I¶m slightly lighter than would constitute A complete transcendence. But when, as always someone comes back it¶s just due to this cause: ³They weren¶t dark enough«´ And this is my casted lot.

³Bringing to Fulfillment´ ³I am bringing to fulfillment What the Gods wished of me I am as always« Through past lives, Still a Becoming...

Within there is light, even though I appear µevil¶, But what¶s evil got to do with µamorality¶? I am my self, and I have mastered this Earth. The Master of Life and Death says to me: ³I shall bring thee many things if I can only hear thy advice´ So, I listen.

I am many things, but I long for many more. My fears and anxieties have nearly been resolved, And now await the light of Wisdom What others would call µevil¶. I am many things, but to my family I¶m both Master and God, And that¶s what keeps me going« Their admiration for something that¶s as tough as nails, And I¶m not about to falter.¶ And that¶s a seed I can bring on to my younglings« Strength; Courage; wealth; honour, and last But not least skills of the sword and armour, So that these young childer may one day stand on the battlement

Of the final, glorious days when Rome burns and there is only one victor.

The Right Rulership There is a Devil in all, And neither«under the Sea is µgod¶ worthy.

There is a Devil in us all« ³And, my liege is Sathan´, a wise man often said. ³Where am I?´ Said the Yeshua«

Burned to cinders In his own private hell. I worthy nothing, Said µgod¶, And he was so right!

Where does damnation stand? Where? There, among the fiery tempest

Above as below« All worlds shall one day falter!

Where is Death, where is Hell«Damnation!

³Where is Damnation?´ ³All around us«´ ³Where is Death?!?´, In Fiery Hell there is no Silence. Yet, I myself am Silent. And, this is not Hell« This is not Death!

³This is Paradise´, a meandering Man once said« Let them have it, I wish for Death, Where I can last forever«

Eternal, The Wishes« The Coming is true ± The Day of Death, when Paradise Burns!!!

The Dear Damnation Day

³Dear Lord« Why do I die today?´

Death is irrevocable« There¶s no denying that!

Then, where is the ³dear Lord´? Even death is better ± when you get a fair Judgement more than living in Fiery Hell of Yeshua Chairst.

³Where is Death-day?´ That depends, on whether you sin or not. If you do Then you don¶t« And if you don¶t you¶ll burn in fiery Paradise!!!

But that depends« Whether you¶re just, or not« Then you may choose to die forever according to your nature.

There¶s only death left in Paradise«

Hell is forever Shadowier«

The Cosmic Change«

The Cosmic Winds, burn with Fiery Change«

War is winning Within, War is Vindictive«

Tha Chaos Change Wills Itself« The War-torn landscapes nears full Cycle!

The Withering Cycles nearly Burn.

Nowhere is None laid to Rest, And War« is victorious!!!


Warrior-ship« Change for Chaos!

Change for Creativity« Creativity is Changing, And so are We«Within as in Hell!

War is for Death« War is liberation. For the Soul, and for the Dark Lord ± I torment myself«

I no longer live putrid lives« I am Death Buried Within, says the chaste-less.

And, I am no longer Burning Inside, but« I¶m still µevil¶« still«more Myself!

The Charging«

Populate the Cosmos With every Being that¶s damning within, These Chains are laced with Poison.

The Very Words Chaos, Cosmos«universally feared«

The Day of the mongrel« The Day of Reaping.

The Dark Fall The Dark Autumn ± The falling of µswords¶« The invincible tempting, of flaying horses is Naught Saith«

The Damsel within Is nothing Worth. anything is Granted, within, within«the Dameses graves.

The wishes were foretold,

I am wishing Graves, The Very Damsel, Sayeth to me. Damn these Chastings, I am Nothing Worth!

The Grave«tempting, temptation«

His Infernal Day His infernal Day, His infernal Damnation. I wished for my own death« I wished for solitude.

This day, Of Infernal Majesty. When he comes alive Shall be the End of All things.

The day of Terror« The purple Night. When Imperium falters He Will come« Sathanas, His Infernal Majesty, Will strangle µgod¶.

The Words chime«

The Fyre is Lonely Without its Desire, And I am nearer to this Chastity Than Circumvented Desires« I am marching« Forwards, Without a Flame, Without a Withering« Of Sweet Caresses I come Deftly. My Swordsley Words Have Come to me In this Night« I am Never alone, Never Without his sweet, cherished touch, touching my Chin. Where Was he Before, When I was a Fool For a Hermit? Did he Wander By??? I know by that Fool That I am Never Myself again. I can never live Alone For His wished Cherish« By My Heart«

Dear Death«

Dear, old Death« «Dear Darkness!

I want not for Needers, I want not for beggars« But, They seemingly come swarmin¶, Wanton on me«

Do they wish my Chaste dead? Do they want Me???

Dear, old Dark« Dear, old Day« I need my Swords« I cannot wither Without them! I do not Wish Death, But It Seems to Come about Without my Wishes, So I shall Callously Wither on« Hinter, Within It« Dear, Old« The End.


Darker for a day« Darker than a Night, I shall once again see Such Shadows of Hell When I come to my freedom Where I was meant to linger« Forever, onwards«more!!!

³Desire Wanton?!?´ Killing myself each and Every day Holds no purpose« ³For I am more meaning than I myself´« What does this Riddle hold?

In-between the bed-sheets, I am warming my semen for my Daughters« ³I wanted to say«Umm, ehh«Well!´

What a Waste« To live on longer« To Linger on for Someone else that does not share one¶s Desire.

³On What Grounds?!?´

³I say it«it¶s my Will!!!´ And wanton not for patriarchy no more Would seem to spell the End of Days. ³But do we really Want This???´ ³Yes, of course«´

I¶ve succoured on for long, I go nowhere nearer to the mark. ³My daddy wants me dead?!?´ Said the old man And was nigh hysterical« He could not fathom that his insolency Was his Thought!!!

Are these just Words That stem from my mouth? Where are they coming from When I no longer say their names? Where are they coming from« These insolent, damned Words?

³I wished I was dead´, Said an insolent, old Fool once, And thought that he could undo his making by simply willing it. But it takes more mere Men to

undo a willful living.

³So, watch thy tongue, Old, non-salient mind. For I am here« Down beneath these Waters, And I see them Not Chaste!!!´

So I would not want to Speak, But as often« As aloud, Come whimpering to a whining End, when all Matter comes to an End!

That was what I was Wishing, Said the slimey, old hole« Holding on to, or for NoMore!

³Like a Tree´

I was wishing to not hold on for much longer, And I will barely live again. Now I am come to fruition, I can hardly hold on to my Shells any more« I am wishing for Damseling in my own womb« I am wishing less cherished« Caress me now!

³Darker than Sathan´
That I wished my Dark Door Less Is such a slandering, unflattering lie.

I could not come to wish to denigrate myself less under his guiseful Visage«

³Yet I am come to bear no reminder« Yet I am come to bear no remark!´ So would non-salient, Insolent, Dreary, dark, old Fools Wish to remember Him, that once in a Man¶s Time did strike fear into the very roots of the heart« The very Cardiac Arrest«

And were it not for such Fools, ³What would we have commented upon µevil¶ then?´

Damned, non-salient Fools« Drooling over their mucky existence Like ³it¶s some precious Gold!!!´

And yet we laugh of them, And remind us not to become one Of them. But, remind yourself« µThat once along the Road Came a Stalwart Warrior, That did his just, And Chaste duty«´ That is..: ³To put these coffers to Rest!´

³Wishes Unfilfilled Cometh Dreaming«

Nearing Remembering´
When wishes come unfulfilled I wish I was near remembering them.

For I was unfulfilled« For I could taste no Water of Life.

Yet, I was within Wishing, And the magick of it All Gave me enough Strength To Water my Own Grave, So that I could solemnly foreswear My linkage to my patriarchal father.

I am now no more Watering his Grave than I am my own, But Given these Secrets Of the Flesh, ³That I so denigrate myself within Every day!´ I say« ³I would rather foreswear my Own father than to succumb Into these lavish, lustrous, paedophiliac, and incestuous Thoughts that he commonly Keeps contemplating« I ask for what Purpose I live,

And I get no answers, But I feel deep in the Cold, Warm Abyss Of my Heart¶s Soul that I need to find my Own Answers, And that I can always rely on My Wanton for my mother As any young man can always count on.

Yet I give not in to it« This Oedipus..! For I am not Chaste with it, And I need to be Chaste to serve my God, Which is the Devil Of Folk-lore«

³My Darkest Ways: In Despair I

Often Denigrate Myself Hedonistically´
I wander my Path alone« I try to teach others What they can do To improve upon Life¶s lot, But most of the time I¶m talking to myself.

³Why is it this way??? Why are we so saddened By relatively, random, Chaotic things That happen in our close vicinity?

Why is it this Way?´ When I ask myself that I get no answer. But, to answer my prayers I always have steadfastness Of belief ± in a God That¶s mightier than the thunder-storm,mirage, And the mountain combined«

This God« Sometimes Called Diabolus, Is mighty as the mighty

Fires of Inferno, which is a fictional Purgatory, Invented by the Spanish Church, To hold heathens in their chaves or chains. But, where I remark myself May not possibly be seen In the light of the Day. «the Modern, present Day that is, But I might be widely recognized in the Future, where some mere, meandering Men have read, and understood the Riddle I am trying to examine through my Art.

Yet I live not now any longer for Sorrow, yet still the baddened Pain Of Hardship Still torments me.

³But I am Regal« I stand steadfast and stalwart through All these braves!!!´ Yet I wish that so often would Be the case, I am no more meager Man than the insolent,

Lotty Few, Who Remark and Comment« Un-saliently, As if Wishing for a Better World??? ³How the Hell could that be?!?´ I ask myself« ³How the Hell could it be better, When all it wants is µevil¶? How the hell could that be betterment?!?´ I say no more mere Words« I always think them through Deep in my Mysterious Head, Where the Moon is akin to a Raging Star, my Thoughts Are completely Still« I Wish no further For such in-salient Creeds, Where Dogma should give Prevalence to the Very Righteous Few« So that the Many could be fed over the Mighty« The Real Heroes«

³Waking up In this Distress«When Nightmares come out Loud, laughing at my non-saliency«´
I wake no more To these Dogmas of non-saliency, Where Bitterness is only bred by someone Having less money than you.

So, what is this Bitterness that¶s so Hard to swallow and comprehend« ³Why is it so hard for you to understand that I¶m Not getting into that lion cage?!?´ ³Why don¶t you understand what the chimpanzee can do to me if it gets enraged and wants to tear my arms apart?!?´

Such things breed Bitterness, And in such a Way have we Braved the Wilds that we have got a Certain degree of Common Sense That tells us when something¶s wrong with a person« That they are un-natural« That they aren¶t being reasonable«

That certain sense of Well-being asn¶t aimed at them. Was it wishing for its own damn custody? See, the difference between Jealousy and Bitterness Is only Heartfelt«

Deep inside, Where the roots lie. And I¶m not saying I¶m without a heart, I¶m just telling you that these are embittered tears« Such is a Thing I guess most of Us can Fathom if we¶ve ever been Heart-broken.

But, for embittered tears over a mother¶s love« Now, that would take a lot of bitterness And little of tears, As they often wound up to go each-other¶s way. That¶s the way I feel today«

³My Heart-Secret Remembers my Chaste Needings«´

Wishing for a little Christ« Wishing for a little, listless Wonder??? ³I would not listen to you, For your Words are so embalming«´ This I will tell you:

³I was Wished to be with Child, Yet I was listless enough to be Without marrying Child´. I kept to my own, and I was Starters for something new.

Yet, did I realize this? No, my Empire will not come today. ³I am sullen for my Wands & Knights are not denigrating Themselves any more« What am I to do? What am I to become?´ Needless to say..: A Jew«

³A Dear Departure«´
A new Day fades« A new Coming. The Reaping of the Beauty Of Emptiness, The Reaping of the Blood.

³I am no common trampet marching! I am a National-Socialist!!!´ Yesterday I digged trampets And whores, Now I¶m an anti-Nigger, gay Jew marching«

³The Same Shit in my Names«´
The Serpent« The dragon« Which way to choose?

Am I the Serpent? This Foul Creature..? Of Wanton Corruption?

Or Am I this mighty Dragon« This Force..?

Of Suns is My corruption Worthy« My denigration is belittled, Yet Still It stinks of Putrefaction«

This Wasting of Suns Is ³Ex In Umbra Non Nihil´, Which Means: ³I am Not Dead as long As I breathe«´

I still Reek of Shit, But I don¶t Fuck Boys« No one does!

I am still this Shit!!! I am Tasting It a little less, Yet My Pestilence is with Shit!

I want It not More «or Less Than Any numbers I can call on. 666 is NOT The Beast« It¶s the Dragon« By the way« The Number is five. 666 is the Number of the Shitless, And it¶s name is the« «Jew« Fucking Creatures«

³The µEvil µ Within«´

The Evil Without Fear, The Evil Within« Am I Who I am Who Am I..?

Am I this Evil??? I am this Evil µvision¶??? Am I This Devil inside? Who Am I If I¶m not This Evil« I am Evil« Am I The Devil???

Questions Asked, About this Daring Eye, Who Sees Evil Things... «Am I the Devil Because of That??? Who am I?!? This Devil??? Am I Evil???

³Dared Not« Thought Not. Am Not! Am I This Evil? Am I the Devil???´

Yes! I want it Not,

Yet still am I« Chasteless. I giveth not, Nor Come I. ³When I¶m Gone No one can Remember.´

³Dark Ritual Death´

Dark, Ritualistic Chaos. Daring Death..? What is thy Grave, What is My Name? ³Is my Name Game?´

I am Wishing thee Dead! Daring Death With No Consort« How Could thy Be So Foolish, Smearing them Names, When thy is not even the Game?

I Wish thee Dead« I am Not Given grave« I am No Longer the Game«

Thy Grave

Is Wished For!

µMy Insolent Wishes, Cannot Still thy heart. Wish for thy Grave??? «Come with Me! ³«let¶s tamper!!!´ With What??? ..Concubines..? I wish thee not ill, I wish Thee Not still« Yet thy talk too Much!¶

Me Wish End thy Names!!!

³An Ode to Joy!´

³She wisheth no Solace« She¶s choosing her names. She twinkles the Sun, And she¶s wishing at the Stars!

She¶s got No Common-place Mythology« She¶s got The Name of the Sun Within The Stars, When The Moon Caresses her She Smiles!

She¶s got no meandering names« She¶s a Wished Child« Wished as for as the Moon is Within the Stars! She¶s also childling caressing the Sun, And She¶s also the Child of a Star.

Moon twinkling« Her eyes, Her heart Warms by the Bed of Her Father. Within Him She is Solace, Never before Touching her Venus, She Now Comes onto his loving arms« By the hearth.

³A Common Solace´
I Wish for My Sun, My child. ³How Come thy Is Near me in my Heart???´ She says to me in her Wanton. ³How would I Be, When damnation come faring In?!?´ ³I would remember thy Name in Silence« With utmost seeding of an Heir´, I said calmly to Her. Then she caresses my Heart, And gently touches my lips.

³With wanton I will Always Remember

Thee!!!´ she Says, And then we Entwine« ³Warm My Heart, Heart-Seeker..!´ ³I am Wishing Thy Childe´, She Says. She is So Lovely« My Heart-Seeker«

³The Devil-Christ´
The Devil Riseth again, And lights the Flame as The Sun. The Moon Riseth again In the Star« The Star for an Empire Is the Beginning of the Ends.

The Antichrist riseth Again, And large-scale Change is wrought! The Dark Lord On the Very Age «of µEvil¶ comes Nothing Second´.

³The Worthy Seeding«´

³The Moon Riseth Against a back-draft of Flames«

The Sun comes Back As I cry out for a Star«

The Stars twinkling« The Moon is now nigh. The Devil lights a fire, For the Lord of the Dead Is now lost in terror«

The Sun of Suicide Is Now Formed, Within a kettle Is lighted candles, Wishings of the Master«

³I wish to the Devil, To come before the Antichrist«´

To Call Un-holy Angels Before the Christ, Is akin to Making the Sun a Sacrifice«

³I wisheth not for denigration«´

Said the un-holy prophet. In the Light of Un-holy Angels, The Dark Master now Casts the Moon Spell Upon the Sun«

The Dark Master is wishing A Sacrifice« The Un-holy Angels Are worshipped Openly before the False prophet« The Dark Master finds a Fool in him, And dubs him the Holly King« Red Fire«Victim of Fools« The Death of Love, The Beginning of an Empire.

³The Dark Lord«´

³The Dark Wishing of Older Fire, Is Lit Within lanterns, As the Fool of Sathan Now shows No Mercy« ³Surrender to the Wicked!´ The War-Mistress calls« Un-holy, dark Prophets Sail the Seas of the Lord«

The Victimae of the Dark Lord,

The Beginning of the Empire, Is seeded within the Stars«

³My un-holy Names are cometh!!!´ Saith the white angel« ³Fools« for a Jester I cannot Come´, saith the Sacrifice of the Sun«

³The Beginning of the Imperium are Seeds lingering on in Space«´
³The Words are Seeded, My Cannibals are Near«´

So saith the Dark Master« ³I am come before Night¶s Moon, Where Stars are Seedings For an Empire Of Worthiness´«

³Thus I can come to Remember, When the Sun lights The Stars for the New Imperium« I can Choose now Which I become, When the Night¶s Terror wants In, and the Games are played Thoroughly throughout The Night«´

My Wards are for the Dark Master, As his Separation is worthy No needs. My Wars are Chasted Less, As in the End the Anti-christ Draws them Forth«

³Night embraced« Callous new, Nothing new«is under The Sun«´ the Separation of the Sun saith. Yet, Chaos is Released, And Wars are come« Creating Many Men, Which Will Kill Christ« In the End Change is Wrought. ³My names are War!!!´ Saith the Antichrist. And the Death of Love«

³The Worthy Seeding«´
The Change of an Age, Comes last in a Cycle. When all is deteriorating« The Stars are come a-calling.

The Worthy Seedings, Are now come Close, The Beginning of an Age« Begins the Force of Change.

The Fools are wording For an End«

Within an Ivory Tower, Warriors are shaped«

Wars are in the End ± The Death of Christ«

The Start of an Age Is where the Change may come: ³All is Falling Apart« The Seeding of the Stars, Will Return Christ!

The Wishing Seeding of Sacrifices &

Christ« Will herald the Dawn of a New Age of Change« The Antichrist is now Calling« ³My Wars are Alike!!! I cannot Fathom Them, but I hate the Light!´

³The Wards ending« The Sacrifice of Christ! The Devil is Released, And Lucifer comes Down From the Skies«

³Sathan Shook the Earth«´ And God was flayed Alive!

Spirit Ghost coming« Hacked to bits by µThe Bringer of Light¶«

Yet the Antichrist wants naught, And is embraced in the Womb of Mother Earth«

Then the Floods came, And the Change is Wrought Again.

³The Shadow of Death´
In the Fall of Imperium I hear the Baroque sounds That Call for our Gods« ³Hear them Calling from Far above´, They said, yet No Gods manifested During the Fall.

Then the Winter came, And Change was upon us. In the distance I could hear The coming of the Classical sounds, And then, When the Sun shone at Its highest, And the Antichrist drew nearer« I could once again hear the sound of Carmina Burana, played from the Insolent Towers of Imperium.

³War is here«War is here!´ Cried the Honor-guards of the Heiress aloud, And all the Physis Fools

Cheered loudly. ³This is our Day of Victory..!´ Said the Antichrist, And many Honor-guards shook in terror, whereas many Fools were decimated by the Vindex. But, Sathan did not come, And his Gods only glanced by. But one God did Call, And that was the God of War«

³A New, Gray Dawn«´
A New, Gray Dawn Fades« Underneath are the purple Stars«

With each passing Sun, Into a new Supernova« A new purple Heaven, Where all the Silver Stars are« Where all the Antichrists are«

I wish not for a new Beginning, I only want for a crimson Star. When the Antichrists go a-marching Towards a new God-walk, A new Purple Heaven will begin to react«

With Silver and Blue Stars.

Within crimson shields, A new Golden Fire« A new Crimson Star«

A new Waiting for A Hermit« A new Devil in wanting Will be, On this World Never more« Worthwhile«

My very Heart in Crimson Belongs to the Purple Night« I am Not wished to wander again «on this Soil«

³The Cosmic Will´

The Cosmic Will« Thy Cosmic Words, Will entwine the Worlds.

Of the Many« Of the Few« Habitations of each Willful World, Denigrates themselves.

Self subservient« ³I was wishing for«´

Soilless Worlds Are not denigrating. But I, by my Few Are this Willful Universe«

³My Words are less Said Now«´
My Words«¶god¶! Are less said Than thee wasting of old.

Where does this withering begin? It begins with the concrete behavior Of an abstract fantasy.

Where does µgod¶ end? Down there We are working towards his Demise, when The Many will Fulfill the Prophecies Of his Master, Sathanas«

³The Dead Stare´
Their dead, Soul-less eyes Are wasting the µgod¶! ³Where might we be?´ The Gods of Sathan Decry, and they were, And are the Worthy Ones!

³We are not decrying mere meanings«

We are the Worthiness itself!!!´

³It¶s whispered« «it¶s said« The Damsel«´

Will Not return When Christ Is nigh! And Sathan¶s Gods are Words of Power, That Might become Manifest Over Time!

³Over there« There« A Hermit!´

³When the Words come Alive!´
³When I come alive«´ Said the Wind, And blowed Not. ³When I was young«´ Said the Old Crone. ³When I was Wishing For«´ Said the Child«

³And when I¶m No More!!!´

I said to myself« I, an old Hermit, Cannot be bed-ridden Without lethargy, But I want it« For terrorizing the World Is the Greatest Pleasure Of a Woman That holds me in her Heart. So, therefore I am sometimes Bed-ridden« With lethargy I can thus Control The Word Of the Worlds«

³Old World withering«´ ³Withering Within..?´ Said the Priestess to The Young, Tall man. ³My Words are very Evil!´ Said the Young Man« ³And thy is Not Amoral???´ Said the Priestess.

I was Withering Within« Then I got to become old, And I wanted Not To be forgotten.

³For this Torpid, Insolent Soil«´ Said the Hermit: ³Is washing itself Backwards!´

I was wished for my Very own« Little Self. ³Now I¶ve gone a Game«´ Said the Old wanton, and ³I¶ve Wished a Game«´

³I cannot Hold On to it Further!!!´ Then I was cast alight, By the fiery Flames« Within the Wishing Stars..: ³I am now on Fire!!!´ «Burning«

³The Caves of the Sea waiteth«´

The Golden Hero« His Words are not watering« His Doom is Day of Sathan, When the Sathan will come Nigh to un-ravelling The truth about The Golden Hero.

Golden Markers«Golden fowls, My Heart wishes For No Hero That Would not Christ Endear«

My Plucking of the Violin Is Seen as Insolent, But how Insolent could I be

When I No longer Speak To Women?

My Days, Is wishing less«More!!! Is my Wording« Within, without, less« Fear is the Golden. Era by Day« Purple at the Night-time. In the Purple Night Imperium is burning! And now«we are seeding The Very End!

The War-chimes« The War-swords. Soon«an Empire Will Fall Again«

Through All Time I have been Witness To the Common Man struggling Against the Fire of the

Gods. When they See it Coming down They are running Rampant with µEvil¶« And when they Come Down« Into the Underground« They are witnessing the Time Of Before. Meet them, And thy is bequeath them In Stature. But, they are not Judgemental, Unless it¶s an atrocity Against Nature And the full Values of All the Heathen Times, Which was as before; which Are now Returning« Which Will be in the Future.

³The Man Against Time«´
Dark Man« Lord of All Time; Lord against All Lords, And Hermit of Hel..: ³I was wishing for«´ A man« Common in time, Not in-between Time, But Living within it, Is oftentimes said to Be an µEvil¶ Hermit.

But who can Judge another Man Of Crimes that Might have been Commited by another Man than themselves If they are not bequeath The very µamorality¶ of Themselves? A Dark Man is Often the Scapegoat For such Insolent Crimes, That the lesser Man Have seen in news. When wishing for a better, brighter day Thou should also Remember

What atrocities Have been Committed By thyself If thy is Condemning a Man For being less worth Than thy. And, wish it for the neither They have also always become An µamoral¶ character, That Might live on to Remember those Lesser Times, When thy atrocities were so Great that thy in thy hey-day Could not Fathom Them. That is a little bit of Wisdom.

³A Hermit´
Wander by his guiding light In the Chamber of the Sphinx, For his guiding light Lights the Path to Wisdom.

He¶s Sitting by a river, Foretelling the Waters,

While he¶s Fore-telling the Reaper.

He is a Lord of the Earth« Looking for Love. Yet, he¶s often been in ecstasy, And he was at the End A little Wise«

To the Vindex He is seen as Love, But also as The Lord of the Earth.

³The Little, Wise Seer«´

³My Words are often Very Wise«´ Says the Seer«

³But, when I¶m Coming Together with Damsel¶s Talk, I¶m always More than Wise.´

³I can see no further!!!´ ³The Ship¶s left!!!´ I¶m bereft,

For Ecstasy is once again littering the Old, Wise Seer«

³The Prophecies of Sathan´
³Very Wards of µEvil¶« Why Has thy Come???´

I was wishing for little Sail Ships within My World« But, none would ever come, No one ever dared Come!

And I«so sweet, smiling« Went to Sathan« Went over to Him, And Warded his µEvil¶«

³In the Very Odd, Old Days, I was Wished for By some Damsel«´ He continued« ³«and I was ne¶er even Marked, By them Castigating me, I went over and found

Other Gods and Goddesses«´

³5 is my Number, And I am wishing for My Gods Who are 5 in Number..: One for Air«Athushir; One for Earth«Dagon; One for Fire, Which is Darkat, A most Solemn, withering Slave Of Dagon, And a winding Sword for Gaubni, who¶s my God of Earth« Reeking With Lust« And I Have one for Space, which is Residing within Me« Residing in My heart..: Budsturga« Her Name means: µWithering from afar«flowers denigrating themselves«´

³As I was Wished For I was also Less commonplace. That was at a time When I was Young, And My intestines were Very Worthwhile«´

³I have heard«´ I said: ³That you were the Prince of Lies??? How¶s that come about When Thy¶s Always Honourable?!?´

Then I would only Listen, To the fantastic tale of his Worldly smartness, Coming together With the Base« ³Watering the Base Would always Give results«

When Giving Women their Due I could Always Encroach Upon Their hearts«

And that was Withering!!!´ And I was only listening« «In Stillness«

³A Black Magician´

Wizard« Cast thy Spell! Name My Names In thy Grave. I Wisheth not to be Solemn, Yet I foreswear Any Mortal Man.

My Dark Liege« I Wiseth for my Countence To be Upon Kings. «And Wings« Of Angels Burning, Are Never cast Down again.

Within these Waters lies The croaking Frogs, And waiteth for a Star, For them to feed Upon.

³And Then all would be Silent´

Chaos« Raging Fire..! The Empire is Burning! Cast Down are the Angels, And the Mediocre Man Is once again turning towards Ancient Gods« My World is now, Cast in Flames« Sathan is Coming...! And With Him the Gods are Coming« Silence« Our graves are Not in Earth« My Wishful Longing For Elder Stars Lives on longer in a World of µEvil¶. The dust has now settled. Silence« The Empire is No More. Christ dying, µgod¶ banished« «And Silence settled Over the Seas«

³Inner Sanctum of Sathan«´
World-less« ³Soils are Soils´, Says the Devil.

I am in the Inner Sanctum Of Sathan. Where is Hell? ³I am not beneath, Yet I am within the Earth« The Seas cover My Inner Sanctum«´

Down there, In the depths of the Sea Lies his Inner Sanctum, While His Soul lingers on In Hell. Where his Body lingers on In the Universe, I am come to find my Own Soul in Hell, While my body lives On Earth« Visiting Star-clad Spaces That are Within His Inner Sanctum«

³Worldly Soil´

³These engravings are worthy« My honour..!´ Says another«

The Worthy Gods of Man Are the Gods Of Sathan« ³The Devil is nigh!!!´ Says the Inquisitor When Burning Witches. ³When the Devil is Here«´ Says the Satanist, ³We Will all go to Hell!!!´ They both say. When Warriors draw near, And the Devil is called From the Ground« Then Sathan shakes the Ground Upon which we Tread. Then Lucifer leads the Army Of Men« Against Christ, Against all that is Un-holy« Flood-wave upon flood-wave washes Over the face of the Earth

When the Antichrist draws near. War, Famine«Pestilence, Death« Each Grave goes Un-marked As Mother Gaea swallows them Whole« And No Christ will Ever return«

³The Antichrist´
³The Antichrist now draweth Near..!´ And yet, no matter how far, The Stars will always linger For him, This Dark, Worldly Soil«

Given Graves, The Masters Of his Wanton Want for him a Sathan, That Will serve as a buffer Against µgod¶«

³Semper Servus´, Sathan says« This Worldly Adept« To His Master of Grandness, A Dark Immortal«

Wanting Worldly Coil.

³The Worldly Night«´

The Death of Night is Never Acted Upon« ³Even Gods May die« Even Death May die´, Death says«

³But Death may Never Die In Terror!´

³The Worldly Coil´
Damned, Without this Coil« I am Wishing for A New Start.

Withering flowers« Putrefying Trees, The Water¶s Contaminated« When Will Christ Die?!?

³Love¶s Secret Domain´
Wishing for a Star« Of Wanton I can Never Be Satisfied.

³The Fire¶s Burning, Still within my Heart Is My Wanton for my Mother´, Says the Little Child, Wanton for her friends.

³Damnation and a Day´

³We¶re all Damned down here!!!´ Damnation is worthwhile« Damning oneself is very easy, Yet Not Undertaken lightly. Damning oneself is said to be Something heartfelt. Yet, it is of the Spirit Of things The Very Core Of Salvation!

Cosmic Expansion & Might is Right« The Conciousness Of the Power To Live Entails a New Cosmic Evolution«

As the Power to Freedom« The Cosmic Will, Unites one Thought Into a Cosmic Imperium.

The Liberty of Speech« Up there, Is never silenced again, As they really do not Words as part of Being. One Chaos« One uniting Mind« A Cosmic Expansion, A whole New Cosmic Evolution«

³A Solemn Vow´
³My Plight is My Allegiance« My Allegiance is with the Masters!´ The Warrior spoke aloud«

³What for Temperance?´ The Wise Prophet said.

In Wisdom I am come, To serve my Master, Who Rules this Earth!!!

Between the tides I am Come forth, To bring Wisdom In the Putrefying Light«

³The Day of Reckogning´
The Day of Waste« The Day of Terror. I want for my Old Wanton To be Laid Bare By This Insolent µgod¶. Yet I know that he does Not Listen« ³How Could he, When he¶s not Even Worthless..?´ Said the Sun-goddess to Me«

Velpecula, or Shinora To Me.

³Nay, I say thee«´ She said« ³Wasting within is Always fruitful, But Never Forget That The waste is Within!´ And then she Smiled, And I laughed« And I cherished her In those Moments Of Days, When the Tower was Falling «to the Ground.

³These Words are coming at Night´
When I Dream at Night I sometimes Envision, Landscapes, With Countenance I seem To Forget My words« To a Dark Master There is Not an Easy Path, Let alone a lot of Suffering Notwithstanding The Rigors of Time.

Yet, in the Darkness I seem to Remember My Words, In Hell, Where I was Chosen To Be, Devoid of Any Feelings Towards Next Brethren«

In Arms I would Like to Die, Yet Alone I wish Not to be Denigrating My Superior Soul, As it¶s worth 10,000 times As much as Yeshua Chairst« Thus I shall Remember..: ³My Words are not Easy« My Words are not Harsh, My Path is Not Easy«´ Yet, still Alone I Wither in Christ. My Name is not« Damnation!

Much talk With no Words« Little is said, But actions count«

³Warrior«hold thy horses!´ Why is War deemed so Unwanted, When War can help better a Man Towards more Character, And Righteousness..?

Once, a Warrior was deemed, but Now they are almost wished exterminated. What has happened to This World of Jewry, Claiming peace, but Wanting War..? Can¶t there be any truthfulness Anywhere??? Damn it« I wish this World had never happened!

³Dear, Old Friend«´

Listless, Without ever Wondering. Senseless, Without Ever Telling« Listening without Wonders«

Dear Old, Dark« Dear, Old Comrade. I wished I was Wished Wonders. Headless« Thinking, Without Examining. I wish my dad Was Dark«

³Long Live Death!!!´

Everlasting, Wishing for Shiftless Things, My Life« Ended, Lasting Until Death!

Ever« Forever, My Thoughts are


Tears never mark My grave« Love, Listless« Is never Worded« Is never Marked.

My Own, Callous Nature Is not Withering hither« Yet, My Own Love Does Not Wish denigration. Thus I am Chaste«

³Lasting On Forever´
Lasting on Forever« My Ode to a Farewell, That never Chastes.

Fulfilled, Wishing for War« The Long Waiting, for a Time to Come, when Bees & Butterflies are Never Chaste.

My Wishes are

For an End To Come Nigh. When all Torrents Are Washed Away.

Lasting on Forever, My heart is Wished« Away.

³Everlasting Winter«´
The Fall of Autumn, A Winter Nearby, An Empire Come close«

These are the Words of Sathan, And heed Them Well: ³We are Worthy Of Nothing But Callousness« Shit, Denigrating their Spirits Are Never Worthy of the Task That entwines the Worldly Coil, let alone I wish to denigrate Myself. For what Shit???´

³I was Worthy of Little Less«´ I said: ³But I wish to Remember What Earth was Like« Is that Possible?´

Instantly I was Flown away, Into a Paradise Called Hell«

Shadow, Listen« I live listness« On my Own, Like a Hermit. I like living on my Own« Withering, Decaying Within«

I have no Need of Fear, Yet I long for It« Wishing it for« Shadows.

³When Hell Freezes over«´ They say, But Hell wasn¶t Cold! Yet there are Shadows Warm, Lingering on In Hell.

This Is«Was the Word Always µEvil¶?
Falling Out« Out of Grace Came a Wishing µEvil¶«

Words were Alight with µEvil¶, yet Tempestuous Within Waking.

³My Words are Evil!´ Thought the Star-child, Clad in Crimson Robes, the Night Embraced, wishing Shadows for Starry Skies«

³My very own Words«¶Evil¶,

Are Wishing Within«´

³Sathan, my Liege« Come thy Tempestuous Stars« Warm in my Embrace, Yet Not Lingering on For Word..: Cosmos!´

My Star-seede« Shipped unanimously Within Thinking, Are Now Circumvent By These Inferior apes, Watering no Conclaves« Within Wordings I am Come to Be« Within Thinking, I myself Am this Very µAmoral¶ Word..: ³Callousness«´

Dark« Right There«

Said the Cosmic Words: ³Of Chaos I am Come Not, Nor am I of Chaos Wanton´. Yet, Chaos is Needed«

Without honour a callous Man could not Become Wanton, With such Ship-less Guilt As War«

Yet« For Each of my Denigrations I am Brought No one¶s Forwards. Yet, I am tampering them In my µvisions¶« When the Elder Stars Are Wording Forwards« ³For my Words are Not Denigrating themselves«´ Sayeth the Oldest Star, Which Is to a Kingdom An Heir..! ³My Words are Wishing for It!´ Sayeth the Star of the

Royal Kingdom« Stellarium« A Royal Heir« Standing against Time. Needless Worths« ³Non-salient Things!!!´ ³I¶m Damned!!!´ Not Withstanding« Cherished Doors Are Circumvented. There« Up there, Amongst the Fín de Síecle, An Empire stands on its Own Accord« «As When the Elder Comes Forth, and shines A beacon, To«For« The Royal Stars« Royal Heir Stands On its Own Accord«

³Accused of Treason, Sathan leaves« Now the Empire is Mine!!!´ The Heir Thinks«

Stellarium« Antichrists Coming..! The Words Are no Longer!!!

The Royalty No Longer Wards« The Empire of Sun reaches its Climax«
The Sun burneth Higher« Taking its Grave within itself. They, themselves Are Burning in Fiery, Tempestuous« Sun-like Stars« ³The Empire is here« The Empire is Coming, The Empire is Now!!!´

So said the wise, old lizard In the very Wording-days, When Sathan was coming No closer to destroying µgod¶« When I am an Old Hermit I Wish for no Countenance From Slavery« Toil« Shiftlessness, and hardships«

When I am an Old Master I can Call on the Sun to Call its own, dark-less Hordes!!! Then I come to myself, And I wake up..: ³This World is not for me« It belongs to my Child!´

An Heir« Wishing for Stars, Cometh as the Sun. When the Empire Wisheth for it« Two Daughters of a Hermit Will Rule the Game..! ³The Wording is« Said the Eldest of the two Young: ³Me, I am Wishing Listless, But I also Wish for War.´

Then Came the Younger, and By far leaner and trimmer«along: ³War-chames!!! War-chames!!! I wish For More Wars!!!´ And then Stellarium was Coming, Un-seemly«

Wishing for an Elder Guide« But the Beacon could not Hold Against the Elders Horde-like succoring, As they were themselves Were Listless«

³I Wish for More War-Ships!!! «Stand Stalwart« Death Before Dishonour!´ And then Stellarium was Brought True« Cosmic, universal Will«made Manifest Eternal War!!!

³Into the Deepest Dark«´

Deep, Down there« Shadows linger not here. A black hole of Voidness¶ Soul« A black pit of utmost despair«

A Cauldron of pitch-black, Empty hearts. I listen for the Stillness Of the Void.

Chaos«Infernal Will, Corrupted, Soil-less Hearts, Wishing to be Within Eachother. A womb« Devoid of flesh« A Cauldron of Stars, Black, cold, µevil¶ Twinkling, Within each newborn, Black hole. «Within the Voidness«

³From distant shores«´
Listening« Within every heart, Cold, Soulless Earth«

I watch the Ships In the distance« Passing by. From a past shore, The watery graves Of callousness, Rests not here Anymore« Anyhow, my Ships are come to contemplation, living on Within this Black Earth. Callousness« Wishing No Further«

Shadows are lingering on For Full Moons« In Gardens of Death, I wish for contemplation. Wishing Within« Within this cold, callous Black, chasteless Earth.

³Shadows whispering´
Watching« Shadows flickering on the Wall« Teeming with Shadows, My Soul has come to Perfection, Called by some lesser Men« Sublimation«

Casting with less light« Never again Shadow-less. My heart¶s darkness Has come to the Stillness Within«

Dark marrows, Solvent intoxication. A Shadow that fires The Light of the New«

³Eternal Darkness´
Up there, In everlasting Coldness Of the Farthest Reaches Of Space, Rests Eternal Darkness«

In the Coming of the Elder Stars, Darkness prevails« Everlasting Darkness, Among the Confines Of Outer Space«

³5 in 5,000 Invited Warrior Years´
5 in 5,000 more, Invincible Sun« Fades within a glass. 5« 5,000 invincible, Satanic more years, where Yeshua would mark the Turning Point« For«5 in 5,000 more Is 5x1,000, where the number of the Beast is 5, and the Kingdom of Yeshua was said to last a thousand years, of Peace & War, Sathan would say But in 4,772 all goes away« 5,000 more« 5 in elements« was Christ born in 5 b.C.??? I don¶t care, I only want him dead« for good!

Venture on Such Young Folly!
³Silly milly, with vanilly« I wanna be a mamselle with hair. ³I cannot bear!´ And how swarthy I would be, With them God-damn Awful Men on me!

With them dames I¶ve not with me mamas Shames! I cannot go on in lingering« ³I haven¶t gotten any lingerie!!!´ I don¶t go Down on Me Myself« I¶m merely Me with my Mere Selflessly Caressed.

³I¶ve got with them Damn Shames!´ I cannot go on with my Hymes« I got no Shitty knees« ³I cannot piss on my Shitty needs!!!´

Aw, god Awful Mama, I cannot Go Down on Me.

I¶ve Got no Wholesame Needs« ³I¶m With Shitty¶s Meeds!!!´

Oh, I am Heartsame« I¶ve Got with My Seldom Shames. I don¶t Go Down on Hoses¶ Needs« ³I cannot get on my Horsey¶s Head!´

³Shitty¶s Less, I would not Need, Were I to be without My mamas¶ Shares!´

So«shove It! Go down on thy Weeping Willows« I¶ve got the no more Needs« ³I¶m shitty¶s Wholesame« I¶ve Got No needs!´

Shut It, now Go Down on Wanton! I cannot Wholesame Say I¶m Wanton«´

³I¶ve got No Needs« With Shitty¶s Seldom makes, I¶m Myself« I¶m Only me. But, I¶m little less« My little child¶s Own Caress!´

³On Shitty¶s milk I cannot say that I would partake«

He¶s my papa, I am with his Damned Mama. I am Solemn with His Cow. That¶s His holy cow of Meeds« ³She wholesome with Shitty¶s Needs!!!´

Bye, bye« Now I go away. I cannot hold on to this for any longer« I am not mere Myself« I¶m With Shitty¶s Needs«

³On Wholesame Caress«´

³Wholesome I curse this Cow« ³My Mommy¶s needs is what I Wish« I cannot go on to his for any Longer. I am not his Hosey¶s Holder! I cannot go on down on my Knees« I¶m not his Shitty¶s Holderless!!!´

³Holder¶s Heart´

³I am this Holden Heart« I am this Sullen Heart. I wait no longer, For a Mama to come by. I am Wishing my Child within« I can not Holed Her Fort.

I am seldomly Sullen all Alone, Yet I wish with my Holden Heart.

My Shit-less, Caressing Heart« My Soil Entwine. I am this Sullen Boy She would always Want me to Be« This Holder¶s Heart«!´

³Soil & Green Twines«´

³Grey and shoody today, The Forecast has not in Day and Age been Seen. Who think they can Wish upon the Weather, Make it Fine?

Poor, insolent Fool. I walked thee By today. I was all solemn, With my Sweet, Cherished Child. I wished her For a Denigration, Yet I cannot Cast her loveless, little, Swelling, cought Heart.

³For Long´

³For Long I have loved and listened, Yet heart ne¶er satiated. Where wish¶t I to be? In a Lover¶s heart is where I may be, Whereas I know not when she Is Born«´

³Like a tree, Growing within This Being is now Unfolding«´

³Dear Darkness«´

Down there they don¶t understand Whatever they are doing in the Garden of Eden. Down there, in this presumed Hell, Where Hell is only Up There.

Whatever I say I cannot Bear to Name. Whatever They Think There cannot be any succor to«

What needeth I, That I only can Say. Death from Above to Below« Down there is Darkness of the Garden. Up Above is Hell!

Down there they answer, Cannot Word it for the other Ones« Where Darkness Is I cannot Still« Only Death will dismay

What I cannot Take!!!

Verses repeat themselves in the Order of Chaos« Qui audit, Lex Talionis? Pro erad demonstrantum, Via Demonae cum Diabolus est futurus! Ad Sathanas qui vinces ad astrea? Qui vindex ista est venturus? I know, but will not tell« I, myself am not solemn« Bellum per bellum, qui Homo Europaes ista te deum? Homo Europeas ista dei in collegium!

³Little, Odd, Auld Summer¶s Eve«´
Little Summer¶s Eve, I was once dreaming Of the Little Sun.

Nowhere on Earth Have I found such a radiant caress Than from an odd Summer¶s Dream, Where Summer¶s Eve is the Love Of my Sun, Where I« Beneath The Sun Caress her back.

Where Summer¶s Dream Listens to my Eve, I will always« To this, and every Day Linger on in her Sun«

Listening to Her.

³Little Devil´
Little, little Devil in the Mirror, Tell me« Who¶s the Damndest of µem all???

I did once play a Damned Game of A Charade, But I did not Till it for Long. I went to the bottoms of my own Self And I could tell them that I was Staring back from Hell.

So, tell me«little Devil ± Where is this Hell If I am not within it? Where is right, and where am I When Hell is such a needful Place? Where am I damned if not Within??? Does thee dare tell me, Dear Devil« That I am the most Dared Devil of them

All, Whereas I am more dismal than the Private Pirate« Whereas I solemnly Linger On in My own, Private Hell? Does not Always Hell begin with The Black Pact Of which I am a Hermit? So why do I not Choose to Rule Hell Solitarily When I can but Conform to My Shadows, Where to fore I would need a Sun To Live on in Hell« Where the Shadows are Tempting!

³Sure You Are!!!´
³Sure, sure, little Devil! ³Little Christian« How¶s thy Sweat today?´

³Little Purplet Sky!!!´

³Yhe is white and full of flowe, How¶s thy doing«little, tender Love?´ ³Yhe is lithe and leere of limbe, How¶s thy small little titties doing with the Damned Wind???´

I once normally never did, Tease a little, sweet, succulent childe. But I was, like so many others Mistreated by an elder kindred.

So, how am I to do? Does it all ring too true???

³Little titties sweet to smell« Like milk and honey, never to yell!!!´ ³Forever keep thy Silence, little, withering Sky of Purplet, And I can choose to watch and not to watch it!!!´

³Shittly little, say«Booh!´

³Shitty little, say«Booh! Who¶re going to do? I would go with little lots, Who¶s always got the little hots!

For me I would not vie another day, Whom, cherished should I bed-ride lie, I would not want on another timber. I would with a long-limbed longer linger.

³I am not that Afraid!!! Who said I could thee to this date wed, When« I no longer would want to be with thee in bed.

I would choose for Life with longer, Someone who¶s more bitter with thee Than thy hunger, I would with thee bed lie, When thy with not thy Daughter¶s chested heart

Would die« I choose thee wither longer« ³Dark kat!!!´ I choose thee with a runny nose, Not with a dumb, silly, old hat! Cherished, silly thee bewed, And wreak him heartache With your son in bed!

I could not choose thee any longer, For thy would be my own, touched daughter. I choose not with thee to lie, Now I can in my own Heart¶s Child be, When I am ne¶er for without the Sunshine.

But, I am now forgetting thee yet, Remember what we did train for with Blood, tears with sweat. I choose for thee on longer, For I would not want thy father forget. I am the lonely Hermit, And I never did Forget, That« ³Dark kat!!!´ was such a solemn cow that« Now I could thee no longer to bed get, So« I am sorry for the misunderstanding«

Art thee Species yet?´ ³Art thee on War living only???´ I could with thy War only get, What a Sunshine would me not Get« The War in Cosmos is all thine« Do Cherish it with thy Hind. For I say What??? Do a little Damsel Hot! That¶s Sweet, little Temptation. You would always live in the Stars As I would go on to Live in thy Wars. To you, my little, Devil-child« I would for you the Sky to vie« Little, old Master of the Sky to be, Whenever is Hell never in me? Is thy Sky little did tell? ´Hey, I think the Neoliths did that!´ Now I am to lie and think, For I can never thy Sweet face bewrink. I listen to thee little dearly, For that which makes Stronger only make thy Stronger« For I am with thee in the Sky, And I am with thee in the Little Hell to lie« ³Vie to Die???´ Sure, we¶ve all got Wars, And I¶m sure you¶ll never Be a Horse. For I am thee bed-ridden,

But I never touched thee in solemn Places, For« I will thee not lie, And I will thee not any one single telling of a lie. So, there you¶ve got it. Now get on with thy Cosmos. Baby1« Choose thy Wand!!! I am sure you will not Wand Anyone, But a Sword you beheillde, And a Sword you will wed! Thanks for thy worthwhileness, Baby1« Now choose to shit on some Heavenly Lawn, µcause I do Not Care, What Shiit thy lovely would dear dark to impair. Choose thy little ones, But« Never forget, What thy Sword was all Coming For. So, little Baby1, Choose thy very listless, silly tone, Or I¶ll make sure you never Listen to Silence again, µcause« I could thee surely Bewed, But I choose not to Linger in Christ¶s Paradise,

So ³You Know???´ I¶m no pederast« And I am not to Evil. But you, My Son« A Father¶s Daughter should always own A little less than thy Mother, µcause she does only Love« eµcept her Sun« Her own, standard little Womb.´

"Daughter of Darkness!"
"Do you love me, as when before I promised you a Daughter? Do you Love me now, as I forever want thee, as I love thee... My foresworn Father...I, dark at thee am like a Sister, a Daughter of Darkness..."

"What for Europa, daddy...my daddy, Sitting in the sofa... Shitting? I can not come on to myself. My dear...Wanton? I give thee denigration, naught I tell ye that will ever harm thy Heart, for I am your Love...

my Daddy, my Sweet, cherished Heart... What for my Daddy's Europa?"

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