CNW205 - Practice Questions 2

1. Differentiate the techniques of FDMA, TDMA and CDMA. 2. Critically analyze the capacity improvement from first generation to second and then to third in cellular networks. 3. Compare and contrast GSM and UMTS. 4. Define the following. CDMA, GSM, TDMA, AMPS, FDD, UMTS, OFDM, ESN 5. Name and describe four special cellular network security issues. 6. How do you combat the above? 7. Discuss GSM security principle and algorithms. 8. What are the practical algorithms used to deploy the above? 9. What are the main requirements in cellular data networks? 10. Explain the importance of packet switching in achieving the above in Q9. 11. Name four categories of wireless data networks and provide examples. 12. Describe the relationship of CDPD, GPRS and HSPA to cellular voice communication technologies. 13. Draw and explain CDPD architecture. 14. What are the CDPD protocols and their functions? 15. What are the CDPD security considerations? 16. Explain what you understand by Mobitex. 17. Explain the concept of ALOHA protocol. 18. Explain the special feature of Mobitex in terms of security and reliability. 19. Explain the GPRS network components and their functions. 20. What are the GPRS device classes? 21. Evaluate GPRS security features. 22. What is WAP? 23. Explain the WAP protocol stack. 24. Name the functions of a WAP gateway. 25. How does WAP provide security? 26. What are the main wireless application areas? 27. Explain the security measures in Enterprise Campus Design. 28. Explain the security measure in Retail & Manufacturing Design. 29. Differentiate Enterprise Campus Design and Retail & Manufacturing Design in wireless network deployment. 30. What do you understand by a WISP? What is its use? 31. Explain Enterprise Campus Design architecture. 32. “Wireless networks can be 100% secured with very advanced techniques”. Comment.

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