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I've received so many inquiries about Corrie ten Boom's prophecies and David Wilkerson's prophecy concerning the Ozarks

, I decided to include everything I have about it in this newsletter. Ms. ten Boom was a beloved saint of God who was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. After her release from Ravensbruck, Corrie traveled all over the world having impacted many, many lives for Jesus. Her credentials certainly earn her the right to be taken seriously. ------:-. --;b:-:e-::~:-::lAt::l ilt~'sZllLl~R.:ZeMs. ten Boom appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network in the ff.lA-:iL-. '. , AYR.~II\.S~s 'S so t late 1970s. She was being interviewed by Paul Crouch. She said ." • oJ' t"e YOlAg"t,,~t t"e yes ~ ct,~VVcOIl\.'" ,II\. I, tlooking into the camera, "The Lord has told me that the center of oJ 't R.V\.OW ~ vOlA of t"e COlAII\.tYl::) ",oesll\. . evthe Christian movement in the United States will take place in VI' R.' VIoCOVlII\.tCl'II\.S, 'PClyR,s ylveys, """0' . te yeClSOII\.ClbLe Northwest Arkansas." She then turned to Paul Crouch and I" gyeClt eL,VVcCl, asked. "Where is Arkansas?" eYl::)w"eye, Clt solL tyees cost of Llvl""0, CllVes, gye L' e; " It's Clwo~erflAL 'PLCleeto 'v.... " ... There is a church in Ft. Smith named Maranatha Fellowship where Corrie ten Boom ministered at one time. She told the congregation that the Lord had said, "God has set aside northwest Arkansas for His people ...." Bill Gothard, a well-known man of God, tells about his airplane night in the late 1970s when he sat next to Corrie ten Boom. She told him of a vision she was experiencing during their night while looking down out of the airplane window. She saw an amber colored name on the terrain below. Ms. ten Boom asked Bill Gothard what part of our country they were nying over. He got up and asked the pilot and found out it was the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas. Corried stated there would be something big to do with ministry in this area and talked about it a second time that same evening as a guest at the Gothard's dinner table. Bill's sister who is also his secretary still remembers that conversation at their dinner table as was

bU. oll\.e 'II\. Aylzllll\.Slls WCls seei'loClII\.L Lessed -: Jobs. eClStJ to get LClII\ tne nOlAse buLLt jt~ Sister ten Boom came back to Arkansas 11\.0 pey",,",ts yequlyed .... EveYtJ Hi'loCewe've lI\.eed d foy wnliteVey yeliSoll\. Lt wouLd eOi'loCe Lvellved w Ld ~ i'loCoveetJ before her debilitating stroke and in her to plltJ tne bLLLOy wnlltevey veeed Clli'loCeu OU e ell\.ougn spirit saw angels with drawn swords protectS Oi'loCeUtJs Clli'loCeived neLped us wLtn buLLdLveg tne n p. l g ing NW Arkansas from her vantage point I eouLdve't n ouse eveve tnougn just north of Harrison. Several members of . plltJ t ei'loC.So ",,"llvetJ tnLvegs nllppeveed lived' Just seei'loCSt~llt eveYtJtnLveg eLLclzed yLg"t llL ' ,t the Great Passion Play who were with her beeve bLessed Lve i'loClivelA WlilAS We tllize t' to""g. We ve that day confirmed to Joseph Heath (of the yose L U u. 'i'loCe 0 'si'loCeLLne t
Agape Love Messenger) her remarks. David Wilkerson gave an indirect prophecy through a friend saying. "[Your estate] will be used as a haven for people who will nee from the east and west coasts'"

confirmed with her on March 22. 2006, by telePhone


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