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Hello Comenius´ people!

I will tell you my experience in the Comenius project. Everything

began in February, when Océane (my Comenius’ friend) arrived
to my house. That week was the best in my life, with all the
people… Océane, Matteo, Álvaro, Alex, María, Vincent,
Alexandra, Tessa…

But, the Spanish persons (Álvaro, Alex, Maria and me) went to
France in May. The first day, we arrived to Paris very late, and we
went to our friends’ houses. Océane lived with her parents and
her sister (Morgaux) in a big house.

At the following morning, Océane and I went to her school, and

there we met with our friends, and then the Comenius’ persons
without French, and we went to Paris because we were in
Domont and we had to catch the train if we wanted to go to
Paris. We visited Montmartre. At the night Océane and I were to
the house’s grandparents’ Océane and we had dinner with all of
her family.

On Wednesday we went to Paris too, and we visited the “Tour

Eiffel” and we ate in the Elisios’ fields. At the night, all Comenius’
persons went to have dinner to the school. And on Thursday, all
the people went to Paris to travel by boat for the River Sena…

And finally, on Friday, we arrived to Madrid but with some

mishaps (like some cheese..)

It has been the best experience in my life, and I´ll miss them so