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shyam bahadur

shyam bahadur

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Published by: Girish Sharma Dasanudasa on Dec 21, 2010
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Shyam Bahadur
H.N.-38, Mall Avenue (Awas Vikas Colony), Lucknow U.P. - 226001 Contact No.- 07376758161
E.Mail- shyam_civil5@rediffmail.com

A responsible, Self-Starting, whose accomplishments reflect strong academics, exceptional and proofreading ability and an effective Engineer, seeks a position as a Engineer and management potential

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10 Years experiences in Construction field and Tele Communication. Energetic, dynamic approach to Engineering. Very enthusiastic. Hard working without fuss. Creative thinker. Enjoy challenging young minds. Forthright and assertive. A friendly, competent and hardworking employee. Strong organization and motivation skills.

• 1st Class Diploma in Civil Engineering with 74.5% in 1999 from B.T.E. Lucknow.

 GTL Infra Structure Limited
U.P. East Lucknow (19 Aug 2008 To Nov 2010) worked As a Civil Engineer and Project Co-coordinator.

Shyam Bahadur shyam_civil5@rediffmail.com

Contact No.- 07376758161 |

Painting and aluminum . Plumbing and Sanitary work. Uttranchal (1 month) worked as an Assistant Engineer worked in a Industrial Constructions.  New Designers Sultanpur (25 Feb 2002 To 20 Oct 2003) worked as a Civil Engineer worked on New Designers. And all Project relative work who is suit me. Anchor Bolt Casting.E. trimix & Kota Stone flooring. Plastering.  Kavita Enterprises Lucknow (Jan 2007 To July 2007) worked as a Site Engineer (Civil) worked with Parsanath Developers Private Limited Residential Building. Slab Casting. and Ant termite treatment. Reinforcement Checking. Slab Casting. Brick Coba on slab.C. Estimating. Shyam Bahadur shyam_civil5@rediffmail. Plumbing and Sanitary work.P. Plastering. Park.07376758161 | . Tower Errection and all electrical works with DG & Earthing.C. Road. Billing..  Utility Designer and Builders Sultanpur (20 Nov 2003 To 2 Jan 2007) worked as a Civil Engineer worked on Construction of Private Residential Building. Painting and aluminum work. & Kota Stone flooring. Noida (Aug 2007 To July 2008) worked as a Site Engineer (Civil) Responsibilities/Duties Worked with EPIL and EIL. C. B/W in foundation & superstructure.B. JalNigam Sultanpur (19 Feb 2001 To 18 Feb 2002) worked as an Apprentice Junior Engineer Civil.  U. Supervision of P. C. Inspection of Multistory Building Layout.  Mugdal Construction Company Sector-73.Responsibilities/Duties Tower Foundation.  Mugdal Construction Company Sector-73. Raft & Spread footing foundation.. Execution of Layout.com Contact No. Noida (Aug 2007 To July 2008) worked as a Site Engineer (Civil)  ERA Group Rudra Pur.

com Contact No.COMPUTER SKILLS  Having Knowledge of MS Office. Ram Pati 10-June-1976 Male Married Hindi & English H.. No. Distt. Mohalla-Gabharai (Vaishno nagar). – 959. PERSONAL DETAILS Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Language Known Permanent Address : : : : : : : : Shyam Bahadur Shri Moti Lal Mrs.Sultanpur-228001 Date: Place: Lucknow (SHYAM BAHADUR) Shyam Bahadur shyam_civil5@rediffmail.07376758161 | .

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