Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Family Life

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Men dominate business and politics, yet many women have held cabinet posts or are prominent in many professions
± Many upper-class men maintain mistresses and second families

Premarital sex, expected here for men, has become more common for women
± Divorce and separation are frequent
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Social Etiquette

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Friends, family and close acquaintances may give each other a light kiss on the cheek
± Costa Ricans stand close to each other while talking, about 1 to 2 feet apart

Costa Ricans emphasize people and relationships
± You may arrive late: 5 to 15 minutes and up to 20 to 30 depending on the situation and relationship
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Business Etiquette

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In business situations, running late is considered irresponsible unless the organizational culture and/or the superiors are permissive or indifferent Expect some small talk before getting down to business, and always allow your host to begin the business discussion

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The taxicab meters are named Maria reflecting upon the Virgin Mary and her presumed honesty In Costa Rica, the Spanish word for pedestrian is ³target´
± Be alert when walking around in San José and at street corners

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