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Prof. Artemio Peñalbert Fabian A. Claudio 21/12/2010 Developing Coherent Paragraphs

Many readers find it difficult to understand some paragraphs. When you make a very complex paragraph without being consistent or having a sentence that describes the main idea you’re reader will most likely be lost. You must position the topic sentence in a place where the reader will be able to find it and you must be consistent so the reader gets the idea. To develop a coherent paragraph you have to use a sentence that identifies the whole central idea of the topic, that’s why is called a Topic Sentence. You must learn to unite ideas to create a topic that is understandable and that it can keep the paragraph united. If you’re developing a paragraph that is complicated you must introduce a main idea and put all the details after. You could end the paragraph in a simple sentence so the shock about the complexity is less. Complex or simple paragraphs must be consistent for it to be coherent. If the consistency is kept the paragraph reader will be able to understand the topic and point the main idea. In conclusion some paragraphs may be deductive, inductive or complex but for the reader to find the idea and the main sentence that describes it you must keep the consistency going. Without a main sentence that describes the main idea of the topic the reader will have a hard time understanding and in some cases not understand nothing at all. I advice that you must: be consistent and be clear.


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