1 What is a connector? Connector, which CONNECTOR. China is also known as Connector , Plugs and sockets.

Generally refers to electrical connectors. Active devices that connect the two devices, the current or signal transmission. Connector is Electronic Regular contact with engineering and technical personnel as a component. Its role is very simple: in the circuit office or isolation barrier blocked the circuit between the bridge the communication gap, allowing current flow to achieve the intended function of the circuit. Connector is an indispensable electronic device components, the current flows along the channel observation, you will always find one or more connectors. Connectors are ever-changing form and structure, with the application object, frequency, power, application environment is different there are different kinds of connectors. For example, the court lighting and connectors used in hard disk drive connector, and the rocket ignited the connector is very different. But no matter what kind of connector should ensure continuous and reliable smooth current flow. General reference, the connector is connected to is not limited to current rapid development of optoelectronic technology in today's fiber optic system, the transmission signal vector is light, glass and Plastic Instead of the common circuit wire, but the optical signal path is also used to connect devices, their role and the same circuit connectors. Since we only care about the circuit connector, so, this course will be closely integrated with Molex's products, focus on circuit connector and its application. 2 Why use the connector? Imagine if no connector is what? Then the circuit conductor between the use of continuous permanently connected, such as electronic devices to be connected Power supply On the wire must be connected at both ends, and electronic devices and power by some means (such as welding) fixed access firm. In this way, both for the production or use, have brought a lot of inconvenience. With Car Battery case. Assume that the battery cable is fixed weld the battery, the automobile production plant to install the battery on the increased workload, increased production time and cost. Damaged when the battery needs to be replaced, but also the vehicle to a repair station loose soldering, remove the old, and then welding on a new, more labor to pay this fee. With the connector could relieve a lot of trouble, from the store to buy a new battery, disconnect the connector, remove the old battery, installed new battery, reconnect the connector on it. This simple example illustrates the benefits of the connector. It enables design and production process more convenient, more flexible, lower production and maintenance costs. Connector benefits: 1, to improve the production process Connectors simplify the electronics assembly process. Also simplifies the mass production process; 2, easy maintenance Electronic Components If a failure, with connector component parts can be quickly replaced invalid; 3, easy to upgrade As technology advances, with the connector component parts can be updated with new and better component parts to replace the old; 4, increase design flexibility Connection allows engineers to use in the design and integration of new products, and Components for component systems, with greater flexibility. 3 classification of the connector As increasingly diversified structure of the connector, the new structure and emerging applications, trying to use a fixed model to solve the classification and naming, it has become difficult to adapt. Nevertheless, some basic classification is still valid. 1. The level of interconnection According to internal and external connectivity capabilities of electronic devices, interconnection (interconnection) can be divided into five levels. Chip Package interconnect IC package pins and the PCB connections. Typical IC socket connector. PCB or PCB with wire connections. Typical printed circuit connectors connectors. floor and the bottom of the connection. Typical connector Cabinets Type connector. connection between devices and equipment. Typical products for circular connectors. and the first level of some overlap. In the five-level connector, the highest amount the market is the first and level products, while currently the fastest growing product is the first level. 2. Connector specification level. In accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) of the classification, the connector components are electronic equipment, its specification levels are: Categories (family) cases: Connector Sub categories (sub-family) cases: circular connector Type (type) patients: YB-type circular connectors Varieties (style) cases: YB3470 Specifications (variant) 3. Connector defined in China. In our industry, management, the connectors and Switch , Referred to as electric Jiechayuanjian keyboard, but the electric Jiechayuanjian and relays are collectively referred to as electrical and mechanical components. 4. Connector product category. Type of connector products division despite some confusion, but from a technical point of view, a connector type of the division of only two basic ways: the structure according to shape: round and rectangular (cross section), according to operating frequency: low and high frequency (to 3MHz for the sector). Accordance with the above division, coaxial connectors are circular, printed circuit connectors are rectangular (Historically, the printed circuit connector rectangular connector really is to separate the sui generis), and the present Rectangular connectors for popular trapezoidal cross-section, similar to the rectangle. To 3MHz separated into low and high frequency radio waves with a frequency division is basically the same. As for the other by use, installation, special structure, special properties, etc. can also be divided into many different types, and often appear in publications and promotional materials manufacturer, but generally only to highlight certain characteristics and uses, basic classification has not exceeded the above-mentioned principle of the division. Taking into account the technological development of the connector and the actual situation, its versatility and related technical standards, the connector can be divided into several categories (sub categories): low circular connector; rectangular connector; printed circuit connectors; RF connectors; fiber optic connectors. 5. Connector type name. Connector model name and manufacturer of the customer purchasing organization of production. Connector industry at home and abroad, the product model name, there are two ideas: one is the letter code plus the number of ways, seek to reflect the product model name in the main structural features. The benefits of this approach is easy to identify, but arranged in long, too complicated, with the miniaturization of the connector to play

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