Posted December 1st, 2010 by cemetairy Author of the piece: Cemetairy* Time-Period of the piece: Traditional Subject

: Other Kingdom: Trimaris Key Words: thoughts; longings; muses; pulses; imagedry; death; copyrighted: published on as: Kat. E. Lee; Awards: 1 medal, 3 books, 1 cd recording, 3 plaques, 1 trip to orlando, 3 years in a row. "In Her Mind" {a.p.c.} in her mind, he doesnt sit before her. in her mind, he talks to nothing. in fathoms she sits, waiting. within the confines of her, lies much of him. unsure if she can part with that. in her mind, he is leaving. in her mind, why should she care. her heart can be seen breaking. as he walks further and further away from her. in her eyes, he stands nearby. in her eyes, he speaks to her. in her eyes, he is closer than possible. but in her mind, solitude resides. and she can think of nothing to harness it. in her mind... he is already gone.

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