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Write a note on the four styles of communication.
Once we have defined our objective, we will choose the appropriate communication style. Now we are going to have a little introduction of the styles of communication. In communication style doesn’t means fashion regarding clothes or haircut etc. But here we will go through the styles used in communication. There are four main styles used in communication. Which are tell, sell, confer and join. These types are different in their nature as they vary from 95% participation to 5% participation in the communication. So all these four type of communication have their own significance in communication.

The all four types of communication have their own significance at their end. If we have to communicate upward to our leadership the communicate presents its “tell” style to be used in our communication. This is very effective for the communication as if we know all about the matter to be discussed with our boss and leader we can use this style. This style has the significance in the way that in the tell style we must have to carry all the information to be delivered but in this style we include the audience’s experiences or acts and then we collect all the information because sometimes we don’t have all information all the time. Sometimes we have to get information from some source so by the help of

Page |2 audience’s participation we’ll somehow get much information. In this way we can make our communication more effective as we know the audience’s point of view about that topic and there would be very minor chances of any communicational barrier among us and the communicator.

We have still two types of communication in hand the “confer” and the “join”. In confer style communication we interact with the audience and gather their opinions. So that the report formed would be according to their opinions while the last and more effective way of communication is join. This style provides newly created and discovered ideas from the audience as we spend less time in telling to the audience we discuss, share information with the audience which provides the best way of report writing a well. Hence all the styles of communication have their own significance and plays an important role in communication. Now we will discuss all of these types in detail. •


This is the style of communication in which we have the full knowledge about the objective so that we could transfer it to the audience effectively. In this style, basically a major part of the communication is done by the communicator. As the

Page |3 communicator speaks 90-95% and 5-10% is the audience’s participation. This style is generally used in the report writing to one’s higher authority or for delivery of a lecture or for any kind of presentation. So in all cases of lecturer or presenter or the employee, they all must have enough knowledge to transfer to the audience or students. So that their communication would become successful.

Example: Let’s take an example of an Army officer who is teaching the war strategies to his student officers. So he must have enough knowledge about the war strategies that he could be able to clear the concept of these strategies to the other officers effectively because the trainees doesn’t have any experience with the war strategy so they cannot share their experience or ideas, the only thing they can do is to ask questions about the subject which usually takes the 5-10% of communication so the teacher must have enough knowledge about the subject. •


The second style of communication is the sell style. In this style of communication we have to try to make our audience to respond different. We know the answer but we want to know their answer in their own style. In this style the communicator speaks to 60-70% while the participation of the audience is 3040%. The achievement of the goal in this style depends upon our selling skill. How much we convince our audience to agree with us. Or in other words it’s our convincing power. This style doesn’t make the audience to learn but also to change their actions according to our communication.

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Example: Let say an officer of planning and development section of a Department wants to launch a new project at a site. He will first prepare a PC-1 and after the approval of the Head of department, the PC-1 would be sent to the Planning Commission along with the member of the board from that department. Now the officer will deliver the presentation regarding his proposal, mentioning all the objectives of that project and proves that, this project will go in the favor of the Government and the public aswell. Here his convincing power will effect his communication if he succeeds to sell his ideas he will get his project approved by the Commission so now the planning Commission will approve the project PC-1 in respect of his presentation. This was an effective example of sell style of communication. •


The third style of communication is to confer. This style is reverse to the previous styles of the communication. In such case the communicator does not have any knowledge about the answers of the objective here he needs to acquire answers from the audience. In this style the participation of the communicator is 30-40% and the audience’s participation is 60-70% as the communicator has to depend upon the audience point of view.

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Example: A common example to confer is the gathering of a social group where some of the members of that group are working for the betterment of a specific society And there is a monthly or weekly meeting of that group to exchange their ideas and experiences gained from that society. The members are the communicators and the audience aswell and gain the answers of their desired questions about that society from one another’s ideas and experiences. Such type of meeting is usually called “Conference” or “Workshop” where different ideas and experiences are exchanged. Communicator will now asks the members about there experiences and ideas about that society in that way so that he would get enough knowledge regarding his desired objective. •


The last and the most effective and creative style of the communication is to join. In this style the communicator is totally unaware of the answers that he has to totally depend upon people’s opinion. But it is a very creative style of communication. In this style, communicator do not have to speak that his participation gets limited to 5-10% he just have to listen to the ideas and opinions of his surroundings. There is a great advantage to the communicator in this style in the way that he gathers a lot of information from his surroundings related to his objective.

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Example: Take an example of a student of PhD, who has given the task to research on the relevant topic. Now he dun have that much knowledge or he do not have any knowledge about the given topic, he would be given a long span of time to be done with his research so that he could gather enough information about the research topic. So the student would start research on his task and would go into the field and try to get information about the objective, he would concern each and every source from where could he get the information and collects the information about the subject. After researching he has a lot of information that he could create his own theory on that objective which shows, how effective and creative this style of communication is.

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