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Avoiding Speciesist Terms

Avoiding Speciesist Terms

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An excerpt from Joan Dunayer's book 'Animal Equality: Language and Liberation'.
An excerpt from Joan Dunayer's book 'Animal Equality: Language and Liberation'.

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Published by: Vanessa on Dec 21, 2010
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Avoiding Speciesist Terms

Joan Dunayer
Adapted by the author from her book Animal Equality: Language and Liberation (Derwood, Md.: Ryce Publishing, 2001) and reproduced with her permission.

Terms to Avoid
animal agriculture animal experimentation, animal research, biomedical research (that harms animals) animals (excluding humans) beef, hamburger, steak, etc. beef cow, broiler chicken, food fish, veal calf beef industry, pork industry, poultry industry beef producer, cattle rancher circus animal companion animal dairy cow, milk cow dairy industry endangered animal, endangered species (in reference to an individual not personally endangered) euthanize (a healthy animal) even (as in “Even insects feel”) experimenter, researcher, scientist (who harms animals) factory farming farm animal, farmed animal fur industry game animal guardian (in a legal context or in reference to someone who may not love or adequately care for a nonhuman they legally own) it (in reference to an animal)

food-industry enslavement and slaughter vivisection nonhuman animals, other animals, nonhumans cow flesh cow/chicken/fish/calf reared for slaughter cow-flesh/pig-flesh/bird-flesh industry cattle enslaver circus captive nonhuman companion, pet (with reference to possibly or definitely disrespected nonhumans, as in “the pet trade”) enslaved cow, cow enslaved for her milk cow-milk industry, goat-milk industry, milk industry member of an endangered species kill, murder also, too, including, as well (as in “Insects, too, feel”) vivisector factory “farming,” food-industry confinement, intensive confinement animal enslaved for food, “farmed” animal pelt industry hunted animal, sport-hunted animal owner

lab animal laying hen leather meat milk (from cows) overfishing poultry (in reference to living birds) purebred shelter (that kills healthy animals) that, which, what (in reference to an animal) wild animals, wildlife zoo animal

she (female); he (male); he/she, she/he (hermaphrodite); she, he (particular individual of unknown gender); they (unspecified individual of unknown gender) vivisected animal, animal used in vivisection enslaved hen, hen enslaved for her eggs cow skin flesh cow milk fishing, genocide by fishing, decimating a fish population birds/chickens/ducks/geese/turkeys enslaved for food inbred adoption-and-killing facility who free-living nonhumans, non-“domesticated” nonhumans zoo captive, zoo inmate, zoo prisoner

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