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Above Photo: August 1996 Taken just after having

completed 8600-mile road trip
-----------------------------Bottom Photo: April 1997 Parked while at the Ichthus
Christian Music Festival
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Photo Taken in Nov. 2007.
Minivan had since seen its
better remaining days and
outlasted its performance

A College of
Biblical Research

September 3, 2000

North American Division
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Springs, Maryland
Office of the President:
Hello. My name is Ronald Monestime. I am a 25 years old SDA and a former student at Andrews
University, where I had been studying Religion/Theology for the past three years. I am currently
residing in Montreal, Quebec.
I am writing you at this time to share with you a plan that God has shown me that will help
advance His cause here on earth. I am sharing it with you in a somewhat detailed way because I
will also be needing an initial financial assistance for the North American Division. This a
project that will greatly benefit this Division, if not the entire SDA Church.
My plans are that I am in the process of establishing a College of Biblical Research which I have
named: the World Biblical Society of Christ (WBSC). To shortly summarize, WBSC will be a
good, and truth-filled version of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order). It will accomplish exhaustive
and comprehensive studies in the field of Biblical research and as a result will produce various
works, in all media types, which will be of great benefit to the entire Christian community.
The students who will make up this college are those who have graduated from SDA Religion
Departments but are not currently employed by the denomination. The total number of student
that will be needed is 400. I have recently sent letters out to the Religion Departments in the
NAD in order to get a list of their graduates. I will also be contacting Weimar Institute, the
Mission College of Evangelism and Hartland Institute for other potential students.
WBSC would like to begin operation following this upcoming spring season here in the city of
Laval, Quebec (a residential city on the North Shore of Montreal). I am now seeking initial

financial assistance from the NAD so that the students of WBSC, could get right into their work
when the spring comes, rather than then begin to work on the setting up of the college. The
NAD’s financial aid will be needed and be used in the following:
-To purchase a 6.4 acre piece of land (400ft X 700 ft) which is evaluated at ~$40, 000 (CAN)
($27,500 US).
-The type of housing that will be selected for this college is a Mobile Home Park setting, which
can be quite a comfortable form of habitation. A total of 300 homes would be provided. Since
many of the students will have families, but also since no individual cooking will be needed as a
college cafeteria will provide the daily meals, 8'X30' size mobile homes (252 total) will be the
primary choice for housing. It will have 2 bedrooms, one living room and a complete bathroom.
It will be for families of 2-6 members and also for double occupancy by two single students.
Some smaller 8'X20' homes (48 total), having one bedroom, one living room and a complete
bathroom, will also be available for single occupancy and also for couples without children. The
estimated purchase price for each of these homes is between $4200 and 6000 (CAN). In
comparison with the current prices for lodging of about $4500 a year for dorms (4-year total of
$18,000) and at least $400 a month for apartments (4-year total of $19,000), this purchase price
is quite a good deal, but it may also be possible to cut the cost here to almost a third if
prospective students agree to have similar homes built by themselves. A little may be lost in the
professional finish but this can easily be made up with the money that will be saved.
Funding will also be used to build the twenty other offices, classrooms and building that
will be needed for the operation of WBSC and for the functional life of the College Community.
So overall, the initial funding that will be needed from the NAD will not exceed one million
dollars (US). If agreed to, this funding would not have to be given at once but in parts, as need
be, and also possibly through either the Canadian Union or the Quebec Conference. I have called
this potential financial aid from the NAD an initial financial aid because it will only be needed to
help start up operation but then would be repaid, and that within a year of the beginning of
WBSC’s operation. Each student will be asked to provide $6000 (US) a year, but since most of
these students are probably not in a financial position to generate such funds after, at least, four
previous years of college and university, and since this is an institution whose productions will
be benefitting individual churches, a Student Support plan will be used to provide for each
student and their family. In this system, each student will be asked to contract ten individual
churches that will agree to sustain them with $50 a month for the next four years.
The first financial aid that would be needed would be to buy the 6.4 acre land in order to prepare
it and build the college walkways before this winter season sets in. A financial aid of about
$32,000 (US) would be needed for that. Then over the winter (November-March), it will be seen
if an amateur construction crew of three 7-member teams could be made up from the future
students and be brought here in order to build up the student homes, at a rate of about 3 a day (for
100 working days). Housing for these workers will be provided and the construction work will be
done on the college site and under a large enough, enclosed tempo. Then from March through
mid-April, with more homes available and better weather, the rest of the offices, classrooms and
buildings would be built up.

You may now be thinking, why should the NAD take on this project since it already operates a
Seminary, well the answer to that question is seen in the following. The Seminary is really not in
a position to take on the monumental projects that WBSC will undertake because it doesn’t have
the time, and the free man-power, if not also the financial framework, to do so. For example, the
initial project of WBSC will be what I am calling the Manuscript Project. It would take the
Seminary, in its present situation, over five years to accomplish it. while WBSC will be able to
complete it by the end of the Summer season dating from a Spring start.
Another objection that you may have in regards to initially funding this project is the necessary
Research Library that WBSC will be needing for its exhaustive researches, but that will actually
not be a problem, as WBSC will simultaneously be working on establishing: the World Christian
Library. This will more than take care of the Research Library question.
Indeed the Lord has already planned for everything that will be needed for the proper functioning
of this Research Institute. It is now up to us to go ahead and walk in His plans.
Another possible objection that you may have for such a project is that the rest of Christendom,
upon hearing of WBSC’s goals and plans may rise up and do the same thing, and thus WBSC’s
work would seem to be in vain, but frankly speaking, I have come to see in the course of my
personal biblical research that it is time for the true Israel of God, the Remnant Church, to stop
depending on (spiritual) Philistines for their ironworks as it was the case in the days of King Saul
(1 Sam 13:19-21). It is certainly not in the time of spiritual warfare that such ironworks will be
produced. By then the war will long be over. Also (as SDA’s should understand) any attempt to
imitate the purposes of WBSC by Christendom which have as their foundational beliefs: Sunday
sacredness; and/or the immortality of the soul, and thus inevitably or eventually FuturistDispensationalism, will only in essence be the “gathering up to the ‘Mountain of Babylon’”
which is more commonly known as: “Armageddon” or literally: “Har-Megiddo” (Rev 16:16; cf.
Isa 14:13 & SDABD, 75).
I will be awaiting your response to this project. As a closing thought, you may, if you want to,
consider this effort of WBSC as I do as: the “gathering time,” the time when the Lord has
stretched out His hand a second (and final) time to recover the remnant of His people in an
attempt to reestablish “the union and strength once existing among those looking for Christ.”
And this is a time when “God will heal and bind up His people,” and a time when all should “be
united and zealous in the work.” (See EW 74 & 86). Then will the Israel of God be “clothed with
an armor from their head to their feet” and ‘move in exact order, like a company of soldiers.’
Then will God send the “latter rain” and the “refreshing from the Lord.” (EW 271), and ‘we shall
know what it is to be fed with heritage of Jacob and ride upon the high places of the earth,’ as
‘the “covenant of peace” will be made with us’ [See Num 25:11-13; Ezek 34:20-26; 37:24-28]
(through the voice of God like the sound of many waters -i.e. peoples) and the “living testimony”
revived (3 SM 260, 261; EW 279).
That is all for now from me. I am praying that you will indeed see the will of God in all of these

My Contact information is:
Ronald Monestime
3278 Calixte
Fabreville, Laval
Quebec, Canada
H7P 4G3
Phone #
(450) 628-8711
For some personal references about me you may contact the following persons whom I have
worked with or studied under:
-Dr. Keith E. Mattingly, Chairman of the Religion Department at Andrews- (
-Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, former professor and friend- (
-Pastor David Gotshall, former Pastoral Practicum Pastor- (

Ronald Monestime.

College of Biblical Research

To: Union College Religion


From: World Biblical Society of Christ (WBSC),
Greetings Faculty of the Religion Department,
There is a surprising and shocking reality in the field of ministerial training which is that not
everyone who graduates with a degree in this field automatically find an opening for ministry.
The World Biblical Society of Christ has set out to overturn this.
WBSC is an up and coming College of Biblical Research which is currently in its start up stages.
At this moment it is looking for prospective researchers/teachers (about 400 total to be exact).
Your cooperation is now being requested in order to help in contacting (recent) former students
of your department as they would already have a base for this field of ministry.
The information that would be needed from you is the names and complete (home) address*
(including phone number and email addresses) of students who have graduated from your
department anytime during the past three school years-1997-98; 1998-99; 1999-2000. Since you
may not be aware of which student has been employed since their graduation, please, at this time,
provide a complete list of your graduates. (If the name of their home church could also be
provided, that would greatly be appreciated.)
[*This “home address” could either be the one they had while they were studying or a
more recent address if it is certain that it replaces their former address. In cases of uncertainty
both addresses could be provided. The same also goes for email addresses.]
A sample list for the above requested information would be as follows:
Phone Number Email Address
Year Grad. & Degree
3278 Calixte
(450) 628-8711 BA Religion, 1999
Monestime Fabreville, Laval
Quebec, Canada
H7P 4G3
Since an opportunity for ministry was the desire & goal of all of the students who came to your
department for training, I pray that you will now also give them a chance for ministry by being
thorough in your list.
Hopefully you have been contacted in sufficient time before the full-blown rush of the upcoming
school year comes upon you. Accordingly, please be as prompt as possible in replying. Since this
is an initial stage of this new ministry, further advancement greatly depend on it coming to pass.

Please mail the reply list to:
Ronald Monestime
3278 Calixte
Fabreville, Laval
Quebec, Canada
H7P 4G3
Thank You for your understanding and cooperation,
Ronald Monestime
Director of WBSC
P.S. As this letter was mailed from Canada, and due to the delay in process of international mail,
when you have received this, please indicate this by posting a brief message at:

Above: Moises Alou
----------------Below: Marquis Grissom


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Crystal Lewis
-----March For Jesus (1997)

Jars of Clay ("Flood")
-----The Waiting & Newsboys [Waterpark]

(Winter) Road Trips From Montreal to Miami. Here visits to Disney World in 1980
(3 Pictures) & 1985 (stubs). The 1985 road trip included a stay at the 1985 GC
Session in New Orleans.

An assigned essay
for a High School
English class.
-The University of
Washington (WA
state) was a
pretend, though
then pondered,
prospective college
choice. [Solely
because I,
secondarily, liked
their Football team]
-Content, however
was factual/real.

See D188
for photo of
this model

The "setting" of this
letter is completely
fictional however the
content (i.e., jaw
accident, though not
"fracture" & feet
tangling trip) -minus
some dramatic
additions, relate actual
accidents from this
"thorn", the first
occurring to me, the
second to someone
else, pointedly, my
'neighbor classmate'
related later. This was
for a high school
assignment, and since I
did not want to fully
deal with a personal
situation, I used
dramatic license here.
My teacher, of course,
naturally thought it was
entirely all that had

Olympic Village in Atlanta, GA
------CCM Concert (T-Bone) with TBN in
Hendersonville, TN (near Nashville)

Downtown Chicago, IL
------White Sox Game - Julia Roberts shooting ‘My
Best Friend’s Wedding’ movie [19:09ff]

U of Notre Dame South Bend, IN
------Downtown Toronto, ON

U of Michigan Football Stadium Ann Arbor, MI
------EGW Home in Battle Creek, MI (Adventist

New York City (from Empire State Building)
------Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown, NY

Montreal, QC [Habs Game]
------Fenway Park Boston, MA

CUC (now WAU) Takoma Park, MD
------Washington Adventist Hospital* (near CUC Campus)
*performs elective abortions (203 in 1997)

Washington D.C. - Lincoln Monument
------Holocaust Museum in D.C.

College of Biblical Research

Dear Joyce Meyer,
How are you? You may or may not know me but my name is Ronald Monestime. I
used to study in Michigan and there I was able to watch your television broadcast. I have since
moved back to my hometown of Montreal, Canada and while I cannot watch Life in the Word I
am able to listen to it daily via the Christian radio station WCHP (Champlain NY). All this to say
that I am a faithful follower of your ministry and believing in what you are faithfully doing for
the advancement (or should I say the “moving on”) of/towards the Kingdom of God.
Concerning my writing to you at this time; it is because I have a very humble request to
make. Simply said it is that: I have a message to share with the rest of Christendom but I simply,
at this time, to not have a open door, nor a platform to share it. This message is the one contained
in the prophecy of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. For much too long now this prophecy which was for
more than 19 centuries of Christian interpretation, predominantly purely Messianic has become a
"messiah-less" and also a "semi-messianic"/"antichrist" prophecy with the cause of this change
being, most strangely of all, because Christians, as well meaning as they may have been, have
espoused these interpretations. In order to counteract this I set out, through God’s strong
impression, two years ago to see exactly why this change was accepted and to respond to it if I
Biblically could. I didn’t know that this mission would have taken the whole of the next two
years of my life as I very soon found myself immersed in research and writing. Since this was my
first book writing adventure, the task was then, (in my estimation) at least 4 times as hard! Now
two years, almost to the day, later and after over 300+ manuscript pages worth of research and
writing, I am glad to announce that I have arrived, by the all-encompassing grace of God at: The
Biblical Interpretation of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. (the title of my book). In the process, I also
have become convinced that this is a prophecy that every Christian who is focused on “winning”
(i.e., convicting) souls for the sake of Christ and the Gospel Message, must have and understand.
I have tried to work with people in my former denomination but they are still smarting from the
time back in October of 1998, I pointed out to them that they were quite unbiblical in their
proofs for the interpretation of this prophecy. Since then they have (probably without realizing it)
banded together to spiritually destroy me and my ministry, but God has long since avenged me of
their indifference, selfishness and injustices and He has personally seen that I be abundantly
blessed my lone efforts. (I really feel sorry for them for staying on their prideful ego-trip, but ...
God’s great work must go on).
I am writing to you because I need some help to get this ministry to stand upon it own two
feet. This help would be in the form of “social and financial” backing. Under the category of
“social” backing, I will need help in convincing 6 people in the Christian writing/scholarly field
for the “professional” revision my manuscript and also for a foreword from each of them. Their
overall research and writings in their fields of study, which I myself had to also study in writing
my book, were a tremendous help, influence and inspiration for me. Their advanced knowledge
and expertise in these fields would greatly speed up the revision process of the book and add
finishing touch to it.
These six individuals would be:

-Bruce K. Waltke: for his (along with Michael P. O’Connor) analysis and exposition of
Hebrew Syntax in: An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (1990);
-H.G.M. Williamson: for his work in a commentary on the books of Ezra-Nehemiah for
the Word Biblical Series (1985).

-Edwin M. Yamauchi: for his research on the Persian Empire in: Persia and the Bible

-Daniel B. Wallace: for his work in his textbook on Greek Syntax in: Greek Grammar
Beyond the Basics (1996).
-E. Jerry Vardaman: for his editing work on the two-volume set on New Testament
Chronology entitled: Chronos, Kairos, Christos I & II (1989 & 1998).
-Lee Strobel: for his Christian Apologetics work in: The Case for Christ (1998).
As for the General foreword, I would ask you to write it.
Since these authors have quite a demanding schedule, I will need your help in convincing
them in undertaking the task of reading and editing my manuscript. I would instead have chosen
to send each one a portion of the manuscript which relates to their field in order to lessen the
work, but since the interpretations and conclusions in some areas greatly depend on how it fits in
the “whole picture” of the prophecy, it is actually necessary that they read through the entire
You may be now asking why would I need your help to do this, well, it is because of your
influence and reputation as a serious Bible student that I am turning to you. If you fully endorse
my proposition by showing that you and Life in the Word are willing to provide for and invest in
the sharing of the message of this prophecy then, I know that it will convince these people to set
apart some time from their activities in order to revise the book.
Here is, in better details, how you and Life in the Word would help me in this endeavor:
Since not to many people these days have the time or the helpful/needed background in
order to “stresslessly” grasp somewhat in-depth researches, but since the ‘Biblical Interpretation
of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks’ does need to be expounded in such a way in order for its message to
be enjoyed and appreciated (believe me, it is indeed quite a lot of fun), I would like to present it
through some live audio-visual presentations. Then in turn the book could be bought and studied
out in greater detail and then its message could be shared with non-believers. IT ASSUREDLY
WILL convict and clinch the interest of the honest in heart of the truth about Jesus Christ and the
Since I saw on your conference schedules that your week-end meetings are from
Thursdays through Saturday, I was wondering if you would accept to reserve your convention
hall of that week-end for an extra day (Sunday) for me so that I can make my 3-4 presentations of
the prophecy. I am considering the conference after your Women’s Convention, the conference of
October 19-21 in Tampa, Florida as the debut for this endeavor. This would give sufficient time

to complete the editing and publishing of the book and prepare the visual presentations.
During the 2 ½ days of your conference leading up to that Sunday I would advertise the
upcoming presentation through attractive large 3-fold flyers and short A/V previews
(“commercials”). I would also need your help in renting the A/V equipment for the presentation.
All of this would surely assure a large enough crowd for that additional day. Also I would not sell
any copies of my books until the (Sunday) night of my presentation day so as not to interfere the
sale of your albums and products. Through the revenue for my book sales, I would then repay
you for the extra day rental of the conventional hall and also in return for your would be
endorsement, I would return to you a fitting percentage of all sales (present and future) of the
book. With the six previously mentioned people writing a foreword and with your final stamp of
approval, the book is sure to generate great returns. All of these revenues will be used to help in
furthering the Gospel advancement through the Biblical Research College that I am working on
establishing. Also with the many new baby Christian that will come to (spiritually) be born
through this endeavor, then you will in turn have an even wider audience to which Life in the
Word can minister to. All of this would in essence be a Paul-Apollos effort. 'I would have
planted and you would have watered, (but God indeed would be causing the increase.)' (1 Cor
3:6~NASB; cf. John 4:36-38).
In summary, all that I would be asking from you for now if you accept to help me in this
effort would be an official, Life in the Word, endorsement. This would first of all in the form of
an official letter (of six separate copies), that I can mail to the 6 above mentioned revisors. After
that, as mentioned above, I would need Life in the Word to help (“financially) with (1) the
printing (or printing cost) for the book and the advertisement flyers, (2) the reserving of the
conventional hall for an extra-day, and (3) the renting of the A/V equipment for the
presentations. The other related traveling expense I will take care of myself. Again all of these
disbursements from Life in the Word would simply be an financial advance, which I will repay
through the sales of my book.
Well Joyce, that is all for now. Thank You very much for reading my request. I pray that
you will see the will of God in this present proposal.
If you need any more information before making a decision please do ask me. You can
even do it through email or over the phone. My email address is and my
phone number is
My mailing address is:

Quebec, Canada
If you also would like to interview/question me in person before making a decision, I
would gladly comply and that at the date of your choice.
Goodbye “Mother” Meyer for now. I hope to hear from you and Life in the Word soon.
Your Spiritual Son in Christ,
Ronald Monestime

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4. The Mysteries of the Kingdom
The Parables of Christ
(Matthew 13:10-14)


Insider’s Guide
TO The

Parables of Jesus

Book #1

by L. Melashanko

by Lyndelle Chiomenti

Christ’s Object
Thoughts From the
Mount of Blessing

Book #2

by E.G.White

by E.G.White

Main Book




13. The Freedom That Jesus Gives
Jesus and the Ten Commandments
( How Christ help fix our sin problem by magnifying the Ten
Commandments and not by abolishing them.


The Law And The

No Fear of


Book #1

by John C. Brunt

by Allen Walker

Love God And Do As
You Please
Faith and Works

Book #2

by E.G.White

by Morris Venden
Main Book




14.Lord of the Sabbath Day
Jesus and the Sabbath
(Present Jesus relationship with the Sabbath from Creation to the
New Earth)


A Pause For


The Almost
Forgotten Day

Cliff Goldstein

Review & Herald

Book #1

New Testament

by Mark Finley

A Bridge Across

Book #2

by Dan Appel

by Samuele Bacchiocci

The Day God
Main Book


by Reinder Bruinsman



15. I Am the Resurrection ...
Jesus and Death
(How Christ insistance that death is a sleep and his resurection


16 I Am the Life
Jesus and Hell
(How Christ explain the destruction of the wicked in parables and
how an eternally burning hell destroys the gospel message)


W hat Happens
W hen You Die

Dark Tunnels and
Bright Lights

Sinners In the
Hands of An
Angry God

Book #1

by Marvin Moore
by Ralph Bodgett

by Mark Finley

Immortality Or
Resurrection ?

In Search of a Soul

Book #2
by George Vanderman
Is Your soul
Immortal ?

by Samuele Bacchiocci

Main Book

by Robert Lee Odom

ADGreater Works Than Jesus
The Holy Spirit


Empowered By The

W ho Is The Holy


Book #1

by E. G. White

Practical Spiritual

Book #2

by Nicholas Fischer
The Coming of the

by James W. Zackrison
Main Book


by Leroy E. Froom




17. A Temple Made Without Hands
The Sanctuary


18. Jesus Our High Priest
Christ's Priestly Ministry


Jewels In the Sand

The Two


Book #1

by Good News

by Peggy Danew

False Balances
The Atoning
Priesthood of Jesus
Book #2

by Clifford Goldstein

by F. B. Halbrook

Main Book

Shadows Of his


by Leslie Hardinge



The Faith of Jesus In Bible


The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Jesus in Prophecy


Lamb Among The

Jesus In The
Book of


Book #1

Signs of The


Between The Lamb
And The Lion
What The Bible Says
About The EndTimes
Book #2

by Jon Paulien

by Clifford Goldstein
Main Book

Jesus Is My Judge


by Leslie Hardinge



16. The Faith of Jesus Counterfeited
The Little Horn of


(How the Little horn power changed the teachings of Christ and
the judgement that would come upon it)


Tearing The Shroud
From The AntiChrist

Rise and Fall of
The Anti-Christ


Book #1


by Henry Feyerabend

The Anti-Christ
The Anti- Christ and
the New World
Book #2

by Marvin Moore

by Dan Jarrad
Main Book

Foxe’s Book Of


by John Foxe



20. The Faith of Jesus Restored
History of Seventh Day Adventist Church
(Explain how Seventh Day Adventism started with people from
different Christian background who re-examined their belief with
the Bible and came together on the truth. The truth as it is in


The Great Second
Advent Movement

Book #1

John Loughnboroug

1844 Made Simple

Book #2

by Clifford Goldstein

by C. Mervyn Maxwell
Main Book

Anticipating The


by George E. Knight



21. The Shepherd's Voice
Revelation's Babylon
(Show how Christ's words are the solid foundation for His true


22. The House Built On The Rock
The Remnant Church
(Following Christ's Voice to enter the fold)


W hy Am I A

This We Believe

God’s Last
Altar Call
Book #1

W illiam Johnson

by Mark Finley

by Gane Van Dolsen

Tell It To the World
Christ’s Royal Bride

Book #2

by Brian Jones

by C. Mervyn Maxwell

Main Book

Why So Many


by Mark Finley



23. The Testimony of Jesus
The Spirit of Prophecy
(Testing Ellen White with the Biblical Tests)


The Testimony Of

A Gift Of Light


Book #1

by Roger Coon

F.M. Wilcox

Meeting Ellen White
The Spirit of
Treasure Chest
Book #2

by George E. Knight

by varied authors

Main Book

The World Of Ellen


by Gary Land



24. The Will of My Father
The Mark of the Beast
(How obedience to God's will is the safeguard against the Mark of
the Beast)


The M ark Of
The Beast

Preparation For The
Final Crisis

Book #1

C. T. Everson

by Fernando Chaij

The Shaping of
Coming Events
What The World
Doesn’t Know

Book #2


by Donald Mansell

National Sunday

Main Book

by A . Jan Marcussen



25.The Kingdom of God
The U.S. in Bible Prophecy
(How Jesus emphasized that His kingdom is not of this world and
that it must start with a genuine change of the heart and not
through legislation)


One Nation Under

Hands Across
The Gulf


Book #1

by Cliff
by Clifford Goldstein

Sunday’s Coming
The New World

Book #1

by Russell Burill

by G. Edward Reid

Day Of The Dragon
Main Book

by Clifford Goldstein



26. The End of the Age
The Coming Calamities and the Time of Trouble
(Christ's teachings on the signs of the times)


Christ Our Refuge

Showdown At


Book #1

by G. Vanderman

by Norman Gulley

The Coming Great
Countdown To

Book #2

Dwight K. Nelson

by Marvin Moore
Main Book

Confidence Amid


by Mark Finley



27.Power and Glory
The Second Coming


Ready or NotHere He Comes

Rescue From
Beyond Orion


Book #1

Maylan Schurch

by G. Edward Reid

Advent Hope For
Human Restlessness
Our Lord’s Return

Book #2

by Carlyle B. Haynes

by Sam Bacchiocci

Footsteps of An
Approaching God

Main Book

by Jan Doward




26. A Place Prepared For You
(Christ's promises about Heaven and The New Earth in Revelation)


Home At Last

Longing For


Book #1

Penny E. Wheeler

by Walton J. Brown


Book #2

by David B. Smith

Main Book




1. “This is From Me!”
Mid June 1999 [ca. 6:00 A.M.]. As I was about to awaken to go and watch a show on the Lesea
Network, I suddenly fell into a dream-like state and couldn’t awake any more. In this dream, I
was trying to explain to my sister what was happening to me (in this beginning of the Ezekiel
shaking time). I then suddenly saw an already half open door with (incense) smoke blowing out
towards it and although I did not see anyone there, I knew that there was someone standing to the
side of the opening and I also knew from the start that it was a mighty angel (to me it could only
be the angel Gabriel). This angel then proceeded to semi-strictly tell me: “ Do not tell,” actually,
“do not try to explain to anyone what was happening to me.” I thought that that didn’t include
anyone in my family, including my sister eventhough this reprimand seem to have been giving
because I was trying to relate these things to her, so notwithstanding, I later really tried to tell her,
which turned out to be a PR mistake as I lost my temper when she wouldn’t believe me. The
angel concluded the vision with the solemn quoted statement which I was familiar with its
uncharacteristic context that: “This thing is from Me.” (1 Kgs 12:24). I then understood that what
I had been going through, although I couldn’t believe it, had been God’s method of helping me
see the true state of my Church.


115. A Manifest “Martyr’s” Reward
April 5, 2012 ~ 01:40 - In a dream that I find as valid based on a possibly similar experience that
EGW had in regards to her recently passed away husband (RY 161.1-163.2), while playing
soccerball with Church friends in a dark park covered in snow, they all suddenly disappeared and
I was left with Al. Vi. Trying to find our way back out of the park. At one point we became
separated and while I was at a large pine tree, I saw my godfather briskly approaching me. For
some reason I perceived this as a real life apparition and since I knew he had passed away 1.5
years ago, I then began frantically and repeatedly saying to him, who by now was standing next
to me, and moreover happily smiling that: ‘It cannot be you since you are dead’. Then sensing
that he may indeed be alive, I then began to dispute the Biblical ‘martyrdom’ reason why this
would be possible. And right then the scene suddenly shifted to his home Church, in what
seemed to be a retro-era. I was in the room which I came to know to be the Church’s kitchen, but
it was all dark. I then perceived that he had gone off to what was the bathroom (even here the
women’s side - yet it was a generic bathroom) and was dutifully cleaning it. To me that
represented great and silent humility. So I then began to concede that this [like humble Moses
who may have sinned at the end of his life] may have been the reason for his manifest pre-advent
“martyr’s reward” resurrection, perhaps at during the very moment of this dream/vision. He then
came into the room and was silently smiling from ear to ear as if he understood my questioning
of his resurrecting and remained silent as if to say that he himself did not yet know the actual
reason. Perhaps, upon arrival by now [02:52 A.M. - or perhaps in 7 (inclusive) days = exactly 1.5
years from death on 09/09|10/10)] he may know by now. And as if wanting to provingly validate
that he was real, he reached out to touch me, which vividly made me cringingly recoil in
actuality. He then held up his gesture [~DA 47.5], and as I then permitted him to do so, he went
on to do so, tickling me, (as if to try to cheer me up), in my lower back. It was as if someone did
this for real and a sudden shiver went up my spin to my brain [Which (similar as with Jacob’s
lingering affectation) I strangely still feel the effect to this [dream writing] point, both in my
lower back [yet on the opposite side to were I assumed he had touched me] and in my brain.],
which really scared me, almost completely awakening me as the, by now most lucid dream
If this is true, as seems most clear, it would explain many otherwise non-sequitur things.
(1) My out of the blue impression at the wedding in 2004, noticing his visible loss of weight, that
he had permitted a downcast spirit to, health-wise, affect him which I intimated could lead to
(prostate) cancer, which he indeed went on to have, and either knew then, or soon after found
out. (Announced it in 2008)
(2) His revelation to me the last time we spoke that God had showed him that ‘he would see the
coming of Christ’ (cf. Rev 1:7's special resurrection). Knowing myself that time would not end
by then, given all of the Gospel work that still needed to be done, I couldn’t understand why God
would show him this.
(3) It is corroborated by his manifest, still evangelistic spirit, to reach many local people as
expressed in 2002 at my birthday party[p. 425 below], despite an evident relatively depressed
(due to aloneness) spirit (=’lost psyche’).
(4) His inspired alternative advice for my WBSC plans.

115B. Fifth Witness of a "Martyr's" Reward
Monday, September 23, 2013 (ca. 6:00 AM) - While my parents were visiting me here,
I had a, on Thursday September 19, 2013, discussion with them on this Bible and SOP
attested theme of "a martyr's pre-final resurrection reward". They were both against my
conclusions. But with, as related in my blog post*, what the Bible (e.g., Paul) says in
relation to this topic, and also the SOP, and then me seeing this understanding depicted in
the vision my father had, I saw that my own part-Dream part-vision of the night
revelation related above on this (which I had not priorly shared with them, and only did
after my mom related her dream, deliberately, (as I immediately saw the similar and
corroborating parallels) waiting until she was done relating it, had provided 4 distinct,
manifestly (through corroborating harmony), all inspired/prophetic witnesses to this
Biblical teaching.
Well on the following Monday morning, September 23, my mother related that she had a
very striking dream which also involved my godfather, (henceforth abbreviately called
"FPA"), which I will write out in detail here.
In her dream, she had just left a major SDA Convention which she both knew to be in
Orlando and also, with its international nature, greatly resembled a GC Session, but on a
smaller case. [Given this dual represenstative depictions, and the fact that my mom
attended the recent ASI Convention in Orlando, in 2013, to me I see that it was a mix of a
lay membership-attended (fall) Annual Council Session & and an ASI Session. Thus it
was indicative of: 'the "business" of the Church actually being its Gospel Work Mission'.]
As my mom was sitting against a low “muret” wall surrounding the convention complex
ground, with her back to the building complex, she suddenly sensed the presence of
someone directly behind her, who she did not at all here approach, and when she turned
around to see who it was, it was FPA. [cf. Rev 1:10]. He was standing on a stone
walkway (which logically made it strange that she had not heard any footsteps if he had
walking approached her), -indeed given the fact that she noted that the surrounding were
actually quite quiet. My mother noticed throughout the dream that no one seemed to
(physically) notice him at all unless she pointed him out to them.
He was wear a well-fashioned and coordinated, grey pin stripes, navy blue suit and shirt
with a grey tie. In physical appearance looked he appeared as he had in his 40's[1], being
in a slim and healthy shape [see his 1978 [=40 years old] photo above at p. 170; 209c].
He was very cheerful and happy. Interestingly enough, as in my own dream, he was not
talkative at all, (with him not saying anything in my dream), and my mom noticeably
observing that in her dream he had only spoken when directly asked something. Well,
being quite lucidly cognisant in the dream, my mom was immediately taken aback by his
appearance and presence then [interestingly enough, similar to EGW reaction to James
White appearance in 10MR 38.2-40.1(=RY 161.1-163.2)] and right away objectingly
asked him: "Did they give you permission to come and see us??" Interestingly enough,

that question itself involved a tacit notion that he was actually alive/resurrected, as it only
asked if he 'had permission to visit them'. (EGW's question to her husband was pointedly
in regards to how he was then appearing as being alive since he had died ca. 5 weeks
before.) Yet all the while then in the dream, and even still now, my mother was not
believing that he was actually (i.e., in real life) alive. [Sort of reminds me of the attempt
by SDA's to supposedly doctrinally reconcile this however unequivocal notion of a dead
person actually being alive in EGW's dream*]. My mother actually only believed that he
was depictively made to come back from the dead in/for this dream. FPA responded to
my mother’s question by shaking his head “Yes”.
Then my mother presented someone she knew, (the First Elder in their Church),
who was standing nearby to FPA, -and it was only then that this person actually noticed
FPA. She introduced FPA to him as, (indeed), 'the missionary work "sidekick" of my
father which my father had been telling him about'. The Elder greeted FPA. Then sensing
that FPA could actually suddenly disappear, my mom hurriedly called over my father
who had been standing at what seemed to be about 100 feet, (talking with my uncle who
lives in the Orlando area; -which suggestingly confirmed the overall inherent
understanding that the SDA Convention was in that area.). My father had all along not at
all noticed FPA standing there, and actually, even while approaching did not notice him,
and was wondering why my mom was hurriedly calling him over. It was also only when
my mother pointed him out to him that he perceived him, (as if his eyes were then
suddenly "opened" [cf. Num 22:31; 2 Kgs 6:17; the resurrected Jesus John 20:19|DA
802.1b]). Oddly enough, as if not being sure as to what this quite tangibly evident
‘resurrected dead effectuation and interaction’ was all about, though surprised, my father
remained emotionally neutral in greeting FPA, shaking his hand. FPA smiled at him, but
my father actually did not ask nor say anything to him…and FPA himself did not initiate
a verbal communication. It was actually as if [and this was probably a notion imposed by
the dream] this was still somewhat normal.
With my father staying around, but no longer noticed, my mother resumed
questioning FPA and his appearance, asking the somewhat loaded question: "Are you
with Jesus?" meaning: 'Are you saved?' […Which clearly, really was a succinct and
polite way of (ascertainly) asking a resurrected person, which she doctrinally knew
would not be resurrected before the Second Coming: ‘Since you are resurrected, (as God
(alone) has the power to do, and that for anyone who he would chose to do so (as indeed
seen in the Bible (e.g., Moses; Matt 27:52-53a; Lazarus), but since you are appearing to
the living which would seem to still be proscribed (cf. Job 7:9-10); though actually
allowed (Matt 27:53b); then whose side are you actually on’.] He answered, with what I,
from prior knowledge and information immediately deduced was a double-entendre
saying, which I (cf. 1SM 25.4) was able to grasp the evident secondary meaning here, by
saying: "We are always with Jesus, but have not yet surrounded him" [When my mom
related this, that indeed immediately reminded me of EGW's visions of people, including
the martyrs surrounding the throne of God [and, as discussed in this post**, with
manifestly then Jesus now seated upon it (21MR 326.4 cf. Rev 3:21)]. I was sure that it
would find a discrepancy in harmony with the "not yet surrounded him" statement, and
indeed, in 21MR 326.3, which is a Sixth Prophetic Series*** Era revelation EGW quite
distinguishingly, (and perhaps not at all noticeably by her, but with her just relating her

dream exactly as she had seen it), states of the angels, that they were "around" the throne,
and (merely) "close about" (but not also "around") it were the martyrs. However in a
similar, but then post Millennium vision in GC 665.1 (=Rev 20:11), EGW now sees this
'throne surrounding' scene where now the martyrs are inclusively also "around" Jesus
(Great White) throne.] FPA's rather ambiguous and circuitous answer surprised my
mother [as she did not understand it.].
*** I.e, during the simultaneous fulfilling time of the Sixth
Church|Seal|Trumpet|Thunder|Plague of Revelation:
Then my mom continue the conversation by stating: "If your wife sees you, she
would be very sad because she misses you a lot". Oddly enough to that statement, FPA
smiled, recognizing that this would indeed be the case, then turned and actually walked
away as, with the international gathering nature of this 'mini-GC: "Open Annual
Council/ASI" convention', it was actually a possibility that she could also be attending it,
and this idea of her seeing him saddened him. [That then begs the question as to why he
had actually appeared to my mom, and then was acceptingly seen by my father. And to
me, that would only be in God here trying to further corroborate this "martyr's reward"
understanding, though, as I state below, I priorly had a tough time pinpointing, and also
accepting, why he was (effectively) considered as a martyr for the faith.] So my mother's
dream ended right then, with FPA walking away, and actually back in the direction of the
convention complex. [Which to me says that he was not actually worried to run into his
wife, but was manifestly actually merely concerned with the fact even though she knew
he was resurrected, she still would miss him as they could not be reunited, nor
manifestly, as seen from his default silence, (and answering only Spiritually-loaded
questions, and that with Spiritually-loaded answers) that he was prohibited to engage in
frivolous visiting in such 'permitted visits'. And that really all indicates to me that his
death, resulting in this separation from his wive, had been, much more than physically so,
a premature one, in an effectuated "martyrdom" way.]
Now immediately upon awakening, a couple of hours later, my mom began, as
the dream suddenly recollectingly came back to her mind, pondering it, and wondering
what its meaning was, pointedly because she was finding it strange that she did not grasp
that FPA had revealed anything significant. She was asking and posing all this to God,
and a Voice responded to her that: 'FPA had actually related a message and proceeded to
point out to her if she did not notice that FPA had the very same temperament//character
that he had while alive on Earth.' (Which, quite well/widely reknownedly was a very
easy-going, peaceful "wiseful" character). The voice then added that: 'a person character
remains the same upon their resurrection'. [Which is indeed what is explicitly revealed in
the SOP (e.g. COL 332.3), and implicitly in the Bible with Paul only saying that 'it is our
mortal bodies which will then be changed' (1 Cor 15:50-55).]
And actually before that part of the dream had started, my mom had been shown

various life situations which represented various sides of her character. So she
immediately saw the connection here, and also understood what she needed to work on,
-even when in justified situations, and then saw how she then should be more like FPA,
who quite notably, after a long tenure as being his Church's Elder, was suddenly and
without good reason, not voted again as the elder. Though that greatly hurt FPA, he took
it more than less rather diplomatic. Who knows how the observable deception and
sadness he experineced (and it is often claimed that some people die from just deep
chagrin, manifestly is that causes some detrimental/depressive changes) from this
baseless, and rather mean-spirited rejection affected his health, but even much more than
a physical link here to a pre-mature death affectation, I now see more deeply that God
would also take into consideration people who are Spiritually and psychologically
mistreated by others, leading them, as it was most taxing to Jesus at the Cross*, causing
them to 'lose their "psyche"' (John 15:13), whether or not that actually leads to a physical
pre-mature death, instead of also the 'death to righteous life as they had priorly known'.
And this is all related to my observations made below in the note.
[1] In my dream involve FPA, related above, when I had seen him, he was just as I had
last seen him, when in pre-full-blown illness health, thus aged. Whereas my mother saw
him in his 40's look, thus as a fully matured, but not yet "over-the-hill" adult. Given the
fact that in my dream, and as I repeatedly tried to understand the striking lingering
feeling that had stayed with me when he had reached out and ticklishly touched my side,
that I was impressed that, and fully reflective of how when he was alive, I would
repeatedly object to many of the Biblical "findings" that he would present to me, pointing
out that they were not at all exegetical, but rather quite arbitrary, with them being mostly
(acronymistic*), right from my dream I greatly objected to the manifest possibility that
he was going to heaven, and as in this martyr's reward way. I then gathered that my own
decision actually greatly mattered in whether or not this would be done, and with him
leaving as if he was then going to heaven, despite my objection, but with the dream as a
whole, and specifically indicating that my decision would be determinative here, and
with his tickingling gesture clearly then being seen as his attempt to try to get on my
good side and endear me to his possible/pending martyr's reward, I literally then, over the
next few days, by then fully understanding/believing that I had to give my decision on
this case, I, seriously reluctantly, chose to "give him a pass" and allow him to have this
martyr's reward (though I could not concretely see exactly why except for, as relatedly
shown in my own dream, that he was quite humble in serving the Church…even if it
humiliatingly meant to merely clean its toilets).
So, from the depiction in my mother's own dream, when FPA as his aged self in
my dream, but fully rejuvenated in my mom's dream, then I am comparatively
understanding here that he had not actually been resurrected then but was only awaiting
my decision. However, and manifestly with my sealing approval, when he appeared in
my mother's dream as that younger, sharply dressed healthy adult, he by then had been
resurrected and given a new/younger body. So his appearance in my dream could have
been merely depictive (i.e., and angel purposefully impersonating him), and the touch

and its lingering effect, (which really is akin to Jacob being touched by the Angel when
wrestling with Him), was thus implying the request of "wanting to be blessed".
And, comparing the fact that FPA's appearance in my dream was 1.5 years after his
death, whereas James White had appeared alive to EGW only ca. 6 weeks after his death,
which was more objectively/prominently discernable as an effective martyrdom, then, I
gather that Heaven's decision to allow him to also have that martyr's reward was probably
one that they only reluctantly came to consider as possible…Perhaps only as his
name/case was being deliberated in Heaven's Pre-Advent judgement of recent dead
Pertinently contributing to these theological/prophetic observations and
conclusions in regards to why I myself would be 'determinatively consulted' as to what
the decision should be for his pending martyr's reward case, I recall one of the last
conversations that I had with him prior to his final illness when, upon him sharing his
latest finding, that I only respectfully, did not then become (duly) indignant at the
arbitrary methodology which he was using to come up with these ‘new lights/revelation’,
and I then thought, and most clearly intimated, -and he actually clearly understood, that
'here I am literally losing my ‘life’ (aka psyche), not to mention probably damaging my
health in order to do the painstaking work (which others “blissfully” refuse to do) to try
to arrive at concrete exegetical understandings of the Bible….and he was using this,
arbitrary/subjective, frankly whimsical methodology (i.e. e.g., what happens to those
‘acrononymistic* findings’ when another language other than his own is used. -And the
background genesis for that later written “Teachings in Acronyms???” blog post* was
actually these claims from FPA, and was written when I got an instance of this being
done with a wider audience reach.), to claim Biblical/Theological understanding.
(Moreover with him priorly having given me good advice in regards to establishing my
“WBSC - College of Biblical Research”**), I was then doubly mythed, (to actually say
the least here knowing how I actually protested all of this without being “awarely”
disrespectful to him personally***), by these claims. So, quite seriously stated, I can
substantively see why I would be, moreoverly determinatively/bindingly consulted here
(cf. John 20:21-23) on him being given that otherly-merited martyr's reward, -which to
me further corroborates, the already Bible/SOP discovered and confirmed ****
importance of my, still crucially necessary, WBSC endeavor, work and ministry.
**** -Let’s just say that my father flying in from Florida to attend his Montreal funeral
probably covered for me


More than a decade
ago, a few mission-minded
church members joined
their pastor in a journey
of faith as they decided to
go forward with plans for
planting South Orlando
Spanish, Fla., Church. Because of an unknown field,
a huge debt, and other
tough obstacles, it seemed
more an impossible dream
than anything else.
By God’s grace, 130
members packed the small
building on October 4
to witness the celebration of a most significant
milestone — the mortgage
burning. Several grateful
church members responded


Dreams Realized at South Orlando Spanish Church

Seth Medina, church treasurer, holds the “Mortgage Paid in Full”
document as Pastor Abraham Guerrero encourages the church to
keep moving forward.

with a loud “Amen!” when
church Treasurer Seth

ing the framed “Mortgage
Paid in Full” document.
“We are grateful for
this accomplishment,” said
Pastor Abraham Guerrero,
“but we can’t afford to
think we’re done. Lots of
people out there need to
hear the Gospel, and we
have the responsibility to
reach out to them.”
The mortgage burning milestone is part of the
church’s 2014-2018 strategic plan which includes
reaching the 200-member
mark and having a stronger
impact in the surrounding

Medina announced the accomplishment while hold-


Béthesda French Lehigh Church
Members Dedicate New Facility



for their worship needs,
plus rental property for
two businesses, a day
care center, and another
church facility. In addition, Béthesda also rents
its space to another
church on Sundays.
In 2003, a church
began after lay
Béthesda French Lehigh Church
met in each
is part of a complex that includes
additional facilities that are being
other’s homes for Bible
rented to local businesses.
study and prayer. Later,
a Sabbath School program
was added under the
Béthesda French
of Elim French
Lehigh Church building
in Naples.
and complex in Lehigh
Acres, Fla., was dedicated
was organized into a comon December 6, 2014. This
pany, and now they have
congregation of more than
achieved church status with
135 members purchased a
19,544-square-foot property Kernizan Monestime as the
lay pastor.
that contained a church facility of 12,800 square feet

Kathy Deering (left), Florida Conference Property Development
Director, joined Béthesda French Lehigh Lay Pastor Kernizan
Monestime and his wife, Yvanne, for the ribbon cutting.

May 2015