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The No Excuses Zone

The No Excuses Zone

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Published by Jim Mathis

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Published by: Jim Mathis on Dec 22, 2010
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Work When No One Else Dares to Work!
³The early bird gets the first worm; the ONLY bird gets them all.´

Amazing, But True! I have an amazing client list and schedule. I know that sounds bold, but I don¶t care. I am busy every week leading presentations or strategic planning sessions with financial institutions, health care facilities, broadcasters, construction companies, CEOs and associations. It is amazing compared to most people in this or any business today. What is my secret? I was asked about this after a presentation to an international trade association. She asked, ³What doyou attribute your busy schedule to?´ I thought for a moment. Then in almost a gut reaction I said, ³I try to work when no one else dares to work.´ ³What do you mean?´ she asked. I work at times no one is working so I have very little competition. No, I am not so much of a work-a-holic as I am driven by a passion for what I love to do. Yes, I love my job. That statement alone puts me in a category of much less than 20% of the general population. I am doing what I enjoy and it blesses me to do it. And it seems to bless many others, too. Having said that« I don¶t have a problem doing my job on days that I don¶t feel as motivated as on other days. I don¶t mind working when I don¶t see continual success. If you love what you do, then on your worst day, you are doing alright. On your best day«well, you can figure that out.

Next, because of that passion that I have for what I do, I work at it when others seldom work, so there is very little competition for me. Let me show you how to make that happen in your world. Caution: You are about to enter the ³No Excuses Zone!´ I have listed seven times that I have noticed over 30 years in business that practically no one is working to compete with you. There may be times on this list that YOU aren¶t working. In fact I can almost guarantee it, given my exposure to the global market.But don¶t worry. The odds are because of that you won¶t include any of these times in your revised routine from reading this. Sorry but I share this hoping it makes a difference for you.

No one else dares to work: 1. Friday:Most people don¶t show up, either physically or mentally on a Friday. And Friday afternoons you can bet that if a bomb went off in most offices, not even the cleaning crew would be injured.Last year I got more prospects on a Friday (17 in one day) than any other day. The latest in the day that I have signed a client is 6:30 PM on a Friday. The other presenters they were considering weren¶t in when they got called. I was in and I got the client. A client sent me this message last month: ³Thanks for calling me on a Friday at 3PM when most self-employed persons have checked out!!! 2. Early in the day: I live in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States, which means that for all purposes, my peers around me think they are supposed to work ³9 to 5´ (with an hour to two for lunch). Central Time Zone people do the same thing offset by 30 minutes (8:30 to 4:30). But I learned that top CEOs get to the office early to get things done. Before the receptionist and switchboard are on. They are willing to discuss business at 8 AM.You will be amazed out how many top-level leaders you will catch in, working diligently to stay at the top level. 3. December:Why don¶t we just close our business and take the month off? It seems like every business shuts down some time around Thanksgiving and decides that no one can get anything done at this time. They are wrong. If you call on clients they will buy. Everyone loves to buy at Christmas and New Year¶s. In fact I have secured clients the last week of December almost every year that I have been in business. They say, ³You working? Well nobody else is. You¶re hired!´ 4. During a recession: When people are convinced that the economy is down (it isn¶t, it¶s just different than it was two years ago), they slow business down to a crawl. You and I are fooled into assuming that no one has any money. And you were right if your name

was Pontiac, Circuit City or Blockbuster. No one had any money to throw away on the same terrible products you were turning out. If your name was Ferrari or Netflix, you stayed in business. The best time to seize an opportunity is when the world is in a fetal position, crying in the corner. You may use the opportunities of others trying to do the same tired old stuff they were doing three years ago and show the world what sets you apart. 5. After a success: Most people quit when they have one victory. The hardest time to get back in the game is when we sign a big client. We think to ourselves, ³Wow! We really did great! Now we don¶t have to work to get any more business until next tomorrow, next week or next month.´ In my experience, if you use the momentum generated by your success to breed more success, it will spill over to your prospects and clients. Everyone likes to work with a winner and they will pick up on your positive attitude. 6. August: Why don¶t we just close our businessagain and take the month off? We do if we are the US Congress, the President, most businesses, non-profits who depend on lazy leaders who are off on vacation, etc. Wake up! Schools are changing their schedules to make children attend classes in early August. But their parents are goofing off most of the month, claiming it is their summer break. I always see an upswing in my business in August because I take advantage of the ³down-time´ when my competitors are on their ³break.´ You will, too. 7. When no one else is looking: I find that most people like to ³look busy.´ They like to put on a show that says, ³Look at me. I¶m working HARD!´ They aren¶t working at all, but they just like to look the part. And what is worse, the boss is fooled by this act. It isn¶t how hard you look like you are working, it¶s the results you produce. How much could you get done if you shut your door, turned off the music, used your computer for something other than Farmville or Solitaire and did an honest day¶s work? Don¶t worry, your secret will be safe with me«and CareerBuilder or Monster.com. Permission is granted to reprint this article provided the following paragraph is included in full: Jim Mathis, CSP is The Reinvention StrategistŒ, an international Certified Speaking Professional and author. To subscribe to his free personal and professional development newsletter, please send an email to: subscribe@jimmathis.com with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject. An electronic copy will be sent out to you every month. For more information on how Jim and his programs can benefit your organization or group, please call 888-6880220, or visit his web site: www.jimmathis.com.

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