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Define the behavior

Give an Example to show you have it

Rate Yourself 1-5 (5 as best)

Do you have what it takes to be a good intern? Employers seek interns who are enthusiastic, have good communication skills, a strong work ethic, a good attitude and the ability to take on new challenges. Since these qualities are often hard to assess and rate, you will want give examples of how you demonstrated each of these traits. As you fill out the chart take time to recall and write about your skills and how you used them. Then, you will be prepared for an internship interview.


Good Communicator

A person who can express his/her ideas in writing or speaking.

I write the monthly electronic newsletter for the campus culinary group on campus.


Strong Work Ethic

______________________________ ___ ______________________________ ___ ______________________________ ___ ______________________________ ___ ______________________________ ___

Based on your own assessment, wou ld you hire you for the internship position? Explain.

Good Attitude

Able to take on New Challenges

to do to things you are going What are two or three get an internship? ________ __________________ __________________ ________ __________________ __________________ ________ __________________ __________________ ________ __________________ __________________ ________ __________________ __________________

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