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224b Spring Hanger Assembly Doc 92-0879 Rev Orig 000119

224b Spring Hanger Assembly Doc 92-0879 Rev Orig 000119

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Published by: Hyundianto Ag on Dec 22, 2010
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92-0879 Orig. 000119 Model 224B Spring Hanger Assembly

or duplication of the information shown hereon is permitted without the express written consent of TRI TOOL Inc. use.Copyright 2006 Proprietary property of TRI TOOL Inc. No reproduction. .

Do not operate cutting tools without eye protection. They can be caught in rotating and moving parts. safety harnesses. Keep the area well lit. cables. Do not over reach. 92-0879 : Orig. and other safety devices should always be used when appropriate. or in any way defeating the deadman switch on the power drive unit may result in serious injury. rags. 000119 3 . Keep proper footing at all times. Use safety glasses. WORK AREA Keep the work area clean. Hard hats. protective clothes. Enforce eye protection requirements for all observers. Do not override the deadman switch on the power unit. If you have long hair. Stay alert. obWARNING: structing. Do not use powercutting tools in the presence of flammable liquids and gasses. DRESS CONSIDERATIONS Use standard safety equipment. clear of rotating equipment. Do not operate tools when you are tired. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. rigging straps. Do not let visitors or untrained personnel at or near operating tools. Cluttered work areas and benches invite injuries. Consider the work area environment. wear protective hair covering to contain it. Watch what you are doing. Avoid slippery floors or wear nonskid footwear.Model 224B Spring Hanger Assembly SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN GENERAL When using rotating head cutting equipment. and etc. basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of personal injury. Operate this tool only in accordance with specific operating instructions. Keep electrical cords. safety shoes. Use common sense. Dress properly. Locking down. Keep visitors away.

If a tool has malfunctioned. TOOL USE Use the right tool and tool bit for the job. chains and straps to secure pipe. Electric motors. Loose bits are a safety hazard. it must be checked for damage. Whenever possible use clamps. Keep the tool bits fully engaged in the tool bit holders. Observe proper procedures for electrically driven power sources. Air tools. Keep quick-disconnects clean. it is safer to have both hands free to operate the tool.TRI TOOL INC. 000119 . Use air motors only with a filtered. Grit contamination causes malfunctions. Keep tools in good operating condition. Sharp tool bits perform better and safer than dull tool bits. Avoid damage to hydraulic lines. which is incorrect for the job you are doing. Hydraulic drives. including delayed starting. low-pressure air or over pressure air will cause malfunctions. TOOL CARE Maintain tools with care. Check for damaged parts. been dropped or hit. Run no-load tests and feed function checks. Do not abuse power and control cords. Do a complete visual inspection. Well maintained tools function properly when needed. Dirty air. Check the exhaust muffler. Do not use a tool. Pulling or running over cords and cables can result in electrical shock hazards and malfunctions. Keep control and power cords out of all cutting fluids and water. AREA EQUIPMENT Secure work. 4 92-0879 : Orig. Broken or damaged mufflers can restrict air flow or cause excessive noise. vises. lubricated and regulated air supply. Make sure the tool is secured. Use only with proper AC voltage power sources and observe all normal electric shock hazard procedures.

Use all ‘Stop’ or Shut off’ features available when changing or adjusting tool bits. Do not reach into the rotating head stock to clear chips. Avoid unintentional starts. 000119 5 . maintaining the tool. Do not force tools. Remove tool bits for safe handling of the tool. Store idle tools properly. Do not lay the tool down in a manner that will start the drive. Do not try to pull chips apart with your hands. A machine designed to cut steel will not stop for a hand or an arm. they are very tough. or when the tool is not in use.Model 224B Spring Hanger Assembly Disconnect power supply during setup and maintenance. Do not allow the tool to flip around or move when adjusting or changing tool bits. or to check surface finish. Develop a habit of checking the tool before turning it on to make sure that all keys and wrenches have been removed. Handle chips with care. Do not carry or handle tools with your hand on the operating switches or levers. Tools and tool bits function better and safer when used at the feed and speed rate for which they were designed. Disconnect tools from the power source and store in a safe place. to make adjustments. Do not reach into rotating equipment. Chips have very sharp edges and are hot. Remove adjusting keys and wrenches before applying power to the equipment. 92-0879 : Orig.

Do not load the Spring Hanger to the point of making the springs go coil bound If a solid lift system is left connected when installing a beveling machine into heavy pieces of pipe it is possible to damage the machine. when it is tightened. The mandrel. which can greatly exceed the weight of the tools design loads.TRI TOOL INC. CAUTION: (fully compressed). aligns the machine to the pipe and may load the mandrel with the full weight of the pipe. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Spring Hanger Assembly provides resilience in the lifting cable or chain to allow the lift to remain connected to the machine during installation and beveling operations without the risk of damage to the machine. 6 92-0879 : Orig. 000119 .

000119 7 . Spring Hanger Assembly (P/N 82-0150) Item No. 3. Part No. 24-1817 24-1818 30-2909 30-2910 40-0280 Description PLATE. 1/2" (12. ANCHOR. 4. LIFTING-1 PLATE.Model 224B Spring Hanger Assembly ILLUSTRATED PARTS BREAKDOWN SPRING HANGER ASSEMBLY (P/N 82-0150) 3 5 1 4 2 Parts List. 5. SAFETY DRAWBAR Qty 1 1 4 2 2 92-0879 : Orig. 5/16" (7. ANCHOR.7 mm) SPRING.9 mm) SHACKLE. 2. LIFTING-2 SHACKLE. 1.

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