lnvitotion for the

Nl1k community uioito/ Photo contest 2010-11
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5ponsored by Nl1k 4/umni 4ssociotion, & coord|nated by kkLC 8atch 1985 A|umn|

£vent vision:
Leveraae dlalLal phoLoaraphv as a creaLlve expresslon Lo brlna all seamenLs of Lhe nl1k
communlLv LoaeLher Lowards enabllna lncreased sense of belonalna Lo Lhe nl1k brand,
enhanclna Lhe emoLlonal value of nl1k brand, and lncrease Lhe level of svnerav and
collaboraLlon across all seamenLs of nl1k communlLv

who con Porticipote?:
Anv one from Lhe nl1k CommunlLv, lncludlna sLudenLs, faculLv, sLaff, alumnl, and anv
famllv member of anv of Lhe nl1klans
contest 1heme:
"Nl1k community: ce/ebrotion of the neort, Mind, ond 5ou/"
key uotes:
Lost uote for 5ubmissions: lon 4, 2011
contest kesu/t 4nnouncement: lon õ, 2011
Prite uistribution: lon 8, 2011 {4t 8e/ooum Mini 6/obo/ convention)

contest uetoi/s:

Þlease revlew Lhe ConLesL ÞrospecLus documenL aLLached.

Mr. M.5. nebbor, 4ll4P, non YP5, non llP, a veLeran phoLoarapher wlLh
lnLernaLlonal recoanlLlon wlll serve as an exLernal [urv for Lhe evenL.

Þlease rush vour submlsslons wlLh capLlon and oLher supporLlna lnformaLlon as per Lhe
enLrv form aLLached Lo ronokoreno85@omoi/.com

why you shou/d porticipote with your fomi/y?:
1hls vlrLual evenL ls Lhe mosL effecLlve wav Lo share Lhe splrlL and self expresslon of vou
and vour famllv members wlLh Lhe resL of Lhe nl1k CommunlLv.

why you shou/d consider sponsorino this event?:
Þroceeds from Lhe evenL sponsorshlp wlll be uLlllzed ln esLabllshlna an lnlLlal corpus
Lowards launchlna mulLlple nl1k awards beneflLlna sLudenLs, alumnl, faculLv, and sLaff.
e.a. MosL lnnovaLlve llnal ?ear Þro[ecL ldea bv a sLudenL, Lhe award monev Lo be
leveraaed for lmplemenLlna Lhe pro[ecL.

Lvent 5ponsors w||| be promoted and recogn|zed at the M|n| G|oba| Convent|on at

P/eose porticipote ond he/p to moke this initiotive o orond success.

8est kegards,

Nl1k 4/umni 4ssociotion Office 8eorers,
uo 8ono ´85 & k4/0 k4/0 k4/0 k4/0<4kê/0 <4kê/0 <4kê/0 <4kê/0 '2s '2s '2s '2s Crgan|z|ng Comm|ttees

Þlease conLacL Notorojo upodhyo +91 9õl2824l91, nupodhyo@omoi/.com for
anv querles & sponsorshlp plans.